Key Takeaway Points From BigBasket’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Updated on: Jan 15, 2018

Grocery shopping will never be the same after BigBasket. An online grocery and food provider from India, it was founded in 2011. Whether you personally use their services or not, you must admit that the work BigBasket has done for the fast-moving consumer goods retail sector is absolutely game-changing.

Two students from IIDE, Yash Arora and Pratik Sasodia, studied BigBasket’s brand identity and business model and suggested a digital marketing strategy that they feel might greatly benefit the brand. Read on to find out more about BigBasket’s Digital Marketing Strategy!


About BigBasket

BigBasket founders Hari Menon, Abhinay Choudhari, V S Sudhakar, Vipul Parekh and V S Ramesh started their first venture together, Fabmart, in 1999. Fabmart was one of the first online businesses in India. However, it couldn’t break through into the industry as the internet wasn’t as popular in India as it is today. The doubts over the lack of secure payments further hindered the success of their startup. So, Fabmart was shut and the group disbanded. However, in 2011, after having tried their hands at various ventures each, the original founders of Fabmart got back together and decided to give online shopping another shot through BigBasket.

BigBasket is based in Bengaluru and stocks over 18,000 products from over 1,000 brands. They are an online grocery store that warehouses goods and lists them on their user-friendly website. Their customers then place orders online and BigBasket then ships and delivers the products to their houses directly. What’s unique about BigBasket is that they allow customers to place minimum price orders as well as do some big budget grocery shopping. It’s just like visiting your corner store—except online!


Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation refers to the usage of particular keywords in order to ensure the maximum amount of traffic on a brand’s website. These keywords are those that have the highest search rates on Google from their target customers. If a website is able to optimise itself based on the search engine’s keywords, then it is certain that they will be able to reach the maximum amount of relevant people.

Some of the most popular keywords for BigBasket are online grocery shopping, grocery online, online grocery, grocery shopping online, big basket pune, online grocery store and dry fruit online. This means that whenever someone searches for these terms online, BigBasket’s results are the first that pop up.

Often, brands bid on certain search terms to ensure that when users search these particular terms on the internet, the particular brand’s page pops up as one of the first results. This may be useful for BigBasket in reference to other words that it could really capitalise on if they were able to be one of the top results.

Some of the suggested bid words for BigBasket are best food brands online, organic fruit delivery, online supermarket, and best homecare products . This ensures that when someone searches for the said terms online, they are bound to encounter BigBasket’s website as one of the first results. This makes the website more accessible to the people looking to shop for the said products online, which is ultimately the group of people BigBasket wants most to reach out to.This would greatly boost BigBasket’s Digital Marketing Strategy.

Social Media Marketing

One of the key factors towards the success of any business these days, especially e-commerce businesses, is social media. And BigBasket, in the space of only 7 years, has already learned this. They have 170k likes on Facebook, 4k followers on Instagram, 23k followers on Twitter and 1.5k subscribers on YouTube.

Some social media campaigns they can carry out in order to further increase their following are #GharLeAoBigBasket on Facebook wherein the brand posts creatives with captions that would make their followers see in which situations exactly BigBasket could be of benefit to them. For example, Mom, Son, can you get me some fruits and vegetables?” Son, “ Mom, why don’t you order it from BigBasket? You will also get great discounts!” This enables social media followers of BigBasket to understand the impact the brand’s services can make on their lives.

Another social media campaign they can follow is #DetoxWithBB. This will mainly be carried out on Instagram, where BigBasket can post health tips in the form of pictures of detoxifying foods and helping their followers achieve a better diet. For example, a picture of an apple that says, Its fibre pectin aids in getting rid of piled up metals and food additives. This ensures that health obsessed can also follow BigBasket’s Instagram page for the useful content and end up shopping from BIgBasket due to online discounts and other benefits they become aware of due to following the brand’s social media.


BigBasket’s main competitors are Grofers and Zopnow. Both BigBasket and Zopnow were founded in 2011, but Grofers is newer, founded in 2013. Both of BigBasket’s competitors are hyperlocal online markets whereas BigBasket keeps an inventory as well. BigBasket has a presence in 26 cities, whereas Grofers delivers at 25 cities, and Zopnow is restricted to only 9 cities.

On Facebook, BigBasket has the maximum amount of likes, whereas Grofers has 128k likes and Zopnow has 30k likes. BigBasket also has the best engagement rate, of 7%. On Instagram, again, BigBasket beats out its competitors by boasting of 1k followers more than Grofers. Zopnow has only 250 followers . BigBasket also has the highest engagement rate on this platform. When talking about Twitter, however, Grofers beats BigBasket by attracting 25k followers. Zopnow has 3k followers.

On the basis of the above data, it is clear that at the moment, BigBasket has the upper hand in the digital sphere, and Grofers isn’t close behind.


Online Reputation Management

A few online platforms that could be of use to BigBasket’s online reputation management (ORM) could be Trusted Company, Quora, Mouth Shut, Google Play Store and Yahoo Answers. These platforms help the customers share their reviews of BigBasket’s services and therefore spread the word!

Platforms like Quora and Yahoo Answers often includes questions like ‘Would you buy your fruits and vegetables online?’ and other similar queries. It has to be made sure that BigBasket is included in answers to all of these questions on said platforms! This increases the likelihood that, when someone searches something relevant, the Quora question with BigBasket as the answer would be the top answer!

Complaints on Trusted Company and Mouth Shut could also be heeded in order to avoid giving off a negligent and nonchalant attitude.

Content Bucket

One way to engage your customers and ensure that they stay on your brand’s website for a longer duration of time is to provide them with interesting blogs, videos and reviews to browse through. Blogs and video marketing are a few examples of content that the brand could create to ensure that website visitors spend more time with BigBasket online!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing refers to collaborating with social media influencers to promote your brand. As influencers have a large following on social media, they are an excellent method of reaching your target audience and maximising your brand’s reach.

BigBasket could conduct influencer campaigns in which it approaches influencers to post about their brand. For example, Being Momma, a middle-aged female influencer with a following of 57k, can give BigBasket’s reference when talking about health and baby products. Beer Biceps, a male bodybuilding influencer with 675k

Subscribers, could spread the word about BigBasket by collaborating with the brand on his YouTube channel. These would encourage the influencer’s followers to check out BigBasket as well, and perhaps be convinced to give it a try!

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  1. Madhusudan Somani

    This research is really appreciable.
    Would you recommend having a blog to generate business, especially in the context of a startup, serving only in 1 city?
    Do Indian people read these blogs and take actions..??

    • Rashmit

      It does not matter how small or big your company is, blogging is a good way for your business to build trust and authority in your industry. By providing content that will be viewed as valuable and expert information, your potential customers get to see the knowledge and experience that you have in your field.

      As far as the question of Indians reading blog is concerned, if the users are searching something particular and if they find information related to their query on your blog, then they will definitely visit it and read it.

  2. sushit

    Nice research. Overall good data for information.

    • Aditya Shastri

      Thank you, Sushit! Glad you liked it.


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