Extensive Marketing Strategy Of Adani Enterprises – In-Depth Analysis

Updated on: Feb 11, 2023

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In the previous article, we learned about the detailed marketing strategy of Paytm, an Indian multinational leading company. In this blog, we are going through the complex and precise marketing strategy of Adani Enterprises – The flagship company of the Adani group.

The intention here, in this case, a study is to obtain valuable knowledge about the marketing strategies of the Adani Group. The company has set its site on to be a world-class business leader and enrich lives by contributing to nations by building infrastructure through sustainable value creation.

The blog will cover parts of Adani’s marketing campaigns, Social media marketing, SEO strategies, Influencer marketing, E-commerce strategies, and more.

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Before we start with Adani’s detailed marketing strategies let us begin by understanding the company’s story, target audience, and digital presence.

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About Adani Enterprises – Company Overview

Marketing strategy of Adani Enterprises - Adani Enterprises logo

Adani Enterprises – Adani Group is an Indian multi-industry company headquartered in Ahmedabad. Gautam Adani is the founder of Adani Enterprises, which started as a commodity trading business in 1988. 

Adani enterprise is a holding company that primarily focuses on mining and trading coal and iron ore and it also acts as the incubator of Adani Group’s new business ventures.

The CEO Mr Vinay Prakash is a recognized leader in the energy and infrastructure sector. Adani was ranked India’s most trusted infrastructure brand by the Brand Trust Report in 2015. 

Adani Enterprise has 3 principal subsidiaries – Adani Wilmar (Food Processing),  Adani Airport Holdings(airport operations), and Adani Road transport(Road Development).

Currently, in 2022, it has crossed the market capitalization of US$200 billion and it is becoming the 3rd Indian conglomerate after Tata group and Reliance Industries.


Quick Stats on Adani Enterprises

Mr Vinay Prakash


Jugeshinder (‘Robbie’) Singh.

Area Served




Market Share/ Revenue

Rs. 33.13000 Cr


To be a world-class leader in businesses that enrich lives and contribute to nations in building infrastructure through sustainable value creation.


“Thinking big. Doing better”


Marketing Strategy of Adani Enterprises

Let us have a look at the fantastic marketing strategy of Adani Enterprises. We will look into its marketing campaigns, SEO strategies, etc.

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

Segmentation – Adani Enterprises Ltd. engages and operates through six segments i.e Trading(coal trading & mining), Power(power transmission & gas distribution), Port(multimodel logistics), Agro(Edible oil & agro commodities), Real Estate, and Others.

Targeting – Adani Group targets the consumers who purchase their food products such as edible oil, soya chunks, and more. Adano group also targets government and large companies for great deals in trading, power, port, agro, and more.

Positioning – It has a world-class transport and utility infrastructure and as it is a diversified organization in India it has a cap of over $262,23 billion comprising 7 publicly traded companies.

Marketing Campaign of Adani Enterprises

Adani Group has done many successful marketing campaigns which helped them to reach their customers and also establish credibility and a feeling of truth and justice in the campaigns. 

#SoundsOfGoodness Campaign

Marketing strategy of Adani Enterprises - Sounds of goodness Marketing Campaign

#SoundsOfGoodness Campaign was held by teaming up with RepIndia and Adani Group’s Digital Partners.

On the occasion of the World Trade Organisation on 5th June 2020, the aim was to generate much-needed awareness about the environment and share sounds of nature that inspired their eco-friendly and sustainable like mangrove plantations and renewable energy. 

The campaigns enthused millions to take a step forward and preserve mother nature in all its bounty and splendour.

#LiveTheConstitution Campaign 

Marketing strategy of Adani Enterprises - Live the constitution Marketing Campaign

On the 71st Republic Day, the Adani Group launched the #LiveTheconstitution Campaign.

The campaign aimed to revisit the Preamble of the Constitution of India and to create India into a Sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic public. Also, the campaign looks to interact with young and brilliant minds of today as well as future generations who have experienced traditional India.

#GoodnessNeverStops Campaign

Marketing strategy of Adani Enterprises - Goodness Never Stops Marketing Campaign

#GoodnessNeverStops is a short film that shows appreciation for frontline warriors.

The campaign pays tribute to the Adanis workforce for their tireless efforts throughout the Covid Crisis.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook 11 lakh+ Followers
Instagram 123K Followers
LinkedIn 9 lakh+ Followers
Twitter 268.2K Followers

From the above figures, we see that Adani Group is on all social media platforms and they are most active on Linkedin and Twitter.

They share posts and tweets related to informational and promotional product launches. They also share people’s life at Adani Group as well as their success stories. They also engage well with people on social media which is a good impression.

SEO Strategies 

Marketing strategy of Adani Enterprises- SEO Strategies

SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing.

SEO helps to build brand loyalty for a company and as you can see in the picture above Adani Group has made use of this strategy very well. As per SEO results, it is said that the number of keywords below 500 is bad, above 1000 is good, and 10,000+ is amazing.

The majority of traffic comes from online searches and here the number of organic keywords is 10,000+ which is amazing for Adani Group to increase in visibility of their website. 

The organic traffic per month is 20,000+ which proves that the SEO Team at Adani Group is working hard to rank high in the Google SERP organic results.

Influencer Marketing

Adani’s brand name gets its boost from subtle online advertising and Expensive newspapers and TV commercials also launch short films/campaigns such as #GarvHai  #LiveTheConstitution #GoodnessNeverStops which influence millions of people. 

Adani Sportsline has inked a long-term principal sponsorship deal with IOA – Indian Olympic Association to support Indian Athletes.

E-commerce Strategies

Adani Group made a strategic partnership with Flipkart which made an addition to its logistic portfolio. The partnership was done to strengthen e-commerce players’ supply chain infrastructure. 

With this partnership, Flipkart aimed to fend off stiff competition from other MNCs, Partnerships, and collaboration. All eyes will be on the volume of trade that will take place from the newly constructed fulfilment when it becomes operational.

Mobile Apps

Adani Enterprises have mobile applications like Adani Electric, Adani Shaksham, Adani  Wilmar- Fortune Online, etc 

Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing is important to build trust, develop relationships, improve conversations, and answer your audience’s questions. As we have seen Adani group is very active on social media it posts the majority of its content on social media. 

The post content contains information about their new project, events, and new app launches. Apart from social media they also post content on their website.

With this, we end the elaborative marketing strategy of Adani Enterprises. Let us conclude our topic below.

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Conclusion  – What’s Special in Adani Enterprises’ Marketing?

Through #GrowthWithGoodness, it is a leading business conglomerate that improves lives, generates sustainable value, and empowers India.

The company has a strong base and holds a good share of the market and is the global leader. The company has a unique business model which has made it a billion-dollar company. 

It has a proper handling system and they have also done amazing CSR activities and social media campaigns that were unique.

As influencer marketing is a sub-part of digital marketing and is very popular on social media people also love to watch interesting video content rather than read it so the company can make deals with famous influencers and Bollywood celebs to promote their apps and projects.

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We hope that this blog has given you good knowledge about the marketing strategies of Adani Enterprises. If you would like to read and learn such insights about other companies, check out IIDE’s Knowledge Portal. This portal covers more interesting case studies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy Reading!

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