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Training and Development for Employees in 2024

Updated on: Sep 13, 2022
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We are in a technological-driven era where companies that can adapt to the latest trends and technologies can sustain better than those using outdated resources. When we talk about adaptability, it includes both equipment and human resources. Corporate training for the digital era is as important as investment in the latest types of equipment. This blog on training and development for employees in 2022 is to showcase its importance and how it can make a difference in boosting the productivity of employees. 

Training and development for employees need to be a continuous process that will enable them to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and trends. Want to know about the top corporate training companies in India in 2022? Here’s the list!

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What is Employee Training and Development?

Companies assist their employees in acquiring the information and skills necessary to realize their full potential and perform at their best through an ongoing process called training and development. Although training and development for employees are sometimes used interchangeably, there is actually a difference.

Employee training is about teaching how to perform a certain task or process. Training can be done keeping in mind the employee’s role and responsibilities. 

On the other hand, employee development is about growth and upskilling that will be beneficial in the future. Development has long-term benefits while training helps fasten the business process.

Here’s how IIDEPro trained Asian Paints employees with their popular corporate training program- 


What to include in a Training and Development Questionnaire for Employees?

Training and development for employees are incomplete without a questionnaire. A questionnaire is designed to collect feedback from employees regarding their thoughts on a training program. Following are the questions that you should ask the employees before designing a training and development program.

  • Do you feel training is necessary for any employee for developing his skills?
  • Do you like to attend a training program?
  • Which mode of training would you prefer?
  • Do you think training helps in increasing work efficiency?
  • Does training help you get innovative ideas?
  • Do you think training helps build up teamwork?
  • Are you satisfied with the current training procedure?
  • What are the challenges you are currently facing?
  • Are there any specific skills you would like to acquire through a training program?
  • Are there specific issues in your day-to-day work where you need support?
  • Have you been a part of any past pieces of training?

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Impact of Training and Development on Employee Performance

The human resource department of every organization is responsible for maintaining a healthy working environment for the employees. The HR managers think about ways to improve communication between the employees, enhance productivity and also ensure that the employees learn new skills and develop professionally. Healthy and effective training and development for employees can help businesses achieve all of the above in a short period of time. Let’s understand the impact and importance of employee training for businesses and employees below- 

Impact on Business:

  1. Trained workers are more efficient.
  2. In the case of industry, training improves safety, as it imparts knowledge on the proper use of machines and equipment with due regard to safety and possible hazards.
  3. Trained workers show superior per­formance.
  4. Training makes employees more loyal and they will be less inclined to leave the unit where there are growth op­portunities.


Impact on Employees:

  1. Training makes an employee more skilled.
  2. Internal growth opportunities improve, as the employee acquires new skills. Training also helps an employee to move to another organization and pursue career goals actively.
  3. Trained employees can avoid mistakes or accidents on the job. They are confi­dent, more satisfied, and high on morale.
  4. Training enables employees to cope with organizational, social, and technological changes. Effective training is an invalu­able investment in the human resources of an organization.
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Case Study


To understand the benefits of Employee Training and development better, let’s have a look at how Kinnect benefited from training and developing their employees through collaboration with IIDE.

Organizations like Kinnect in association with IIDE have gone ahead to design tailor-made courses that bring out an overall development in a fresh graduate employee. These courses are hosted on a learning management system(LMS) that includes quizzes and assignments for the learners after each module which helps in tracking the effectiveness of the training.

The employees attending the entire course are given a certificate of completion which is industry recognized and will help them in their current and future job roles.

The learners at Kinnect believe the Learning Management System has brushed up their learnings and also upskilled them in various aspects. One of the learners is reported to have said, “KinnectEdge, for us, is a learning environment stimulating growth and development at an individual as well as professional level. KinnectEdge has proven to be an integrated platform which provides deep insights into the digital world, along with recorded sessions; assignments and exams helped me evaluate my learnings and also fostered an ambiance of friendly rivalry amongst us.” 

Training and Development for Employees in Human Resource Management



training and development for employees - human resource management

(Source: ResearchGate)

Training and development for employees are identified as one of the key responsibilities of the Human Resource department. As technologies are changing constantly, upskilling employees becomes very important, and hence many organizations are dedicating certain hours to employee training and development.

The HR department has observed that employees are grateful for the chance to advance their professional development and enhance their job performance. Employees enjoy taking part in training and development programs because they believe that their employer is fully committed to the development of its employees. Training and development activities also attract new talent.

Training and development programs are way more cost-effective than hiring new employees. The HR training and development programs are a crucial performance management tool from an organizational perspective to boost profitability and improve brand reputation.



How does training and development for employees help?

Ans. Through training and development, workers develop new skills, polish those they already have, perform better, boost productivity, and become better leaders.

What is the role of HR in training and development?

Ans. HR analyzes each employee’s current skills and creates various learning and development programs to enable them to learn at their own speed and meet their individual learning needs.

What are the objectives of training and development for businesses?

Ans. The main objectives of training and development are increased productivity, improved efficiency, boosted employee morale, and a drop in turnover rate.




Training and development for employees are not just a cost, it is an investment in the future of your company. Workers now want to develop their skills and careers at their own pace. 2022 will be an exciting and innovative time for employee training and development.

While each company has its own key offerings, IIDE offers the best corporate training programs for businesses – designed to equip employees with the knowledge, tools & techniques based on the latest trends, case studies & best industry practices. If you have any doubts, you can reach out to us at to avail free consultation.


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