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Updated on: Sep 19, 2022
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Do you know how important a digital marketing strategy is for any business? And if you run a business, you must surely have incorporated it into yours. If not, we’ve got your back! Here is the Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru.

A digital marketing strategy plays a vital role in any business. It’s like the staircase to corporate or organizational success. Companies or brands that function in the digital world often give much importance to digital marketing strategy. This is because a well-planned strategy can help you accomplish your business goals in a structured way.

In this dynamic digital marketing world, unprecedented trends are introduced now and then. Apart from other responsibilities and tasks to handle and take care of, it can become complicated to keep up with the ever-changing trends. If you are wondering how to make an effective and result-oriented digital marketing strategy, let’s find out.

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Now, let’s jump up to the top 5 Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru to understand what digital marketing strategy is and why you need one.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru:


What Does a Digital Marketing Strategy Look Like?

To understand digital marketing strategies, let’s first understand what a marketing strategy is. Marketing strategy is the long-term business plan to connect to its customers and turn them into potential buyers. It is a comprehensive plan formulated to achieve organizational objectives.

With the marketing strategy, it becomes easier to attain the objectives. This is because it simply helps in directing the actions. Due to this, a business can use its scarce resources in the best possible manner to increase sales.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a pre-planned action made to achieve online business goals. These goals may include increasing brand awareness, generating leads, getting higher ROI, or sale of products and services. 

It is a series of actions to build, use and manage your online marketing channels most effectively. A digital marketing strategy plays a very vital role in any business. The absence of this may result in a waste of time and effort. A business without strategy is like a traveller without a map, lost. 

Your digital marketing strategy will be unique to your business with unique approaches to reach the end goals easier. It mainly depends on the size and type of the business or what your business goals are.  

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Now, you must be wondering why you need a digital marketing strategy or why a business must create one. To understand the importance of digital marketing strategy, let’s look at its top importance:

1. Helps Staying Relevant

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, staying relevant is the top priority of any business. With the help of digital marketing strategy and various tools, it becomes easier to achieve the end goals. While contemplating the strategies, it is important that businessmen must think about the latest trends to incorporate them into their strategies to stay up-to-date.

2. Gives Direction

A business without strategies is like one without its goals. It becomes difficult to allocate various resources to the activities that need to be performed. With that, it also becomes complicated to measure the metrics to know if one is hitting or missing the targets. Goals i.e., strategies provide a well-defined direction for the business to move further. 

3. Reaching Global Audience

One of the distinct characteristics of digital marketing strategy is that it helps to understand the needs and expectations of the global audience. It helps businesses to get into foreign territory. Therefore, strategies help better to expand the customer base by knowing them better.

4. Advantage Over Peers

Marketing strategy gives a competitive advantage over our business peers. It suggests various ways to stand out in the competition by being innovative and creative. It helps better in the process of product design, development, and promotion. 

How Is Marketing Strategy Different from Marketing Tactics or Campaigns?

Usually, or most of the time, people understood marketing strategy, tactics, and campaigns, as the same. But, these three differ significantly. Don’t believe us? Let’s understand it better.

Marketing Strategy VS Marketing Tactics

Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru - Marketing Strategies VS Tactics

(Source: Successwise)

Marketing tactics are the strategic actions that help you attain your objective. These are the channels that help you reach and connect to your target audience by providing relevant information about your brand, products, or service. 

Tactics are that part of the digital marketing plan that guides you to achieve the marketing strategy. Strategies allocate the top-level resource to have a long-term vision and define the brand positioning with how to engage with the audience. While tactics are the short-term plan that one needs to be taken to achieve the strategy.

To make it simpler to understand, if the strategy is the destination, tactics are the path. Tactics are the actions or plans which take you a step closer to your business goals. Without marketing tactics, it will be difficult to execute the strategies and it will lead to a waste of time and resources.

Marketing Strategy VS Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are the actions that include the execution of marketing strategy through the use of various digital channels. It is the online effort made by the business to drive traffic, lead, sales or revenues.

A campaign is not a single activity but a group of it to achieve larger goals. These activities are performed to execute the marketing strategy with the help of marketing tactics. Seems confusing, right?

Let’s make it simpler. If the marketing strategy is the first step of a ladder, then tactics are the second, and the campaign is the third. To make it more simple, if the marketing strategy is pizza then the tactics are the pizza sauce and the campaign is the cheese.

This means all three are very important to achieve the organizational goals. A deficiency of anyone can cause imbalance and hindrance in the way. Thus a business must spend time, planning these three,  taking all the objectives with the available resources into consideration.

How Can I Design an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?


Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru -7 Steps to Craft an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

(Source: Synatactics, Inc.)

Wondering how can you design an effective digital marketing strategy? We’ve included a few steps that will help you devise a result-oriented strategy:

1. Explore and Evaluate Existing Digital Landscape

A digital marketing strategy starts by exploring, understanding, evaluating, and analyzing the current digital landscape. This helps in learning about the competitors, customers and most importantly about the business itself with what should be its starting point will be. 

It helps to analyze your performance from the last year, evaluate your competitors and how you’re better than them and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business by SWOT analysis.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru - SWOT Analysis

(Source: Wikipedia)

Strength – It implies what your business is good at or what is your USP that makes you stand out in the competition. It may include the advantages you offer over your competitors.

Weakness – These are the internal aspects that cause obstacles in your way to achieving your goals. The weakness may be in terms of the people, resources, procedures, or others.

Opportunities – Opportunities are the external factors that offer a positive change to improve your business performance. These may be digital marketing trends that may be the plus point to elevating your business.

Threats – Threats imply the negative external factors that may affect your business. These factors may include shifts in consumer behaviour, issues in the supply chain, or others. 

2. Set a Goal

After evaluating the current digital scenario, the next step is to set a goal. Goals are the long-term plans you want to accomplish. It is important to set goals as it gives a clear picture of where you want to be. Does it sound simple to set up the goals? Well, it isn’t that simple.

You’ve to set up specific goals with every detail possible. For this, you may use SMART criteria. SMART is a commonly used tool for setting objectives or goals. It means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely goals. Make sure you set up your goals with these five points in mind to achieve better and quicker results.

3. Build Buyer Persona

Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru - Create Buyer Persona

(Source: Wedevs)

The next important step is to build a buyer persona. This is done to understand the preferences, demands, needs, and expectations of the customer. Because unless you don’t know your customers, you won’t be able to target or even connect to them successfully.

For this, imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. Understand what problems they might be facing or what their expectations are from your brand. Once you understand your customers, it will be easier to make assumptions and plans that would appeal to them. 

4. Understand The Sales Funnel


Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru -Sales Funnel

(Source: TechTarget)

The sales funnel is the marketing model that illustrates the customer journey from getting aware of the products or services to making a purchase. The sales funnel may vary from company to company but it has several steps known as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. 

If made the right use of the sales funnel, a company can achieve its business goals, wondering how? By understanding each step of the funnel with the help of appropriate and relevant digital marketing tools. Still, sounds confusing? Let’s break it down-

Awareness – Make the customer or potential buyers aware of the existence of your brand. This can be done through social media or by ranking at the top of SERP.

Interest – Create interest in the heart and minds of the customers regarding your brand. What your brand is, what its values are, and what is your USP, questions like these can help you understand your customers better by understanding your brand first.

Engage – Engage with your customers. Hear and understand their customers and make them believe that your brand is competent to meet their needs and expectations. Solve their doubts and answer their queries.

Action – Compel the customer to take action. A tool for this stage to persuade the customers to take action is referred to as CTA, Call to Action. This can be getting leads, clicks, or even sales. Offer them discounts or coupons via a personalized email to make the work easier.

5. Build The Content Strategy

Based on your goals, objectives, and target audience, now you’ve to build the content strategy. This may include the list of content that you feel is necessary to add to attain your business goals. With that, the strategy will also have a specific timeline to measure the success. These actions may include- 

  • Developing content strategy 
  • Creating content calendar
  • Posting on social media
  • Using CTA
  • Using marketing automation tools

To get the inspiration to build the strategy, you may look at your competitors and customers to get ideas, check out Answer The Public, search the hashtags trending on Instagram to include that in your content, see the Google Search Suggestions and you may explore Pinterest.

6. Choose The Channel and Set The KPI

Once you know the type of content most suitable to achieve your goals and which resonates with your audience, now is the time to choose the channel which can yield the best results. For this, take into consideration all the platforms, digital marketing tools, and tactics you can use. Then prioritize them based on your strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru - KPI

(Source: NetSuite ) 

But before moving to the execution part, there’s one more thing left to do. Wondering what? Set the well-defined KPI. Because let’s suppose if you don’t have the KPI, how would you know you’re achieving your goals? How would you know the effort and time you’re investing is yielding results?

Thus, having a clear and measurable success is very important for any digital marketing strategy. Having a clear, measurable, identifiable KPI that matters for your business is important for its growth.

7. Execute and Analyse 

Now is the time to execute all the efforts you’ve put till now. But don’t forget, what may have worked a year ago, may not work this time. Keep up with the trends and explore new trends and tools, which may work better. 

When you’ve executed your digital marketing strategy, you must analyze if that’s working well or not. A strategy is, not something you must stick to, if it isn’t yielding the desired results, you may adjust it accordingly. For example, if your ad is not delivering the desired results, you may stop it for a while and get creative.

You may use A/B testing to get a better idea or change the ‘learn more’ option to ‘sign up now. You must make a clear plan and stay focused to get better results and elevate your performance. 

What Are Several Common Examples of Digital Marketing Tactics?

When it comes to planning about the digital marketing tactics, you might be creating a long list that you need to add to your strategies. To not get into the dilemma of what can suit your business and which cannot, we’ve listed a few basic digital marketing tactics, you must try your hand on:

1. SEO

Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru - SEO

(Source: Reliablesoft)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which implies the process of using various methods or practices to improve the site’s visibility on the search engine. This is done because the higher a website ranks on the SERP, the greater the chances to attract users, and get cliks, leads, or even sales.

SEO is categorized into three parts – On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. All this includes creating SEO-optimized content, adding backlinks, optimizing images, focusing on header tags, adding relevant keywords, and much more.

2. Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru - Content Marketing

(Source: Integrity)

Content Marketing focuses on creating, managing, publishing, and distributing various types of content on the platforms. This is done to educate, entertain, inspire, create brand awareness, get engagement or lead or retain the audience.  

Content marketing can be in the form of blogs, articles, ebooks, social media posts, whitepapers, videos, podcasts, or others. It is divided into three phases – Awareness, Consideration, and Purchase.  Do you know that 82% of marketers are currently investing in content marketing?

3. SEM

Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru - What Is Search Engine Marketing

(Source: Technology Blogspot)

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing which is similar to SEO to get the website at the top of the SERP but through paid means. Advertisers bid on the selected keywords to rank higher but it is not only the cost that is taken into consideration while bidding.

Quality Score, is a measure that determines how closely your content relates to the keywords a user is searching for, together with determining your performance in the auction. Pages with the‘Ad’ label on them show that it is a paid placement.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing refers to the promotion or endorsement of the products or services by the influencer or celebrity having expert knowledge in his field. This can be practically more effective than email marketing or inbound techniques.

It is always believed that influencer marketing can be very experienced. But this is not the case. Nowadays, brands are focussing more on micro-influencers. This is because,micro-influencers have a more engagement rate of 7%, according to the report of Later and Foher.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy in Johor Bahru - Affiliate Marketing

(Source: MarketingGuru )

Affiliate marketing is the advertising method where brands pay a third party for promoting or endorsing products or services. The third party is called an ‘affiliate’ and receives a commission for the same. The commission may be based on sales, clicks, or event registrations.

Here, the merchant gives a unique link to the affiliate wherein the latter has to get traffic. For the business, it is the best way to promote its products. Here, you’ll just have to pay the affiliate for every traffic he gets. Thus, businesses are saved from this effort and can focus on their other marketing strategies or campaigns.

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FAQ –  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there any scope in digital marketing?

Yes, there is a scope of digital marketing which is very bright and constantly booming. It is a billion-dollar industry and provides many career opportunities. While digital marketing trends are dynamic, it offers many benefits over traditional marketing.

Q. Is it worth learning digital marketing in 2022?

Yes, digital marketing is worth learning in 2022. Many job opportunities are coming up as brands and businesses are hiring talent who can help them to accomplish their business goals. So, if you’re thinking so make a career in digital marketing, now is the time!

Q. Is digital marketing difficult?

Well, this can be a subjective answer. But no, digital marketing is not difficult. It is a very interesting field to learn the most in-demand skills of today’s world and make a career in the highest-paid jobs.

Q. Does digital marketing need code

No, digital marketing specifically doesn’t need coding. But web development does. It is a niche of digital marketing that requires coding to make websites and work on responsive designs to improve the user experience.

Q. What skills do you need to be a digital marketer?

SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Graphic Designing Video Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Data Analysis, and Web Development, are some of the skills that digital marketers may learn and ace. 


Digital marketing is a universe in itself. Since every business has its digital marketing strategy, we’ve mentioned the most important steps you need to take, to create yours. But remember, your digital marketing strategy should be such that it takes into account the changing trends and adapt the changes for better results.

If you’re an undergraduate, you may opt for BBA in Digital Marketing course to start your career and master the basics as well as advanced knowledge of Digital Marketing.

You may check out the MBA-Level PG in Digital Marketing Program if you’re looking forward to making a career in digital marketing. This program will help you understand the nuances of digital marketing.

We hope you had a great time reading this blog and it has enlightened you about the top 5 digital marketing strategy in Johor Bahru. If you have any queries or doubts, please let us know in the comments below.

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