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Comprehensive Marketing Strategy of BMW | IIDE

Updated on: Sep 12, 2021
Marketing Strategy of BMW | IIDE

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BMW is a German multinational company headquartered in Munich, Germany. It manufactures luxury vehicles and motorcycles. In this case study, we will be focusing on the marketing strategy of BMW, its marketing mix, competitor analysis, and SWOT Analysis as well.

Let’s get started with the company introduction.


About BMW

BMW Logo | marketing strategy of BMW


BMW is a German automobile engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. It also owns and produces Mini cars, and it is the parent company of Rolls-Royce Cars. BMW produces motorcycles under BMW Motorrad. BMW is a winner of many racing championships.

The company was started as an aircraft engine manufacturer, founded by Camillo Castiglioni, Karl Rapp, Franz Josef Popp, Gustav Otto and the company is currently owned by Susanne Klatten, Stefan Quandt

Aircraft engines were produced from 1917 until 1918 and again from 1933 to 1945. The slogan of BMW, “Sheer Driving Pleasure” has evolved over the years having the current slogan as “ The Ultimate Driving Machine”

In 2017, BMW was the world’s fourteenth-biggest manufacturer of engine vehicles, with 2,279,503 vehicles created. BMW is settled in Munich and produces engine vehicles in Germany, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Mexico. The Quandt family is a drawn-out investor of the organization (with the excess offers possessed by open buoy), following siblings Herbert and Harald Quandt’s interests in 1959 which saved the organization from insolvency.

Now, let’s have a look at the marketing mix of BMW.


Marketing Mix of BMW

The marketing mix is a plan of action which a company uses to promote its products. It has 4 elements: Product, Price, Place,  and Promotion. So, let’s deep dive into the marketing mix of BMW.


1. Product Strategy of BMW

BMW Group manufactured luxury automobiles. They manufacture personalized goods as well as standard goods. The brand is always been connected as a luxury product. The product strategy of BMW includes premium sedans, sports cars ad SUVs. The performance and style are always premium and are shown as a status symbol.

The product is continuously improved to give strong competition. Earlier, the company was focusing on luxury and style, but over the years, safety, efficiency, and reliability became important in the product offering.

The company also manufactured motorcycles and bicycles for certain markets. These are categorized as niche market products.


BMW Car | marketing strategy of BMW


Lastly, we can say, in product strategy, the company is focusing on safety, improved efficiency, innovative product, and maintaining luxury and premium standards in the market. Let’s move to the next element of the marketing mix, i.e., the price strategy of BMW.


2. Price Strategy of BMW

The company has always positioned itself as a premium brand and premium pricing is one of the factors for its perfect positioning. The prices of cars vary according to the series and model of the car. 

But, looking at the tough competition and to expand the company operations, they have launched low-priced cars too like BMW X1. The price starts from 22.5 lacs, as this is according to the BMW standard.


3. Place Strategy of BMW 

The company has many manufacturing units around the world. In India, Chennai is the manufacturing hub for the company. The maximum output capacity to manufacture cars is 11,000 units per year. There is a spare part centre too in Mumbai.

BMW has a network of dealers for taking care of sales of their automobiles. They do not appoint distributors, instead directly appoint showroom dealers, this allows them to provide more margins to the dealers which they have to invest in distributors if they appoint them. But for the distribution of spare parts, they have distributors at strategic locations. The showrooms are located in the urban city of India. In Mumbai, they only have 3-4 showrooms so that they don’t lose their brand image because of aggressive selling.


4. Promotion Strategy of BMW

The company has been promoting its brand with the most amazing commercials, print ads, and online advertisements. This has made them the world’s most reputed brand in 2012, as per Forbes 

The company knows its target audience very well and according to that, the company markets its product in all the channels of marketing. There is always some exclusivity in the advertisement of the company. 

The ads are more focused on the looks and style of the car. The company also focuses on customer satisfaction and every time a customer purchases the car, they always create some memorable moments for the customer.

BMW ads focus on both, the looks of the car and the engine and the technology of the car. BMW also focuses on customer delight and the purchase of a car is almost always accompanied by gifting a few memorable moments to the customer for the purchase of the car.

Apart from that, the company also offers various loans and deals to help the customer who wishes to purchase. 

Now, let’s discuss the competitor analysis of BMW.


BMW Competitor Analysis

Whenever a company launches their product they need to see what their competitors have to offer and need to try to provide the same or better service at the same or lower prices

Let’s see some of the biggest competitors of BMW


1. Audi

Audi is an internationally known brand headquartered in Germany. Audi is known for the Design and production of luxury vehicles. The Unique selling point of Audi is their powerful engines which help them get into the segment of Luxury Vehicles and so like BMW even they target the rich segment. It competes for BMW by launching different models like A1, A3, A4, A7, etc, they provide this car in petrol and diesel both which increases their sales.

The cars produced by Audi are strongly equipped with Sensors, LED, Airbags etc and are made with the latest technology like Quattro and GSI.


2. Mercedes

Mercedes is a Germany based company initiated in 1926. The product range of Mercedes where they sell automobiles like a truck, buses, etc gives a tough competition to BMW. This company carries out their operations in26 countries spread over 6continents. Currently, Mercedes is a having a strong financial position due to which it is also the market leader in the automobile segment. Mercedes produces their vehicles with the latest technology and they also put the safety of their customers as their utmost priority

These were the 2 topmost competitors of BMW now, lets move on to the marketing strategy of BMW.


Marketing Strategy of BMW

BMW, as a premium brand, always had a premium marketing strategy. They use all channels of marketing whether it be offline, online, TV commercials, or print advertisements. Let’s learn more about the marketing strategy of BMW.

BMW focuses on 4 points while advertising, they are as follows

  1. Artistic Approaches and Creativity is a must
  2. Ambassador and proud presenters of latest technologies
  3. Content Marketing 
  4. Using Guest stars in Marketing Campaign

Let’s see each one in detail now,


1. Artistic Approaches and Creativity is a must

An artistic and creative way to approach customers worldwide. In almost every ad we see features that feel strongly High-tech and also unusual. In one of their campaigns in Australia, collaborates with creative agency partner Clemenger BBDO Melbourne to promote new X5.

2. Ambassador and proud presenters of latest technologies

BMW is considered one of the Biggest Tech-Savvy brands in the world.

BMW always follows the latest technologies which are also seen in their cars as they keep updating the cars with the latest technology like their recent Car #18 has features like VR and AR.

3. Content Marketing

The company uses a content-oriented approach to attract a broader audience. The company also claims that content marketing gave them a 27% increase in mobile visitors.

The Head of digital marketing Mr Jorg poggenpohl said“Based on data-driven insights we wanted to create relevant and snackable content in helpful and entertaining ways. That way the business hopes to reach both existing customers and those that might be considering BMW but don’t yet own one. We were thinking customer, consumer-first, which means for us mobile-first with speed. We did it by combining two technologies, accelerated mobile pages and progressive web apps, to bring both ends together on one site. It also shows when creativity and engineering prioritizes speed from the beginning of the project before the first line of code is written.”

4. Using Guest stars in Marketing Campaign

One of the most successful marketing in today’s times is influencer marketing, in which the company uses the fan base of the influencer/celebrity to promote its product. This is used to show new features in the car

By this, they can even get more customers

For example-In the marketing campaign for the M2 coupe, BMW hired Gigi Hadid(An American Model) in a film which was released on youtube and Facebook and was directed by Marc Foster



BMW Ads | marketing strategy of BMW


To see the full advertisement, click here

Now, let’s move to the SWOT Analysis of BMW


SWOT analysis of BMW

SWOT Analysis comprises 4 components: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Here is the SWOT Analysis of BMW. 


1. Strengths of BMW

Strengths are the resource a company uses to achieve its objectives. The strengths of BMW are:

  • Constant innovative headway in its R&D has made it a market chief in the top-notch section for vehicle deals. 
  • It has made a pool of 100000+ profoundly gifted representatives who consistently work in 100+ nations to separate BMW’s contribution from their opponents.
  • BMW has enhanced the item portfolio from SUVs to Luxury Sedans to sports vehicles. The product offering and item profundity are fabulous regarding quality and plan.
  • There is next to no to work upon in developed economies. BMW has taken shrewd action by beginning right off the bat in creating economies.


2. Weaknesses of BMW

Weaknesses are the disadvantage of businesses, which prevent the company to achieve its goals and target. The weaknesses of BMW are:

  • Controversies identified with a review of vehicles under some specialized usefulness or non-abidance to the government. driven principles are turning out to be exceptionally normal, the latest one is BMW reviewing 1.6 million vehicles due to airbag concerns.
  • BMW bunch has not had many vital partnerships. This gives the competitors an edge over BMW. 
  • The more youthful age is bound to spend the cash on electronic apparatuses than saving it for a superior vehicle.


3. Opportunities of BMW

Opportunities are the scope where the company can expand its business and generate more revenue. The opportunities for BMW are:

  • There will be a huge demand for autonomous vehicles in the coming years. As many automobile companies are working on it, BMW should also acquire the skills and speed up the development of self-driving cars.
  • Earlier, the new model tended to release every 4-5 years, but due to the competitive nature of the industry, companies are launching new models more frequently and BMW is well equipped with the technology to do so.


4. Threats of BMW

Threats are harmful to any company. The threats to BMW are:

  • BMW needs to firmly adjust to the need for green fuel and green machines with the goal that it can ingest the potential clients who are searching for green vehicle arrangements, particularly in the developed markets.
  • More and more individuals are turning out to be cost cognizant and with the more youthful age on an electronic buying binge, there is a danger that soon extravagant vehicles will quit accepting as much consideration.
  • Low expense vehicle organizations with their upscale and cheap contributions will be a significant danger to the organization.

Overall, we can conclude that the company is doing good in marketing by maintaining its premium position in the market.





BMW is a German automobile manufacturer founded in 1916. It has a premium positioning in the market. The company uses a mix of all channels of marketing. They have some amazing digital marketing strategies which attract their target audience.

Thank you for reading this article about BMW marketing strategies. To read more such insightful Marketing strategies of various successful brands, visit IIDE’S  knowledge portal.

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