Career Opportunities After Pursuing A Masters in Digital Marketing – Let’s Find Out

Updated on: Apr 2, 2024

Crafting a career in digital marketing has proved to be one of the most lucrative options in this decade. And with the introduction of professional programs like a masters in digital marketing, the career opportunities that come with it are becoming noteworthy. 

In this blog, we’re going to give a quick rundown of jobs after masters in digital marketing, the expected salary, and the future scope this beautiful career holds for its learners and aspirants.

So without any further delay, let’s first understand what a master’s in digital marketing means.

What is a Masters in Digital Marketing? 

A masters in digital marketing is a professional course that is typically 1-2 years long depending on the institute. It is a postgraduation course and thus, the minimum eligibility criteria is a graduation degree. 

In a masters in digital marketing program, all the disciplines of digital marketing are taught in detail keeping in mind the corporate application of each. In addition, equal importance is given to teaching managerial skills and job responsibilities. 

Cracking admission in a masters program is more challenging than certificate courses because this is a slightly professional course and candidates are chosen based on their diligence, capabilities and dedication. 

The focal point of a masters in digital marketing is to teach strategies, tools, and tactics used to manage and promote businesses in the digital world. The vast syllabus covers marketing, advertising, and technology principles to build a robust marketing professional equipped with all the knowledge required to bag a decent job after masters in digital marketing.

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Why Should I Choose Masters in Digital Marketing?

There’s no denying the fact that recruiters are on the lookout for hiring professionals with skills, knowledge, and experience to effectively use digital marketing technologies and strategies. Let’s understand why one can go for a masters in digital marketing:

  • Businesses are shifting to digital space. For a smooth transition and uninterrupted flow, these businesses need skilled professionals who can help them make money with the help of digital marketing.
  • Industry veterans and experts teach a masters program, helping students to understand the industry better with all the necessary knowledge to excel.
  • These programs train students on tools like Google Adwords, Meta Ads, Mailchimp, Amazon Ads, etc. making them fully ready for all the industrial requirements.
  • MSc in digital marketing covers real-world case studies. These case studies highlight real-time problems and solutions. This helps the students to integrate their theoretical knowledge into practicality.
  • Since a masters in digital marketing is an ever-evolving course with new updates coming in every day, it pushes students from their comfort zone to learn and explore new things every day.
  • After completing a masters program in digital marketing, one can start their own business or just switch from traditional business to the digital world.

Now that we understand the importance of a masters in digital marketing, let’s dive into career options after digital marketing.

Top 8 Career Opportunities After A Masters in Digital Marketing

Given below are some of the job roles that one can bag after studying for a masters in digital marketing. You must know that a professional program prepares you to take up mid-senior managerial roles directly. 

1. Brand Manager

A brand manager’s role is one of the most in-demand job roles. The responsibility of a brand manager is to look after a brand’s overall marketing disciplines. It includes formulating brand strategies for the promotion of the brand, launch of a new product, etc. 

It involves analysing heavy volumes of data and making decisions based on that information. The main aim is to achieve the business objectives of the brand and work with a team of skilled professionals. 

Salary: ₹8L – ₹21L/yr (Source)

Future scope:
Managing all the marketing efforts and communication of a brand is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs strategic planning, the right marketing mediums, and the message to make it a successful marketing campaign.

A brand manager ensures everything is in place and all the marketing tactics are helping the brand to grow and achieve its desired goals. Brand managers rely on data and market research to gain insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and competitor strategies. The future scope involves leveraging data-driven decision-making processes to optimize brand performance and drive business growth.

2. Client Servicing Manager

Clients are the heart of any company and to ensure smooth processes and services for them is the #1 priority. That’s where client servicing managers step in. Making sure that every customer is met with an absolutely hassle-free experience is the key responsibility. 

Formulating ideas for it, keeping a constant check on the processes and taking feedback from clients to bring better and optimal solutions to the table is very important. A client servicing manager is also responsible for managing and working with client servicing representatives. 

Salary: ₹5L – ₹10L/yr (Source)

Future Scope:
Client servicing managers are the heart of any company. They ensure a smooth flow of communication with the existing and new clients of the company. Any business that you see around needs to have good relations with its customer base to earn and grow. Businesses are always up to hire skilled professionals with commendable communication skills with a hunch of data-driven approach.

The future scope of a client servicing manager in digital marketing is multifaceted, encompassing strategic client relationship management, account expansion, digital transformation, customer experience enhancement, and cross-functional collaboration. With the right set of tools and knowledge, client servicing managers can drive value for both clients and their organizations in the dynamic digital marketing landscape.

3. Content Marketer

As the role suggests, content is a key part of this job. Content marketing involves creating content for the online world. This can be done in the form of blog articles, videos, email newsletters, social media content, etc.

The main aim of the content marketer is to create valuable content and distribute it across relevant channels to retain and attract an audience as well as increase website traffic. As a content marketer, one has to work on various tasks like managing a blog, creating drip campaigns, copywriting, guest blogging, PR, and video creation.

Salary: ₹4L – ₹8L/yr (Source

Future Scope:
Content is king in digital marketing. One needs to create relatable and high-ranking content to get into the search terms and rank in SERP. Creating engaging content grabs the audience’s attention and persuades them to make a purchase. Content marketers are also responsible for building community around the brand by putting in highly relatable content.

With strategic content planning, creation, distribution, optimization, and engagement, a content marketer ensures to deliver the brand’s message to its target group. The future seems bright for content marketers with their creativity, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of audience needs.

4. Account Manager

An account manager is a job role mainly for digital marketing agencies. This is because agencies work with multiple brands at the same time. Hence, as an account manager, one has to manage the account and the work of any single brand entirely. 

Right from strategizing different ideas for the brand to its implementation with a team of experts and ending with the tracking and reporting of results is the responsibility of an account manager. 

Depending on the agency, an account manager can also be assigned more than one brand under his responsibility. 

Salary: ₹3L – ₹9L/yr (Source)

Future Scope:
The main responsibility of an account manager is to maintain a strategic account plan with good client-agency relationship. They’re also accountable for cross-selling and upselling to the existing client base. Account managers are the mediator between the clients, the agency, and the creative team. An account manager needs to have a strong command over their communication skills and should understand how they can keep their clients happy with the marketing offerings and solutions.

Account managers continuously need to learn and stay updated with the ongoing trends, events, technologies, and best practices. The job role is multifaceted, i.e., client relationship management, strategic planning, revenue growth, digital transformation, campaign optimization, and brand advocacy. With robust communication skills and a desire to learn and adapt to new things easily, the future of account managers seems to beam in the upcoming days.

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5. Paid Media Expert

A paid media specialist is responsible for bringing in traffic to your web portals via online advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. As a paid media specialist, you need to have the best of both worlds – a mix of a creative and analytical mind.

They need to be quick in identifying which platforms would be best for reaching their audience and creative with their media buying skills to get the best optimization of input for greater output.

60% of the marketing budgets will be allocated to digital spending, which just adds to the fact that every digital team needs a specialist in paid media. Hence, paid media is unquestionably a flourishing digital marketing career in 2023.

Salary: ₹3L – ₹9L/yr (Source)

Future Scope:
Every business needs to run ads to get traffic. The right balance between organic and paid marketing is the crux of any digital marketing strategy. Paid media experts have the right knowledge to strategize, target, and run ads on platforms that will get traffic and revenue to the business.

Paid media experts are also responsible for optimizing the campaigns to decrease ad spends and increase the conversion rate for business. With expertise in reports and key metrics, paid media experts are rising with their robust analytical skills with a hint of creativity.

The future scope of a paid media expert in digital marketing is impressive, including strategic campaign planning, media buying, platform expertise, audience targeting, performance analysis, and conversion rate optimization. With the right knowledge and a deep understanding of digital advertising platforms, paid media experts can drive results and contribute to the success of their organizations in this cut-throat competitive space.


6. SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization refers to making the website or a web page rank on the search engine’s results. Anyone dealing with SEO has to work on analyzing, reviewing, and optimizing websites using organic SEO techniques. One also needs to develop content with powerful keywords to increase website traffic. 

SEO is a developed landscape as search engine algorithms are updated daily, so one needs to keep an eye out for the latest trends and news on what changes the search engines are. 

Salary: 8L / 15L yr (Source)

Future Scope:
SEO is all about organic marketing. One needs to be thorough with SEO tools and Google updates to rank high and come under the top 3 search results of Google. While some individuals find SEO boring and a monotonous job, there are a few people who understand the keyword game and know how to rank on SERPs.

Content strategy and optimization are crucial for SEO experts. They need to work closely with the content team to develop SEO-friendly and engaging content. They’re also responsible for conducting content gap analyses, optimizing multimedia assets, and leveraging structured data to enhance content visibility. Every business needs to optimize its ad spends and have the right person who can do organic marketing for them. With rising awareness among users about sponsored content, The demand for SEO experts is increasing with each passing day.


7. Business Development Manager

Retaining your past customers and nurturing the interested audience into converting them into future prospects is very important for a business. 

A business development manager has to be on his toes to qualify the leads coming in, and communicate with past clients to keep a good relationship with them and keep informing them about new developments and products. 

The sales of a company can never afford to go on a downward spiral and thus a business development manager needs to constantly find ways to bring in new leads and get his past customers to make sales. 

Salary: 5L/12L yr (Source)

Future Scope:
Business development is about onboarding new clients, strategic business growth and planning, and not to forget, relationship management.BD managers are responsible for bringing in the money to the business managing the sales pipeline, tracking leads and opportunities, and forecasting sales projections. Business needs profits and with the right salesperson as a manager, companies can easily achieve their targets and increase their profits.

The future of BD managers seems bright as many companies are always on the lookout for the right person with a hint of traditional and digital marketing skills who can convince customers to make a purchase.

8. Media Strategist

Advertising is essential for all kinds of businesses today, be it a small business that very few people are aware of or a big MNC which is a common name. The only thing that would change is the goal of advertising. 

Evaluating all the available media channels and analysing which one suits the current needs of the business and running ad campaigns accordingly is what a Media Strategist does. 

Distributing resources via various media outlets to target different sets of audiences is something that a media strategist should be very good at.

Salary: 6L / 12L yr (Source)

Future Scope:
With the availability of various platforms and the capitalization on them, businesses are left confused about which platform they need to target. It’s crucial to understand where to find the right audience and turn them into paying customers.

Media strategists integrate media plans across multiple channels, including digital, traditional, and emerging platforms. They collaborate with multiple teams to give a seamless customer experience to their users. They also help in cutting down on ad spends by negotiating with vendors while buying ad spots. To increase brand visibility, they generally collaborate with different brands to maintain brand consistency.

With strong analytical skills, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of media channels and technologies, the future is pretty bright for media strategists.


Where To Get Started For A Masters in Digital Marketing? 

There’s nowhere you need to go except IIDE when it comes to learning digital marketing. IIDE has recently launched its Digital Marketing MBA program. 

Masters in Digital Marketing - IIDE Badges

This masters program is inclusive of: 

  • 600+ Learning Hours
  • 1 on 1 Student Mentorship
  • 13+ Live Projects
  • 2 months Internship
  • Placements Assured
  • 28+ Industry Relevant Skills
  • Key Managerial Skills
  • Both Weekend & Weekend Batches

Masters in Digital Marketing - IIDE Career Opportunities

Duration: 11 months (Internship Included)
Fees: INR 4,00,000 + Taxes
Mode: On Campus in Andheri, Mumbai (Currently Online)
Eligibility: Graduation Degree from a recognized university + IIDE’s Aptitude Test + Personal Interview

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Read some IIDE reviews to know what our students have to say about us and their learning experience.

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That’s all you needed to know about the career opportunities in a masters in digital marketing. We hope this blog has helped you gain some valuable insights and make an informed decision. 

If you’d like to explore more, read about the top colleges offering a masters in digital marketing here. If there are any more questions you’d like to ask, leave them in the comments section below! 

Happy Learning!


  1. What jobs after masters in digital marketing is best?

    Ans. There are multiple job opportunities one can get after a master’s in digital marketing but it totally depends on the interest of the candidate. One can become a digital marketing manager, SEO expert, Media strategist, PPC Expert, Amazon ads expert, and content creator.

  2. Do I get stable jobs after masters in digital marketing?

    Ans. Absolutely! The realm of digital marketing is increasing with each passing day. People are hitting across various verticals with good packages after masters in digital marketing.

  3. How much does a digital marketer earn in India?

    Ans. With the ever-increasing demand of digital marketers, companies are paying high packages to skilled professionals. The starting salary can be anywhere from 6L/yr to 8L/yr. 


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