Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

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Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing companies have been implementing the dos and don’ts of Digital Marketing so well, we have been spending a lot of time on social media. There are a lot of complaints about ‘how much time does social media takes in your day’.

However, there is no solution for the same, as we are in the digital age. Credit goes to the digital marketing field. But did you realise, the time which you spent on it was actually worthwhile? You came across new things every now and the in terms of information, news, graphics and videos.

If you spent that much time, the motto of the content generators has been achieved. You could do this for your business or brand which you work for or plan to work for in the future.

You can enthusiastically adopt because, social media shall give you gives an unprecedented opportunity to build a brand and create community—especially when you can connect with your audience connectively.

However, when you buy a car, you are supposed to know certain dos and don’ts for the same. Then why not to know some more dos and don’ts when you are going to do digital marketing? Here is an exhaustive list you need to keep in mind when you implement any aspect of Digital Marketing.

So here are some,

Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

1. Do know your audience.

In the dos and don’ts of Digital Marketing, you should first create a path for yourself. Don’t follow the footsteps of others; it may not work for you. Reason being, the target audience you cater to. Know your target audience, get an insight of their likes and dislikes, their behaviour, their demographics and their taste. Try A and B testing and see what your audience likes. On social media, Pages like Sarcasm and Bombay High Court have been phenomenal. They have capitalised a lot by knowing their target audience.

Publicity on the internet is customised. Just because text context works for them, it may not work for you. Don’t carry out initiatives just because it worked for someone else.
You know your target audience and what suits them. Remember this audience is the one whom you get business from. Take a step back and assess what you need to do.

2. Know Your Brand and Competition

After knowing your audience, know your brand and the completion around you. When you invest in digital marketing it is crucial building a strong branding strategy. There are high chances the strategy might work against your brand. #DeleteUber has been one such a case where in the campaign work against the brand Uber.

An effective digital marketer is always a step ahead of the competition. It is possible to stay ahead of the competition by learning what the competitors are offering. If you remember the back to back advertisements by Amazon India and Flipkart; the big million day sale had created havoc on social media and in the digital world.

Consequently, it is important to know the weakness and strengths of your competitors. That shall help to enhance your strength and work on your weaknesses.

3. Do Write Original Content

After knowing your audience, your brand and your competitors; it is really important to you know brand strategy and what kind of goals does your brand want to achieve. Cutting through the competitive edge, a successful marketing strategy would involve high quality and original content management. Brands like Buzzfeed and Scoop Whoop understand their target audience, understand the competition around them and produce original content that their targeted audiences remember and connect with.

Right from website to your blog, right from social media to ads, everything in digital should be tailored to your target audience. It’s not just about the content you create, it’s about context which increases the relevance of your content. Users should be able to relate to what you write. Relevancy of your content is shall get your business’s website higher rankings on Google and help you engage with your audience.


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4. Do find the right channels

It’s a myth that you can reach your customers only through social media. Google is the most used search engine and you could use this platform in order to make sales. When you have a target market and you have to reach them effectively, you need to identify the right channel where you can reach out to them with your content.

The target audience determines which type of channel you should select while reaching out to your target audience. If you wish to showcase a lot regarding your product you could target users through YouTube. Similarly, visual marketing strategies would yield good results using Instagram and Pinterest. While B2C – business to consumer marketing will get better headway with Facebook and Pinterest.

5. Do Engage

Social media has an edge over other forms of marketing as it has an advantage of interacting with your target audience. Social media has the ability to connect with people on individual grounds. Unlike broadcasting, the use of social networking sites allow you to build a personal connection with the people interact to, have an access to their thought process, and even get impromptu real-time responses.

Engagement is all about addressing every user on individual grounds.

You can know people’s insight, their thought process, you can know more about their background and demographics and accordingly, you can engage with them.

Learn how to engage with your audience from Zomato. Zomato has been doing it for a long time now.

Along with the major list of so many dogs, it is really important to know about don’ts.

Here is a small list which shall be helpful for you to create a successful digital marketing plan.

Dos and Don'ts of Digital Marketing



1. Don’t forget to interact

The way you visit networking events to increase your connectivity, it is similar here on digital platforms. Never forget that it’s a privilege to talk to people. You cannot connect with your readers and audience without talking to them, without making conversation, without showcasing your products, without deploying content.

2. Don’t get overwhelmed

If you are a YouTuber, you may not need an account on Pinterest. You don’t need to have all social media platforms. However, you need to make a wise selection and invest on two or three forums. Count on the forums which reach to the maximum people and suit your brand.

3. Don’t spam

Never spam your customers or audience. Don’t send unsolicited emails or tweets. None of such thing works anymore. We too get annoyed and delete them, don’t we?

4. Don’t have a website that is not updated

You cannot afford to have a website which is not updated from time to time. Everyone is looking at your websites. Build your social capital. Give first. Give information as much as you can. Update your website, post latest content, have a legit design, maintain quality across the website.


Digital Marketing is an advanced field. You ought to be updated every now and then. Accommodate to the recent trends, be informative, be smart, target your audience well, remember contextual content is the king. Be a digital influencer in your field.

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