JK Tyres: Taking its Marketing Strategies to Total Control

Updated on: May 19, 2021
Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study

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JK Tyre and Industries Limited is one the most reputed Indian organisations that work in the tyre and tubes manufacturing sector.  

In this case study, we would take a deep dive into knowing what JK Tyre as a company is, from a marketing perspective by going through its 4Ps of the marketing mix, the marketing strategies that it implements and how it is doing on the digital fronts in detail. So let us start by understanding JK Tyre as a company in the coming section.

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About JK Tyre


Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - About JK Tyre


JK Tyre and Industries Limited was established in 1970 when the company decided to manufacture tyres as its core business activity. 

Since then, JK Tyre has become one of the leading tyre manufacturers in India and is also one of the top 25 tyre manufacturing companies in the world. Today, it is headquartered in Delhi, India and also has a worldwide presence in about 106 countries.

Being an automobile tyre and tubes manufacturing company, it is involved in manufacturing and marketing a variety of automobile tires, tubes and flap products. The company has the largest market share in the Truck Bus Radial (TBR) segment in India.

It is a subsidiary of a well-known business conglomerate, JK Group and also two subsidiaries of its own under the name of Tornel and Cavendish Industries Limited.

Now that you have a decent understanding of what JK Tyre as a company is, let us now explore more about JK Tyre as a company by understanding its marketing mix.


Marketing Mix of JK Tyre

Marketing mix is a marketing model which asserts the necessity of the 4P’s, which are, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. To market a product successfully, all the four P’s of the marketing mix are essential for a company to effectively sell their products or services in any market. 

Let us understand how JK Tyre has planned this marketing model in the coming section by going through Product, Price, Place and Promotion.


Product Strategy of JK Tyre

JK Tyre is a renowned brand that is known for manufacturing and marketing high-quality tyres. They have a team of experienced professionals and follow state-of-the-art technologies to develop products that are appreciated by the customers.

Its product portfolio includes the following:

  • Passenger Car Tyres
  • Motorcycle Tyres
  • Farm Tyres
  • Commercial Tyres 
  • Off the Road Tyres
  • Three Wheeler Tyres
  • Retreads (Tyre Grips) 


Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - Marketing Mix -Product Strategy of JK Tyre


JK Tyre has been in the tyres industry for almost 5 decades now. Also, having strong research and development (R&D) in place along with decades of experience, it has a very strong product portfolio that serves all kinds of tyre needs.

It has the largest market share in the Truck Bus Radial segment which falls under the commercial tyres segment and is also the first company in India to launch Smart Tyres that automatically measures key metrics such as air pressure and temperature of a tyre.


Price Strategy of JK Tyre

JK Tyre is primarily a business to business (B2B) enterprise that has established itself as one of the major tyre manufacturers in the country. Its pricing policy is set on the lines of offering its products around competitive pricing. 

Being in an industry that also has reputed brands such as MRF, Bridgestone, Ceat and Apollo Tyres, it gives JK Tyre very little room to change its pricing policy.

Although, JK Tyre has tie-ups with many popular automobile entities where prices are fixed upon various factors and details of those prices are always kept private.


Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - Marketing Mix -Price Strategy of JK Tyre


The above image showcases the client portfolio of JK Tyre. It is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of some of the popular automobile brands wherein it manufactures various types of equipment that are later used by these automobile companies.


Place Strategy of JK Tyre

JK Tyre has planned a successful marketing strategy by emphasizing the place strategy. The key factors such as the location of the business are favourable to customers and are accessible to everyone throughout the country. 


Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - Marketing Mix -Place Strategy of JK Tyre

Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - Marketing Mix -Place Strategy of JK Tyre


The place strategy has helped it to overcome the problems of low awareness and limited distribution channels. It is not only present on Indian soil but also has expanded itself in other parts of the world as well.

The Indian Subcontinent distribution network includes the following:

  • 4,600 Dealers and 345 Distributors
  • Tie up with 870 Fleet Operators
  • Tie up with 3 Oil Marketing Companies 
  • 140 Sales, Service and Stocking Points
  • 20 Regional Offices 
  • Presence on eCommerce platforms such as Flipkart and Cardekho 

Its foreign distribution network includes the following:

  • 97 Dealers and a network of 144 third party dealers/distributors in Mexico
  • 76 Distributors in the Middle East and South-East Asia 
  • 61 Distributors in Africa 
  • 60 Distributors in North and Latin America 

It has constantly worked on expanding itself strategically over the years to different places and continues to do so.


Promotion Strategy of JK Tyre

Promotion strategy is a crucial component of marketing and it has proven successful to a majority of companies across different sectors. JK Tyre uses both online and offline marketing methods to communicate its latest offerings to stay relevant in the minds of consumers.

Talking about its offline methods of marketing, it primarily focuses on advertising through Television Commercials and Newspaper Advertisements. It also indulges in other marketing activities like sponsoring events and conducting automobile-related activities.  

Armaan Ebrahim, a well-known figure in F1 racing, is signed as the brand ambassador of the company.


Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - Marketing Mix -Promotion Strategy of JK Tyre - Brand Ambassador


Just like many other corporates, JK Tyre also undertakes various corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns for the welfare of the people. 

On the digital aspects, it is present on all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. It also has a website and is also present on various e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, CarDekho etc as well.

These are the promotional measures that JK Tyre uses to build and maintain its relevance in the minds of the general audience.

So, this is how JK Tyre plays out the marketing mix model. Let us now understand the strategies implemented by JK Tyre to market its products.


Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre

JK Tyre is working towards the creation of a global brand and the promotion of tires manufactured in India. 

The presence at various trade shows, participation in various racing events, strategic tie-ups with celebrity brand ambassadors, advertisements campaigns and active online marketing campaigns are some of the core strategies adopted by JK Tyre to give the international image to their product. 

Now that we know in gist about the marketing strategies of JK Tyre, let us go through how it keeps its customers informed about the right tyre for their vehicle type in the coming sections by looking at its marketing campaigns and digital presence.


Marketing & Advertising Campaigns of JK Tyre

Marketing campaigns are very important. These days, a lot of companies pay more and more attention to that simple fact.

Among the top reasons, increasing revenues, reaching wider markets, and building brand image is the primary focus. It is now a widely accepted fact that a successful marketing campaign depends on the success of each individual component.

JK Tyre is engaged in extensive advertising campaigns for the promotion and selling of its products. It advertises via newspapers, television etc. and also promotes the same using social media platforms as well in India. 

Here are some of the popular marketing campaigns of JK Tyre.


Zindagi Ke Pahiye – A JK Tyre Marketing Campaign

We all are aware of the fact that the life of a truck driver has never been an easy one. They often have to drive through long hours with utmost safety. 

Most of the time, they are on journeys, navigating through tough terrains away from their families which at times is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. Despite all these, they keep going on every day on their work without any break and yet deliver their assignments in due time.

JK Tyre, being one of the major contributors to this industry, showcases how its products like JETSTEEL, JDE++ and JET XTRA XLM make the life of these truck drivers easy.




#ItsNotOk – A JK Tyre Blaze Product Promotion Campaign

#ItsNotOk campaign was launched in 2017 to promote its new tyres called Blaze.

JK Tyre, via this advertisement, showcased the importance of having a proper, quality tyre installed in the vehicle that can safeguard a driver’s safety multi-folds.

It beautifully portrays the message in a very desi tone saying that “it’s not ok” to have any random cheap quality tyre installed. It also takes a subtle dig at how Indians pay more attention to their haircuts than the quality of tyre installed in their vehicle.



Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - Marketing Campaign - Its Not Ok


Digital Presence of JK Tyre

The digital presence of every company has been growing steadily in the past decade. The concept of digital presence has become a mandatory option to fulfil as the majority of people are interested in buying products online or are interested in knowing more about a brand by looking at their presence on social media platforms. 

Let us see how JK Tyre has been doing on their digital fronts in coming sections.


Social Media Presence of JK Tyre

JK Tyre has been very active on social media platforms and is present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. It enjoys a decent fan following on all the platforms:

  • It has about 1M followers on Facebook
  • 59.3K followers on Instagram
  • 9K followers on Twitter
  • 7.48K subscribers on Youtube

Besides this, it also has a sister page called JK Tyre Motorsport. The company has been posting regularly on all the platforms, keeping its audience engaged. It also comes up with social media campaigns regularly. However, it has similar posts on all the platforms except Youtube. 


Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - Digital Marketing Presence - Social Media Presence

Social Media Posts of JK Tyre

This is how JK Tyre is doing on social media platforms. However, social media platforms are not just everything. It is one such significant aspect of digital presence. Let us now go through the other aspect of digital presence, that is, its website overview in the upcoming section.


Website Overview of JK Tyre

The website of JK Tyre, www.jktyre.com, has a very different design. It has all the relevant sections mentioned on the home page but the whole website is un-scrollable. Thus, this gives out negative user experience on the website. This is something on which JK Tyre has to work upon to improve the user experience for the customers.


Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - Digital Marketing Presence - Website Overview


JK Tyres is one of the largest tyre company in India and they offer a range of tyres for various types of vehicles, property and equipment. As you would expect, a lot of customers want to find out which tyre would be the best for their vehicle. To help customers with this process they have created this tyre selector tool to help consumers choose the best tyre for their specific needs and budget.


Marketing Strategy of JK Tyre - A Case Study - Digital Marketing Presence - Website Overview


With this our case study on JK Tyres comes to an end, let us go through a quick summary in the final section.

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JK Tyres is a prominent name in the tyre industry. Over the years, it has gained popularity in the market due to its wide range and unmatched products. From being a market leader in the truck bus radial (TBR) segment in the country to manufacturing high-quality tyres with strong research and development in place, JK Tyres has done it all on the business fronts. 

Nonetheless, it continues to prioritize developing a strong digital profile. However, its website and Youtube channel are crucial in this regard where they have been lagging compared to industry standards. 

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