Emerging Job Opportunities in St. Louis after an MBA in Digital Marketing

Updated on: Oct 29, 2023
Jobs after MBA in digital marketing in St. Louis

Are you a graduate trying to understand your next course of action after college or are you an employee frustrated from the monotony of working a 9 to 5 every day? Worry not, we have got you covered with the immense Jobs after MBA in Digital Marketing in St. Louis.

Digital Marketing firms hire individuals from various backgrounds which allows you to integrate your passions with your degree to achieve immense success not just in your firms but your everyday life. So why not dive deeper into understanding what a job in Digital Marketing holds for you in the future?

Digital Marketing is a blooming career as the number of users of the internet has grown exponentially over the years. In India alone, forty-three percent of the population uses the internet as of 2020. So, businesses are trying to take undue advantage of various online platforms to expose potential customers to their products and services without having to physically visit each individual in order to sell their products or wait excruciatingly for the word to spread about their products among the customers.

Further, with the advent of global products being available everywhere, it has become the need of the hour for business owners to efficiently and quickly spread information about their products to customers worldwide which is only possible through a team of digital marketing professionals working together.

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Best Universities to Study Digital Marketing in India

1. Indian Institute of Digital Education – IIDE

Jobs after MBA in digital marketing in St. Louis

IIDE was ranked the No. 1 Digital Marketing Institute in India by the World Education Congress. Their unique teaching curriculum and extensive achievements in such a short span of time make it a place everyone wants to be. Their students are equipped with the best strategies in digital marketing to handle any situation that comes their way by industry experts who mentor them rigorously through their course. They provide training and certification in Digital Marketing through numerous courses. 

2. Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar 

Xavier Institute of Management imparts management skills through hands-on experience by working in collaboration with international agencies and the government. They are in collaboration with the Jesuit Society of Odisha and the government of Odisha which provides the students a platform to work with local businessmen and learn through experience that would create an opportunity to develop the Indian Industry. This institute allows individuals to understand and grow into management professionals. 

3. Pune Institute of Business Management, Pune – PIBM

PIBM looks to introduce its students to the integrated world of Management and Digital Marketing that will equip them to have a better understanding of the Business World. They have experts in various fields who often interact with their students to share glimpses of their experience in the field.

Best Jobs after MBA in Digital Marketing in St. Louis

  • Public Relations Manager: The responsibilities of a public relations manager in digital marketing are slightly different from those of conventional marketing. The major role of PR in digital marketing is to select suitable media platforms and maintain the image of the organization in the media space.
  • SEO Analyst: Search engine optimization is the process of making a blog, Web site, or Web page shown on the first page or rank high in search engine results. An SEO Analyst has to analyze and apply organic SEO techniques to appear in the first search engine result.
  • Social Media Manager: A social media manager must come up with strategies to create interaction with the social media audience. They have to create posts, stories, and ad campaigns.
  • Brand Manager: The duties of a brand manager are to research how to make the brand visible and formulate marketing strategies for the promotion of the brand. The actual aim of brand managers is to achieve the set goals of the brand.
  • Content Marketing Manager: The duties of a content marketing manager are to supervise the quality of the company content and strategize on how to deliver the content. It could be video content, audio, or any other form of media content.
  • Advertising Manager: Advertising managers are in charge of planning and executing advertising programs for the company. They liaise with their assistant to make sure that all the organizational goals are met.
  • Digital Marketing Manager: Digital marketing managers are liable for running digital marketing campaigns, right from preparing an idea to executing something very similar. A digital marketing manager may likewise work intimately with supporting the whole promoting group to make campaigns go live.
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Do I need a background in Marketing to pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing?

No, you will not require a degree in Marketing. In Fact, people from any stream or degree can take up this course to add value to their already existing degree as they will be taught by industry experts based on the university they apply to. 

  1. How do I find the right institute?

Firstly, you will have to understand what you are looking for in a degree and then align it with the curriculum offered by various institutes. 

  1. Is it worth it to do an MBA in Digital Marketing after a Master’s degree?

An MBA is very well recommended to increase your chances of employment as it is an added bonus.

  1. Which is currently the best University?

IIDE stands first in the realm of Digital Marketing in India because of its unique curriculum that is tailored to the interest of the students rather than a set curriculum.


An MBA in Digital Marketing equips you to understand the problems and solutions by deep diving into predominant situations in the markets and gives you the edge over other graduates to think critically in times when a new problem arises.

It gives you the opportunity to work with other individuals who are passionate about building brands, going global, and setting new standards for the marketing world. So, why not make the best out of the opportunities around us and take the first step to build a future of your choice?

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