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Updated on: Dec 1, 2022
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In the previous article, we discussed the marketing strategy of ENGINE – The largest power utility in South Korea. In this article, we will talk about the marketing strategy of Valero Energy. Valero is a producer of renewable energy in North America and the world’s biggest petroleum refiner.

The motive of this article is to discuss what are the strategies Valero is using in order to make their company more successful. These include the STP Analysis, E-Commerce strategies, Campaigns and their social media presence which is very crucial for the companies to stay connected with their customers.

A company‘s success partially depends on how it has been marketed. Currently, marketing has taken a turn and turned digital for the convenience of companies and customers. Digital marketing makes it easy to target your customers specifically which gives your audience a personal touch.

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Moving on let’s start with the marketing strategy of Valero by learning about the company’s story.

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About Valero – Company Overview

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Source – Wikipedia

The corporation, Valero Energy Corporation, produces ethanol and refines crude oil in addition to producing and selling petrochemical goods and transportation fuels. It operates petroleum refineries in Canada, the US, and the UK.

The company also owns and operates several transportation and logistics assets, including refined product pipelines, crude oil pipelines, tanks, terminals, truck rack bays, marine docks, rail cars and rail facilities that support the ethanol and refining operations. 

Apart from these, it also produces conventional and premium gasoline. The US, Canada, the UK, and other nations are the places where Valero operates. Valero is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, the US. 

The 3 Guiding Principles of Valero are Reliable, Affordable, and Sustainable Fuels.

Quick Stats

CEO Joseph W. Gorder
CMO Andrew Cox (marketing director)
Area served North America
Industry Oil and Gas
Revenue US$117.033 billion (2018)
Vision The world needs reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. We are advancing the future of energy through innovation, ingenuity and unmatched execution.
Tagline Investing in Excellence


Marketing Strategy of Valero –

Let’s begin the marketing strategy of Valero with its STP analysis.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 

Segmentation – Valero segments its markets into companies and individuals seeking to meet their energy needs in the US, Canada, the UK, and Aruba.

Targeting – Valero targets the Industries looking to produce energy, consumers relying on gasoline and diesel for their cars and household needs.

Positioning – the biggest independent petroleum refiner in the world and a producer of renewable energy in North America.

Marketing campaigns

  • Essential for Life Campaign 

marketing strategy of valero - marketing campaign

A marketing campaign by Valero states that fossil fuels are “essential for life.” In the advertisement, a parent sees his small daughter succeed as she grows up utilizing things made from petroleum.

Social Media Marketing

  • Instagram – 6K+ followers
  • Facebook – 43K followers
  • LinkedIn – 220K followers
  • Twitter – 9K+ followers
  • Youtube – 3.69K subscribers 

Valero has its maximum followers on LinkedIn. They usually post about the offers, discounts and some facts about Valero on their social media handles.

SEO Strategies 

marketing strategy of valero - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – Ubersuggest 

As of SEO Standards, organic keywords less than 500 are bad, 1000+ are good and 10,000+ are amazing seen has 62K organic keywords which is amazing.

Another important factor in SEO is monthly traffic, above 20,000 monthly visits are amazing and Valero has 763K monthly visits which are impressive.

Influencer Marketing 

At present Valero is not using any kind of Influencer marketing. But they can explore this kind of marketing and use it for their benefit like their competitors. In this era of online marketing, influencers are a great way to convert your motive and messages to your customers.

E-Commerce Strategies

Valero has launched a new e-commerce site ‘Valero Esource’ for the convenience of their customers to buy the products. As Valero only serves an audience in North America this site is available and useful for that specific location.

Mobile Apps 

Valero has a mobile app ValeroPay+ which is available on Google Play Store. But as it does not serve in India this app is not available in India.

Valero launches many offers and discounts on payment with this app. ValeroPay+ has 3.5 ratings and 1L+ downloads on Google Play Store.

Content Marketing Strategies

As for content marketing, Valero shares multiple articles and press releases on its website through which they share more about its company, their motto and its vision to its audiences.

There are also some media pages like TalkMarkets and RoboMarkets that write blogs on Valero.

This brings us to the end of the article on the Marketing Strategy of Valero.

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What’s Unique about the Marketing Strategy of Valero?

As seen in the article Valero needs to launch more campaigns that convey its message to the world i.e sustainability.

Further coming to their social media presence they have pretty good engagement on their social media handles. But they have low engagement on Instagram and Twitter they can work on that and increase their engagement on these platforms. 

As for SEO, Valero is doing great in that part. As seen Valero does not use any influencer Marketing, they can try and explore this marketing type as well. By selecting the right influencer they can reach out to their audience with their motive.

Valero launched a new e-commerce site which is a nice move. As to conclude Marketing Strategy of Valero is good enough.

By checking out all these types of marketing strategies used by Valero to stay in the market you would have noticed the importance of Digital Marketing. You can see how digital marketing helps the company to get noticed by their target audience. 

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If you want to increase your knowledge by reading such amazing marketing strategies then IIDE Knowledge Portal has some amazing case studies like the marketing strategy of Valero. 

Hope you like the case study and learned something from it. Keep reading such marketing strategies and share your views on this one in the comments section below.

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