Which degree is best for you after 12th? Know for Free
Which degree is best for you after 12th? Know for Free

Top BMM Colleges in Kanjurmarg That You Need To Enroll in

Updated on: Apr 8, 2023


Are you just finished with your 12th exams and have not decided what you want to do with life?

There might be a hundred suggestions thrown your way as to what you should do and what you shouldn’t, which course would bring you more success once you are done with your 12th standard board. There are many courses that you could take up in the field of commerce, one of them being BMM. 

BMM is Bachelor of Mass Media. It is a three year graduate program that specializes in Mass Media and communications. It is an undergraduate course best suitable for people who want to pursue a career in mass media and learn skills of communication, creativity, problem-solving, etc

The syllabus covers effective communication, political concepts, journalism, advertising, sociology, public relations, cultural studies, economics, history, computers, literature, understanding radio and television, marketing and management and a lot more. 

Today we’ll discuss the best BMM colleges in Kanjurmarg that you could enroll in if you are interested in Mass Media and Communication.

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Top 10 BMM Colleges:


1. Thakur College of Science & Commerce

Thakur College Logo x IIDE

Thakur College of Science & Commerce is one of the most renowned colleges in Mumbai. It is affiliated with the University of Mumbai & offers undergraduate & postgraduate degrees in science & commerce stream.

Thakur College was founded in 1992 and has since then been ranked at the 55th position for the Best Autonomous Colleges in India as per the Education World Report, 2020. Thakur is known for how they give preference to practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. 

The college offers a number of courses, including Bachelor in Mass Media, that is, BMM and is one of the best BMM colleges. Apart from BMM however, this college also offers other specialized undergraduate courses in business, marketing, and management. 

Thakur College has just launched a NEW degree program called B.Com in Digital Business to help students excel in advanced business concepts and marketing subjects. It is similar to a B.Com degree but the syllabus and training are very unique and new-age. This course is also very helpful and the skills learnt will be very useful in the future since the future is digital.

Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-thakur-college/

Here’s what the students who are enrolled in the BBA in Digital Business Program have to say about the degree-

bdb students reviews

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022 2625 6451
Address– Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai – 400 101
Website –  https://www.tcsc.edu.in/


2. Siddharth College of Arts, Science & Commerce

Higher Education College | Siddharth college of Commerce and ...

Siddharth College of Arts, Science & Commerce has a glorious history and a rich heritage. It is a very famous BMM college in Kanjurmarg and offers many other undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The college was founded on 20th June, 1946 and the establishment of this college opened a new chapter in the history of higher education in the State of Maharashtra, since it brought about an increase in the opportunities for education to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. 

The college takes pride in its history and makes sure that high quality education is provided to all its students since that has been their aim from the very beginning.

It is one of the best BMM colleges in Kanjurmarg and offers a number of other similar courses that you might be interested in. 

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022-2288 6822
Address Buddha Bhavan, Fort, Mumbai – 400023, India


3. KES Shroff College (Autonomous)

BMM Colleges in Kanjurmarg - KES' Shroff College logo

Founded in 1936, KES Shroff college is also a well renowned college for the quality education it offers. It is a NAAC-accredited autonomous college, affiliated with Mumbai University. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees & courses in science, arts & commerce streams. 

The college prioritizes real learning over theory. It is made sure that the students studying there have real life skills rather than just knowing about it theoretically. It is a famous BMM college in Kanjurmarg. Apart from BMM, this college has recently launched a new degree that is BBA in Digital Business for commerce students who maybe interested in digital marketing. 

Instead of teaching subjects that were important ten years ago, the goal is to produce students who are familiar with current trends and technologies. Due to the fast growth of digital and online companies, this degree enables students to consider startup in addition to work. 

Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-kes-shroff-college/

Contact Details: 

Phone No- 022-28072477
Address- KES Shroff College, Bhulabhai Desai Rd, Kandivli (w), Mumbai 400067
Website- https://kesshroffcollege.com/




4. Shree L. R. Tiwari College Of Arts, Commerce, and Science

Shree L. R. Tiwari College

Shree L. R. Tiwari Degree College is a college that has been well rated by many students. It was established in 2018, and yet has been able to put its name up there with other famous colleges that come up when students talk about admissions. 

The college has a massive campus with a magnificent building and cutting-edge facilities. The aim of this college is to develop a confident and educated youth of India. The goal is to get the students studying there ready for college lessons as well as life lessons.

It is amongst the top ranked BMM colleges in Kanjurmarg. It offers many other courses such as Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Accountancy and Finance, Bachelor of Banking and Insurance, Bachelor of Management Studies, etc. 

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022 2625 6451
Address- Mira Road – East, Thane-401 107.
Website –  https://slrtdc.in/


5. KPB Hinduja College of Commerce

BMM Colleges in kanjurmarg - KPB Hinduja College logo

KPB Hinduja College of Commerce is one of the most well known colleges in Mumbai for commerce students. It has made its name by providing good and high quality education to the students enrolled in their college. It is known for its management & marketing degrees. Affiliated with Mumbai University, they offer undergraduate & postgraduate degrees in commerce. 

KPB Hinduja College has been consistently ranked among the top colleges in Mumbai that focus on skill development rather than outdated knowledge. They have a lot of clubs and co-curricular activities that help students improve their communication & leadership skills. They offer degrees such as BMM, BCom, BAF, etc. 

Apart from these degrees, Hinduja has recently introduced a new degree- BBA in Digital Business that is focused on teaching students the latest trends & technologies that are dominating the digital age. This degree not just focuses on improving job opportunities for students but also shapes them to become potential entrepreneurs in the country. 

Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-kpb-hinduja-college/

Contact Details: 

Phone No– 022-4098-9000
Address– 315, New Charni Road, Charni Road East, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004


6. Reena Mehta College

BCom in digital marketing In Borivali - Reena Mehta College logo

Another one of the well ranked BMM colleges in Kanjurmarg is Reena Mehta College. This college aims to provide excellence in commerce and business education at an undergraduate level. They have won many awards for the services they provide. Some of them being National Award Rashtriya Shiksha Ratan Award on 25th August, 2013, Nelson Mandela Peace Award on 19th April, 2014 and many more.

They also offer programmes such as Bachelors of Commerce (BCOM), Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Bachelors of Science (BSC), Bachelors of Commerce in Accounting and Finance (A&F), Bachelors of Management Studies(BMS), Bachelors of Banking and Insurance (B&I), Bachelors of Mass Media (BMM), Bachelors of Science in Information Technology (Bsc.IT),  Bachelors of Data Science (BSC.DS), Bachelors of Hospitality Studies (BSC.HS) and Masters Of Commerce (MCOM).

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022 281 76264 / 66 / 68
Address– 150 Ft, Road opposite Maxus Mall, Bhayander West, Thane 401101



7. Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science (Autonomous)

BMM Colleges in Borivali - Pillai College logo

Pillai College of Arts, Commerce & Science is another well known college for the BMM course. This college is accredited by NAAC with the prestigious ‘A’ Grade in all the three cycles of accreditation and has been granted the title of Autonomous that not many colleges are able to achieve. 

Permanently affiliated to Mumbai University, Pillai College is the top college for students from Navi Mumbai, Panvel & Thane. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate & doctoral degrees in arts, commerce & science disciplines. 

The best colleges in Navi Mumbai that place an emphasis on developing skills over rote information include Pillai College. There is global immersion and extracurricular activities available to students that helps them develop their leadership and communication skills. 

In addition to other courses, Pillai recently launched the BBA in Digital Business, a new degree program aimed at educating students in the most recent trends and innovations that are defining the digital era. With this degree, students are not only given better employment possibilities, but they are also given the tools to become future entrepreneurs in the nation. 

Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-pillai-college/ 

Contact Details:

Phone No- 022-2745 1700
Address- Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, Plot No. 10, Sector 16, New Panvel – 410 206, MH, India
Website- https://pcacs.ac.in/


8. Kapol Vidyanidhi College Of Management and Technology

BMM colleges in Kanjurmarg - Kapol Vidhyanidhi College

Kapol Vidyanidhi College of Management and Technology is a private management college in Mumbai. It was founded in 2001 and since then has made a lot of progress in achieving their objectives of providing high quality education to their students. 

It is affiliated with the Mumbai University. It is also approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). This council was formed to make sure that there is proper planning and development in the technical education system in India. 

To be approved by this council is not a simple achievement and this makes Kapol Vidyanidhi College of Management and Technology stand out from the other colleges. They provide excellent infrastructure facilities. They also have separate Hostel for Boys and Girl students. Training programmes also take place for developing the personality of students.

It offers many courses including BMM, BMS, B.Sc in human resources (HR), information technology (IT), computer science (CS), etc.

Contact Details:

Phone No- 9967049024
Address- Kamla Vihar Sports Club Lane, Mahavir Nagar,Kandivali West, Mumbai, 400067
Website- https://www.kapolcollege.in/


9. Niranjan Hiranandani School Of Management And Real Estate

BMM Colleges in Kanjurmarg - NHSMRE logo

A new school under the HSNC University, NHSMRE is touted as one of the most sought after schools in Mumbai. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate & certificate courses in the field of management & real estate. 

A relatively new school with a new pedagogy, NHSMRE has recently launched its new degree, BBA in Digital Business. This degree is focused on teaching students the relevant technologies of the present & the future instead of outdated theory. It involves practical learning with internships & live projects as well as soft skill improvement. 

Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-nhsmre/ 

Contact Details:

Phone No– +91 7977 743 396
Address– HSNC University, Mumbai D.M. Harish Building, 47, Dr. R. G. Thadani Marg, Worli, Mumbai – 400 018.



10. Bhavan’s College Andheri 

BMM Colleges in Kanjurmarg - Bhavans College logo

Bhavan’s College Andheri is a well-known college located in Andheri, Mumbai. It was established in 1962 and is affiliated with the University of Mumbai. 

The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts, science, commerce, and engineering. The college also has several extracurricular activities and clubs, allowing students to develop their skills and interests outside the classroom.

They recently launched a new degree program in collaboration with IIDE- BBA in Digital Business. Instead of teaching students obsolete theory, this degree emphasizes teaching students relevant tools of the present and the future. It includes developing soft skills as well as hands-on learning through internships and real-world tasks. 

Detailed Course Information Here – https://iide.co/bdb-bhavans-college/ 

Contact Details:

Phone No- 022 2625 6451
Address- Jp Rd, Old D N Nagar, Munshi Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058
Website- https://bhavans.ac.in/

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Career Opportunities after BMM

There are many career opportunities if you select to pursue BMM after your 12th standard. Some of them are:


1. Print Journalism 

Journalism is a form of inquiry that is done in the public’s interest. Print journalism is the profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, online news websites, or even news reports that will be broadcasted. Pursuing BMM opens up this career path for you.


2. Electronic Journalism

E-journalism or Electronic Journalism is the profession of journalism carried out through electronic means such as television, radio or even our mobile phones. It is very popular nowadays as many people do not have the time to pick up a newspaper or magazine to go through the news. 


3. Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising is the art of getting the public’s attention towards a particular product or service and Public Relations is the art of creating and maintaining mutual respect and trust amongst the two parties. These two should go hand in hand in order to bring about growth of business. In the BMM programme, these skills will be taught and hence this also becomes a good career option.


4. Radio Jockeying

Radio Jockeying is one of the most popular career options after pursuing BMM. Even though radio has been used for a long time, it hasn’t lost touch with the world. Radio jockeys engage with the people listening through their wit and humor and entertain people. 


5. Event management

Event management is one of the most sought after and popular career paths after BMM. Event management is done by people to use their multi-tasking and creativity skills to manage events such as birthdays, weddings, music concerts or theaters, product launch or trade shows, etc. It is required a lot in today’s world making it a great career.




  • Which course is best after BMM?

After you are done with your BMM course, you can continue with MBA, Database Administration (DBA), Executive MBA, SSBM, Data Science, Management, Digital Marketing, etc.


  • What is the highest salary after BMM?

The salary can range depending on the career you choose. However, on an average, the salary after completing a BMM course is 8 lakh per annum to 3 lakh per annum. (3 lakh being the lowest average).


  • Can I go abroad after BMM?

Since BMM covers a lot of topics in many fields of mass media and communication, the students graduating in BMM have the choice to either work in India or move abroad.


  • Is pursuing BMM expensive?

BMM courses can cost you anywhere near 20,000 INR to 90,000 INR depending on the institute you decide to go for. If it is a private college, the fees are comparatively much higher.


  • Is it hard to study BMM?

It is not hard to study BMM, however it does require you to have interest in the subjects being taught. This is because it is a mixture of both theory as well as practicals and for it to be easy, you will have to have interest in it.



BMM is a great course to go for if you are creative, confident and have an interest in the field of mass media and there are many great colleges offering it. It has great career opportunities and will help you achieve great things if you have the passion for it.

Hope this blog could help clear your head and decide what course you want to choose.


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