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Updated on: Nov 3, 2022

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In our previous article, we learnt in detail about the marketing strategy of a really fascinating brand, Goldman Sachs. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the marketing strategy of BNY Mellon – The world’s largest Custodian Bank and Securities Services Company.

The objective is to help you gain insights into BNY Mellon’s journey of becoming the world’s largest custodian bank and securities services company.  

Marketing is an inseparable part of any company that can either make it or break it. As the world has gone digital, marketing has followed the digital realm as well.

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We will fully cover our marketing strategy for BNY Mellon in this article. Before we begin our extensive dive, let us start by learning about the company’s overview, target audience and digital presence.

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About BNY Mellon – Company Overview

marketing strategy of Bny Mellon - logoSource – Logo. wine

BNY Mellon was established (as the Bank of New York) in 1784 by Alexander Hamilton and later became the first company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

BNY Mellon was founded on July 1 2007, as a result of the merger of The Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation. BNY Mellon has its headquarters in New York, NY.

It is the world’s largest custodian bank and securities services company, with $2.4 trillion in assets under management and $46.7 trillion in assets under custody as of the alternate quarter of 2021. BNY Mellon is incorporated in Delaware.

BNY Mellon operates in 35 countries around the world such as Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East + Africa; Latin America; North America.

The 4 values of Bny Mellon are Courage to Lead, Passion for Excellence, Strength in Diversity and inclusion.

Quick Stats On BNY Mellon

CEO Thomas P Gibbons
CMO Jill Kremins
Area served The Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East + Africa, Latin America, and North America
Industry Global Banking Financial Services
Revenue $16.158B (2021)
Vision To be focused on innovation that powers global investments and helps clients succeed.
Tagline Powering The Financial World


Marketing Strategy of BNY Mellon –

Let’s learn about the marketing strategy of BNY Mellon! And how BNY Mellon carries the marketing campaign etc.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

The target audience is mainly from 21-60 years of age. This is the age where most people have the urge to know more about finance and investments and that’s where BNY Mellon comes in. It serves as a financial bank and educational platform. That serves the purpose of finance and investments.

BNY Mellon began a marketing crusade in 2013 to increase brand awareness of the company that included a new watchword and logo.

BNY Mellon recently serves in 35 countries including North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa(EMEA) 

BNY Mellon made its positioning in the market by being the biggest custodian bank in the world.

The strong distribution channel has made BNY Mellon a trustworthy bank in the eyes of the target audience. BNY Mellon made sure that people can access their banking information anytime, anywhere. 

Marketing Campaigns

  • The Multiple Perspective Crossword Puzzle

marketing strategy of bny mellon - marketing campaignThe agency launched cooperation with The New York Times, creating a first-ever Multi-Perspective Crossword Puzzle. The mystification featured two different suggestions for each answer, inviting the conundrum to consider different perspectives and points of view as they complete it.

Overhead of 10MM business decision makers read the NYTimes Sunday magazine. And three out of four compendiums hold onto the magazine for at least three days, i.e., long enough to finish the crossword.

  • Podfast

marketing strategy of bny mellon - marketing campaign

Partnering with the Economist, BNY Mellon created the first- ever slowed down podcast advertisement, designed to speak directly to those financially inclined listeners who generally speed through their podcasts called PodFasters; people who hear podcasts at an increased speed so they can consume further audio content.

To those listening to their Economist podcasts at 2x speed, the advertisement stood out by sounding perfectly normal, sticking BNY Mellon as the investment company with deeper perceptivity, “ like how some well-informed listeners consume their podcasts twice as presto.”

  • BNY Mellon Wealth Management– Do Well Better

marketing strategy of bny mellon - marketing campaign

BNY Mellon Wealth Management addresses Conceptions of Wealth by Featuring Philanthropic guests. The fiscal services establishment, with agency Havas New York, highlights the social impact of the enterprise.

The crusade looks at how BNY Mellon guests influence wealth to ameliorate society. 

Social Media Marketing

BNY Mellon is active on Social Media like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Facebook: 13K-14K
  • Instagram: 8K-9K
  • LinkedIn: 433K-434K

It has maximum followers on Linkedin than on Facebook and at last Instagram. LinkedIn is further a professional kind of social media which excludes youthful teenagers as the utmost of them don’t have an account on LinkedIn.

The posts contain mostly promotional and informational content along with some posts related to their achievements and recruiting process. 

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of bny mellon - ubersuggest seo screenshot

As per SEO ranking, keywords – below 500 are bad, above 1000 are good, and 10,000+ is amazing. As we can see that has 75,592 organic keywords and it’s considered amazing.

That means the digital marketing of BNY Mellon is gaining an incredible number of insights. 

Also, the traffic per month is around 161K+ which is known as really amazing. Hence, BNY Mellon has its SEO game pretty strong. 

Influencer Marketing

BNY Mellon has collaborated with many influencers and reputed people from the finance industry to share information related to finance with their audience. They even arrange podcasts with influencers to educate their customers.

One of the collaborations is with Yahoo Finance for a youtube video talking about the Economy, Inflation and more.

It has even collaborated with The New York Times to create the first-ever Multi-Perspective crossword puzzle.

BNY Mellon knows the importance of Influencer Marketing and has always benefited from it.

E-commerce Strategies

In talking about e-commerce strategies Bny Mellon has its website from where its customers can access their accounts directly.

Besides that, it has a lot of information along with other educational content related to finance and investments which their customers can be benefitted from.

Mobile Apps

BNY Mellon Wealth Management App offers the flexibility to access the accounts in the most convenient way to their customers.

One can access personal banking account information anytime, anywhere.

The mobile application has a notification push, wherever any offers or new service is launched.

Content Marketing Strategies

BNY Mellon is very active on social media. The post content is related to their new services, policies, educational content, their achievements etc.

The source of posting content is Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Also, they collaborate with knowledgeable people in their industry for podcasts. 

This ends our elaborative marketing strategy of BNY Mellon. Let us conclude our learning below.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

Conclusion – What’s unique about the marketing strategy of BNY Mellon?

In the marketing strategy of BNY Mellon, we saw that BNY Mellon is gaining love and support from all the places in the world. The popularity is increasing among the people.

The uniqueness of being the world’s biggest custodian bank has lessened the competition for them. BNY Mellon has strengthened its digital marketing methods, which has to gain the best insights. 

Digital Marketing has gained a lot of popularity during the pandemic times. People have realised the importance of online presence since almost 60% population of the world uses the internet. The number has drastically increased up to 20% due to pandemics.

If the business really wants to grow and reach out to its targeted audience then Digital Marketing is the right choice to start. Through Digital Marketing, strategic planning and execution of effective marketing strategies could be done.  

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We hope this article on the marketing strategy of BNY Mellon has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

If you like such in-depth analysis of companies just like the marketing strategy of BNY Mellon, check out our IIDE Knowledge portal for more fascinating case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and do share your thoughts on this case study of the Extensive marketing strategy of BNY Mellon in the comments section below.

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