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Updated on: Feb 28, 2023
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In our previous article, we learnt in detail about the marketing strategy of a really fascinating brand, Storymirror. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the marketing strategy of KEC International – with a company overview and STP analysis.

The objective is to help you gain insights into KEC International and how it became one of the Leading Resources for Engineering Procurement and Construction and one of the most recognized and respected brands in India.

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We will fully cover the marketing strategy of KEC International in this blog. Before we begin our deep dive, let us start by learning the company’s story, target audience and digital presence.

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About KEC International – Company Overview

Marketing strategy of KEC International - KEC logo

The second-largest producer of electric power transmission towers in India and one of the biggest Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) businesses in the world is KEC International Limited (Kamani Engineering Corporation), an Indian multinational corporation. 

It belongs to the RPG Group and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It specialises in EPC projects for civil and smart infrastructure, solar energy, cables, railroads, and power transmission and distribution.

Ramjibhai Kamani established it on May 7, 1945, and it quickly rose to prominence as the first electric power transmission business in Asia and a leader in the electrification of the railways. 

The Indian government gave the business order in 1950 to provide transmission towers for the famed Bhakra Nangal Dam project and a steel tower construction facility. A second facility in Jaipur, Rajasthan, was added to this, and by 1967, KEC was meeting three-fifths of India’s demand for transmission towers. 


Quick Stats on KEC International
CEO Ramjibhai Kamani
CMO Vimalkumar Kejriwal
Area Served World wide
Industry Transmission towers, Distribution, Railways, Solar, Civil & Cables
Market Share/ Revenue ₹13,742 crores (US$2 billion) (2021-22)
Vision To build the infrastructure for the world of tomorrow.
Tagline Happiness at work, happiness at KEC.


Marketing Strategy of KEC International

Let us have a look at the fantastic marketing strategies of KEC International. We will look into its marketing campaigns, SEO strategies, etc.

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

KEC International implements a marketing technique called “Customer Value Driven” to develop a meaningful connection with the right customers. Because it is impossible to serve every client in the construction services sector, the strategic selection of target clients is essential. 

Based on its resources and competencies, KEC International selects its customers in the ways described below.

Since KEC International operates in international markets, it divides potential clients into groups according to their culture, preferences, and administrative frameworks. Additionally, it divides the client base into groups according to two primary demographic factors: prospective customer income and life cycle stage. 

KEC International divides the potential customers into various segments using psychographic segmentation based on personality traits, purchasing habits, consuming opinions, viewpoints on social issues, leisure activities, hobbies, and a variety of other variables. 

It segments its audience based on the services and also products that it provides which include Power T&D, Railway construction, Cables, Civil, Solar panels, Smart Infra, and Oil and gas pipelines.

KEC International bases its aims on important variables such as financial resources to target a particular market, competition in the target segment, product life cycle stage, and other criteria. The target market’s potential for financial gain and the segment’s structural allure. 

Based on the different products and services it provides it targets a suitable audience most preferably the governments of various parts of the world and big civil companies and also organisations like the United Nations(UN). 

KEC International positions its products in such a way that it forges in the customer’s mind a clear picture and a specific identity or reference point for the goods and services. 

It bases its positioning on elements such as Construction Services Industry Margin, KEC International’s Current Product Portfolio, Corporate Image, Consumer Ecosystem, Threats from Direct Competition, and Competitors’ Reactions. 

It presents itself as the most dependable business for any kind of eco-friendly, effective, and dependable electricity transmission and distribution, railway building, civil engineering, cables, SLAR, smart infrastructure, and oil and gas pipeline service.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing strategy of KEC International - Marketing Campaign

(Source: Linkedin.com)

KEC International celebrated Republic Day by supporting heritage project initiatives aimed at restoring and revitalising important historical sites, such as the installation of 94 educational signages around Mumbai’s Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles, a Unesco World Heritage Site, the revival of the historic Banganga precinct through art, a children’s book, and a mobile application that improves one’s appreciation of our heritage.

This campaign was a success as through the initiatives that supported the revival of our heritage it managed to create a long-lasting impression on the segmented target audience that come under psychographic segmentation.

KEC International took an initiative in partnership with the RPG foundation and the national health mission to provide quality, easily accessible health care for all in rural Maharashtra.

KEC International has taken initiatives from time to time to prove how much of a people’s company it is and not just a producer of products. This initiative has been extremely successful as it made the target audience trust them and increased their brand value for contributing to society from time to time.

KEC and the @rpg foundation introduce Seed Ball Making, a novel volunteer programme that aims to create a greener planet! A fantastic technique to encourage widespread tree planting and advance sustainability is to make seed balls from various plant seeds and soil. 

This campaign was also largely effective because it gave the public the image that the corporation cares about the environment. Additionally, because it was conducted locally, it was able to draw in a rural audience.

Social Media Marketing

KEC International is active on Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook. It has the highest number of followers on Linkedin with 304k followers and about 1100 people on Instagram, young kids are excluded from LinkedIn because the majority of them don’t have accounts there. 

A social networking site with a stronger focus on business is LinkedIn. The posts mostly have commercial and instructive content, with a handful concerning the launch of a new product.

SEO Strategies 

Marketing strategy of KEC International - SEO Strategies

SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing.

The remaining traffic is generated by sponsored marketing initiatives, with KEC producing roughly 713 million visitors naturally. 

This shows that KEC has a strong SEO strategy in place and is using over 18 million keywords to move the brand up Google’s organic SERP rankings.

Influencer Marketing

Raj Shamani is one of the influencers in the campaign, and he emphasises how crucial it is to stick to a budget and make the right investments for your property. 

His film successfully makes the point that selecting KEI Wires—which are reliable, secure, and expert—is the right move. The second factor is Samar Experiment, a specialist in experiments who conducts numerous studies. 

In order to demonstrate the versatility, energy efficiency, and load-bearing capabilities of KEI wires, Samar built an electric cycle using the wires in the film.

E-commerce Strategies

Having an e-commerce strategy is equally important in order to boost the brand’s visibility.

Mobile Apps

A comprehensive digital platform for EHS Management is called “Raksha” at KEC International, RPG Group. Access to this app is restricted to KEC employees only.

It also supports another app for the appreciation of the heritage, while the main app focuses to act as the bridge between the employees and the managers or the owners. It goes by the tagline safety goes with me to notify employees with announcements.

Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

On Linkedin, KEC International is quite active. The post’s content relates to the company’s newest features or goods, as well as awareness campaigns, etc. There are just three places where content can be posted: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Additionally, they distribute press releases regarding their product through a variety of channels, influencers and videos and websites and magazines.

This concludes our in-depth examination of KEC International’s marketing plan. Let’s summarise what we’ve learned below.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Conclusion  – What’s Special in KEC International’s Marketing?

We observed in KEC International’s marketing plan that KEC is earning admiration and support from all around the world, becoming the country’s second-largest manufacturer of electric power transmission towers and one of the largest Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) enterprises. 

KEC is still working to advance and expand in the digital sphere, despite its shortcomings in its online content-based digital marketing strategies.

The company has excelled over its competitors, and its outstanding marketing campaigns that draw attention to the brand among consumers are the primary reason for this.

One of the key foundational elements of any organisation is marketing, which is currently undergoing fast transformation. Given its growing importance, understanding the developing field of digital marketing is essential.

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We hope that this blog has given you good knowledge about the marketing strategies of KEC International. If you would like to read and learn such insights about other companies, check out IIDE’s Knowledge Portal. This portal covers more interesting case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy Reading!

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