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11 Trending Corporate Training Topics to enhance Employees on Job Capabilities

Updated on: Sep 6, 2022

Organizations often struggle with choosing the appropriate corporate training topics for their employees. If you want to know about the key corporate training topics to train your employees in? Then, you have come to the right place. 

The importance of learning and development at work is regarded as significant by 87% of millennials. According to 76% of millennials, opportunities for professional growth are one of the most essential elements of business culture.

As employees have varied roles, knowledge & experience, a training program should be designed keeping in mind each employee. It should be relevant & goal oriented.

Let’s first understand why it is important to train employees.

Why is it Important to Train Employees?

Training employees is crucial for boosting productivity at work because it gives workers a chance to broaden their knowledge and enhance their professional skills. Even though employee training is expensive, if it is done consistently, the return on investment is immense.

It improves the skills and knowledge of the employees, prepares employees for higher responsibilities, Increases productivity and performance, boosts their morale, and creates a better workplace environment.

We’ve put together a list of 11 distinctive corporate training topics to help your workforce thrive in 2022.

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11 Trending Corporate Training Topics for Employees

When there are numerous training providers available to provide training, choosing corporate training topics is not a difficult task for the organization. However, choosing the appropriate training topic is a challenge for many companies. 

The right choice must be made in order to achieve the best results because training and development programs are typically considered the stimulating factor for employee skill development and productivity. We are here to solve your problem. 

Below are 11 corporate training topics that have proven to be beneficial for organizations.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the need of the hour, it helps connect businesses with their audience online. Traditional marketing has taken a step back. As people are migrating to search engines and social media, businesses are turning to digital platforms for their branding requirements. Businesses receive more trackable outcomes, leads, and eventually sales through Digital Marketing. If you are looking to upskill your employees in Digital Marketing, then IIDE is the perfect place for you. Know more about IIDEs offerings.

  • Soft/Communication Skills

Communication is a necessary skill for all working professionals. It is important to foster the right types of communication skills if you want to achieve maximum benefit. Your employees’ communication training should focus on three types of communication: verbal, non verbal, written. Although there are many enduring communication skills, active listening is one that should never be neglected. 

As organizations have started moving to hybrid or remote work, having an LMS will play a vital role in employee growth and management. If you use an LMS or are planning to implement an LMS, start with communication-specific modules. You can also have a look at IIDEs LMS under IIDEs Corporate training programIIDEPRO Signature which consists of modules on communication & soft skills and more.

As the employees grow in the organization and take on new roles and responsibilities, communication is a skill that will stay 100% relevant at every step.

  • Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are usually associated with public speaking,  but it is all about presenting to convince and make the audience act accordingly. You create pretty-looking slides but your content and delivery are not compelling enough, it will not create a mark on your audience. This kind of training also makes the employees more confident about themselves and reduces stage fear.

  • Leadership Development

Successful leaders are able to restructure &  transform organizations, enhance value creation, create efficiencies and engage their employees to deliver better results. Leadership skills training typically encourages managers and leaders to find new, innovative ways of developing and managing people. Great leaders attract, hire, and encourage excellent employees. Hence, leadership development training should be considered by organizations. Read more about how IIDE trained industry leaders in Digital Marketing. If you are also looking for something similar and wish to know more about IIDEs Corporate training programs, click here

  • Workplace Etiquette

Workplace etiquette is important as it can establish mutual respect amongst colleagues, help create a professional environment, and enhance nonverbal communication skills. Workplace etiquette training could include topics like meeting etiquette, email etiquette, dressing etiquette, etc

  • Design Thinking

Today, it is difficult to find a business or an organization that hasn’t improved its processes for producing goods, services, or experiences by utilizing design thinking techniques. Design thinking helps businesses understand their  Users or Customers better, create more Prototypes and make fewer guesses. If you want to grow your business in customer-centric ways, you might want to invest in Design Thinking training. At IIDE, we have the best trainers in the industry, to train your team. 

  • Time Management

It is very clear that time management is proportional to efficiency as everything is connected to a deadline. A lot of people struggle to effectively manage their time. Employees cannot have a work-life balance if they are not taught how to manage their time wisely. Additionally, it is challenging to complete what you need to do, which causes stress. Hence, time management training should definitely be considered by organizations.

  • Emotional Intelligence

A well-wisher once told me that “Mental peace is much more important than anything” because if your mental health suffers, it will have an impact on your physical health and eventually your life. Mental health issues are increasing, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic and hence it is becoming even more important to conduct Emotional Intelligence training for employees. 

Emotional intelligence is one of the most crucial soft skills in today’s workplaces because human emotions are a part of every job. However, not everyone is skilled in it. As their careers develop, individuals can enhance their capabilities with training. It can help the employees take better decisions without involving their emotions. Hence, investing in Emotional intelligence training is very important for any organization.

  • Strategic Thinking

An employee should develop the skill of strategic thinking to help him recognize and assess the situation, prepare for the future, and manage the present. It promotes systemic thinking among the employees. They are able to accurately identify the problems and weigh the effects of their choices on various organizational sectors. This is why organizations should educate their employees on how to think strategically.

  • Project Management

Project management includes the methods and tools used to manage resources in order to complete a project. Project management training helps develop a consistent approach to your processes as everybody in the organization will be on the same page and working towards the same goal. Project management training also teaches project leaders how to reduce ambiguity, plan for the unexpected, and manage risk. You must invest in one.

  • Stress Management

The lines between work and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred. The effects of workplace stress originate from what happens to each of us both on and off the job. Although it isn’t possible for an organization to completely eradicate stress at work, it doesn’t imply that stress management shouldn’t be a priority for your business. Healthy workers will be happier and more optimistic when dealing with reasonable levels of stress, which will contribute to preserving a strong, healthy workplace culture that encourages innovation and productivity. Stress management training should be considered in any organization. You won’t regret investing in one.

How To Decide Corporate Training Topics For Your Team?

Organizations should develop learning strategies that address the training needs of the company and individual employees. Even though every business is different and there is no universally applicable training program, below are some things you can consider while deciding a training topic for your employees:

  • Conduct a requirement analysis
  • Review employee’s current knowledge and identify the pain points
  • Divide the learners into different groups, depending on their requirements & job role
  • Review past training
  • Reach out to a corporate training expert/company
  • Research the current trends and topics

Why Choose IIDE For Corporate Training?

IIDE is India’s No.1 Digital Marketing Institute that trains students, freshers and working professionals who wish to start their journey in Digital Marketing or enhance their existing skills. IIDE also offers Corporate training programs that integrate latest technologies and innovative techniques to transform employee learning and accelerate your business growth. 

Here’s how we trained Asian Paints for their corporate training-

Apart from Asian Paints, IIDE has had the opportunity to partner with corporate giants like 

  • Godrej Professional
  • Mahindra
  • Volkswagen
  • Cipla
  • Pfizer

It has also partnered with marketing agencies such as

  • Publicis Group
  • Digitas India
  • Leo Burnett
  • Kinnect

It has also recently introduced IIDEPRO Signature which is designed to help companies cut the onboarding time by 50%, optimize capacity building, KPI setting for probation & appraisals, talent retention, and organization development. In a nutshell – save time, money & effort to retain the best talent. Its features include video lectures, MCQs, exams, and assignments with detailed analytics for you to monitor each employee’s performance with ease and accuracy.

If employee onboarding, performance measurement, and retention is a problem area, you should definitely take a demo tour.

corporate training topics - IIDE corporate training

To know more, you can reach out to us at or +917304534110 for a free consultation.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in corporate training?

Ans. An ideal corporate training includes assessing the employee’s current knowledge, curating a well-structured training program that meets the goal, integrating case studies, and assessing employees’ skills after the training. The training can be live online/offline sessions or video-based learning sessions. 

What is the most popular training topic in companies? / What topics should I train my employees on?

Ans. Soft skills and Digital marketing are the most popular corporate training topics and if you too are looking for such training, IIDE is the best fit for you. To know more, you can get in touch with us at or +917304534110.

What are the new trends in training and development?

Ans. Remote learning and learning integrated with LMS are the new trends in training and development.

Why do companies invest in employee training and development?

Ans. Employee Training and development gives the organization an edge over the others. It also boosts employee confidence and helps retain talent.


To conclude, training your employees in the above-mentioned topics is crucial as it will help enhance your workforce, increase their capabilities, and help them grow in their professional journey. 

Want to conduct corporate training for your team? IIDE is offering free online consultations and free proposals until 15th September 2022. Feel free to reach out at  or +917304534110.



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