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Comprehensive S.W.O.T Analysis of Colgate

Updated on: Aug 24, 2021
Colgate Brand Logo - SWOT Analysis of Colgate | IIDE

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My name is Aditya Shastri and I have written this case study with the help of my students from the online digital marketing course at IIDE - India's #1 digital marketing institute.

These students have put in a lot of effort in researching this topic to ensure that you gain in-depth knowledge and also help you complete your project (if that’s what you’re here for 😉 )

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This blog will conduct an in-depth SWOT analysis of the company Colgate and analyze its strengths and weaknesses as well as identify potential future opportunities and threats to the company. 



About Colgate

SWOT Analysis of Colgate - Colgate Brand Logo | IIDE

Colgate is an American brand primarily focused on dental hygiene products like toothbrushes, dental floss, mouthwashes, and toothpaste. Colgate was founded in the year 1806 by William Colgate. Fun fact: the company originally sold soap; oral hygiene products were first sold by the company in 1873.   

After taking a brief idea of Colgate, let’s look into the SWOT analysis of Colgate


SWOT Analysis of Colgate

Swot analysis is a framework used to develop strategic planning and evaluate a company’s competitive position. It assesses the current and future potential of the company as well as assesses internal and external factors that have an impact on the company. It facilitates a realistic, fact-based and data-driven insight into an organization’s strengths and weaknesses and initiatives within a particular industry. 


1. Strengths of Colgate

Strengths are the aspects in which the company is performing better than its competitors, let’s see some strengths of Colgate.


  • Diverse product line

Colgate’s diverse and comprehensive product line including product categories such as personal care, oral care, pet food, and fabric allows for greater chances of success because of reduced logistics costs.

  • Strong Distribution Chain

Colgate has a very robust distribution network and a very well-managed supply chain in both rural and industrial sectors, thus allowing them to effectively deliver the product and serve a wide customer base.

  • Strong Customer Base

Being a 2-century old organization with operations in over 200 nations, Colgate has been able to build a very strong financial position. This has allowed them to achieve a strong market position and market presence through the company’s extended product line. Process automation has allowed for increased price stability and allowed Colgate to scale up and down based on industry requirements. They have had a successful track record in innovative product growth.

SWOT Analysis of Colgate  - Colgate products | IIDE

  • Strong Supplier Network

Their network of reputable raw material manufacturers has helped the company resolve any blocks in its supply chain. They have effectively merged with several companies to increase their supply chain stability and streamline their processes over several years.

  • Large Free Cash Flows

They can expand into new projects because of resources and large free cash flows. This has led to great success in reaching and winning in international markets which have assisted the organization in diversifying their economic risk and develop new business sources in their existing markets. The sponsorships for dental association events have been beneficial to the brand.


2. Weaknesses of Colgate

Weaknesses are the aspect where the competitors are performing better than the company and the company needs to improve in those aspects.


  • Excessive competition

The industry has been flooded with many local and national players competing to take market share in the personal and oral treatment industry, thus resulting in no room for expansion.

  • Cost Control

Due to high production costs, Colgate’s products are priced much higher in comparison with its competitors. Furthermore, most of their properties are rental ones. This leads to high operational costs. High Labour turnover: Colgate has had a high labor turnover rate in comparison to its competitors. This has resulted in them spending more on recruitment, training, and growth of their workers.

  • High Technology costs

Due to the company’s growth objectives for their scope of globalization into various geographies, Colgate must invest more towards technology and operations around the world. Colgate has a gap in its product line offering in the market. A competitor can use this as an advantage to capture a foothold in the industry. Furthermore, the company was unable to tackle threats of new competitors causing them to lose a significant amount of market share.


3. Opportunities for Colgate

Opportunities are the areas where a company gets to grow in some of the other kind like they can increase market share, they can increase profits, etc

Let’s see some of the opportunities that Colgate can get in future


  • Product range expansion

Product line stretching, and product line filling strategies will allow them to boost sales and build demand and deals for various markets.

Tapping rural market opportunities is a vital step for Colgate to grow. The urban markets have been nearly exhausted and therefore a shift of focus is required towards rural markets as they are the only opportunity for Colgate to increase profit.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

One of the most intelligent strategies Colgate could implement is growing through mergers and

acquisitions. This would enable them to survive and grow in international markets currently being dominated by multinational firms. Colgate will have to implement these tactics to leverage the market.

The consumption rate of Colgate’s products will have to be reported publicly by medical professionals along with word-of-mouth promotions which will lead to higher consumption of the product. Correct demand estimations must be made.

  • Competitive Pricing

Colgate’s product allows for the use of competitive pricing methods in new markets, which allow the company to serve loyal customers well and attract new customers through value propositions. Colgate’s new development framework enables them to enter the global consumer economy by adopting negotiated free trade agreements and a new development framework.

SWOT Analysis of Colgate | IIDE

  • Investment in new Technologies

Colgate is investing more cash in new technology and consumer goods. This would provide stable free cash flow resulting in incentives for acquisition in the complimentary commodities market, thus opening a new window of opportunity for Colgate.

Additionally, a low inflation rate would provide financial flexibility to Colgate including lending to its consumers at reduced interest rates, thus retaining more customers. Furthermore, Colgate can target potential consumers and grow market share after several years of sluggish growth and stagnation in the sector.

  • Changes in Environmental Policies

Changes in environmental policies will give all industry players a level playing field which will provide Colgate with an excellent opportunity to gain market share in a developing product segment to leverage the advantage of new technologies.


4. Threats to Colgate

Threats are the problems that a company can face in the future for which a company needs to be prepared in advance as those problems can lead to a great amount of loss.

Let’s see some of the threats that Colgate can face in the coming future


  • Nature of Economy

Due to the crowded nature of the economy, Colgate operates in, justifying spikes in cost due to demand would be impossible. Rising raw material costs will cause a rise in the price of Colgate’s products, thus leading to reduced consumer sales and branding.

  • Ethical Questions

Ethical questions arising about Colgate’s practices such as their animal testing procedures would impact the brand’s image in the modern age. Furthermore, due to the vast variety of brands claiming to offer all sorts of advantages, it is becoming difficult for consumers to hold on to a single brand resulting in brand-switching, giving customers the ability to choose a brand considering a variety of factors such as group guidance, quality, choice, and interest. Counterfeit and poor-quality products in low-income countries often challenge the reputation of Colgate. 

  • Local Distributors

Colgate pays high rates up to $15/hour and higher costs pressurize Colgate’s productivity. Local distributors also pose a threat to Colgate as they receive higher margins from competitors.

Different markets, different regulations, and product standard fluctuations may cause Colgate to face legal proceedings. Additionally, Colgate’s rise in earnings may be affected due to a lack of creativity in certain markets. Furthermore, changes in the legislation of liability rules in different countries may result in Colgate being subject to many different lawsuits.




Understanding the company’s strengths is very essential for Colgate to organize a successful business strategy. Furthermore, Colgate must ensure that they take steps to reinforce their brand image and retain their customers. Additionally, Colgate must also implement effective cost management strategies to sustain profits and ensure that they meet product regulations in all markets they operate in. 

Thank you for reading our case study on the SWOT Analysis of Colgate. To read more such case studies on SWOT Analysis of different companies click here.


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