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What is the Importance of Training Employees in 2024?

Updated on: Sep 9, 2022
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It’s 2022 and businesses are adapting to the upcoming digital age. In the midst of bringing upscaling technology, they shouldn’t forget the importance of training employees to make maximum use of the current trends.

Employees are the backbone of any company. They are the ones who do the work and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Training employees will not only help them grow as individuals, but it will also increase their productivity and efficiency. It will also help them understand the company’s policies and procedures which in turn will help with employee retention rates.

Planning corporate training for your employees? Then this blog will be quite helpful to you because through this blog you will get to know the importance of training employees and its benefits for your business as well.

But first, let’s understand what employee training is.

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What is Employee Training?

Employee training is about helping your employees learn and advance their abilities to increase their productivity. Trained employees are more likely to have a long-term commitment to their organization because it boosts employees’ enthusiasm, increases productivity, and enhances the caliber of work, hence many firms invest in employee training.

Top 3 Methods of Training Employees 

Now that we know what is employee training and the basics about the importance of employee training, let’s dive deeper into the top 3 methods of training employees that are popular globally.

  • Induction Training

Induction training is important for new employees. Whether the instruction is delivered through a manual, one-on-one training, or online video lectures is irrelevant. Giving new hires knowledge about the company’s history, operating principles, mission, vision, and goals is important.

New hires get the chance to become acquainted with the company’s policies, rules, and regulations through such training. If you are looking for such training, you can check out how IIDE carried out induction training for the new joinees at Kinnect, one of India’s top agencies.

  • Online Video-Based Training

According to studies, video training helps employees to gain knowledge more effectively and it also allows them to learn at their own pace and time, which will be convenient for most employees. Some best practices to follow while creating video content for your employees are listed below:

  • Keep videos short 
  • Video content should be current
  • Content should be updated regularly
  • Add quizzes 
  • Keep video learning fun by adding fun activities
  • Live Instructor-led Training

Live instructor-led training allows the individuals to have deeper conversations and allows a greater comprehension of the subject matter. Live instructor-led training help employees make genuine connections both inside and outside of their organization. The in-person training format helps employees to build deeper relationships because they can share their challenges and experiences throughout the class and it also allows the trainer to help them solve the problems on the spot.

Here’s how IIDE conducted Corporate Training for Asian Paints in-person-


What is the Importance of Training Employees?

One of the ways businesses cut costs is through employee training. Although training your employees does cost money, it is an investment in the future of your company. The future success of your business depends on the training and development of your workforce. The ability to communicate effectively, analyze critically, and solve problems are the skills that employees need to develop.  Let’s discuss the importance of training employees further below:

  • Improved Employee Versatility

When you train your employees, it helps them acquire skills that help them in their current job role and also help them upskill themselves which later help them take responsibility for more work and prosper in their career. Employees who have been trained will prove to be good candidates for senior roles too.

  • More Capable of Completing Targets

Training helps employees to think beyond their current knowledge and boost performance and effectiveness. Additionally, it can promote greater consistency and facilitate the business objectives and project results.

  • Newer Perspective towards Change

Training helps employees, especially freshers, to adapt to the company’s environment and work culture. It helps them socialize, talk to their colleagues, and share experiences and knowledge. Training also helps employees to cope with a huge business change when your organization is going through a transformation.

  • Boosts Company Profile and Reputation

Training helps businesses to be ahead in the competition and make their workforce more capable than other businesses. It helps add more value to your workforce which provides credibility to your company/organization. It provides branding to your business and eventually boosts the company’s reputation.

  • Helps in Business Transformation

Trends change every day and it is important for businesses to keep up with them and function accordingly. Hence training your employees periodically can help the organization transform smoothly.

The above points clearly indicate the importance of training employees for all kinds of businesses and how it can reap rewards in the long term. 

Benefits of Training Employees for Businesses

Training and growth have many advantages. The efficacy and contentment of your employees are increased by training programs, which also help you draw in and hire ambitious candidates. Training your workforce, be it a beginner-level or executive-level employee helps businesses in the following ways :

  • To be ahead of the Competition

If your business wishes to be ahead of the competition, then the importance of training employees is much greater. Corporate training helps employees in adapting to changes and newer trends faster, thus, making them faster and more productive than other businesses.

  • Boost Employees Morale

For employees, it is important to know how much the management is aware of their well-being. Regular corporate training will help them keep a positive image of the corporate and boost their morale to perform even better.

  • Increase Profitability

More than often, businesses reap the benefits of training employees for the future in profits. Corporate training makes employees aware of teamwork and faster ways to be productive, hence directly impacting businesses.

  • Gain Consumer Satisfaction

If your employees are happy and updated, so will your customers. As discussed, morale boost is one of the major reasons why employee training is important.

  • Increase Market Share

Employees are indeed the backbone of any company and their collective effort helps the business grow and expand. With regular employee training, a long-term benefit that the company will see is an increase in its market share.

  • Improve Employer Branding & Reputation

To attract more business and a talented pool to your company, the company’s brand should speak about how they treat their employees. A well-trained employee will always speak highly of the company during and outside working hours.

  • Reduction in Mishaps

The importance of training employees lies in an increase in productivity plus a reduction in all the negativity amongst the employees such as:

  • Workplace mishaps
  • Equipment maintenance costs
  • Staff turnover and leaves
  • Cost of hiring

Importance of Training New Employees

It’s important to provide new team members with the knowledge, resources, and skills they need to succeed in their roles and contribute significantly to the success of your business. In order to prevent employee turnover and maintain productivity during the onboarding process, training new workers are crucial for your company’s success.

Initial training includes the acquisition of the skills required to get started, and the training should focus on ensuring that the employee has all the information and resources necessary to perform their work effectively.

Considering that the onboarding process of employees is so crucial, you won’t regret investing in IIDEs Corporate training program – IIDEPRO Signature which is designed to help companies cut onboarding time by 50%, optimize capacity building, KPI setting for probation & appraisals, talent retention, and organization development. In a nutshell – save time, money & effort to retain the best talent. If employee onboarding, performance measurement, and retention are a problem areas, you must take a demo tour.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How can training improve employee performance?

Ans. Training and development programs promote company culture, boost employee productivity, improve employee performance, and lower employee turnover. Explore the training and development programs for employees offered by IIDE. Please reach out to us at or +917304534110.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of on-the-job training?

Ans. The advantages of on-the-job training are many. It acts as a refresher, helps keep up with trends, gets new ideas, and high-quality learning as the trainer will be an industry expert. The disadvantages are that it can be expensive, and requires employees to take time out of their work schedule.

How to measure employee training?

Ans. You can measure employee training by analyzing the test scores during and after the training, giving the participants a project related to the training and evaluating it, tracking performance KPIs, and analyzing trainer and participant feedback.


It is obvious that every company seeking success needs to invest in employee training. Budgets for training are increasing every year. It is reasonable to anticipate that this trend will persist as technology progresses and the competition increases.

If you believe that a workforce that is trained would likely be more profitable than one without training, you should invest in an employee training program.


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