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Updated on: Nov 19, 2021
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Last time we saw the Marketing strategies of Tata Group. In this case study, we are going to know about Tata Group, it is market capitalization, the SWOT Analysis of Tata Group, and will learn more about the threats and opportunities of Tata- post covid. 

Tata Group is an Indian multinational manufacturer of automobiles, airplanes, and other products founded by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata popularly known as Jamshedji Tata in the year 1868, now comprising 30 companies across 10 verticals. 

It is one of the most famous companies in the world because of its effective strategies and smart marketing techniques. Digital marketing is the new trend of marketing post-pandemic. If you want to learn more about digital marketing and its different aspects, do check out Free Digital Marketing Masterclass by Karan Shah the founder and CEO of IIDE.

In this blog, we will look at the SWOT analysis of Tata Group, before that let’s know more about the company.

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About Tata Group

Tata Group operates in more than 100 countries and across six continents, with a mission ‘To improve the quality of life of the communities. There are 29 public registered companies. Tata Group has its headquarters named Bombay House in Mumbai, India.

Bombay House- SWOT Analysis of Tata | IIDE

Tata also has a major contribution to India’s GDP. The company added about 4% to the country’s GDP during covid.

The reason for Tata’s success is its authenticity, Goodwill, and marketing strategies. Tata Group uses different marketing tools and methods to enhance its marketing strategy, One such way of marketing is Digital Marketing.

Quick Stats about Tata Group
Founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata
Year Founded 1868
Origin Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
No. of Employees Over 800,000
Company Type Public
Market Cap $300 Billion (2021)
Annual Revenue $103 Billion (2021)
Net Income/ Profit NA


Services offered by Tata:

Being in multiple markets, Tata group provides its services/ products in the following segments.

  • Information Technology
  • Steel
  • Automotive
  • Consumer and Retail
  • Infrastructure
  • Financial Services                 
  • Trading and Investment

Competitors of Tata:

It faces intense competition in the industry. Some of its top competitors are-

  • Reliance
  • Ashok Leyland
  • Maruti
  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Britannia


SWOT Analysis of Tata Group

Infographic- SWOT Analysis of Tata Group | IIDE

The major purpose of SWOT is to spot the strategies that a firm can utilize to take benefit of external opportunities, counter threats, and repose on & protect its strengths, and eradicate weaknesses. 


1. Strengths of Tata

As one of the leading organizations in the industry, Tata has numerous strengths that help it to flourish in the marketplace. These strengths not only help Tata Group to guard its market share in existing markets but also help in strengthening new ones.  

  • Sublime Performance in New Markets- Tata has constructed an ability at going to new business sectors and making them. The augmentation has helped the relationship with building new revenue sources and growing the monetary cycle peril in the business areas it works in.
  • Strong Distribution Network- Over the years Tata has built a reliable distribution network that can reach the majority of its potential market.
  • Strong Dealer Community- It has assembled a culture among wholesalers and sellers where the vendors advance the organization’s items as well as put resources into preparing the outreach group to reveal to the client how he/she can discrete the most extreme advantages out of the items.
  • Reliable Suppliers- It has a solid base of dependable providers of unrefined substance in this way empowering the organization to conquer any inventory network bottlenecks.
  • Strong Brand Portfolio- Over the years Tata has invested in building a strong brand portfolio. The SWOT analysis of Tata simply underlines this reality. This brand portfolio can be amazingly valuable assuming the association needs to venture into new item classifications.

SWOT Analysis of Tata | IIDE


2. Weaknesses of Tata

Weaknesses are the areas where Tata can improve upon. The procedure is tied in with simply deciding and shortcomings are the districts where an affiliation can additionally be created using SWOT examination and develop its high ground and key situating.

  • Organization Structure- The organizational structure is only viable with the current plan of action accordingly restricting development in contiguous item fragments.
  • Demand Forecasting- Feeble product demand forecasting leads to a higher rate of missed opportunities compare to its competitors. One reason why the day’s stock is highly contrasted with its rivals is that Tata isn’t generally excellent at request anticipation and this winds up keeping higher inventory both in-house and in the channel.
  •   Financial Planning- is not done properly and efficiently. The current asset ratio and liquid asset ratios propose that the organization can utilize the money more efficiently than what it is doing as of now.


3. Opportunities of Tata

  • Further Development – The market development will lead to dilution of competitors’ advantages and enable Tata to increase its competitiveness compared to the other competitors.
  • Expansion – Economic uptick and expansion in client spending, following quite a while of the downturn and slow development rate in the business, is a chance for Tata to catch new clients and increment its market share.
  • Transportation Cost – Diminishing the expense of transportation as a result of lower delivery costs can likewise cut down the expense of Tata’s items along these lines giving a chance to the organization – either to support its productivity or give the advantages to the clients to acquire a portion of the overall industry. 


4. Threats of Tata

  • Upgradation Of Competitors- New upcoming technologies developed by their competitor or market disruptor could be a serious threat to the different industries in the medium to long term future.
  • Expanding Patterns toward noninterference in the American economy can prompt comparable responses from different state-run administrations consequently contrarily affecting global deals. 
  • Off-Season- The demand for highly profitable products is seasonal in nature and any unlikely event during the peak season may impact the profitability of the company in the short to medium term.
  • Political Environment- As The Organization is working in various nations it is presented to money changes particularly given the unstable political environment in various business sectors across the world. 
  • Extraordinary Rivalry- Stable productivity has expanded the number of players in the business in the course of the most recent two years which has come down on benefit as well as on overall sales.

This brings us to the end of the SWOT analysis of Tata Group. Let us conclude the learnings in the section below.

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The entire TATA bunch is pretty influential in various business sectors, for example, in-home nation Tata’s techniques are the same as to cost administration and separations. No ornament procedure consolidates a low cost and a center touchy market . TATA is India’s biggest private area business, greatest citizen, and most influential trade worker .With 134 years of heritage, TATA is a prominent brand name in India which is all about business and innovation, also it can enter in any portion of the market openly.

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