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Updated on: Sep 19, 2022
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Want to make a career in digital marketing? But wondering if that’s worth it? Or wondering if you will get enough salary for your efforts? Don’t worry, we’re here with a digital marketing salary in Kuala Lumpur.

Digital marketing is a flourishing career but when making a fresh start or even a transition, many of us face the thought that we’ll be well paid. This results in long hours of research without getting any concrete and comprehensive details. 

Well, you don’t have to spend your valuable time on mundane research anymore. We’re here with the digital marketing salary trends combined with factors affecting it and much more. So, sit back relax and have a look at the complete details on digital marketing salary.

After the pandemic, digital marketing has become the new normal. It has left traditional marketing behind and set the bar higher. Now, people prefer to shop online than go to offline stores. They enjoy opting for an online course and learning from their comfort zone. Thus, the demand for digital marketing has sky-rocketed.

Digital marketing careers are the most sought-after, trending, and lucrative. There are many digital marketing careers available on which you can try your hands on. So if you’re looking forward to opting for this, you’re at the right place!

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Now, let’s have look at the digital marketing salary in Kuala Lumpur with the factors affecting it combined with digital marketing salary trends.

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Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur:


Rise of Digital Marketing Job

The digital marketing industry is booming these days. Whether it’s surpassing television for advertisements, the rise of e-commerce, or multi-channel marketing, ignoring digital marketing’s existence in your life is kind of impossible. 

The demand for digital marketing jobs is expected to increase by 10% by 2026 as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The IT industry offers most digital marketing jobs by 46.01% followed by the banking sector by 16.98% and others by 14.73%

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - Industries With Most Digital Marketing Job Roles

(Source: Sk Rafiqul Islam)

To make it simple to understand, nowadays we shop more online than offline, make online transactions, book hotels online, and even look for online dates. The need for ‘online services’ has expanded in the last few decades.

As a result, there must be someone on the other end to satisfy our needs. If you’re looking for ‘how to become a digital marketer, you may end up reading a blog, watching a YouTube video, or even booking an online digital marketing course or other short-term certification courses to master the required skills.

So, every day most of the time we feel the need to satisfy our wants in the form of content, products or services, and that’s what digital marketers do. To meet our needs by the services or products they offer is what they aim for. This results in, emerging digital marketing skills that an aspirant digital marketer must develop.

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - Most Important Future Skills For Marketers

(Source: Lessons At Startup)

Based on the online response of 458 marketers, digital marketing skills are the most in-demand skill for marketers. This is followed by UX developers, Data Analysts, Social Media managers, Web Developers, Software Developers, Email Marketers, and App Developers among others.

So, if you’re thinking of making a career in digital marketing, you must stop thinking and develop these skills to make your career journey smoother and easier!

Factors Affecting Digital Marketing in Salary

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - Factors That Affect Your Digital Marketing Salary

1. Skills

Skills play a major role in getting a job or in the digital marketing salary. But when talking about skills it’s not only about hard skills but soft skills too. While hard skills help you complete your tasks by the deadlines, soft skills make it easier and simple.

For instance, if you’re applying for a content writing job, you must have the necessary skills required to make content comprehensive and engaging. But having SEO skills combined with the knowledge of Google or Facebook Ads can prove to be a cherry on the cake!

2. Educational Background

According to LinkedIn, 94% of professionals working in the digital marketing industry have at least a bachelor’s degree. A degree in business administration, communication, marketing, finance, or even journalism can be enough to start with.

But this doesn’t mean that not having a degree will cause a hindrance in your way of getting a job. There are many successful businessmen that are dropouts and still doing well in their careers. But having a degree will get you a better salary.

3. Experience

It is highly misconceived that experience is mandatory for getting a job. But that’s not true at all. Having experience will get you a better salary and a better job title but it’s not mandatory to get your first job or a job at all. 

Experience of four to five years or more shows that you have a certain level of understanding of the industry. The more experience you’ve, the better salary you may expect. But with that, if you have the understanding of how certain tools of your niche work, that will work as well.

4. Location

In UAE, a digital marketer is paid somewhat around USD 1,192, while for the same job, another is paid  USD 252 in India. This shows what a big impact a location can have on your salary. But it’s not only limited to that, but your salary may also differ within the same country.

Like a digital marketer is paid USD 76,477 in New York, while others after putting in the same effort receive, USD 67,170 for their job. But if you want to tackle this, you may live in a  less costly place while working for a company situated in an extravagant place.

5. Company

The company you’re working for can also affect your salary. The size of the company with the type of company it is defines your salary. A newly set up company may not offer the salary as the developed company does. Also, if the company is public or private, or multinational, can offer varied salaries.

But the one thing that remains the same for every type of company you work for, is the experience you gain. Every company and job will give a experience and a better understanding of the work, which will later result in getting your dream salary.

6. Job Title

The salary of the senior content writer of a company can differ significantly from that of the freelance content writer working for the same company. Perhaps because a freelancer doesn’t have the same types of duties and responsibilities to take care of with years of experience in his field.

Thus, the higher you’re on the corporate ladder, the more the chances for you to get a better salary. Thus, you’ve to be consistent in your work with dedication, if you want a better salary.

7. Certification

Just like an MBA degree can be a game changer in getting a good job or salary, the same goes for certification. If you’ve a digital marketing degree or certification from a reputed college or institute, it can have a big impact on your resume.

Having a certification adds credibility to your resume and which results in more and better work. For this, you may opt for digital marketing courses in Kuala Lumpur because, those who have digital marketing certification are common, and are paid more than those who haven’t.

8. Industry

Industry plays a major role in determining your salary. Working in an IT, Banking, E-commerce, or Telecom industry can offer better and higher salaries than that of other industries. This is because these industries require more skills and experience with technical knowledge than that of others.

Digital Marketing Salary Trends in Kuala Lumpur 

1. SEM Specialist

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - SEM Specialist

(Source: Digital Vidya)

Search Engine Marketing Specialist looks after the paid search marketing campaigns on the search engines like Google,  Bing or Yahoo. SEM specialist focuses on planning, managing, and executing paid marketing campaigns with effectively managing the budget.

It includes conducting effective research, looking after the campaign and ad level setting, monitoring the overall performance and making improvements wherever necessary. An SEM specialist has to primarily manage the campaign with its budget to maximize the ROI. 

SEM Specialist’s Responsibilities

  • Execute tests and collect the data
  • Track, report and analyze analytics
  • Manage the campaign budget
  • Optimize the landing page
  • Research competitor advertising links

SEM Specialist’s Salary: According to Payscale, the average salary of an SEM specialist can be USD 18,887.

2. SEO Specialist

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - SEO Specialist

(Source: Digital Vidya)

Since everyone wants to rank at the top of SERP, the need to hire an SEO specialist is a must. The main and foremost important job of an SEO specialist drives more traffic to its website to gain higher visibility and gain more attention from the users. 

This can be done by using relevant keywords, image optimization, focusing on header tags, meta description, URL, and most importantly making the website and the content SEO friendly. In short, this involves managing all the SEO and marketing activities.

SEO Specialist’s Responsibilities

  • Create Off-site optimization
  • Create SEO-friendly content
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Develop link building strategy
  • Keep up with the latest SEO trends

SEO Specialist’s Salary:  The average salary of SEO Specialists in Kuala Lumpur is USD 863 as per Glassdoor.

3. Content Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - Content Marketing

(Source: Inc. Magazine)

A content marketing manager is responsible for creating brand awareness by creating content for all the platforms where a company carries on its businesses. From planning, creating, and managing to publishing content on various platforms, every responsibility related to the content falls on the shoulder of the content marketing manager.

Since one type of content may not be suitable for all types of platforms, one must plan for varied content marketing strategies for different platforms. If you’re someone good with words and presenting them creatively with good command of communication skills, this career is for you!

Content  Marketing Manager’s Key Responsibilities

  • Creating content strategies for all platforms
  • Managing content marketing budget
  • Implementing best SEO practices to the content
  • Design and create content in a creative way
  • Measuring the results of the marketing activity

Content  Marketing Manager’s Salary: According to Payscale, the average salary of a Content Marketing Manager in Kaula Lumpur is USD 802.

4. Social Media Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur -Social Media Marketing

(Source: Money)

The use of social media is growing leaps and bound and if used effectively, that’s the best place to generate traffic and sales from. As the social media manager of a company, you’ll be handling the various social media accounts by creating content for all, managing, posting, and analyzing the results.

In short, you’ll be creating, managing as well as executing the social media campaign of the company. With that, you will also be collaborating on promotional activities. For this, you must have an understanding of how social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat work with various social media marketing tools.

Social Media Marketing Manager’s Key Responsibilities

  • Create and implement social media campaigns
  • Monitor all the social media accounts
  • Adding social media advertising cost
  • Monitor web traffic metrics
  • Communicate with the followers by responding to their queries

Social Media Marketing Manager’s Salary: The average salary of a social media marketing manager is USD 819 according to Indeed.

5. Email Marketing Specialist 

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - Email Marketing

(Source: HubSpot Blog)

An email marketing specialist plans and executes a company’s email marketing campaigns. This involves creating email lists and producing persuasive emails. With that, one has to maintain the email database of customers, plan various campaigns, copywriting, and design email templates. 

To be a successful email marketer, you must have the ability to create persuasive and memorable emails. You must also have an understanding of email marketing tools like HubSpot, Sendinblue, Sender, Omnisend, Mailchimp, and others.

Email Marketing Specialist’s Key Responsibilities

  • Conducting market research
  • Reviewing the  former campaign to analyze the SWOT
  • Planning email marketing campaigns
  • Crating well-written copies
  • Collaborating with graphic designing team to make compelling visuals

Email Marketing Specialist’s Salary: According to Salary Expert, the average salary of an email marketing specialist is USD 17,275.

6. Data Analyst

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - Data Analysis

(Source: QuestionPro)

Since everyday business generates piles of data, extracting the relevant data from the irrelevant ones and adding meaning and value to it, is what Data Analysts do. He adds information to this data to improve business performance by affecting or changing business decisions.

For this one has to understand the trends and patterns on the basis of data and make recommendations based on the findings. For this, one needs to have a good command of Google Analytics with other analytics software. If you’re someone who loves numbers, this career might be for you!

Data Analyst’s Key Responsibilities

  • Extract data from the automated tools
  • Removing irrelevant data and fixing errors
  • Developing database
  • Filtering data by reviewing reports and performance
  • Analyze the trend and make the reports

Data Analyst’s Salary: The average salary of a data analyst in Kuala Lumpur is USD 897 according to Glassdoor.

7. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Salary in Johor Bahru -Digital Marketing Expert


‘Digital marketing specialist’ is one of the most in-demand jobs as per LinkedIn. A digital marketing specialist has the responsibility of strategizing and implementing actions to maintain a brand’s online presence. As such, he wears multiple hats and must have varied digital marketing skills like SEO, and content writing, with an understanding of social media platforms and paid advertising platforms.

His main job is to promote the brand’s products and services by creating brand awareness. He runs advertising campaigns, manages social media accounts, and executes content strategies with so much more. So, if you like digital marketing as a whole, this might be your perfect fit!

Digital Marketing Specialist’s Key Responsibilities

  • Plan and monitor the brand’s online presence
  • Ability to do data-driven analysis
  • Creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy
  • Making a digital marketing calendar
  • Tracking digital marketing performance

Digital Marketing Specialist’s Salary: The average salary of a digital marketing expert can be USD 897 as per Glassdoor.

8. Copywriting Expert

Digital Marketing Salary in Johor Bahru - Copywriting

(Source: Pixabay)

Copywriting Experts are those who write persuasive and engaging content for advertising and other forms of marketing. They write clear and concise texts or copy for websites, product descriptions, emails, publications, and others.

For this, you must be a creative and imaginative writer and possess the power of saying a lot with less use of words.  You may opt for a copywriting course to know about the tips and tricks to write compelling copies to attract customers.

Copywriter Expert’s Key Responsibilities

  • Write clear and attractive copy
  • Collaborate with the designing and PR team
  • Conduct research and interview
  • Edit and proofread the copy
  • Use SEO principles to maximize the reach

Copywriting Expert’s Salary: According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a copywriting expert can be USD 785.

9. Web Developer

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - Web Developer

(Source: YourDoorstep)

A web developer is proficient with the various coding languages to make the website attractive and functional to elevate the user’s experience. With that, he must have a good understanding of designing principles and must be up-to-date with the latest website trends.

You must know computer software with the touch of graphic designing and HTML coding to become a web developer. It is one of the highest-paid digital marketing skills. If you’re tech-savvy, this career will suit you the best!

Web Developer’s Key Responsibilities

  • Write efficient and well-designed code
  • Create website layout by HTML/CSS practices
  • Maintain, expand and scale site
  • Create and maintain software documentation
  • Cooperate with a web designer

Web Developer’s Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary of web developers in Kuala Lumpur is USD 914.

10. Graphic Designer

Digital Marketing Salary in Kuala Lumpur - Graphic Designing

(Source: Totaljobs)

Graphic Designers are the ones who visualize and create graphics like logos, layouts, and illustrations. You must be able to create creative and attractive designs for various platforms and campaigns. You will create various visuals for both online and offline media.

For this, you must have an understanding of graphic designing software like Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. If you’re someone with a creative mind and love designing, you must try your hands here!

Graphic Designer’s Key Responsibilities

  • Planning concept by taking into consideration the materials and requirements
  • Creating a wide range of graphics
  • Preparing the final product
  • Implementing feedback
  • Advise best designing practices

Graphic Designer’s Salary: The average salary of a graphic designer can be USD 673 in Kaula Lumpur according to Glassdoor.

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FAQ –  Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is digital marketing in demand in Malaysia?

Yes, the digital marketing industry in Malaysia is exponentially flourishing. Brands and businesses are trying their level best to stay in the competition. So, if you want to cultivate this skill and learn to the best of your ability, you may opt for IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course.

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in Malaysia?

Yes,  digital marketing is a good career not only in Malaysia but everywhere in the world. Since most of the business is conducted online, it has opened doors for many career opportunities in digital marketing for you to explore.

Q. Which careers are in digital marketing?

Above are some of the career opportunities with their respective salaries in digital marketing. These may include content writing, copywriting, SEM specialist, digital marketing manager, automation expert, web developer, and coder as well.

Q. Is digital marketing a hard job?

It depends if you love and are passionate about it or not.  Though a part of digital marketing is techy and if one goes into depth, it may get a little complicated but if you’re curious to learn and are dedicated, then it’s not a hard job.

Q. Is coding necessary for digital marketing?

No, coding is not necessary for digital marketing but if you want to become a web developer then it is. This is because it’s a technical field that needs a thorough knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, and others.


Digital marketing is a universe in itself. If you’re looking for a fresh start or a transition, there are ample job opportunities in the form of different career options with good salaries. Digital marketing jobs are well paid and high in demand. What one may ask for more?

The number mentioned above may differ due to varied factors. Thus, you must focus on developing your skills and mastering them, and then no one can stop you from getting your dream digital marketing job!

If you’re looking forward to making a career in digital marketing after seeing the varied salary you may get, you may check out the MBA-Level Post Graduation in Digital Marketing Program. With 2 months of internship, you’ll learn all the digital marketing skills needed to get you a good job.

We hope you had a great time reading this blog and it has enlightened you about the digital marketing salary in Kuala Lumpur. If you have any queries or doubts, please let us know in the comments below.

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