What is Facebook Advertising?

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What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising is an initiative introduced by Facebook in order to make Facebook a dynamic arena for advertising. All this time, people have been wondering ‘What is Facebook Advertising? More than that, they have been bombarded with many ads.


Have you ever wondered why you see the adverts you see?

Facebook has ample of pages which explain their advertising system. But it seems like various readers don’t find them simple to understand.

Hence, for normal users like us, it is important to know what is Facebook Advertising and that too in the simplest terms.

Adverts are an important part of Facebook. Facebook advertising products, let businesses and organisations connect with the people who are most likely to be interested in specific products and services.

World’s largest social networking site, Facebook firmly believes that the adverts you see across the interface should be useful and relevant to you.

Wait. Furthermore, a question arises over here.

How does this system work?

According to Facebook.com,
Advertisers define who they want to reach based on factors such as interests, age, location and more.

Facebook shows such adverts to the people most likely to be interested in their products, services and causes. Apparently, Facebook is very particular for their customers’ experience.

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Well, well, well.


You just read Facebook allows targeting on the basis of interests, location, age etc.

How did Facebook come to know about you?

It’s damn simple. You remember the day when you signed up for Facebook?

Seems like, we all users provided our flashy email IDs and various details. Then proudly, pressed on the option of Create an Account.’

Therefore, the account was made! And, we were happy to be logged in on Facebook! However, did we read the Terms and Condition?

The answer to this especially relevant question is a no! A big no!

We tend to miss out to read the Terms and Conditions section. Apparently, that’s just 14 pages long. That’s it. Nothing more!

According to a famous content company, ScoopWhoop, you provide nearly 98 – vital information to Facebook.

That includes these:

Hence, Facebook comes to know, what we tell them. 😉

Since, Facebook knows your interests, location, check-ins, the cell phone you use and what not.

It utilises this data and makes it available for various Facebook businesses. There are more than 300 million businesses being operated on Facebook. Social media marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing, and Facebook is crucial for the same.

For further understanding let’s consider this small case study.

A nearby cycle retail store wishes to market cycles to end users in a specific locality.

Is there anything specifically required? No.

Well, all you need is a Facebook Advert Manager and a target audience.

By choosing appropriate attributes, one can reach out to a specified target audience.

Facebook has a system which decides what adverts to show, to which target audience.

Facebook uses information from different sources, including those described below, to figure out which adverts might be valuable to you.

Who wouldn’t want to market on Facebook after looking at the following infographic below:
While, Facebook Advertising is growing day by day. It’s not just the United States of America, India has the second highest users of Facebook.com.

Year over Year revenue of Facebook from India is rising. Though its’ not that profitable as much as the United States, however, earning 1.24 Billion INR is not a small thing. Various businesses get returns between 200-600% through Facebook Advertising.

Consequently, all you need is 4 things to be a Facebook Ads expert:

1. Why do you want to make this ad? (Objective)

2. Whom do you want to reach? (Audience)

3. How much do you want to spend? (Budget)

4. What do you want to feature as an ad? (Picture, Video, Carousel etc)


You can learn how to make an effective Facebook Ad with our ultimate free guide for beginners on Facebook Advertising.

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In conclusion, you should know is that Facebook Advertising is a dynamic concept. Right from international brands to local retail outlets, everyone is competition to reach out to an appropriate target audience.

Learn step by step guide – How to do Facebook advertising.

Determine your objective.
Decide whom to reach out.
Decide your advertising budget.
Design creative content.
Let Facebook advertising get customers for you.


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