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Elaborate Marketing Mix of Mother Dairy with 4Ps Explained in Detail

Updated on: Sep 14, 2021
marketing mix of Mother Dairy -feature image |IIDE

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Mother dairy is the second-largest milk producer in India. In the branded section in Delhi, it has a market share of 66% where it sells around 2.5 million liters of milk daily. 

Currently, it is the only dairy brand in the market that offers a diverse products category like vegetables, edible oils, fruits, milk, and dairy products.

It has been promoting its brand using different methods which helps it stay in the top charts in the market to date.

Thus this makes us keen to know the marketing mix of Mother dairy products.

In this blog, we have to list the 4Ps marketing mix of mother dairy which include the Price, Place, Promotion, and Product.

Before we start with its marketing mix let us first know about Mother dairy as a company.Canara Bank is one of India’s most well-known and trustworthy financial institutions. It is one of the largest banking organizations owned by the Government of India (GOI) in the country. The bank was founded in 1906, making it one of India’s oldest banks with over a century of operation.

To better understand the reasons for its continuous growth, we should understand the SWOT Analysis of Canara Bank, which is requisite for any business to survive and thrive in the market.

So without any further ado, let’s get started by learning about Canara Bank.


About Mother Dairy


Mother dairy is a subsidiary brand of a national dairy company. It was established in the year 1974 under the initiative of operation flood.

It was established in the year 1974. The company headquarter is situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is owned by a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board. It was an initiative under Operation Flood, the world’s biggest dairy development program launched to make India a milk-sufficient nation.

It was established to make India a milk sufficient country. Over the decades it has worked towards it and has been providing a remarkable effort towards achieving this objective.

let us now see what exactly Marketing Mix is and how it plays an important role in the company’s growth.


Marketing Mix Strategy of Mother Dairy

The marketing mix is the different types of marketing tactics used by the company to promote its brand. It consists of 4Ps which include the Price, Place, Promotion, and Product mix.

It helps Mother dairy to know about its market standards and understand its overall performance. It can then see in which segment it has to improve.

Let us now start with the Product mix of Mother Dairy.


1. Product Strategy:

product mix of Mother dairy -Marketing mix of Mother Dairy | IIDE

Source: Amazon groceries

Mother dairy has a wide range of products to offer in the market which comes under milk-based products and other food items in India. It has 3 sub-brands which are Dairy, Dhara, and Safal.

Mother Dairy mainly produces all the dairy products in its product range. Dairy products are classified as milk, milk products, and ice creams. 

In the milk section, the product range is 

  • bulk vended milk, 
  • poly packed milk, 
  • ultra-heat treatment milk. 

The milk products are 

  • lassi, 
  • curds, 
  • paneer, 
  • probiotic drinks, 
  • butter, 
  • cheese, 
  • ghee, 
  • cream, 
  • buttermilk, etc. 

The ice cream section consists of 

  • different classic flavors, 
  • kulfi, and 
  • sugar-free.

Safal mostly deals with fruits and vegetables it supplies different products like 

  • frozen vegetables 
  • snacks, 
  • Jams,
  •  juices, 
  • pickles, 
  • ketchup, and 
  • honey.

Dhara provides different variants of cooking oils like 

  • soya bean oil,
  • groundnut oil, 
  • olive oil, 
  • mustard oils, 
  • vegetable oil, and 
  • sunflower oil.

Let us now see the Price mix of Mother Dairy.


2. Price/Pricing Strategy:

Initially mother dairy has been using a penetration pricing policy to bring awareness among many people and so that people buy their products.

Its milk prices changes with change in inflation. Its pricing policy also differs from place to place depending on geographical factors.

Other milk brands also use similar pricing policies depending on the rise in prices of other input factors.

The mother dairy ice cream uses competitive pricing for its regular ice cream flavors and also uses premium prices for the special flavors provided by them.

Safal brand uses market-based pricing for its vegetable and fruits products. Whereas, the edible oil segment faces a lot of competition in the market and so it uses a competitive pricing policy where it provides them with low-cost products with good quality

Let us now see the Place mix of Mother Dairy.


3. Placement & Distribution Strategy:

Mother dairy has its supplies in every part of the country. Having a proper distribution channel and making its products easily available for its customers is a crucial part of the milk industry.

To cater to this large market it has over 1,400 retail outlets and more than 1,000 exclusive stores in different places.

Since it deals with perishable products and has a short shelf life, it deals with only the amount of quantity required as per the region. Its suppliers are farmers and cooperatives which eliminates the middlemen and helps in saving costs.

After it is brought from the farmers in tankers or being collected at the collection centers, it is then processed in the plants, and then it is delivered to its Local Area Distributors who then send it to its exclusive Mother Dairy booth, convenience stores, supermarkets, and other smaller retailers. Since consumers can find Mother Dairy booths very close to their homes, it has built customer loyalty and preference.

Lastly, let us see the Promotion mix of Mother Dairy.


4. Promotion & Advertising Strategy:

Mother dairy used different marketing strategies in the market. It uses different modes to promote its products like newspapers, television, radios, and social media.

As there are firm competitors like Amul, mother dairy has come up with a strategy in which it gains the mind share of the consumer with better communication strategies.

Its ice cream segment has gained a lot of popularity due to its television commercials.

Whereas Safal uses green and environment-friendly themes to sell its products.

Dhara brand has been on TV commercials for quite a long time. It also has tied up with Paytm and UPI for cashless payment at its booths and hence showing it is technologically updated. 

brand logo of Mother dairy-Marketing mix of Mother dairy| IIDE



On the study of the marketing mix of mother dairy, the company has been using some notable strategies in the market to grow.

It provides a wide range of products in the market for its customers under the Dairy, Safal, and Dhara.

Mother dairy uses different pricing policies as per the different segments like geographical regions, competitors, etc.

It has a large distribution network in the market and has been available at every place which makes it easy for its customers to buy the products. It gains more customer loyalty when its products are available easily in the market.

It uses different marketing platforms in online and offline channels like print, television, digital, etc. to promote its products. 

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