IIDE’s PG in Digital Marketing: Benefits, ROI Calculator, Career Prospects, Financial Assistance

Updated on: Jan 11, 2024
IIDE PG in Digital Marketing

In today’s digital economy, one might get bewildered when it comes to investing in their education. The thought of even choosing the right course for an investment might seem daunting. 

If you are someone who has recently graduated and wants to upskill by enrolling in a program then before arriving at any decision, it is very important to understand the return on investment(ROI) you will gain by investing in a particular MBA-level digital marketing course.

In this blog, I have attempted to answer any queries you may encounter when making an investment decision. Whether you have concerns about the course fee, any placements offered after course completion, or want to learn more about the career outcome…..I have everything covered. 

Here, I will dive into the details of IIDE’s Post-Graduation Program in Digital Marketing, the career opportunities and the financial outcomes post-completion.

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass
Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

Understanding ROI (Return on Investment) in Education

ROI in education plays a very important role in helping understand the value a student gains when investing in their education plans. 

Here the concept of return on investment goes way beyond any financial gains and focuses more on the intangible gains that you will extract post education.

While recovering the cost of the course is a part of the investment, here the education aspect focuses more on your overall development concerning the development of the latest digital marketing skills, networking, increased employability and beyond.

If you want to derive ROI in education and want to commence your career that pulls in an MBA level salary in India at an executive level position, you must enrol for our PG in Digital Marketing.

A Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing is an 11-month program focused on teaching the advanced aspects of digital marketing along with a focus on leadership, communication, team building & executive skills.


Why should you pursue IIDE’s PG Program? 

IIDE offers an 11-month PG in Digital Marketing, a leadership & strategy-driven program that helps fresh graduates get an edge over their peers.

Here’s why I think this program is perfect for digital marketing aspirants like you who want to kick-start their career in digital marketing in this rapidly growing & ever-changing industry:

1. 100% Career Support:

It is very natural for you to expect a placement when you reach the end of an 11-month program. IIDE has successfully placed students in 500+ leading brands and agencies across India such as FCB Kinnect, Schbang, Media.net, Purple.com, Nykaa, Zomato, etc.

2. 25+ AI & Digital Marketing Tools:

Many think that AI will replace us but the truth is that those who master AI & know how to bring more results to the table with it will surely replace them. IIDE’s PG Program will equip you with the latest digital marketing tools such as Google Ads, ChatGPT, Copy.ai, WordPress, WebEngage, etc so that you can become an AI-powered digital marketer.

3. Practical Exposure:

To ensure that our graduates get the exposure that they are looking for in a course we conduct a Super Session with the Marketing Heads of global companies such as Deepa Krishnan (CMO of Starbucks India). Our students visit various agencies such as FCB Kinnet & White Rivers Media to understand the functioning of a company. Such activities help them to understand the goings on in the marketing industry.

4. Weekday and Weekend Batches:

Our weekday batches are perfect for graduates who are looking for a degree to add a new skill to their resume. Additionally, if you are a working professional then you can opt for a weekend batch so that you can upskill without pausing your business plans. 

5. Specialisations:

Under IIDE’s PG Program, students get to specialize in both performance marketing and creative strategy – 2 very unique, MBA-level specializations. Our major and minor model ensures that you can learn them both but major in the one that aligns with your interests just like in an MBA. 

6. Culture:

Our PG students are not just bombarded with projects and assignments. We have a special team that looks after our students’ vibe. They organize various activities such as movie nights, treks, dance parties, treasure hunts, etc., and also celebrate festivals together so that they can learn to maintain a work-life balance.

This is just a glimpse of our PG in Digital Marketing program, if you want to learn more about the offerings of the course, then I recommend you read our blog on “Top 9 Reasons Why IIDE’s PG in Digital Marketing Program is Worth It”.

On Recovering the Program Fee/Investment – Breakeven Calculator

One of the major reasons why graduates don’t opt for postgraduate studies is because they think how expensive it is for them. But here’s something that you should consider.

Everyone pursues graduation because it is the bare minimum to get a job. You know your returns well in advance so the cost of a college never feels burdening.

Apply the same thought when it comes to a PG program. Think of it as an investment in practical learning, a step up from the bachelor’s degree. And also think of what returns you can gain on this investment.

Have you given a thought of how your new skills will help you recover your investment?

Calculate your break-even point with the help of our ROI calculator – find out the number of years you will take to recover your program fee.

The total fees paid for your digital marketing course


The salary you are expecting per annum post-course


Recover your course fee in


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What is the average ROI of IIDE’s PG Program?

The fee for IIDE’s PG Program is INR 5,95,000. If you are eligible for a scholarship of up to INR 1,00,000, this comes down to INR 4,95,000.

The average package offered to our PG students is INR 5 LPA. 

According to these numbers, with a scholarship, you should recover your program fee/investment in 0.9 years which is 11 months and 26 days. This suggests that, under favourable circumstances, you might earn back your investment before completing your first year of work.

Without a scholarship, you can recover your program fee/investment in around 1 year and 2 months.

Please note: The projected earnings and ROI are based on averages from previous batches and are not guaranteed. Actual outcomes may vary significantly depending on a range of individual factors like prior work experience, proficiency in digital marketing skills, the effectiveness of interview preparation, personal abilities, academic performance, the ability to network, current job, market trends, geographic location, the size and sector of the employing company, and individual negotiation skills. Success in achieving these figures is largely dependent on meeting these requirements.

From Classroom to Office: Alumni Success Stories

1. Stitha Patnaik:

After completing graduation from ITM Group of Institutions and working for five years at Naukri.com, I felt the need to keep up with the most demanding skill in the industry, i.e., digital marketing. In my quest for the best digital marketing institute, I came across and applied for IIDE’s 11-month PG Program. With my experience and training, I was able to bag a job at Purplle.com at 9.2 LPA.

2. Ekta Jamnani:

With my growing interest in digital marketing, I decided to pursue Post-Graduation in Digital Marketing at IIDE after completing my graduation from the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Goa. With their practical and placement training I was able to develop corporate skills and secure a job at McDonalds as a Digital Marketing Management Trainee at 7.5 LPA.

3. Harshit Chaplot:

Being a BMS(specialization in marketing) student from S K Somaiya Vidyavihars College, I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in marketing. With this desire, I decided to enrol for IIDE’s PG in the Digital Marketing Program. I was so astonished by their practical way of teaching that I already felt ready to step into the corporate world. With such training, I successfully landed a job at STARCOM as an assistant manager at 7.5 LPA.

4. Anushka Aiyar:

I have always been enticed by the goings on in the digital world and so I started working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Mindise Pvt Ltd after graduating from NMIMS. After 3 years when I learnt about IIDE and their well-structured curriculum, I immediately enrolled for their 11-month PG Program. With agency visits, supper sessions and training offered by the placement team, I bagged a job as a Project Manager at Schabang at 6.5 LPA.

Our placement team makes immense efforts by equipping our students with skills such as resume building, soft skills, and interview preparation that help them crack their interview and get an average package of 5 LPA. However, it solely depends on the ability of a student to crack a package as high as this in their very first job.

I am interested in this course but how can I arrange for such a big amount? This question might be bothering you. The next section will help you understand how you can fund our course.

Other Financial Assistance for the PG in Digital Marketing Program

Apart from scholarship opportunities, those who are interested in pursuing digital marketing can also opt for student loans.

Our loan partner is Liqui Loans which helps us offer the most equitable financial assistance to our students.

Students can either opt for ‘No-Cost EMI’ or ‘Low-Cost EMI’ under student loans starting as low as INR 21,323 per month. For more information, you can book an appointment with our senior academic counsellor who will help you with a detailed breakdown of the EMI plans.

In my opinion, opting for a student loan makes you financially independent and also keeps you on your toes during the program.

Career Prospects after Post Graduation in Digital Marketing 

Have you ever wondered about the career opportunities that will be provided by IIDE post-completion of the program? Here is an overview of the roles that you can choose to make a career in once you walk out of IIDE:


Role Job Description Average Salary (INR)
Content Marketing Manager Look after the development and distribution of content across various platforms such as blogs and WhatsApp, emails, videos, etc. 7 to 11 LPA
Media Strategist Look into ways to make effective use of media to meet the company’s marketing objectives 7.2 LPA
Social Media Manager Manage posting and promotion of content across various social media platforms 2.16 LPA
Client Service Manager Taking feedback from clients and working towards providing them with a hassle-free experience 7.2 LPA
SEO Analyst Responsible for analyzing, reviewing and optimizing a website to increase its organic ranking on the SERP 2.94 LPA
Advertising Manager Responsible for planning and executing all types of advertising campaigns across various channels 6 LPA
Brand Manager Create strategies for the promotion of a brand’s product, launching new products in order to achieve the objectives of a business 8 LPA
Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass
Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass


I hope that you have a clear idea of what you can expect after pursuing IIDE’s PG in Digital Marketing Program.

I strongly believe that this program is your key to stepping into the digital world without compromising on the quality of your education.

If you are still confused and have any doubts I recommend you to either check our Post Graduation in Digital Marketing Page to learn more about the course or get in touch with one of our senior academic counsellors. 

They will cater to all your queries and even help you avail of a scholarship when filling out the PG application process for this program.

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