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Updated on: Nov 24, 2021
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Last time we saw the SWOT Analysis of Etsy, today let’s explore the SWOT analysis of Urban Ladder.

Urban Ladder is a retail furniture and decor company based originated from Banglore. The company has gained popularity due to its strong marketing strategies.

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In this blog, we will look at the SWOT analysis of Urban Ladder, before that let’s know more about the company. 

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About Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success, is well-known not just for its menu or flavor, but also for its great services and timely delivery. Even if they have diverse franchises around the world, roughly 13800 Urban Ladder are Scaling Up Success locations with revenues of 2.47 billion. 

Urban Ladder store- SWOT Analysis of Urban Ladder | IIDE

SWOT analysis of Urban Ladder focuses on the company’s strengths and weaknesses that are directly related to its nature and strategies, as well as the opportunities and threats that influence the company. Managers, employees, and investors at Urban Ladder may make better decisions based on this SWOT analysis.


Quick Stats about Urban Ladder
Founder Ashish Goel & Rajiv Shrivastava
Year Founded 2012
Origin Bengaluru, India
No. of Employees 711
Company Type Private
Market Cap 750 Crore (2019)
Annual Revenue 434 Crore (2019)
Net Income/ Profit 49.41 Crore (2019)


Products offered by Urban Ladder:

  • Furniture for office
  • Furniture for home
  • Decor items

Competitors of Urban Ladder:

  • RH
  • American Furniture
  • Ofiprix
  • Direct Online Service


SWOT Analysis of Urban Ladder

Infographic- SWOT Analysis of Urban Ladder | IIDE

It is a brief overview of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats it offers. The strengths and weaknesses of a company are shown through its internal efforts and threats and opportunities are affected by external factors.

1. Strengths of Urban Ladder

The following are Urban Ladder’s strengths that have helped them establish a strong position.

  • Reliable Vendors: The Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success suppliers are dependable and trustworthy. They provide raw materials and ingredients on schedule, ensuring the supply chain management process is secure.
  • Marketing & Promotional Adverts with a Strong Capture: Through psychological and powerful message ads, they have grabbed the thoughts of their customers. Like the Mother’s Day commercial from Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success, which sends out a message to appreciate your moms and dads no matter what is Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success’ psychological method.

Urban Ladder Furniture- SWOT Analysis of Urban Ladder | IIDE

  • Prompt Services: Scaling Up the Urban Ladder Success is well-known for its speedy delivery. Similarly, they guarantee delivery within thirty minutes, and if the buyer does not receive it within that time, they will offer “absolutely free corp.” They are never late.
  • Price Range: Scaling Up Success goods are offered to consumers at affordable prices. Customers may choose from a variety of sizes and corporate offerings to suit their preferences.


2. Weaknesses of Urban Ladder 

These are the following weaknesses of Urban Ladder, working on this will take them to a higher level.

  • There Aren’t Enough Outlets: Although Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success has a large number of franchisees for order taking, the company does not have any actual dine-in restaurants. 
  • Concerns about Franchising: Scaling Up the Urban Ladder Success is having to deal with problems caused by disloyalty among its franchisees. Because there are so many franchises, it’s difficult to keep track of each employee that cheats.
  • High-Tech Requirements: The company’s visions are not discussed with the technology.  They are currently employing technology. To compete in a crowded market, they must invest more in their innovations.
  • Revenue (net): The net profits of Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success have been compared to their actual financial estimates and predictions. To boost net efficiency and earnings, the company must address its sales.


3. Opportunities of Urban Ladder 

Following are the opportunities that Urban Ladder should take and come one step closer to becoming the first largest organization chain on the planet.

  • New Rules on the Environment: New environmental rules have the potential to create fantastic OPPORTUNITIES for Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success. They can obtain more benefits from innovation if environmental policies are seamless. 
  • Changes in Demographics: Consumers in the middle class can also afford to pay for Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success. They’ve divided their market into segments based on demographics. 
  •  Asian Countries’ Population: Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success is critical in countries like India, Pakistan, and China. They were pleased with the quality of their flavors and spices. They were enamored by their handcrafted org and the contents used, like cheese and meatballs.
  • Scaling Up Success: With New Preferences In The Urban Ladder There are many fans of those kinds of slices, so Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success can add more flavors to their corporation. They can also add flat venture. Because its competitors, such as Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success, offer LAVA cakes, it would be ideal for Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success to add them.


4. Threats to Urban Ladder

Following are the threats to Urban Ladder they should look out, failing it they will have to face huge consequences:

  • Government Regulations: The federal government enacts new laws and policies every year. • Scaling Up the Urban Ladder • There are 13800 outlets, and their licenses are renewed yearly according to the rules and policies of the governments which issued these execution warrants.
  • Expensive: Scaling Up the Urban Ladder The success of existing operations and products includes several costly functions. To avoid this threat, they can focus on cost-cutting strategies. 
  • Lack of long-term Supplier Contracts: Raw ingredients such as vegetables and meats are provided by the Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success vendors. Although Urban Ladder Scaling Up Success makes its dough, it still needs flour and other ingredients. With the suppliers, there are no long-term contracts.
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Urban Ladder has maintained a great image as a reliable brand with its customers. Their prompt services and affordable price range is one of reasons its so famous among its customers. But  they are not focusing much on their sales and have not invested in expanding their outlets which may pose a problem if they are aiming to expand their business.

If they ever decide to expand their business in the Asian markets then they can expect pretty good sales due to the goodwill and the affordablilty of the brand. Though they face some problems, such as government regulations and contract problems but these may be solved by proper planning by the company. What we would suggest though is that they invest in digital marketing., as it is a cost effective way through which they can take can make their business global.

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