15 Actionable Email Marketing Tips That Businesses Need To Know ASAP!

Updated on: Sep 30, 2021

Email marketing is the technique of sending promotional messages using the email in big numbers using a database. It is usually to create sales or generate leads. Email marketing might be an age-old digital marketing technique but it is still very effective. We have listed the best email marketing tips for you!

With a user base of over 4 billion people, its reach is quite high. The average ROI on email marketing is $44 for every dollar spent. Amazing isn’t it?

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15 Essential Email Marketing Tips You Should Start Using

Let’s have a look at the15 best and essential email marketing tips and tricks that you should start using in your email marketing campaigns.

1. Define your goals 

It is important to ask yourself why is it that you want to push out the email. What is your end goal? Some common goals are – 

  • Increase sales
  • Generate leads
  • Create hype
  • Increase loyalty

2. Brainstorm Your Subject Lines

As per a report by FinancesOnline, 64% of email receivers decide to open a mail based on the subject line whereas 33% of email receivers open an email simply because the subject line is catchy. 

Thus, your first job is to get your subject line perfect. Your subject line needs to be:

  • 25-30 Characters
  • Include the name of the recipient 
  • Catchy 
  • Add a USP or Urgency

Getting the subject line correct is one of the most essential email marketing tips for businesses that want higher conversion rates.

3. Personalization is key 

Personalization is very important when it comes to email marketing. Use automated email personalization a tool offered by many email marketing tools. This is a good mass email marketing tip as it makes the customer feel special. 

4. Segment your lead list 

It is important to segment your lead list – a great email marketing tip to increase sales. Understand what the user’s buying patterns are. Web analytics play a huge role here. You can also include a user registration form for users. 

This will help you target people genuinely interested in your product or service who are more likely to make a purchase.

5. Customer-focussed content 

A good email marketing tip for B2B is to create relevant content that is also customer-centric. Include tips, industry-related trends, and case studies that are relevant to your industry. 

6. 80-20 rule 

The 80-20 rule is a golden rule in email marketing.  A mass email marketing tip for you! Your email needs to offer 80% information and the rest of the 20% can be promotional content. A hard sell is a very big put-off to many people.

7. Email blasting 

Email blasting involves sending out your email at once to multiple databases and groups. It is important in such as case to put your brand out there. 

A good email blast marketing tip is to have a consistent logo, typeface, colours, and other such elements that people identify with your brand. 

8. Use Monitoring Tools 

Tracking how your email is being responded to and how many are converting is important not only for the ongoing email marketing campaigns but also for future email campaigns. You can correct the mistakes in future email campaigns or reapply what strategy worked the best. 

9. Get the timing right 

Effective email marketing tips and techniques are many. However, the timing is of paramount importance. What time do users log in to check their email? If your email gets lost in the crowd, then there is a problem. 

10. Email signature marketing 

Email signatures are important as it communicates your brand values. An email marketing signature tip is to have your promotional offers as your signature, whilst adhering to the 80-20 rule.

11. Ask users before adding them to your email list

New to email marketing? A really important email marketing tip for beginners is to ask for permission before adding them to your email marketing list. Have a pop-up banner on your website asking if they’d like to subscribe to your emails. It is polite to do so and will save you the risk of the user blocking you. 

Even if they unsubscribe, do not be disheartened and see it as a narrower segmentation of the target audience where now only those who have the potential to interact with your business are present. 

12. Always add CTAs

What is the point in going through all that hassle if your email isn’t going to convert? A good tip for email marketing for lead generation is to add a call-to-action in every email and use good visuals that connect to the copy. 

13. Nurture your leads 

Send customized communication after segmenting your audience. For example, segment your audiences who have pets into dog owners, cat owners, etc., and send them customized content relevant to them.  

14. Make a tab 

Include an email sign-up tab on your website. This will also help you expand your database. You can provide a freebie in exchange for their email address and voila, you have your database of interested users!

15. A/B Testing

Experimenting is the key to challenging yourself and seeing what email campaigns work the best with your target audience. Hence, I would recommend you follow the A/B Testing Method.

You can create two different designs and subject lines for the same CTA. Send email A to one set of your database and email B to another set. After a time period, check how your responders are reacting to both the emails, compare and analyze to know which strategy worked better.


Email Marketing Template & Checklist

We have an email marketing template that can help you write better emails. This is how you can write an effective marketing email  –

  • Use a familiar name – Use the name that the audience connects with. If a user signed up with the brand, then it is best to use their name in any kind of communication.
  • Write a subject line – The subject line needs to be concise and should not exceed the character limit. 
  • Personalized pre-header – The pre-header text is the text before the subject line. It can be personalized to make it more interesting.
  • Body Content – Keep the body content simple and short. Avoid writing essays.
  • Use buttons – Using buttons is a great way to get a conversion. It also reinforces your intent to send the email. 
  • Avoid spam words – A good tip is to avoid spam words such as free and buy now too much as it will get scanned as spam and automatically reach your user’s spam box. 
  • Monitor your metrics – Use a good email marketing tool and monitor your metrics to analyze your strategy and improvise it. 

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Email Marketing Samples For Inspiration

  • LOFT

email marketing tips and samples - loft

The copy is simple and compelling. It makes the user feel valued and the CTA is effective.

  • Dropbox

email marketing tips and samples - dropbox

This email is a perfect example of brand recall and remarketing. It is short, it reminds you that the brand exists and the benefits of using it.

  • Trulia

email marketing tips and samples - Trulia

In this example, a question is presented to the target audience. It gets them thinking and wanting to make an action – that is whether to click on the CTA button or not. In order to know the answer to the question, they have no choice which leads to more conversions. Ensure that the landing page is connected to the question. 

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Q. Which are the best email marketing tools to use? 

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools to use. It is user-friendly and is free for limited use. 

Read more on the best digital marketing tools here.

Q. Which are the important email marketing tips for lead generation? 

  • Keep email content short and crisp
  • Focus on the visuals
  • Keep your email database updated and clean
  • Use email marketing tools like Mailchimp for automation as it saves time
  • Write good click-bait email subject lines

Q. Which are the important email marketing tips for B2B? 

A good email marketing tip for B2B is to position your brand as an industry leader. The content should be informative and should be from the perspective of imparting knowledge or advice. 


All in all, your emails need to be concise, have an impact, and need to be value-creating. We hope that you enjoyed reading our blog. If you have any additional email marketing tips and tricks, do share them in the comments below. 

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