The Challenge

Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company which uses cutting edge technology and innovation with the purpose of making healthcare accessible to all.

Prior to working with IIDE, Cipla International conducted training workshops primarily for their sales team and had not focused on addressing training needs of the marketing team. Based on the experience that Cipla India team had with IIDE’s digital marketing training and the resulting success, Cipla International realized that a similar training with IIDE could help them drive performance and increase engagement through various digital marketing channels and stay ahead of the competition.

The Solution

In total, 40+ employees from multiple marketing teams across the globe were selected for the training. IIDE analyzed existing digital marketing knowledge of each participant and skill sets of the group as a whole with the help of an extensive Pre-test evaluation. Content experts from IIDE interacted with the marketing heads to understand what the brand was doing currently and how IIDE could help them upskill in the respective domains. The training program was designed such that it focused on examples and case studies from the healthcare & pharma sector and also included examples of various Cipla initiatives which helped them relate to the different digital modules in a better way.

Marketing Managers from across the globe were trained virtually on Zoom. The 20+ hours training program was spread over 1.5 months to ensure better understanding and retention of content amongst the learners.

The Result

The training helped the marketing teams to understand how they could scale their ongoing initiatives and make a larger impact on their audience. All the participants loved the training program and voted for improvement in their skills as they got to learn new technologies which they will apply in their marketing campaigns.

93% of the participants believed the training was relevant to their work and aided them in developing their digital strategies

The participants truly enjoyed the social media marketing and google analytics module

The participants gave the training an average rating of 4.7/5


Thank you team IIDE! 🙂

“This was our first intervention with IIDE and it started from understanding our expectations to customizing training modules as per our requirements, adding Cipla-related healthcare examples that hook the audience throughout the sessions. Each module was very concise, structured and helped us link what we are doing and how we can become better in the Digital Marketing space. It was a wonderful program and every member appreciated the program and the trainers for making it lively and crisp.”

Pawan Lalwani
Lead – L&D (EM & EU), Cipla

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