Effective Marketing Strategy of Torrent Power – With Company Overview & STP Analysis

Updated on: Dec 1, 2022
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In the previous article, we discussed the Marketing Strategy of JSW Energy. In this article, we will look into the Marketing Strategy of Torrent Power – a leading brand name in the power and energy sector in India.

There is an old saying ‘What is seen is sold. This saying is apt for all businesses. People tend to buy the things that they see most of the time in front of them. That’s why being seen is very important for the business and this is done by marketing your products wisely in front of your audience. 

And digital marketing helps you by targeting the exact audience per your wish. Digital Marketing has many such perks that are one of the reasons for brands to turn towards digital marketing alongside traditional marketing. 

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Now without any of your time let’s directly get to the marketing strategy of Torrent Power. Let’s first look at the company’s story to understand it better.

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About Torrent Power –

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Source – Wikipedia

Torrent Power Ltd. is a privately owned electrical power company. It is owned by the Torrent Group which is run by Sudhir and Samir Mehta, sons of founder Uttambhai Nathalal Mehta. The Torrent Group comprises Torrent Pvt. Ltd. which is the apex company, the Torrent Pharmaceuticals and Torrent Cables along with Torrent Power.

Torrent Power was set up in 1996. Over the last twenty-one years, Torrent Power has made major acquisitions of Ahmedabad Electricity Company and Surat Electricity Company. The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

It also entered into franchise agreements with the State Electricity Distribution Company of Maharashtra in 2006 and U.P. Power Corporation Ltd in 2009.

Torrent Power Limited is involved in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. The company generates electricity through coal-based, gas-based and renewable power plants.

It also provides power supply and cable products. Torrent Power is the sole distributor of power to the cities of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat and Dahej SEZ in Gujarat, Bhiwandi in Maharashtra, Agra and Uttar Pradesh, India.

The company develops and supplies control and power cables such as EHV, HT-XLPE, and LT-XLPE/PVC. Torrent Power manufactures cables through its cables manufacturing unit at Nadiad, Gujarat. The “Gujarat Ratna Award” has also been given to Torrent Power.

Quick Stats

CEO Jinal Mehta
Area Served Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat and Dahej SEZ and Dholera SIR (Gujarat), in Bhiwandi, Shil, Mumbra and Kalwa (Maharashtra), Agra (Uttar Pradesh) and in Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu
Industry Energy
Revenue ₹14,260 crores (US$1.8 billion) (2022)
Vision Transforming life by serving two of the most critical needs – healthcare and power.
Tagline Transforming Life


Marketing Strategy of Torrent Power –

There are many factors under marketing strategies that need to be considered. So let’s start the marketing strategy of Torrent Power with its STP Analysis.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 

Segmentation – Torrent Power divides its market into 2 segments – Retail and commercial customers.

Targeting – Torrent Power targets Industrial Units and residential and commercial complexes.

Positioning – Torrent Power is positioned as one of the experienced, efficient and reliable names in the power sector.

Marketing Campaigns

Being a B2B firm, Torrent Power focuses the majority of its promotional efforts on its clients rather than the general public. Information technology has been utilised by Torrent Power to create a very user-friendly and accessible website.

Payment of bills, an energy estimator, a tariff, a new connection, etc. Customers will find it to be incredibly user-friendly. Building and managing relationships are crucial to the success of B2B transactions.

Due to its assistance in the recovery process following the 2001 earthquake, Torrent Power Ltd. has gained admiration and support in Gujarat. It has also provided energy to slums and made investments in health and education.

The cardiology department at Gujrat’s U.N. Mehta Hospital is supported by Torrent Power Ltd.

Torrent Power does not launch or post any Marketing campaigns for any specific audience.

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook – 3.1K
  • LinkedIn – 86K

Torrent power has a limited presence on social media. They are not present on all social media platforms. They are present on the platforms on which their target audience is more active i.e Facebook and LinkedIn.

Torrent Power has more followers on LinkedIn. They do not post much on their social media handles.

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of torrent power - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – Ubersuggest

As per the SEO Analysis, Organic Keywords below 500 are bad, more than 1000 are good and more than 10,000 is amazing and seen Torrent Power has 2,193 organic keywords which are good.

Another factor to consider is monthly traffic, Torrent Power has 132K monthly visits which is impressive as monthly traffic of more than 20,000 is considered amazing.

Influencer Marketing

Torrent Power does not use Influencer marketing for its brand promotion. Influencer Marketing is a new-age marketing method to connect with your target audience. Torrent Power can use this and bring a face to the brand which will help them to grow all over India.

E-commerce Strategies

Torrent power has a Customer Portal on which you can fill up the application request to get the services. They also have a quick pay option on the portal which gives you the facility of online payment. Torrent power has many other options and facilities available on its customer Portal.

Mobile Apps

Torrent power has a mobile app as ‘Torrent Power Connect’ available on Google Play Store. This app helps you to carry out online payments and request services.

This app has 3.9 ratings and 10L+ downloads on Google Play Store.

Content Marketing Strategies

As seen Torrent Power is not much active on social media which is one of the ways of content marketing. Other than social media torrent power has been mentioned by some the news articles like the economic times.

Torrent Power has published some press releases which let you know about the company’s financial position.

This brings us to the end of the marketing strategy of Torrent Power.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s Unique about the Marketing Strategy of Torrent Power?

Torrent Power is one of the leading names in the power and energy sector in India. Even though having such big names as Tata Power and Adani Power as their competitors, Torrent Power has still managed to be one of the reliable names for customers in the power sector.

If we look into the overall marketing strategy of Torrent Power it has made segments by which they can satisfy more various types of customers. But when it comes to campaigns torrent power has not launched many campaigns that help to attract and connect with their audience.

Torrent Power has a limited presence on social media, but is pretty good at SEO. They have a customer Portal which helps you in booking the services and making payments online. They also have a mobile app which helps with quick pay. So these were some of the positive and negative points in the marketing strategy of Torrent Power.

Looking at various factors that help in making an effective Marketing Strategy you might have noticed that digital marketing has an important role in each of them. This shows how integral digital marketing has become in the present time and it makes it even more important to learn this in-demand skill.

Online Digital Marketing Course in India helps you to know the inside out about digital marketing. If you liked this article Marketing Strategy of Torrent Power then IIDE’s Knowledge Portal has many such insightful marketing strategies.

Thank you for reading this article. Hope it helps you. Do share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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