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Updated on: Jun 27, 2023

Digital marketing is the process of marketing or advertising any product or service through online channels and mediums. We can do digital marketing from any place and at any time, all we need is the internet. Digital marketing is the most essential part of the company. Almost every company uses digital marketing to market its products and services.

Digital marketing is a booming career as it is generating more and more job opportunities for people. It has so many career options. But the salary for each career option is different from the other. There is a high demand for digital marketers in the world. As the demand is increasing so is the salary of the digital marketer.

 According to Glassdoor average salary of a digital marketer manager is 1,484,802,872 IDR and it may grow even more over time. This is an example of only one job title, there are other various jobs with different salaries. Various factors affect the salary of an employee because of different reasons. We will be discussing those factors in this blog. 

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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary in Sawangan

As you know, digital marketing is a booming industry. And with the industry, the companies that do digital marketing are also booming. There is always something new and trending in the market and companies try to compete with their competitors to get more output for the company. And companies can only compete with the best working team in their companies. Every company tries to get the best employees for their company. 

The process of getting the best employees creates a big competition between employees. To get the best employees, the companies are ready to give more salary to the right candidate. But they do not give more salary to anyone, for that you will have to be the right candidate. They look if the candidate can bring any value or change to the company or not. They look for various factors while choosing the right candidate.

To get the best salary you will have to be the best candidate. We all know that no job gives the same salary to every person that works for a company. The salary of an employee differs from employee to employee and company to company. Because the salary of an employee is affected by many factors.

Many factors affect the salary of an employee. Let me explain to you some of the factors that affect the salary of an employee.

  • Education

It is really important to have an excellent educational background to get a good salary. Not only in digital marketing but also in every career you choose. Your education plays a vital role to get you a good salary and also a good position. All most all companies look for at least a bachelor’s degree before granting any position to the employee. If not then they must be good at their job and must have more experience to prove themselves for the worth of the job. Not only a college degree but also a university plays a vital role and the quality of your education. If you are from a reputed and renowned university it is more likely to get a good job with a good salary. 

  • Skills

Skills play a very big and important role in defining your salary in digital marketing. You won’t be getting any job if you don’t have proper skills in that field, whether it is a soft skill or technical skill. It is pretty obvious that the person who has more skills than you will get a higher salary than the person who has fewer skills. Skills like communication, critical thinking, time management, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, etc are the basic soft skills that everyone must have. You will also need technical skills. The more skills you have the more priority you will get in terms of salary.

  • Experience

Experience is one of the most important factors that affects your salary when it comes to any job you apply for or you are currently working. As you gain more experience you are more likely to work with big companies and big clients. As you gain experience will also gain more knowledge and more skills. The more experience you gain, the more increase in salary, you will get. For example, an SEO specialist with 5 years of experience will get more salary than an SEO specialist with 2 years of experience. So gain more experience in your niche and you get a better salary than you had before.

  • Company

Companies are big and small by the number of employees working there. The size of the company relay affects the salary of the person. If you work in a small company you will get less salary but if you work with a big company you will get more salary. This is because big companies have high revenue than small companies. For example, if you work at Google you will get more salary than one who works at a local company. But working in big companies only won’t get you more salary, you will also have to focus on your skills and other factors.

  • Geography

Geography plays a vital role when it comes to the salary of an employee. The salary you earn will depend on the geographical region of the employer or the company you work for. People who work in America will have more salary than one who works in Indonesia. It is because the cost of living is very high in those highly developed geographical regions. Not only it differs from country to country but also differs from city to city of the same country. People from different geographical regions always have different salaries they earn depending on their county and city.

  • Certifications

Certifications will show how much knowledge you have in a particular niche. Certification showcases your interest and your expertise in that particular thing. But having certifications is not enough. It depends on the course or institutes you earn certification from. You should choose the best course that can provide value to your skills like IIDE. People who have certifications from reputable institutions will have more salary than those who don’t have any, or those who have but from less reputed institutes. Similarly, with reputation, it should also provide knowledge and expertise in that particular field. Having certification plays a vital role in determining the amount of salary you earn.

  • Job title

Job title plays a vital role when deciding your salary. The salary you earn as a fresher or a new employee is less. But as you gain experience and knowledge in that particular niche, you will gain more and more expertise in it. You will be promoted to a better job post as you gain experience to prove your worth to the company. There are different job titles in a particular career in digital marketing which have different salaries. For example, there are  SEO interns, SEO managers, SEO specialists, SEO executives, etc. And Seo executives will have more salaries than SEO interns or SEO specialists.

  • Performance Reviews

A performance review is a review that your colleagues or the past company you worked with give. If you get a good review from your colleague or past company about your performance in the company then it would work great on your behalf. Performance reviews also affect the salary of a person. If you have good reviews from your company or client or colleague then it might be a plus point for you in increasing your salary. But if you have bad reviews then it will affect your salary. So, make sure you get a good performance review from your colleague or client or your past company that you worked with.


Digital Marketing Salary Trends in Sawangan in 2023 

As we discussed before the industry of digital marketing is booming, and so are the trends in it. In the same way, the salary of an employee is also booming. The salary in digital marketing cannot be predicted. No one can deny that salary of professionals is higher than freshers and interns. If you have skills that no one has employer is ready to pay you high than others. And to have a high salary, you need to have the right skills and mindset to grow and help the company grow.

The trends in digital marketing are always unexpected. The trends always give the best growth to some companies but in terms of salary trends, it gives growth to employees. Employees who have the best experience and skills are gonna get benefited from such trends. But it is not the same case always, the salary trends might be negative sometimes for those who have low experience and skills.

When as we see in the coming years the salary trend is gonna get many employees to be benefiting. To get benefits you need to choose the right career and in this blog, we are gonna help you to choose the right one for you to get benefited from this salary trend. 

Let’s see some of the trends in digital marketing salary in Sawangan.

  • Blog Manager

When you see or go to any website there is always a blog section of that particular website. As you see there are millions and millions of websites today, and so are the blog sections on them. Not every website owner can write a blog and handle it, and there is where a blog manager comes into play. 

A blog manager is someone who manages the blog of the company. A blog manager writes blog content and optimizes them. They also do proofreading the blogs before publishing them. A blog manager earns up to 1,109,853,589 per year on average.


  • Social Media Manager

Social media is used by over half of the population today and that is true. Social media is so trending that everyone wants to be on social media. And not everyone can handle social media perfectly. So to handle their social media, people hire social media managers. 

The social media manager manages the different social media platforms of the company or individual and maintains them. Social media managers also run different campaigns to engage with customers and audiences. They also make content according to the niche of their company. A social media manager earns up to 1,175,014,393 on average.

  • Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Before buying something or even if we get confused with something, all we do is search for it on the search engines. And companies need to rank in the first position on the search engine to market their product and services. Getting first we need technical knowledge and no one can do this job better than a search engine marketing specialist. 

Search Engine Marketing Specialist helps the company generate revenue and tries to promote the company, generate leads to sales, and attract more costumes and traffic.  a Search Engine Marketing Specialist earns up to  Rp 214,554,892 on average.

  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Whenever we search for something on a search engine we see some results, and we see some organic and some ads on it. But most people tend to go for organic results only. That is why the company does search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is nothing but improving your site to rank at the top of search engine results.  

So, a search Engine Optimization Specialist is a professional who tries to optimize the website to help it rank at the top of the search engine result page. Search Engine Optimization is very important for a company as it helps to rank on the top of the search result page. an SEO specialist earns up to Rp 201.530.751 on average.


  • Email Marketer

No company does not have an email. No company or individual can function without an email. Email is used by almost everyone in the world. So it is very beneficial for companies to market their product and services. And no one can do this better than an email marketer.

An email marketer is someone who handles the email of the company. They send relevant and engaging emails to customers to generate leads. Email marketing is essential for a company as it helps to generate more leads for a company. An email marketer earns upto Rp 245.399.815

  • Analyst

Every company keeps track of its performance. By tracking performance, companies can know which part should they focus more on to get more customers. An analyst makes reports and shares them with the clients and their colleagues to give insights into the performance of the campaigns.

An analyst is a professional who collects and analyzes data, communicates with clients, and reports about the campaigns. Analysts interpret the data from the campaigns and track the performance of the campaigns. An analyst is very important for a company as it helps the company to gain insight into what works and what doesn’t. Analyst earns up to   Rp 394,492,428  on average.

  • Content Writer

Whenever you go to a website you will find something interesting and engaging that makes to spend more time on it. But if the website is not interesting you skip it without even seeing it. All the thighs that make the website interesting and engaging are done by content writers.

Content Writer writes engaging and relevant content for the company to help the customers know about the company. They do a lot of research and try to find the topic their customers are searching for and give them the best result. A content writer earns up to Rp 186.239.537 on average.

  • Web Designer

A well-designed and engaging website always makes great impressions on customers. A website is the heart of the company. An engaging and well-maintained website always brings more customers to the company. A web designer always adds value to the website which results in adding value to the company.

A web designer who creates the design and layout of the website of a company or individual. They make the web design that makes sense to the company’s brand guide and makes it easy to convey the company’s message to the customers. A web designer earns up to Rp  331,877,550 on average.

  • Web Developer

For digital marketing, a company must have a website. Having a website is always beneficial for the company as it helps the customers to know more about your company without them visiting your offline office. Website is very beneficial for you and your company. The website is made by doing a lot of coding and only a person with technical knowledge can do it. 

A web developer creates a website for the company and maintains it. They are responsible for all the technical aspects of the website. Web developers try to make the website engaging and easy to navigate for customers.  A web developer earns up to Rp 421,343,681 on average.

  • Content Manager

The online presence of a company is equally important as the offline presence. Being present online only is not enough, your presence should provide some engagement with the customers. And to get customer engagement you must run some campaigns online that should reflect the identity of your company or brand. To handle your online presence content manager comes into play.

A content manager is someone who creates content according to the niche of the company and engages with customers. Their main job is to attract audiences and make content about what customers are asking for.  A content manager earns up to Rp1,175,014,393 on average.


Where can you learn Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing Salary in Sawangan-iide

As of now, you must know there are so many factors that affect the salary of a person. And one of the factors is certification. You will be wanting to get more salary and you can get it by having a certification from a prestigious institute. 

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  1. MBA-level Post Graduation in Digital Marketing
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You can choose according to your experience and the knowledge you want to gain from IIDE. You will get the best learning and working culture at IIDE. So what are you waiting for, go and get your course now. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the basic salary of digital marketing?

Ans: The basic salary of digital marketing is 7m IDR. And it differs from company to company. If you get a job in a big company, you will get more salary and if you get a job in a small company your salary will be less. It also depends on the post of your job. So the basic salary in digital marketing is not the same for everyone.

Q. What is a monthly salary of a digital marketer?

Ans: The monthly salary of a digital marketing manager is 9,410,000 IDR. This is the salary on average. You can even get a bonus and an increase in your salary based on your performance in the company. The monthly salary of an employee may differ from post to post of the job. So you cannot say the exact amount of salary you will earn as a digital marketer.

Q.Is digital marketing a high-paying job?

Ans: Yes, digital marketing is a high-paying job. But you will get paid high once you get more experience and as you get into a higher position. You will need at least 2-3 years of working experience. If you have the right skills and a good amount of experience then we can say that it is a high-paying job for you.

Q.Is digital marketing a promising career?

Ans: Yes, digital marketing is a promising career. You will always have something new to learn in digital marketing. And learning is perfect for one’s growth. If you like challenges and also like to deal with many people then you can get no better career than digital marketing. You will get promotions and an increase in your salary if you perform well on your job. So we can say that digital marketing is a promising career.

Q.Is digital marketing easy?

Ans: Yes, digital marketing is easy. But it also depends on how early you learn and how much time you give to learning digital marketing. As time passes you will gain confidence as well as experience and you will find no easy job than digital marketing. But if you do not have time and effort to give then it might be hard for you.


Well, I hope you liked the blog about digital marketing salary. As you can see that different factors affect digital marketing. And I hope all your questions about digital marketing have been answered through this blog. If you wanna know more about the salary of digital marketing you can check out the blog from IIDE.

The industry of digital marketing is booming day by day and something new to learn is always there. So is the opportunity for career options in it. The salary in digital marketing is also increasing. And you must remember one thing, do not expect much salary at the beginning of your career. Your salary will increase as you gain more experience and as you prove yourself by working hard.

 I hope you enjoy the blog and gain some knowledge from it. If you want to learn digital marketing in depth then you should go for an 11-month MBA- level post-graduation course in digital marketing at IIDE. If you have any queries or wanna know more about digital marketing then please let us know in the comment below. We will try to resolve it.

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