Best Institutes for MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar :The Career Guide

Updated on: Jul 25, 2023

MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is one of the well-known Post-graduation degrees which has many specializations in it. Many students who want to pursue a career in Business apply for it. MBA in Digital Marketing is one of the popular post-graduate programs in Pakistan. In this blog, we will look for the details of an MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar its admission process, eligibility criteria, and various career opportunities. 

We will also discuss some of the best Institutes for an MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar. To know about the Institutes and other details of an MBA in digital marketing first let us discuss the scope of digital marketing in Peshawar.  

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Scope of MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar

Peshawar is the 6th most populous city in Pakistan and one of the prime cities which has grown in business and tourism in the past few years. This growth in business demands more marketing experts who can make a business reach a maximum number of customers. In today’s world where every one of us invests most of our time in digital media, it becomes a crucial platform from which we can promote our businesses. Hence, Digital Marketing has become a demanding skill of the modern day in Peshawar. Many Companies need Digital Marketing Managers and many other job profiles

MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar

Source: Indeed

This gives rise to the question that how to learn Digital Marketing. What are the best Digital Marketing courses? and which institutes are the best Digital Marketing Institutes? 

The best Digital Marketing course in Peshawar is MBA in Digital Marketing. This course is best for one who wants to make a career in Digital Marketing and wants to pursue higher studies in it

To understand the entire procedure of an MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar and its equivalent courses continue to read this blog.

Eligibility Requirements for MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar

To apply for MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar, a candidate must satisfy some of the eligibility requirements. Here are some eligibility criteria are listed below:-

Eligibility Criteria Minimum Requirements
Educational Qualifications Bachelor’s Degree in the field of commerce or marketing
Work experience 0-5 years (Varies from institutes to institutes)
Entrance exam CAT, IIDE admission test, GMAT or other exams

MBA in Digital Marketing is a post-graduate course. It requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in the field of Business or Commerce. Candidate must have basic knowledge of Marketing before pursuing MBA in Digital Marketing.

Although if anyone wants to pursue MBA in Digital Marketing without any bachelor’s degree, I suggest enrolling in the following course to know the basics of Digital Marketing.

Here is a link for IIDE’s 4-month advanced online digital marketing course

There may be a change in eligibility requirements depending on Institute. So, we recommend you check for requirements before applying.

How to apply for MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar?

The application process for MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar is as follows:

  • Select the Institute from which you want to pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing and fill out its application form with proper details.
  • Once you filled out the application form, it will be reviewed and you will receive a call or email that you are selected for the entrance exam/aptitude test of that respective college (If you have not given any entrance test)
  • After clearing the entrance exam you will get a call or email for a personal interview
  • If you are selected you will receive an offer letter from the institute.

Till now we know about the importance of an MBA in Digital Marketing and its eligibility requirements and application process. Now let us discuss the Top 5 Colleges for MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar or equivalent courses.

Top 5 MBA in Digital Marketing Colleges in Peshawar in 2023

Following are the best Colleges/Institutions for MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar and its equivalent course according to our research.

1. IIDE ‚Äď Indian Insitute of Digital Education


Established in 2016, IIDE has become a leading digital marketing institute in India. Awarded as the best digital marketing institute by World Education Congress, IIDE offers flexible digital marketing courses to people from all walks of life. 

Their program might not be recognized as a traditional MBA but the curriculum and industry-level practical training of the PG Program have much more to offer than a regular one.

IIDE’s MBA-Level Post Graduation in Digital Marketing Program is one of the highly-rated MBA in Digital Marketing in Mumbai. 

Course Benefits

2 Specialisations After 7-8 months of fundamental training, students are given a choice of 2 specialisations ‚Äď Creative Strategy & Performance Marketing.
13+ Live Projects Students work on 13+ live projects wherein they individually or within teams, analyse and create digital marketing strategies.
28+ Industry Tools In this course, you will master 28+ Industry Tools such as Google Ads, Moz, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads, Ahrefs, WordPress, etc
1-on-1 Mentorship Students can book a personal mentoring session with a trainer to solve their doubts & questions.

Course Syllabus

Inbound Marketing Introduction to digital marketing
  Website creation
  Search Marketing
Outbound Marketing Content Marketing
  Social Media Marketing & Management
  Video Marketing
Media Management & Automation Advanced Forms of Digital Marketing
  Integrated Marketing (Full Funnel Marketing)
Managerial Skills & Soft Skills Soft Skills
  Agency Skills
Compulsory Internship & Thesis Internship & Mentoring
Specializations Creative Strategy OR
  Performance Marketing
Capstone Project Thesis-like Final Practical Project

Course Faculty

IIDE‚Äôs MBA in Digital Marketing Course has another unique element that is IIDE ‚Äės¬†Trainers are industry experts working with popular brands like Hershey, Dove, Unilever, etc, and have years of experience. Students not only learn about the curriculum¬†but also about the trainer‚Äôs personal experience. Following are some of the trainers of¬†this course.

Course Duration & fees

IIDE’s MBA-Level Post-graduation Program in Digital Marketing is an 11-month Program and the fees are PKR 12,79,530 + Taxes. No-cost EMIs are available from PKR 1,09,406/Month. Although it is expensive the placement packages of this program are PKR 10-14 Lakh per annum which makes it the right choice for investment.

Note: IIDE conducts weekday as well as weekend batches for their PG in Digital Marketing program.

Scholarship Available

IIDE also offers scholarships to the student on the basis of merit up to PKR 2,18,818. This scholarship is offered to the admitted students based on their performance.

IIDE not only focuses on learning it also has fun activities for its students. Check out this video for a short glimpse of Graduation Day 2022. 

¬†IIDE ‚Äď Graduation Day 2022

Placement Assistance

IIDE’s 11-month MBA-level Post-graduation Program in Digital Marketing assures 100% Assured Placements. Here are some of IIDE’s Alumni who work in some famous brands

mba alumni

Contact Details

Phone No: +91 96199 58615

2. Techtitude ‚Äď Tech Pakistan

MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar

Techtitude is a worldwide university of online studies in Business Education that varies in many fields. Tech Pakistan is a sub-branch of Techtitude which provides several courses in Pakistan.MBA in Digital Marketing is one of the most applied courses of it. It is one of the most elite Business schools in the world. A World-class center for training managerial skills. It offers many other courses related to business management one of which is an MBA in Digital Marketing. Let’s have a look at the details of the course.

Course Benefits

Here are some key points of the course and its benefits

  • 1500 hours of learning¬†
  • A significant career boost
  • Developing a global vision of Companies
  • Use of Case studies
  • Relearning Methodology
  • Testing to analyze student performance

Course Syllabus

  • E-Strategy
    • Digital Marketing and E-commerce
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
  • E-Business
    • Performance Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Conversion Optimization
  • E-Environment
    • Social Media and Community Management
    • E-Commerce Platforms
    • Marketing Analytics
  • E-Data
    • Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
    • Mobile E-Commerce
    • Data Trading

Course Faculty

The entire Course will be taught by SEO, SEM, and E-Commerce Specialist Galan Jose. He is also the manager of Techtitude. There will be other guest lectures who Industry oriented and specialists in this field.

Course Duration & fees

MBA in Digital Marketing course in Techtitude- Tech Pakistan is a 1-year course and its fee is PKR 5,46,480. There is another option of paying monthly up to PKR 29,430/month for 12 months.

Placement Assistance 

To know about placement details you can contact Tech Pakistan and ask for more details.

Contact Details

Phone No: +34 965075067

3. Sprintzeal

MBA in digital marketing

Sprintzeal is another Global Market place to give quality training and provides certification in various fields. They provide learning to students and even industry professionals from their accredited trainers. They are providing Digital Marketing Masters Program which is equivalent to MBA in Digital Marketing.

Course Benefits

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 4.5+ rating from Google, Youtube, etc
  • 2 Modes of Learning ‚Äď Live Online and Corporate Training
  • Work on Real-time Projects and Case Studies
  • Hands-on Final Project
  • Foundation + Advanced Courses included

Course Syllabus

The course of Digital Marketing Masters Program consists of the following Major Modules

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Advanced SEO
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine OptimizationFoundations
    • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    • Foundation PPC
    • Advanced PPC
  • Web Analytics
    • Foundation Web Analytics
    • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Foundations
    • Advanced Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Digital Marketing Hands-on Project
  • Master Certifications

Course Faculty

There is not much information about the Course faculty. If you want to know about the faculty you can contact Sprintzeal. 

Course Duration & fees

The Digital Marketing Masters Program of Sprintzeal is providing 2 options of learning for flexible timing for a student. It consists of 8 sessions which can be completed on 4 consecutive days on weekdays or in 4 weeks that also on weekends i.e Saturday and Sunday. According to one’s profession, one can choose one of the two options. The fees of this course are PKR 2,71,764 for Corporate Training mode you require to contact Sprintzeal.

Placement Assistance

Students who complete this course get a place in MNCs with very good packages. This course degree holder work in the following companies:

MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar

Contact Details

Phone No: +1 833 636 6366

4. Omni Academy

MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar

Omni Academy is an IT Consulting firm & Training Institute which has a branch in Pakistan, Dubai, Canada, and Australia. They provide various certification courses in various Tech and Digital fields. They also provide a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing which provides students with step-by-step industry experience of Marketing Industry. It assumes to be the best course to learn modern digital marketing with hands-on experience 

Course Benefits

Here are some benefits of this course

  • Flexible Class Schedule
  • Free Practice Exam
  • Online Classes for out-of-city/country students
  • Unlimited Learning- Free Workshops
  • Internship Available
  • Free Course Recording Videos

Course Syllabus

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing consists of 10 Major Modules:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Principles of Digital Marketing
    • Digital Research
    • Developing Objectives
    • Cultural Research
    • Connecting with Customer
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Key Social Platforms for Digital Marketing
    • Growing and Engaging an Audience
    • Developing Data-Driven Audience and Campaign
    • Setting up a Social Media Experience for a Business
    • Creating and Optimizing Social Media Campaigns¬†
  • Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads
    • Fundamentals of Paid Search
    • Search Campaign Management
    • Paid Search Campaign Measurement
    • Paid Search Campaign Creation with Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
    • Email Marketing Fundamentals
    • Email Design
    • Testing and Optimising an Email Campaign
    • Tools and Strategy
    • Creating an Effective Email Campaign
    • Marketing Awareness
  • Analytics with Google Analytics
    • Web Analytics Fundamentals
    • Creating and Configuring a Google Analytics Account
    • Monitoring Campaigns with Google Analytics Reports
    • Setting Goals with Google Analytics
    • Analysing and Recording Google Analytics Data
  • Content Marketing
    • Content Marketing Concepts and Strategy
    • Developing a Content Marketing Plan
    • Publishing and Distributing Content
    • Using Content Research to find opportunities
    • Creating and Curating Content
    • Metrics and Performance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • SEO Fundamentals
    • Keywords and SEO Content Plan
    • Measuring SEO Performance
    • Aligning SEO and Business Objectives
    • Optimise Organic Search Ranking
  • Display and Video Advertising
    • Fundamentals of Display and Video Advertising
    • Google Display Network and Video Ad Formats
    • Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel
    • Creating Display and Video Campaigns
    • Targeting Display and Video Campaigns
    • Measurement and Optimization
  • Website Optimisation
    • Web Design and Website Optimization
    • Design Principles and Website Copy
    • Publishing a Basic Website
    • User-Centered Design and Website Optimization
    • Website Metrics and Developing Insight
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Digital Strategy Fundamentals
    • Setting Strategy Objectives and KPIs
    • Digital Strategy Research
    • Developing a Creative Strategy
    • Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Communicating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Course Faculty

There is not much information available to us about Course Faculty. To know about the Course’s Faculty you can contact Omni Academy.

Course Duration & fees

Digital Marketing Diploma Program is a 3-month long course that also provides an option for students to learn at weekends. The course fee is PKR 30,000 which is a discount price valid till a certain period else the course fee is PKR 40,000.

Placement Assistance

To know about Placement assistance provided by Omni Academy you can visit their website or simply contact them using the details given below.

Contact Details

Phone No:+92 0312-2169325
Website: https://www.omni-athe

5. International University of Applied Sciences

MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar

InternationalUniversity of Applied Sciences is a German-based International University that provides many offline, distance learning, and blended learning courses for various fields of Science. It is one of the recognized Universities by National and European Authorities. 

It has many partners globally present and is one of the most well-known Universities of applied sciences. It had received many awards from UNESCO and FIBAA. They provide a Master’s in Digital Marketing which is an equivalent course to MBA in Digital Marketing. This course has a curriculum similar kind of the MBA in Digital Marketing course.

Course Benefits

The course has its benefits and key points as mentioned below:

  • 100% Flexible ‚Äď You decide when and where you want to study
  • State-approved & accredited top-level education
  • Provide Personal Service and Support
  • Free 4-week Trial
  • Teaching Material & Career Coaching
  • Learn English for Free

Course Syllabus

This is a Traditional MBA in Digital Marketing course of 4 Semester which consists following modules:

  • Semester 1
    • International Marketing
    • Online and Social Media Marketing
    • Customer Relationship Marketing
    • Applied Marketing Research
    • Design, Learn, and Game: Social and Creative Methods
    • Marketing Projects
  • Semester 2¬†
    • International IT Law
    • User Interface and Experience
    • Performance Marketing: Search and Social
    • Performance Marketing: Affiliate and Mail
    • Advanced Research Methods
    • Project: Agile Online Marketing
  • Semester 3
    • Digital Analytics and Strategies
    • Seminar: Marketing Responsibility
    • Electives A
    • Electives B
  • Semester 4
    • Master Thesis & Colloquium

Course Faculty

There is a huge number of faculty at IUAS who are well-experienced to know more about this course faculty you can contact IUAS.

Course Duration & fees

MBA in Digital Marketing course is 12-48 months depending upon different time models. The fees of the program are PKR 29,558/month.

Placement Assistance

MBA in Digital Marketing from the International University of  Applied Sciences has a good placement. Students who complete this program get a place in Capgemini, Accenture, Microsoft, etc.

Contact Details


Career Opportunities after MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar

The growth in Digital Industry has seen a growth in demand for Digital Marketing Professionals in Peshawar. This has given the rise to a high demand for Job-ready or corporate-level professionals in the Digital Marketing field. In coming years this demand and the salary packages of Digital Marketing Professionals will be going to rise more due to growing digital traffic.

Many Digital Marketing Agencies, MNCs, Top Brands, and Startups are looking for Digital Marketing Professionals and are ready to pay well to them. Here is a list of Salary of some Digital Marketing Professionals in Peshawar:

Digital Marketing Manager 9 Lakh
Digital Marketing Specialist 6.18 Lakh
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4.8 Lakh
Marketing Manager
10.8 Lakh
Digital Marketing Associate 3.9 Lakh
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager 12.6 Lakh

The Average Salary of Digital Marketing in Pakistan is 7.11 Lakh/year in 2023 and will increase as demand for digital marketers is increasing.

To know more about career opportunities after an MBA click here to read more such blogs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions ‚Äď

Q. Can I do MBA in digital marketing in Peshawar?

Ans: Yes, there are not many Institutes located in Peshawar which offers MBA in Digital Marketing but offers other Marketing Course. If you want to pursue MBA in Digital Marketing you can apply to some online institutes mentioned in this blog. If you satisfy the eligibility criteria you will get selected for MBA in Digital Marketing.

Q. Which university offers MBA in digital marketing in Peshawar?

Ans: You will require to apply online to the below-given universities to apply for MBA in Digital Marketing

  • IIDE ‚Äď Indian Institute of Digital Education
  • Beedie School of Business
  • Drexel Universities
  • Techtitude¬†

Q. How much does an MBA in digital marketing cost in Peshawar?

Ans: It entirely depends on Institute or College you are applying to for MBA in Digital Marketing. The Average fee for MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar is PKR 5 Lakh to PKR 12 Lakh.

Q. Which degree is best for digital marketing in Pakistan?

Ans: BS-DM Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing at ILMA University is the most demanding course for Digital Marketing.

Q. What is the best MBA or MBA in digital marketing in Pakistan?

Ans: To compare both courses have their specialty, MBA is a general post-graduation course for studying Business Administration while an MBA in Digital Marketing is also a post-graduate course which is for studying the in-depth concept of Digital Marketing.


Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that MBA in Digital Marketing in Peshawar is a course for those who want to make their career in this on-demanding skill. We see how there is a huge demand for Digital Marketing Professionals so having a course which will give us an entire detailed knowledge about Digital Marketing will be a boon for you. There may be still confusion in many of your minds about that should you apply for MBA or MBA in Digital Marketing. So, here is a blog that will help you to decide which is better for you MBA vs MBA in Digital Marketing

Still, have confusion then feel free to contact us and book a free counselling session at or call us on +91 96199 58615


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