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Is Leadership Coaching in Digital Marketing the Need of the Hour? Lets Find Out

Updated on: Aug 26, 2021

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“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
– Anthony J D’Angelo

Previously, when one thought of leadership coaching, they often wondered what was the need for it? Why did top-level management have to train themselves again after all these years? 

The fact is, that back then the business processes were stabilized and pretty much set. But with the advent of technology, digitization and marketing revolution in the last few years, I have realised personally how the top leaders of a company are not aware of the new introductions in the industry. 

And why digital marketing? It’s just a 20-year-old industry, right? Yes, digital marketing is a comparatively new concept that was introduced oddly 20 years ago and saw rapid growth. 

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

I have been in the industry right from when we knew nothing about digitalization to operating everything digitally. In the last 5 years, the boom that this industry has witnessed is something you must look out for. Here’s some data from Google Trends which shows a considerable spike in the last few years.

Leadership coaching - digital marketing growth graph

Karan Shah, the Founder & CEO of IIDE and I joined hands with the aim to reduce the skill gap of digital marketing amongst students and working professionals. But when the pandemic hit us, corporates started facing difficulties. Especially when we look at the marketing segments, all companies using traditional modes of marketing experienced quite a disruption.  

Their target consumer base was locked at home and they were stuck at the thought of how would they reach them? 

Newspaper circulations had stopped, billboards made no sense, and this significantly gave rise to television ad budgets. 

And even if they had funds for television adverts, were people really glued to their TVs? The entire television industry was also not working & hence, no new content. 

There came in OTT or Over the Top platforms, who took over massively. These platforms had a large amount of content from all the years which was consumed by a fairly fewer number of people as compared to today. Everyone became accustomed to watching those shows and movies on Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. 

Leadership coaching - OTT Consumption

(Source: Comscore)

With all possible doors shut, Digital marketing was one of the best ways for marketing. Digital marketing lets you run adverts on social media platforms, YouTube, OTT, Google & more. And it’s not only about ads, but various kinds of organic efforts as well which bring you some commendable results at no cost. You can also check out IIDE’s blog on traditional marketing vs digital marketing for a fair comparison between the two. 

Being such a new concept with a lot of technicalities and various hacks around it, the lower management and the top management were both not prepared for this. Right from executives to the managers, they were all standing on the same plateau when it came to learning digital marketing. 

And in my opinion, this is when the need for leadership coaching arose. There is a pressing need for leaders to learn digital marketing and how they can integrate it into their business. 

A good and progressive leader is one who holds the strength to un-learn the old methods and re-learn what’s the need of the hour. If the top-level management is confident in what’s to come, they will be able to motivate their employees to face the same. 

So as a leader, getting trained in digital marketing first will ease out the process of getting your employees shifted to it positively. But since this field is very fresh and young, there are very few leadership coaches who know the field in & out. 

That’s when my team & I at IIDE decided to set aside some of our training hours for leadership coaching services and corporate training. 

We have been training managers and employees in digital marketing right from scratch and specific to their needs and requirements. We enable you to find the right digital channels for your business, help you with the allocation of your funds in the right efforts and a lot more. 

Our team consists of highly experienced trainers in their respective fields to ensure that you receive thorough training in each topic. And to make sure all your requirements are met, we even partner with experts for certain categories where our experience may not be enough. 

Leadership Coaching - IIDE Corporate Trainers

When I say thorough training, in no way do I mean boring. IIDE vouches for a cordial, warm, friendly and growth-oriented environment. So you can expect many interactive and enriching sessions. 

Asian Paints, Mahindra & Mahindra, Volkswagen, Abbot, Godrej Professional, Leo Burnett, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi are a few of the companies that we have helped digitally with our corporate training and leadership coaching.

Sanjay Garg, Sr. General Manager at Mahindra Rise had this to say after their leadership coaching and corporate training program with IIDE,

“We did not know how to plan our median campaigns, forget knowing one could start them with a budget as less as 1000-2000 rupees. Now that we know, we can engage better with agencies handling our company accounts and get our campaigns driven more effectively and efficiently.”

If you’re someone who believes that you and your employees are in need to upskill yourself digitally and find some new ways of conducting business, consider checking out IIDE’s Leadership Coaching program.  

The core of the training would be to enable you to seamlessly shift your budgets from traditional channels to digital channels in order to drive more ROI. In the process, we showcase different consumer journeys via digital touchpoints. You will also be introduced to CRO (conversion rate optimization) and how it is used to drive more sales in your existing or even lesser budgets. 

Latest digital marketing trends like marketing automation, AI, Augmented reality, etc will also be broken down to help you better evaluate how your business can shape the future better. 

I understand that you might be new to this and aren’t very familiar with how this training will look like. So before you decide to get on board with us, you can avail of a personalised demo to see if the training matches your vision & mission. 

Reading a few blogs around digital transformations in the banking sector, real estate sector, pharma industry, automotive industry, etc may also help you broaden your horizon and observe some key highlights of digitalization. 

Lastly, here are some commonly asked questions. 

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass


Q. What is professional leadership coaching?

Professional leadership coaching is a training program where a team of trainers coaches the top-level management and leaders of the company with managerial and executive skills which are customised to suit the application to their business. Generally, it is one-on-one coaching and the leadership coaching topics are also flexible.

Q. How is leadership coaching beneficial?

Leadership coaching is beneficial because it helps you add a fresh perspective to your leadership skills which are in sync with the latest industry trends, standards and needs. It helps you stay at the top of the game and sends a positive outlook to all management-level personnel. 

Q. What is the importance of leadership coaching? 

Leadership coaching is important because it is vital that the top-level management leaders and C-suite managers upskill themselves with the latest technologies and trends so that there’s constant growth in them and they can execute better leadership skills when they have all the latest knowledge to their disposal. 

Q. How much does a leadership coach cost?

The cost of a leadership coach can range between 300$ to 3000$ an hour depending on factors like the type of coaching, level of coaching, actual coaching requirement, number of leaders to be trained, & the experience of the coach. 

Q. What is the difference between leadership coaching and executive coaching?

There is not much of a difference between leadership coaching and executive coaching. The line is quite blurry. In leadership coaching, the coach helps the manager to improve his leadership skills, listen more effectively to his employees and upskill himself. In executive coaching, it’s pretty much the same and additionally, the coach also advises you on some fast-paced business decisions you need to make.

Q. What is a digital marketing coach?

A digital marketing coach is someone who helps a person upskill in digital marketing by first introducing them to all digital marketing skills, the functioning, advantages and disadvantages of each. Then the coach will proceed to teach you how to apply these digital marketing skills as per your needs and requirements. 


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Meherzad Karanjia

Ex Chief Learning Officer, IIDE

He has over 19 years of experience in the Digital Marketing and Design space. He is someone who understands all the elements of the Digital gamut ranging from User Experience, Graphics Design, SEO, SEM, Analytics, Media Planning.....[Read full bio]


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