Best Digital Transformation Programs for Corporates in 2024

Updated on: Dec 13, 2022

Corporates need this more than ever yet they ignore it – digital transformation! The digital age is here and we’ve moved towards artificial intelligence and automation. However, a lot of corporate employees still struggle to work with Google Sheets. If you see the same happening in your company, it’s time for a digital transformation program! 

In this blog, we discuss digital transformation programs, why corporates need them, how to choose the right digital transformation program, and much more in detail. 

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What are digital transformation programs?

By definition, a digital transformation program facilitates companies with the shift from traditional working methods to digital ones. We are in 2023 where your business is either selling online, marketing online, or doing both. Hence, digital transformation is the need of the hour. 

Whether you are a large company or a company with less than 100 employees, ensuring that all of them are updated with the latest technologies is the primary responsibility of your learning and development or human resources department. 

Yes, a digital transformation program might seem like an expense but the reasons given below will open your eyes as to what benefits can a digital transformation program bring to your company. 


Why the need for digital transformation in 2023?

Whether a traditional business or an unconventional one, digital transformation programs are beneficial for all. Let’s look at the impact of a digital transformation program: 

  • Faster Operations 

Digital transformation programs are curated to streamline the operation process. Whether it be marketing, sales, or accounts, a digital transformation will introduce these teams to various technologies that will fasten the operation process. 

For example, with a digital transformation program, one of the main corporate training programs, you can introduce CRM software that will help the flow of leads from the marketing department to the sales department. This kind of automation will increase lead generation and higher customer retention rates. 

  • Increased Productivity

When your employees see you making an effort to help them upskill and make their jobs more interesting and easy, the level of trust and motivation towards the brand will increase by multiple times. 

This will lead to higher productivity and decreased bad-mouthing about the company.

  • Higher Revenue

Increased productivity and faster operations will lead to an increased ROI or total annual revenue. Digital technologies are being accepted and widely used throughout global companies because of the automation that it brings with them. 

When employees don’t have to focus on meaningless and time-consuming tasks such as compiling data or transferring the data of one particular lead, they will spend more time brainstorming strategies and tapping deeper into their logic. All of this indirectly will contribute towards higher revenue for the company.

  • Lower Attrition Rate 

A digital transformation program will definitely lead to a lower attrition rate. Post the pandemic, the attrition rate in all industries globally is high. 

If employees find workplaces that are digitally transformed and more employee-focused, the attrition rate in your company will shoot up in no time. Hence, investing in all employees’ digital training will help you in maintaining a low attrition rate.

  • Employee Engagement  

There’s one risk of losing an employee and another higher risk of unawareness of the company among the employees. A digital transformation program acts as an event for all employees to get together and engage with each other. 

It also poses an opportunity for employees to engage with higher management and understand their motivation to work.

  • Ready for Unfortunate Circumstances

Last but the most important, digital transformation will help your company be ready to operate in the most unforeseen circumstances. When the pandemic hit us, we weren’t prepared to work from our homes. 

Companies had to face a lack of communication, accountability, and many more problems. A digital transformation program will help your company operate in any kind of uncertainty by staying connected.

Now that we have understood why digital transformation programs are the need of the hour, let’s understand the core areas of digital transformation corporates should look at. 

3 Core areas of digital transformation for corporates 

Now, we know the benefits of digital transformation programs and how they can help your company. But, how to know which and where should digital transformation happen? Here’s a list of 3 core areas of digital transformation for corporates that your company can target primarily. 

  • Employee Attitude

The demographics of employees differ from company to company. While ‘X’ company might have more employees under the age of 30, ‘Y’ company might have more employees born in the 1990s. 

Now, you must be wondering why demographics matter in a digital transformation program and how can it improve employee attitude. 

Well, if you are from the HR or L&D Department, you know the struggle to introduce new changes to your employees. In the case of digital transformation, employees in their 40s or above take more time to adjust. A corporate training company that specializes in digital transformation programs will help bring the entire company together, improve employees’ attitudes toward digital change and also create a feeling of unity and productivity. 

  • Process of Operations

Now, let’s talk business! Competition is increasing day by day as the ease of business increasing. So the time your company takes to reach the customer should be less than your customers if you want to stay on top of your game. 

Digital plays an important part in that race. If you want to improve the process of operations currently, then you must take the help of automation. Automation to fasten the process of operations can be introduced by a digital transformation program. 

  • Customer Experience

Very famously, if your employees and products/services are in alignment, you will provide the best output to your customers. However, since the customer now communicates through digital platforms, extra effort is needed so that customer experience or customer relationship management also becomes digital. 

A digital transformation program will help different points of contact such as salespersons/marketers to manage their reputation online and also address customers’ grievances.

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

How to choose the right digital transformation program for your company?

Now that you know what core areas to target, let’s discuss how to choose the right digital transformation program for your company. Before choosing the corporate training methods or programs, you must know the answer to the following questions – 

  • Number of employees to be trained 
  • Core areas to target 
  • Budget for the digital transformation program

Many corporate training companies offer various digital transformation programs but within a set limit. The right digital transformation program for your company would be the one that offers CUSTOMISED programs such as IIDE Pro. 

corporate training programs - iide pro

IIDE Is recognized as India’s #1 institute for digital marketing, IIDE excels when it comes to industry-relevant training.

IIDE’s corporate training programs now also called IIDEPRO help transform the employee learning experience and accelerate your business growth by using the latest technologies and innovative techniques.


corporate training programs - iide pro programme offerings

IIDE offers three types of corporate training programs- IIDEPro Signature, IIDEPro Select and IIDEPro Bespoke.


A complete learning ecosystem that combines content dissemination and learner retention using integrated reporting

Learning Management Platform

  • Curated curriculum for your organization
  • Experience to suit the employee’s schedule
  • Reporting to track learning goals

IIDEPRO Signature can help you:

  • Qualify your recruitment sources
  • Facilitate a smooth onboarding process
  • Fuel your learning & development efforts
  • Assist annual reviews & appraisals
  • Elevate sense of employee happiness

Mode: Online
Delivery: Recorded Video Content
Learners: 50+ (Over the course of 6 months)


Take control of the learning outcome by selecting your training modules

A-La-Carte Learning Solution

corporate training programs - iide pro select

  • Define the learning topics
  • Identify the level of the learners
  • Input the number of learners

IIDEPRO Select can help you:

  • Quickly visualize the learning journey
  • Conveniently skill cross-discipline teams
  • Create a goal-based learning pathway
  • Skill your employees in just 1 day

Mode: Online or Offline
Delivery: Live Instructor
Learners: Ideal for groups of 15 to 35 learners


Businesses with prior digital experience looking for specific upskilling OR what’s next

Customized Learning Experience

corporate training programs - iide pro bespoke

  • Flexible for 100 learners or just a handful
  • Delivered virtually, in-person or blended
  • Library content or freshly curated

IIDEPRO Bespoke can deliver:

  • Tailored learning experience
  • Flexible learning goals
  • Curated training curriculum

Mode: Online, Offline or Blended
Delivery: Live Instructor and/or Recorded
Learners: 1 to 100 Learners


  • 5+ Years of Corporate Training
  • 100+ Corporate Partnerships Globally
  • 5000+ Professionals Trained
  • No. 1 Digital Learning Institute – Awarded by Indian Education Congress
  • Customized Content
  • Online & Offline Modes of learning
  • 200+ Industry Experts on our Panel of Trainers
  • Professional Certification
  • 20+ Learning Modules
  • 4.5/5 Average Rating from Participants


  • Kinnect
  • Leo Burnett
  • Asian Paints
  • Deepak Group
  • Cipla
  • Abbott
  • Publicis Groupe
  • Digitas
  • Godrej Professional
  • Volkswagen
  • Pfizer
  • Cadila Pharmaceuticals
  • Mobil India
  • BBH
  • Mahindra Rise
  • Mahindra Partners
  • CASA India
  • Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care
  • Law & Kenneth | Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Estee Lauder
  • Atout France
  • Numa Paris
  • Infinique Marketing
  • Blowfish Digital
  • Airtel 
  • 4th Wheel
  • The World Bank

Corporate Trainers:

corporate training programs - iide pro trainers

Contact Details:

Phone no: +91 7304534110
Email id: [email protected]

If you are spending a lump sum on training your employees, might as well choose a corporate training company that takes the effort to understand your company and customizes your digital transformation program according to the company’s vision and requirements.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital transformation program & who conducts it?

A digital transformation program helps corporates shift from traditional working styles to digital ones with an easy and smooth process. Top corporate training companies across India conduct digital transformation programs. 

What are the core areas of focus for digital transformation that corporates should look at?

According to research, employee attitude, the process of operations, and customer experience are the 3 core areas of focus for digital transformation that corporates should look at. 

Which is the right digital transformation program for your company?

The right digital transformation program is the one that offers a customized program suited according to your company’s vision and requirements such as programs offered by IIDEPro. 

To Conclude, 

It is 2023 and digital transformation is the need of the hour. To combat your competitors, you must have the correct digital processes and a digitally aware audience. 

Choosing the right digital transformation program is challenging with so many corporate training programs out there. But we are here to help you! 

Reach out to us at [email protected] or +91 7304534110 for 1-hour complimentary training and we will help you choose the right digital transformation program!


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