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Updated on: Mar 15, 2023
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Previously, we tackled the 360 digital marketing strategy of Levi’s– one of the world’s largest fast fashion brands. This is an interesting marketing case study of HRX with in-depth digital marketing analysis. 

The live project on HRX Brand has brought together a team of self-driven individuals Chandana Mehta, Eesha Shah, and Kushali Goenka with diverse skill sets to deliver exceptional results.

Chandana Mehta is a versatile freelancer with extensive experience in creating compelling content.

Eesha Shah, the team’s designer, is a creative professional with a knack for producing visually appealing designs. Her expertise lies in designing graphics, user interfaces, and brand identities.

Kushali Goenka, the team’s business development manager, is a strategic thinker with a proven track record of driving growth for businesses. She is an expert in developing and implementing effective business strategies. Together, this team of talented professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the live project and is committed to delivering outstanding results.

In the following discussion, we will delve into the details of a comprehensive 360-degree brand audit of HRX, a popular sportswear and fitness brand. This audit aims to provide a holistic analysis of the brand’s current position in the market, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Based on the insights obtained from the audit, we have planned a social media campaign that aims to generate user-generated content (UGC) on the brand’s social media platforms. The UGC content will help increase brand awareness, boost engagement, and foster a sense of community among HRX’s followers. The campaign aims to leverage the power of social media to drive brand loyalty and create a strong brand image for HRX.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

About HRX

  • Founded in 2012 by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment, a leading sports and entertainment company in India.
  • The brand was created to provide innovative, stylish, and high-quality products that cater to the modern, active individual.
  • Products include apparel, footwear, accessories, and technology, all of which are designed with the active, stylish individual in mind.
  • Committed to sustainability and social responsibility by using eco-friendly materials and implementing various initiatives that reduce their carbon footprint
  • HRX is constantly striving to make a positive impact on the world.


Research & Analysis 

Having worked together twice before, the team had developed a deep understanding of each other’s way of working. We are aware of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, communication styles, and work preferences, which has enabled us to collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

This understanding has also allowed us to delegate tasks more effectively, provide constructive feedback, and support each other when required. This familiarity has been an asset in the live project, given the time constraints and the need to work collaboratively and productively. Our collective experience, coupled with our understanding of each other’s way of working, has enabled us to deliver outstanding results for the client.

Dividing the work among the team members based on our strengths was crucial to the success of the live project, especially given that time was a significant constraint, and we were all busy traveling during the project’s duration. To overcome this challenge, we leveraged technology to keep each other updated on our tasks, progress, and roadblocks. We also scheduled regular virtual team meetings to discuss our progress and address any issues or challenges.

Despite the constraints, we were able to work collaboratively and improvise on each other’s tasks when necessary. 

The following was the research and analysis we conducted for the Live Project:

  • Conducted a thorough analysis of HRX’s current marketing strategies.
  • Evaluated HRX’s brand identity, value proposition, and positioning in the market.
  • Conducted a SWOT analysis to identify HRX’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Examined HRX’s website and social media channels to assess the effectiveness of its online presence.
  • Analyzed HRX’s customer demographics, behavior, and preferences to gain insights into their target audience.
  • Conducted a competitive analysis to understand the brand’s position in the market relative to its competitors.
  • Identified areas for improvement and provided recommendations to enhance HRX’s marketing strategies and online presence.
  • Planned a social media campaign to generate user-generated content and increase brand awareness and engagement.


Target Audience

The target audience of the HRX brand is mainly the youth demographic, specifically those interested in fitness, wellness, and an active lifestyle. The brand aims to inspire its audience to be their best selves and encourages them to embrace fitness as a way of life.

Social Media Strategy

The social media strategy of HRX is centered around creating engaging content that resonates with its target audience. The brand’s social media platforms feature inspirational stories, fitness challenges, and motivational quotes that encourage its audience to lead an active lifestyle.

Competitor Analysis

HRX’s main competitors in the market are Puma and Alcis. A recent competitor analysis revealed that while Puma has a broader target audience and a more significant market share, Alcis has a relatively similar target audience to HRX and focuses on affordable, high-quality activewear.

Impactful Campaign

Identifying and building an authentic, cross-cultural fitness community that works together to realize the brand’s core purpose — ‘inspire a billion people to be the best version of themselves.’





Hrx created a campaign utilizing its digital community to demonstrate the dream of a fitter India, prior to the launch of a new line of audio products, in order to drive the dream of a fitter India.


In tune with the brand tag, right from the get-go, the brand urged the viewers to #TURNITUP. The insight for the campaign was – the assumption was that lockdown crippled a large population from actually pursuing the idea of fitness but they knew that nothing would stop fitness enthusiasts on their journey.

Result Of Campaign

By leveraging HRX’s community to create a user-generated REEL challenge that organically received 6 lakh+ views from 5 videos created in-house and received 316 entries from the brand community that went on to generate sales of over 3,000 audio products.


Campaign Idea: The campaign will focus on the idea of inspiring and spreading positivity through sharing stories of those who have made a difference in people’s lives. The campaign will encourage people to share stories of those who have inspired them, either knowingly or unknowingly, and how they have made a positive impact on their lives.

Cataloging the beat of humanity, a few unsaid stories are not only jaw-dropping but also inspiring. We hoped to reach out a hand to those who never gave up, to envelop those in a warm hug who wanted to share their happiness, to walk shoulder to shoulder with those rebels with a cause and to just… listen. 

The campaign could encourage customers to share their own positive stories and messages, using a designated hashtag.

Additionally, a few participants in our campaign will be surprised by a hamper of appreciation from HRX.

Target Audience: The campaign targets people of all ages who are passionate about inspiring others and spreading positivity. The target audience is mainly individuals who are active on social media and are looking for ways to make a positive impact on the world.

Campaign Execution: The campaign will be executed through various channels, including social media, influencer marketing, and events.

Social Media: The campaign will have a strong social media presence, with a focus on user-generated content. People will be encouraged to share the stories of those who have inspired them on social media, using the hashtag #HRXInspires. The best stories will be featured on HRX’s social media channels.

Influencer Marketing: The campaign will feature influencers who are passionate about inspiring and spreading positivity. These influencers will share their own stories of those who have inspired them and encourage their followers to share their stories as well. The influencers will also participate in events and brand activations to promote the campaign.

Campaign Outcome: The campaign is expected to inspire people to share stories of those who have made a positive impact on their lives, either knowingly or unknowingly, and spread positivity. The campaign will help to establish a strong emotional connection with the target audience and build brand loyalty. The campaign is expected to increase brand awareness and position HRX as a brand that is committed to inspiring and spreading positivity.

The team has implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for the HRX brand, which includes various aspects of online marketing such as SEO, SMM, Google Ads, remarketing, and social media strategy. Here’s a brief overview of each of these components:

SEO: The team has conducted extensive keyword research and on-page optimization to improve the website’s search engine visibility. The team has optimized meta tags, headings, images, and content to improve the website’s rankings on search engines.

SMM: The team has created engaging content for social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to increase brand awareness and engagement with the target audience. The team has also employed social listening to track brand mentions and user feedback to identify areas for improvement.

Google Ads: The team has created Google Ads campaigns to increase the brand’s visibility in search engine results pages. The team has conducted keyword research, created ad copy, and monitored campaigns to optimize conversions.

Remarketing: The team has implemented remarketing campaigns to target users who have interacted with the brand but did not convert. The team has created personalized ad copies and landing pages to re-engage users and encourage them to take action.

Social media strategy: The team has developed a social media strategy that focuses on creating engaging content and building a community around the brand. The team has created a content calendar, identified key performance indicators, and tracked metrics to measure the success of the strategy. The team has also leveraged user-generated content and influencer marketing to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Finally, the team has implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes various components of online marketing to increase the HRX brand’s visibility, engagement, and conversions. The team has employed a data-driven approach to measure the success of the strategy and make data-informed decisions to optimize campaigns for better results.

360 Degree Marketing Ideas 

Gamification of Fitness

A mobile app that gamifies fitness, featuring progress tracking, rewards, and challenges.

Outdoor Media

Photos of UGC participants and QR code to redirect to the website campaign page on hoardings.

Tv Ads

TV commercials featuring inspiring stories from UGC.

Animated UGC Characters

Inspirational animated characters created by UGC to motivate during fitness regime.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Joint marketing campaigns with fitness studios, gyms, and other fitness-related brands.


A page on the website displaying the campaign stories.


In conclusion, HRX is a unique brand that has established itself as a leading player in the fashion and fitness industry. The brand’s emphasis on fitness and wellness has resonated with consumers and created a loyal customer base. Through a comprehensive 360-degree audit, the team has identified various areas for improvement and has created a holistic marketing strategy that targets the brand’s core audience.

The team’s focus on SEO, SMM, Google Ads, remarketing, and social media strategy has allowed HRX to strengthen its online presence and build a strong community around the brand. Additionally, the brand’s recent campaigns, which focused on generating UGC content, have helped to further increase customer engagement and brand loyalty. With a data-driven approach to measuring success, HRX is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the future.

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Get the complete HRX Marketing Strategy PPT Here

Marketing Research on Levi’s

The student team has conducted in-depth marketing research on Levi’s to under their current standing amongst the market and its consumers. This research is a compilation of primary research (survey results) conducted by them and secondary research (publications, research papers and articles). Let us start with the perception study.


Perception Study of Consumers

The student took a short survey asking their audience about their knowledge of Levi’s current campaigns and brand associations with Deepika Padukone. The following were their details:

Perception Study - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

  • Know about Levi X Deepika Padukone – 46%
  • Follow Levi’s & its Trends – 78%
  • Follow Deepika Padukone & her Trends – 86%  Levi’s new line of jeans, launched in partnership with Deepika Padukone, is not performing well. Audiences are not aware of the collaboration, but otherwise well aware of the brand and the celebrities of their liking.


Buyer Persona of Levi’s

Levi’s target audience includes females between the age of 18-35. These are the people who closely follow Deepika Padukone and desire to dress like her. She is someone who uses apps like Zomato, Netflix, Myntra, Inshorts, Amazon regularly. She is passionate about what she does and loves socialising with her friends. We will call her Shanaya. 

Buyer Persona - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

Consumer Insights

Denim has become synonymous with all-weather and useful pieces of clothing – good for an outing and work. By researching the related keywords for jeans, the student team was able to determine the public trend towards more comfortable jeans. The search volume for the keyword Comfortable trendy jeans is 2,14,920. 


Industry Insights

The total industry size of the denim market in India is INR 30,000 CR as of 2020, out of INR 3000 CR is the women’s segment. In this segment, Levi’s is one of the largest shareholders, with INR 50 crore of the market cornered by them. The majority of the market is run by small clothing merchants and unbranded retailers.

Industry Insights - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE


Levi’s Marketing Campaign

After compiling and analyzing the various insights and research, the student team came up with a campaign strategy to increase the sales of Levi’s jeans. This campaign and strategy are made with the intent to target Indian audiences, yet the applicability of these strategies can be scaled to a worldwide level, with the use of more appropriate influencers and messaging.

Targeting the women’s section of the market, the team has come up with the campaign “Wear your Comfort” with Deepika Padukone as the face of the campaign.

Marketing Campaign -- Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE


Campaign Idea

This campaign targets all parts of the marketing funnel and uses multi-channel strategies at each stage to increase both awareness and sales for the company. Their campaign is based on the consumer insight of increasing influencer culture and following the fashion choices of celebrities.

Campaign Idea - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

To provide the perfect comfortable pair of jeans to the female audience, the student team recommends continuing the Levi X Deepika Padukone collaboration. The campaign would speak about how comfortable the collection is and how it can be worn anywhere and anytime. 

Campaign Hashtags: #Levis #WearYourComfort #LiveInLevi


Media Planning & Projection

To achieve the results of all the activities mentioned above, the student team has created an end-to-end budget. According to their findings, they expect the marketing budget to be 10% of the total sales. Since this activity mentioned is only for one month, they recommend Levi’s to spend INR 50 lakhs. The budget is divided as follows:

Media Budget - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE


Get the complete HRX Marketing Strategy PPT Here

Marketing Strategy of Levi’s

The student team has developed a multi-channel strategy to accomplish their aim of increasing awareness and sales of Levi’s. Let us learn about the individual strategies used in this campaign, starting with Google Display Ads.


Google Display Ads 

Users who have visited Levi’s website or part of their social media sphere will be shown advertisements enticing them to make a sale and buy the latest collection. Audiences will be remarketed with display ads on the websites with the communication that “Levi’s has 20% off on the Deepika Padukone collection”. 

Google display Ads - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

Google display ads are a great tool to enhance brand recall using remarketing. They can be targeted based on interest as well. Display ads have one of the highest rates of conversions in the industry.


App Push Notification Marketing

According to the consumer insights collected, most of the audience is consisting of young women who use multiple apps such as Inshorts to stay updated with news. To increase awareness about Levi’s, the student team has recommended push notifications about Levi’s. With exciting news and initiatives about the brand, the team aims to envelop people into the brand’s sphere of influence.

Push Notification Marketing - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE 

They plan to release stories such as “Deepika latest collaboration with Levi’s” and “Levi’s enters the metaverse”. 


Metaverse Marketing

The latest trend in the fashion industry has been of releasing NFTs and entering the metaverse. Many pioneering brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada have launched e-items and virtual items of fashion in metaverse games such as Fortnite, League of Legends and Roblox. Called the “Levi’sverse”, the student team wishes to woo the audience by riding atop the Metaverse trend.


Metaverse Marketing - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

Levi’s can capitalise on this trend and capture its millennial audiences with virtual wardrobes, in their favourite games.


Influencer Marketing

The audience of an influencer represents a very active user base of people who like to imitate their favourite people on the internet. Deepika Padukone has millions of followers on her Instagram and is famous as a model, actress and fitness icon. By launching the reel in collaboration with Deepika using the new collaboration feature, followers of Deepika Padukone can be brought closer to Levi’s organic social media sphere and made aware of her latest collection with the denim brand.

Influencer Marketing - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

The student team has suggested the concept of the influencer reel should be Deepika dancing on a popular song – showcasing the comfort of the Levi’s Jeans.

Other influencers such as Radhika Bose, Sonal Devraj and Masoom Minawala can also do similar posts and invite audiences to take part in the dancing competition. This will further iterate the fact that Levi’s latest collection is all about comfort.


Social Media Marketing

On social media platforms, there can be two types of marketing conducted: Organic or Paid. While organic focuses on the current follower base of the page, paid ads can help in increasing the number of new viewers and followers of the page.

The student team has two strategies in mind. Firstly, they wish to conduct organic marketing efforts by creating posts with a human touch. These posts can include consumer stories, influencer posts on Levi’s page and more. The posts should have a healthy balance of photos and videos.

Social Media Marketing - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

Secondly, best performing posts that directly talk about the product should be promoted to increase brand awareness. These promotional posts have more CTA driven captions and shopping tags.


SEO & Sponsored Articles

A lot of potential buyers use google search to find what theta re looking for on the internet. That’s why SEO becomes an important factor to influence their decisions in the marketing function. If you are interested in decoding this strategy, head over to IIDE’s Search Engine Optimization Course to learn more.

The student team has identified these top 4 keywords that should be the priority for Levi’s. Targeting these should improve their organic marketing conversions significantly.

Search Engine Optimization - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

Another way to implement SEO for your brand is to do sponsored articles from reputed sources. The benefit is twofold – it increases your reach and awareness levels tremendously, as well as many technical benefits that a website gets when it gets backlinks. 

The student team has proposed a list of seven topics Levi’s should release promoted articles for. They are:

  • India Today – Levi’s with Deepika Padukone has announced to launch a store in metaverse to let you buy clothes in a virtual world
  • Vogue – Deepika’s collection of most comfortable jeans
  • Cosmopolitan – Deepika’s everyday jeans collection
  • Bazaar – Top 5 most comfortable jeans for women
  • The cherry on the top blog – Best quality jeans for women
  • Gia Says That – 5 tips to choose the right pair of jeans
  • The Snob Journal – Comfortable & durable jeans for women


Quora and Reddit Marketing

Both of these social platforms are built for one thing only – driving public discussions. By targeting these platforms, the brand will be able to create a buzz around the collection, as well as target the millennial audience they are trying to appease and enfold.

Quora and Reddit Marketing - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

Questions relating to the collection’s comfort, durability, looks and other aspects can be floated on these platforms. These posts will help engage the audience with the brand.


Google Search Ads

Conducting remarketing through google search ads is one of the most tried and tested strategies in digital marketing. If you are interested in learning one of the most in-demand skills of the industry, check out IIDE’s Google Ads Course

The Search Ad strategy can be divided into two, as follows:

Google Shopping Ads: 

While users see ads on their social media, the student team plans to focus on google shopping ads based on action-level keywords for which our ads will be displayed on the SERP. By using words such as “sale” and “hurry-up!” (action-based words) on the creative to create urgency.

     Google Shopping Ads - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

Remarketing Ads

There can be 2 types of remarketing campaigns that are run through Search ads. First is the normal google search ads which are based on the keywords list. 

Remarketing Ads - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

The second is by using their email address or RLSA (Remarketing lists for search ads). This is a feature that lets you customize your search ads campaign for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google and search partner sites. 


Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is the latest field in digital marketing. As more and more companies start using digital marketing seriously, there is now a focus on improving the overall effect of the strategies in place. Conversion Rate Optimization focuses on synchronising all the strategies together and improving the sales of the company with timely communications and tech. If this interests you, check out IIDE’s Conversion Rate Optimization Course to learn more.

The student team has suggested the following improvements for Levi’s to increase their CRO:

New Pop up

Currently, the pop-up ad on Evi’s website is very text-heavy and not so persuasive. The student team has suggested a more graphic oriented pop-up that has a simple CTA for consumers to follow. Their new pop has a clear incentive on the top and contact details form that goes along with it, making it a perfect marketing tool for generating interested leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE



The latest craze in the marketing industry, chatbots are a great way for your users to communicate with the brand regarding their queries. A smartly created chatbot can make a great impact on how useful and user-friendly the consumer feels your website is.

Chatbot Marketing - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

The student team has suggested a unique chatbot that uses AI to give feedback and help the customer choose the right item for themselves. They have also decided to use Deepika Padukone herself as the face of the chatbot, making the conversation between it and the users more lively.


AR Shopping

The fashion and apparel industry is heavily reliant on the look and feel of their products and it’s a common trend that consumers tend to rely on the physical trial of the clothes to make buying decisions. 

AR Marketing - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

Our students have come up with the idea to generate an AR wardrobe that is called Deepika’s Lookbook, which audiences can emulate through the filters. Trying to bridge the gap between the die-hard fans of the actress, this filter can make users feel attached to clothes by leveraging their liking for their icon.


Email Automation

Post interaction communications, when timed correctly, can increase turnaround sales for the company. Email automation is a smart way to increase engagement with a customer who may have recently visited your website. If you wish to be an expert in the field, you can try out IIDE’s Email Marketing course.

The student team has designed multiple emails that can be triggered according to the actions of the audience. That is as follows:

  • Welcome Email: Triggered right after a user signs up on Levi’s website. This email pushes an INR 500 discount on their first purchase a signing up bonus.
  • Cart Abandonment Email: If a user leaves the website without finalising their purchase, they will get email reminders to finish their purchase. To incentivise that, they can be given 20% off for a limited time, to make sure they complete the purchase, driving up the sales of Levi’s.

Expected Results

Campaign Results - Marketing Strategy of Levis - IIDE

If everything goes as per plan, the student team expects Levi’s to make sales worth 150CR in the female section. The overall impact of the campaign is to increase Levi’s share of the market and sales by 3X, further placing it as a market leader.


Get the complete HRX Marketing Strategy PPT Here


Levi’s is a very well known brand and a market leader in terms of sales and goodwill when it comes to the denim market. Known for its iconic marketing campaigns, the brand has established itself as young, free and suave. Yet, in India, its market share is less what someone will expect and the answer to the low numbers is digital marketing. If the brand uses the kind of strategies suggested by our student team, theta re surely to increase their sales.

With India digitizing as fast as any first-world nation, the need for digital marketers in the country has exploded. If you are interested to know more about this field and wish to upskill yourself, check out the 4 Months Advanced Digital Marketing course to know more.

If you enjoy in-depth company research just like this, check out our IIDE Knowledge portal for more fascinating case studies.

Thank you for reading and if you have any thoughts on the matter, please share with us in the comment sections below.


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