BMM Colleges in Dombivli: Your Ultimate Guide to Pursuing a Career in Mass Media

Updated on: Mar 19, 2024
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Are you looking for the best BMM Colleges in Dombivli? Are you considering pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media in Dombivli but with the growing number of institutions offering BMM programs, are unsure about which college to choose?

Well, do not worry, as we have done the research for you and compiled a list of the top 10 BMM colleges in Dombivli.

However, before we get started with our blog and the list of colleges that offer BMM courses, let us first understand what BMM is.

So what is BMM?

The Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) course in India is a three-year undergraduate program that follows the pattern of other journalism and mass communication courses. Its objective is to equip students with the skills to research, analyze, as well as present information creatively across various media channels such as television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet. This course has a unique curriculum compared to other mass media colleges in India which enables students to specialize in various areas of media and develop specific skills and expertise. Overall, the BMM course encourages a more innovative and creative approach to journalism and mass communication.

If delving into media and communication with a business-oriented perspective appeals to you then you might want to consider enrolling in a Bachelor in Digital Business. Through this program, students can acquire the necessary abilities to navigate the constantly changing digital environment and succeed in a world where digital platforms take precedence.

Now let us straight away look into our list of the Top 10 BMM Colleges In Dombivli.

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10 Best BMM Colleges in Dombivli-

1. KPB Hinduja College of Commerce

BMM Colleges in Dombivli - KPB Hinduja College logo

KPB Hinduja College is one of the well-known colleges in Mumbai for its management and marketing degrees. Affiliated with Mumbai University, they offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in commerce. 

KPB Hinduja College has been consistently ranked among the top colleges in Mumbai that focus on skill development rather than outdated knowledge. They have a lot of clubs and co-curricular activities that help students improve their communication and leadership skills. 

In today’s ever-evolving media industry, students must possess the skills and knowledge essential to thrive in the digital landscape. While pursuing a Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) degree can provide a robust groundwork in conventional media, students may also want to consider exploring programs such as the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) to expand their skill set and adapt to the changing industry trends. 

With the introduction of Hinduja’s new degree, BBA in Digital Business, students can now learn the latest trends and technologies that are dominating the digital age. This degree not just focuses on improving job opportunities for students but also shapes them to become potential entrepreneurs in the country. 

Here’s what students of BBA in Digital Business have to say about the degree:

Students Reviews - bmm colleges in dombivli

Detailed Course Information Here – 

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022-4098-9000
Address– 315, New Charni Road, Charni Road East, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004

2. Vande Mataram Degree College

BMM Colleges in Kalyan - Vande Mataram Degree College logo

Vande Mataram Degree College (VMDC) was founded by Dr. Rajkumar Kolhe in the early 2000s. The college is dedicated to providing quality education and making a positive contribution to society. Its ultimate goal is to produce graduates who possess not only knowledge but also a diverse range of skills and abilities, enabling them to have a positive impact on society.

At VMDC, students have the opportunity to select from an array of academic and extracurricular options one of which is the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia & Mass Communication (BAMMC) program. This program is intended to provide students with a comprehensive grasp of multimedia and mass communication. 

Contact Details:

Phone No– +91 86550 30889
Address– JMF Sanskriti Vihar, Dr. Nemade Marg, Old Dombivli West – 421202  

3. Nagindas Khandwala College

Nagindas college-logo_IIDE

Established in 1983, Nagindas Khandwala College in Mumbai offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Arts and Commerce. They are known for their high academic standards and focus on preparing students for successful careers.

The college offers a wide range of courses, with something for everyone interested in Arts or Commerce. Admission is based on merit for most programs. They have recently launched a new degree, in digital business that is perfect for commerce students who have an interest in exploring the digital marketing realm.

The college is known for its strong placement record, with over 75% of students getting jobs after graduation. Many well-known companies recruit from the college, offering an average salary of 3 lakhs per year.

Nagindas Khandwala College provides scholarships and other support programs to help students succeed. They also have a well-equipped library, Wi-Fi, and dedicated support services for placements and student concerns. The college is consistently ranked among the top colleges in India, making it a great option for students seeking a quality education.

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details:

Phone Number: 2228072262
Address: Bhavishya Bharat Campus, Road, No.1, Govindji Shroff Marg, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

4. Model College 

BMM Colleges In Dombivli - Model College logo

Model College is a highly diversified college known for its strict discipline, regular lectures, as well as excellent results in sports and cultural activities. The college offers grant-in-aid and self-financing courses in Commerce along with various professional courses in Science and Mass Media.

The Bachelor in Mass Media program by Model College is designed to prepare students for successful careers in various fields of mass media such as advertising, PR, audio and video journalism, TV and radio communication, cinema, print media, and event management. The program emphasizes improving students’ writing and presentation skills while keeping them up-to-date with current trends in mass media.

Contact Details:

Phone No– 0251-70456 82157 / 70456 82158
Address– Kanchangaon Village, Khambalpada, Dombivli 421201.  

5. Thakur College of Science & Commerce

BMM Colleges in Dombivli - Thakur College logo

Thakur College of Science and Commerce is one of the most renowned colleges in Mumbai. It is affiliated with the University of Mumbai and offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the science and commerce stream.

They offer a BMM degree for students interested in mass media and communication. The syllabus of this course focuses on traditional media as well as digital media since its rapidly gaining significance and is also being integrated into many curriculums. Apart from BMM, this college also offers other specialized undergraduate courses in business, marketing, and management

🚨Thakur has just launched a NEW degree program called B.Com in Digital Business to help students excel in advanced business concepts and marketing subjects. It is similar to a B.Com degree but the syllabus and training are very unique and new-age.

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022 2625 6451
Address– Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai – 400 101
Website –

6. Achievers College

BMM Colleges in Dombivli - Achievers College logo

Achievers College of Commerce and Management provides higher education for working students with excellent infrastructure as well as various UG, vocational, and add-on certificate courses. They offer career counseling, a placement cell, and a women’s development cell along with an NSS unit to help students succeed in their careers while earning a degree. 

The BA in Multimedia and Mass Communication (BAMMC) program at Achievers College prepares students for careers in media industries with an emphasis on critical thinking, professional writing, and effective oral communication. The program equips students with all the skills and knowledge necessary to create and design emerging media products such as blogs, videos, and digital audio. Graduates of this program can pursue a career in various specializations such as the entertainment industry, cinema, television, OTT platforms, and more.

Contact Details:

Phone No– +91 9920892909 / 9167952909
Address– Santoshimata Mandir Road, Malhar Nagar, Kalyan(W), Thane, Maharashtra, Pincode:-421301  

7. Pillai College of Arts, Commerce, & Science

BMM Colleges in Dombivli - Pillai College logo

Affiliated with Mumbai University, Pillai College is the top college for students from Navi Mumbai, Panvel, and Thane. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees in arts, commerce, and science disciplines. One of the degrees they offer is a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication (B.A.M.M.C.). It is a three-year full-time course that trains students in various media-related subjects and provides theoretical knowledge along with practical training. 

In addition, Pillai recently launched the BBA in Digital Marketing, a new degree program aimed at educating students on the most recent trends and innovations that are defining the digital era. Although B.A.M.M.C is a popular course for students interested in media-related subjects, it may not offer the same advantages as BBA in Digital Marketing. 

While B.A.M.M.C prepares students for careers in journalism, advertising, public relations, management, and marketing, BBA in Digital Marketing offers a unique advantage by preparing students for the digital age. It provides students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge in areas like digital marketing, e-commerce, data analytics, and social media which are in high demand in today’s economy. By choosing BBA in Digital Marketing at Pillai College, you can gain the necessary skills to become an entrepreneur, digital marketer, or manager, opening up new possibilities for your career growth and success.

Detailed Course Information Here –  

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022-2745 1700
Address– Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, Plot No. 10, Sector 16, New Panvel – 410 206, MH, India

8. Sanpada College of Commerce & Technology

BMM Colleges in Dombivli - Sanpada College logo

Sanpada College of Commerce & Technology, founded in 2004 by Prof. Javed Khan, aims to provide a competitive edge to students in the future job market. The institution has grown to accommodate over 3000 students across various professional and non-professional streams at the junior and degree college levels. 

The college has highly qualified professors and lecturers who challenge students inside and outside the classroom. The campus has a huge playground surrounded by lush greenery and excellent facilities. The college offers a Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) course to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Contact Details:

Phone No– 91-022-27758715 / 27751116
Address– Plot No. 3,4,5, Sector 2, Sanpada West, Navi-Mumbai – 400705 

9. KES’ Shroff College

BMM Colleges in Dombivli - KES' Shroff College logo

KES Shroff College is a NAAC-accredited autonomous college, affiliated with Mumbai University. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and courses in science, arts, and commerce streams.

When it comes to pursuing a career in the media industry the Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) course is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices among students. However, there’s another course that students can consider and that is in Digital Business offered by KES’ Shroff College. 

For students passionate about media and interested in exploring the business aspects of it, the in Digital Business course is an excellent choice. While BMM focuses on media-related subjects, the BBA in Digital Business course delves deeper into the digital aspects of the media industry such as social media marketing, content marketing, e-commerce, digital advertising, and more. It’s an ideal program for those who want to combine their passion for media with a business-oriented approach while gaining all the necessary skills to succeed in the digital world.

Hence, if you want to learn about the complete business and management aspects while keeping in mind the digital revolution, you can opt for 🚨KES‘s new degree called in Digital Business. This degree program is for you if you want to excel in advanced business concepts and marketing subjects. 

Detailed Course Information Here –

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022-28072477
Address– KES Shroff College, Bhulabhai Desai Rd, Kandivali (w), Mumbai 400067

10. S.K. College

BMM Colleges in Dombivli - S.K. logo

Tilak Education Society’s S.K. College of Science and Commerce was founded in 2008 and it is a fully equipped institution that offers various undergraduate programs in Arts, Science, and Commerce. Affiliated with Mumbai University, the college currently provides eight distinct courses such as B.Com, BMS, B.Sc (IT), B.Sc (Computer Science), among others. The college boasts contemporary infrastructure, comprising a library, computer lab, and audiovisual rooms, creating a favorable learning atmosphere for students.

S.K. College provides a three-year full-time Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication course that caters to students aspiring to make a career in the media industry. It is designed to provide a holistic understanding of different facets of the media industry such as public relations, effective communication strategies, advertising skills, and industry exposure. By emphasizing all-round development, this program equips students with verbal, written, analytical, and various other skills while empowering them to establish themselves as competent media professionals.

Contact Details:

Phone No– 022 – 27711481
Address– S.K College, Plot.31, Sector.25, Seawoods, Nerul, Navi-Mumbai – 400706  

Career Opportunities in the BMM

Graduates with a degree in BMM have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from. Here are the top 5 career opportunities for BMM graduates:

Copywriter: Copywriters write advertising copy for various types of media such as print, TV, radio, and online platforms. They use their knowledge of advertising principles, creativity, and target audiences to create compelling as well as persuasive messages that promote products and services effectively.

Media Planner: Media planners develop and implement media plans for advertising campaigns. They use their knowledge of media channels and consumer behavior to select the most effective media platforms and allocate the advertising budget accordingly.

Social Media Manager: Social media managers manage the social media presence of businesses or organizations. They use their knowledge of social media platforms and digital marketing strategies to create engaging and relevant content while also interacting with customers and followers.

Video Editor: Video editors edit and assemble video footage for various types of media such as TV shows, movies, and online content. They use their technical skills as well as creativity to create visually appealing and engaging video content that communicates the intended message effectively.

Film Director: Film directors are responsible for the creative direction of movies or TV shows. They use their knowledge of storytelling, camera techniques, and acting to bring scripts to life while creating cinematic experiences that engage as well as entertain audiences.

These are just a few examples of the career opportunities available to BMM graduates. There are many other fields in media and communication that BMM graduates can explore based on their interests and skills.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which colleges are best for BMM in Dombivli?

Dombivli is home to several top BMM colleges and as per our list KPB Hinduja College, Bhavans College, and Thakur College are some of the best BMM colleges available for you in Dombivli.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria to apply for BMM Colleges in Dombivli?

To apply for BMM Colleges in Dombivli, candidates should have completed their 10+2 education from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks.

Q. Which stream is best for BMM?

While there isn’t a particular field that is regarded as the superior choice for pursuing BMM, individuals who have studied humanities, arts, or commerce may have an easier time comprehending and connecting with the course content.

Q. Is BMM expensive?

The cost associated with obtaining a BMM degree differs among colleges. However, in general, pursuing this course is not typically regarded as costly.

Q. Is obtaining a BMM degree worthwhile?

Yes, a BMM degree is indeed worth it as it equips students with a diverse set of abilities and expertise that are highly sought after in the media sector.


With this, we come to the end of our blog. As we can conclude from the above discussion Dombivli has a plethora of excellent BMM colleges that offer top-notch education and training to aspiring students. Each of these colleges has its unique strengths and features, ranging from modern infrastructure to industry-relevant course curriculums. With such a vast array of options available, students can easily find a college that aligns with their career goals and interests. Overall, pursuing a BMM degree from any of the above colleges in Dombivli can open up numerous opportunities and pave the way for a successful career in the media and communication industry.

We appreciate your interest in our blog on the top 10 BMM colleges in Dombivli. If you found this content informative and engaging, please leave us a comment below and let us know what you liked best. Your feedback helps us improve and create more valuable content for our readers. Happy Reading!


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