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Updated on: Sep 18, 2022

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In our previous article, we learned about the marketing strategy of Levi’s, one of the popular brands in jeanswear. 

In this article, we will learn about the marketing strategy of Anta Sports, the largest sports equipment retailer, and manufacturer in China.

Anta Sports Products Limited is a Chinese sports equipment multinational corporation situated in Jinjiang. It is the world’s biggest sports activities equipment business enterprise via means of sales as of 2019 and the third-biggest producer of carrying items overall (best in the back of sports clothing organizations Nike and Adidas).

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This blog will fully cover Anta Sports’ marketing strategy, STP, marketing campaign, social media marketing, and SEO strategies. So before we delve in let’s start by giving you a brief overview of the company. 

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About Anta Sports

Anta Sports is Chinese sports equipment multinational corporation manufacturing purely sports equipment including designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing products, including sportswear, footwear, apparel and accessories under its own brand name – Anta.

Anta was founded by Ding Shizhong in 1991. In 2008, the Beijing Olympics gave Anta the opportunity to expand its business marketing footwear. The company also operates stores in China, Hong Kong and Macao.


Quick Stats on Anta Sports
CEO Mr Ding Shizhong
CMO Lydia Zhu
Area Served Worldwide
Industry Sports
Market Share/ Revenue 207 crores USD
Vision To integrate the sports spirit of “Going beyond oneself” into everyone’s daily life.
Tagline Keep Moving


Marketing Strategy of Anta Sports

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) Analysis


Anta Sports has divided its customer base into different segments based on the following variables – geographics, demographics, and psychographics. 


Anta Sports employs a targeted marketing strategy that is differentiated. With its many sorts of sectors, offerings, and services, Anta Sports Shoe Company has covered the whole shoe market. Anta Sports is ready to meet any footwear need through its wide range of footwear. 

If upper-class, high-income individuals desire a luxurious shoe, Anta Sports can meet their needs. If a lower-class, low-income person only needs a shoe to cover their feet, Anta Sports provides a solution for them as well.


Anta Sports is positioned as an affordable superior quality, sports, soft, attractive, and fashionable brand.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Strategy Of Anta Sports - Campaign 1
Anta Olympics Brand Campaign – Sports for Anta, Anta for China

Anta Sports presents Anta Sportswear X China Olympics. The video showcases the spirit and enthusiasm of various Olympics sports celebrities to go for more with Anta Sports equipment. They are willing to go further, even faster, and keep it up in any challenges. The personalities were seen preparing for the China Olympics.

Marketing Strategy Of Anta Sports - Campaign 2
ANTA Sports #KeepMoving

With the hashtag #KeepMoving, Anta Sports imbibes the Winning Sports Spirit into everyday life. Energy is never lost, it just transforms. And if you let us, Anta Sports can transform you is what Anta Sports convey in this advertisement.


Social Media Marketing

On social media, Anta Sports is in fierce competition with other companies in its sector. Anta Sports has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc in addition to its website.

Facebook:- Anta Sports has 824k likes on Facebook.
Instagram:- Anta Sports has 141k followers on Instagram.
LinkedIn:- Anta Sports has 13.6k followers on LinkedIn.
Twitter:- Anta Sports has 2.5k followers on Twitter.

Anta Sports’s most-followed social media account is Facebook with 824k followers. But they are equally active on all four social media platforms mentioned above. They also have a youtube channel and a Pinterest page where they have put up all their ads. All of their posts either information about something new happening with the brand or promote a single uniform message i.e. comfort to perfection, jogging to intense sports equipment, modern to premium, Anta Sports has a range of footwear for your every/any style.

SEO Strategies

Marketing Strategy Of Anta Sports - SEO

SEO strategy is “The thing” when it comes to bringing in organic traffic to your site. And Anta Sports does well in it since it has 2.5k organic keywords. And its site also has monthly organic traffic of 52k visitors. Which is way more than any of its competitors and shows how much importance Anta Sports gives to its SEO strategy.

Influencer marketing

Marketing Strategy Of Anta Sports - Influencer

Let’s have a look at Anta Sports’ new influencer marketing strategy of Anta Sports which is based on changing the brand image.

Recently Anta Sports has associated with many top influencers such as Wang Yibo, Eileen Gu and NBA player Klay Thompson to attract Gen Z consumers in China. All in a bid to appeal to younger shoppers and position itself as a sports-forward brand.

E-commerce Strategies

Marketing Strategy Of Anta Sports - Ecom

Anta Sports has realized the importance of e-commerce platforms to reach out to as many customers as it can.

Anta is using all three mediums – Anta Sports retail stores, Anta Sports franchise stores, and multi-brand outlets.

Brand’s official site is Anta Sports. It is the online selling portal of Anta Sports. It has all the Anta Sports products available on it and provides free shipping on all orders from the site. It has separate sections for women, men, kids, sports and new products. This way it helps them reach untapped markets and overcome geographical boundaries too and expand their presence.

Content Marketing Strategies

When it comes to the content marketing strategy of Anta Sports. It does give attention to this part of marketing too. They have a newsletter, press releases section on the website, social media handles, and a youtube channel.

On their youtube channel & social media handles, they post content where they collaborate with the designers of various Anta Sports products and portray them by explaining the Nitty-gritty of the footwear designs. 

A bulk of their social media posts are just about their latest collection, shoe trends & topical posts utilizing trending and relatable topics.

Anta Sports’ website doesn’t have a blog section but they do have newspaper articles and blogs talking about its marketing strategy and communicating the brand’s message and its approach going forward. This way Anta Sports also generates a lot of backlinks for its website too.


This ends with an elaborative marketing strategy of Anta Sports. Let us conclude our learning below from the marketing strategy of Anta Sports.

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What’s Unique in Anta Sports Marketing?

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We hope this blog on the marketing strategy of Anta Sports has given you a good insight into the company’s marketing strategies.

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Thank you for taking the time to read the marketing strategy of Anta Sports, and do share your thoughts on this case study marketing strategy of Anta Sports in the comments section below.

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