How To Use Memes Effectively For Your Brand – Your Complete Guide

Updated on: Nov 22, 2017
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If you’re here, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a meme. Every day, you’re likely to come across at least one meme — on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even WhatsApp!

People’s lives have become much more impacted by memes. They make people laugh, utilized as inside jokes, and can be used to create memories, and more.

Pictures and videos of regular people or animals overlain with funny or sarcastic jokes and puns are funny… if done correctly.

We all know now how memes have become a part of our lives. We use it more than ever to express even the slightest emotion with our friends and family. 

But did you know that this can be utilized as a strategy by brands? 

Here’s the answer to the question of why marketers should use memes if they haven’t started already! 

Why Should You Include Memes In Your Marketing Strategies? 

Memes are all about building a community and engagement by sharing something that everyone in your group can understand. It’s a method to foster a sense of belonging, something that social media sites like Facebook have mastered for years.

Hence why memes should become an important part of a brand’s marketing strategy is because they encourage engagement, builds loyalty, and maybe even tap into new markets.

Here’s why memes are important.

Importance of Memes

how to use memes

Good memes make light of a situation. Memes allow you to create a community with your customers and interact with them in ways that traditional marketing couldn’t.

Furthermore, if your meme becomes popular among your followers, you will be able to enhance brand recognition and growth over your chosen social media platforms. 

Users will share your meme post with others, comment on it, like it, etc. This sends a signal to your social media operators that people are liking and engaging with your content and thus your visibility may increase. 

As a result, when it comes to developing marketing strategies, memes should be considered.

TOP 4 Reasons to use Memes as a Strategy

how to use memes reasons

Memes have a number of advantages that may help you earn the favor of your consumers. They should be included in every company’s marketing plan for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below.

  • Memes Are Easy To Obtain:

how to use memes - make on your own

Memes do not require any kind of investment, either in terms of time or money. Meme templates are widely available online, and all you need to do is come up with a catchy caption or twist.

Memes do not have to be costly in the sense that they do not require the use of graphic artists or illustrators. People don’t mind low-resolution DIY material as long as it’s unique and interesting.

There are a variety of websites and apps that you can use to make memes. Those are canva, Pinterest, adobe, kapwing, and more!

how to use memes - kapwing example

  • Show Off Their Funny Bone:

How To Use Memes Effectively For Your Brand?

“Buy from me, buy from me, buy from me,” says a brand. There are only so many ways to convey this idea, and only so many individuals who will really buy it. Marketers will eventually run out of things to say, and customers will lose interest.

It becomes more essential to communicate in order to form a relationship than it is to sell all of the time, and what better way to accomplish it than by cracking jokes, producing parodies, and being punny?

Let’s have a look at a “BarkBox” for instance. Barkbox, located in New York, is a subscription-based business that provides a variety of dog-related products, services, and experiences.

This is how they used a meme to their advantage. 

how to use memes barkbox example

  • Increase Social Engagement

The point of having relatable or humorous posts is that they will not only be relatable to one person or amusing to one person. These kinds of postings are universal in nature and appeal to a wide range of people. 

As a result, funny postings like memes receive more likes, comments, and shares. Branded memes frequently go viral as well.

how to use memes - increases social engagement

  • Increase Brand Recall:

People have a strong top-of-mind brand recall after liking and sharing a business’s posts several times and building a relationship with them. It’s very important to focus on consistent quality posts rather than quantity. 

Memes can definitely play a role as they’re funny, relatable, and leaves an impression.

Now that you’ve learned how memes can help you and your company, it’s time to put them to work. Let’s look at how to use memes effectively and some handy tips around it.

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5 Best Tips On ‘How to Use Memes’ To Build Your Business

1. Create Original Memes:

We mentioned above that there are meme templates that you can use but it’s always a good idea to create your own memes. We know it’ll be much harder since you’ll need to acquire information, form a structure, and come up with captions. 

This is definitely a time-consuming process but we assure you it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Why? It’s really simple! When you develop your own memes, you help to establish a distinct image for your business, which promotes brand awareness.

You may transform a humorous video clip that you happen to capture into a short, looping movie or GIF. Try showing a real product in unexpected usage scenarios.

Let’s have a look at how “dennysdiner” handles memes. This was created as a meme for Valentine’s Day.

how to use memes - create original memes

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2. Put Your Own Spin on a Popular Meme

A parody of a popular meme is one of the simplest types of material to generate. It doesn’t harm to utilize famous meme templates; in fact, if you use popular memes in your marketing campaigns, it will help.

It shows that you’re up to date on the latest trends and that you actively participate in the community.

how to use memes - Put Your Own Spin on a Popular Meme

3. Be Quick 

It’s critical to stay on top of the current trends. There are iconic memes that may continue for months or even years, but there are also numerous memes that gain popularity and then go away in as little as a week.

Therefore its imperative you take advantage of a trend and make it relevant to your business as quickly as possible. It can definitely help to stay active in meme communities, and you can do so by following meme pages on “Reddit”, “Instagram”, “Facebook” and various other social media platforms. Reddit is the most popular one.

how to use memes - stay up to date

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4. Research Your Memes

It’s crucial to do some research on your memes before sharing them on social media. You must ensure that the issue is not sensitive, that the meme’s history is not unpleasant, and the meme’s concept does not offend any members of your community/audience. 

There is a thin line between being humorous and being offensive and be sure not to cross the latter or it could backfire.

5. Retweet and Repost Relevant User-Generated Memes

how to use memes - retweet and repost

Since memes are shared by definition, meme creators usually allow or even invite others to republish their contents. Marketers can directly edit and reshare memes, but be sure what you’re reposting makes sense and is in tune with your brand’s persona.

That’s everything we have to provide you with suggestions on how to apply memes in your marketing strategies. I hope you have been able to learn more about memes and their applications from this blog. Wish you a memetastic strategy ahead! 

Some common questions answered below for the benefit of our readers. 

Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q

Q. What are memes and how to use them?

A meme is an image, video, text, or another piece of media that is typically humorous in nature and is quickly reproduced and shared by internet users, frequently with minor adjustments. 

Memes may be used to express a message in a lighthearted tone, to support a cause, as inside jokes, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Q. How do you post a meme?

Posting a meme differs from platform to platform. For Facebook, you can click on the photos option then navigate to the gallery, choose the meme you want to post and then finally click on the post icon on the top right corner. It is just like posting a regular post. 

Q. How do I find memes?

Memes can be found on a number of social media sites. Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all popular sites to explore.

If you’re looking for websites that specifically deal with meme templates, then kapwing, canva, Pinterest is frequently used examples.

Q. How do I make a meme for free?

Anyone can make memes for free as long as they have access to an internet connection and an electronic device. The most popular used websites for making memes are canva, kapwing, and adobe.

With the help of numerous free applications, you can also create memes on your mobile device for free. Memegenerator, meme maker, mematic are just some examples.

Q. What is the best app to make memes?

There a ton of apps that can be used to make memes that are available in the ios and google play store. But the best ones according to customer reviews and downloads are memegenerator, meme maker, and mematic

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