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Everything You Need to Know About Digital Marketing Internships in India in 2023

Updated on: Feb 4, 2023

Looking for digital marketing internships? Read this article to know everything about it and how you can get one.

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Basics of a Digital Marketing Internship

An internship is defined as a training period that someone has to undertake in a particular organization. 

Hence, a digital marketing internship is a training period for someone who is interested in working in the digital marketing department of an organization. 

Who should opt for Digital Marketing Internships?

If you are an undergraduate and want exposure to the marketing world, then a digital marketing internship is perfect for you. You will learn straight from the horse’s mouth and be aware of the practical working of the industry. 

Secondly, someone who is a graduate in marketing can also take up a digital marketing internship. 

At IIDE’s Virtual Internship Program, we have homemakers and entrepreneurs also taking up the internship to learn a new skill. 

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing Internships?

If you apply for an internship in digital marketing, here’s what you will benefit from. 

  • The first step towards making a digital marketing career
  • A good practical skill that can help you build an effective resume 
  • Opportunity to become a full-time digital marketer once the internship ends 
  • Direct access to industry and how it works 
  • If paid, can help you make some money while in college 
  • Boosts your confidence and presentation skills 
  • A better understanding of how a workplace operates 
  • Expands your network 

What is the ideal duration & stipend of a Digital Marketing Internship?

A digital marketing internship can be 0-6 months depending upon your company, department, and remuneration. 

The average salary of a digital marketing intern is about INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 per month. An intern is expected to have 0-6 months of work experience and the stipend depends upon the knowledge and amount of experience.

Work Experience Average Stipend per Month (INR)
0-2 months Unpaid or 3,000
2-6 months 3,000-5,000
6 months & more 5,000-10,000


If you have 1 year or more of work experience, it is suggested that you look for digital marketing jobs for freshers. To find out more on salaries to give you a fair idea of industry rates, we recommend that you read this Guide on Digital Marketing Salaries in India for 2023.

Now that you know the basics of a digital marketing internship, let’s now understand how to get a digital marketing internship. 

How to Bag Digital Marketing Internships?

To bag digital marketing internships, here are some easy steps you can follow. But before we begin, here’s an opportunity for all our readers. 

Being in the digital marketing space for more than 5 years now, IIDE decided to take an initiative to support and train budding digital marketing enthusiasts with our one-of-a-kind Global Virtual Digital Marketing Internship Program

This program is a one-month-long internship where the selected candidates are trained with our top experts in different digital marketing facets and given corporate exposure. The best part? Anyone from any corner of the globe can be a part of this program. 

IIDE has completed 16 editions of the Virtual Internship Program already and has worked with interns from all over the world. So if this opportunity excites you, join us now

Moving on, here’s how you can bag digital marketing internships. 

1. Understand Your Objective 

Ask yourself as to why you’re applying for the internship? How would it help you in your future endeavors? What is it that you’re hoping to learn through the internship? This will help you draft your resume. 

2. Draft a Resume 

Drafting a good digital marketing resume is the first step. As this is the first contact that the hiring team has with you, it needs to be to-the-point, impactful and impressive. We recommend you read – How to Draft a Stellar Digital Marketing resume.

If you are in an unrelated field, we recommend having a short course on your resume. Check out IIDE’s online digital marketing course.

3. Cover Letter 

A good, concise cover letter is as important as your resume. It can make or break your chances of getting your dream internship. Many hiring managers prefer reading the cover letter before even opening the resume and judge the candidate on their cover letter. Make it crisp – write about yourself, educational qualities, highlight what you wish to learn and what you have to offer.

4. Apply 

Once your Email cover letter and resume are ready, hit apply! There are many portals such as Internshala and Monster that can assist you with the same. Even if a company does not have any openings send out Emails, you never know – you might just land an internship!

5. Prepare for the Interview 

Preparing for the interview is extremely important as you want to show your zeal and enthusiasm. Even for internship applications, hiring managers need interns to have basic knowledge and skills. Hence, it is important to have knowledge about the area of digital marketing you are interested in as well as overall.  

Bonus Read: Digital Marketing Resume Tips You Need

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass


Q. What are digital marketing internships about?

Digital marketing internships involve everything to do with digital marketing, media planning, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, app creation and optimization, content creation, copywriting, ad design and much more. An intern gets hands-on experience in these areas by working in different departments.

Q. What is the salary of a digital marketing intern?

The average salary of a digital marketing intern is INR 5,000 – 10,000 in India.

Q. Do marketing interns get paid?

Yes, marketing interns do get paid. But this depends from company to company. For a complete fresher, many companies offer unpaid internships too at the beginning where you can learn on the job. The average salary of a marketing intern in India is INR 5,000 – 10,000.

Q. What do you say in a marketing internship interview?

In a marketing interview, you need to know about the current marketing trends, case studies, popular marketing tools, brand strategies and also know how to strategize well.


That’s all from us, go hit the apply button, we wish you all the very best!

In case you wish to specialize in a particular area of digital marketing but aren’t too sure, consider doing a short term course first. IIDE has a range of short short-term digital marketing courses to choose from. Have a look!

For an even more professional approach, you can apply for our 11-month Digital Marketing MBA. This program is inclusive of a compulsory 2-month internship and guaranteed placement assistance in some of the top companies. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog! Let us know in the comments below.

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