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Comprehensive Marketing Mix of Nescafe – With All 4Ps Covered in Detail

Updated on: Sep 17, 2021
Marketing Mix of Nescafe - Featured Image

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My name is Aditya Shastri and I have written this case study with the help of my students from the online digital marketing course at IIDE - India's #1 digital marketing institute.

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In this blog, we’ve elucidated the Marketing Mix of NESCAFE. 

Nestle not only provides the best quality coffee but also attracts consumers by its brand name and unique advertisement. Before we dive right into its successful marketing mixes, let’s learn more about the company.


About Nescafe


Nescafe Brand Logo - Marketing Mix of Nescafe | IIDE


NESCAFE is one of the most loved and classic coffee brands in India. Nescafé is a brand of instant coffee established by Nestlé. Nescafe was introduced in India in 1963. It comes in many different product forms. 

“Nescafe” is a fusion of two words “Nestlé” and “café”. Nestlé’s “flagship powdered coffee” product was introduced in Switzerland on April 1, 1938. 

 Nestle was established by Henri Nestle Country in Switzerland. Nescafé coffee was launched in Switzerland in 1938 by Dr Max Morgenthaler.

Nescafé coffee was originally inaugurated in Brazil in the 1930s as an instance of innovation and sustainable development. The expertise of Nestle’s milk built on the formula for developing soluble coffee which helped thousands of Brazilian farmers from hardship and crop waste. Now let’s learn further about Nescafe and its marketing tactics.




Marketing Mix of Nescafe | IIDE


Marketing strategy helps in discovering the areas affected by organizational growth and thereby helps companies achieve business goals & objectives.

Identifying and arranging the elements of the marketing mix (4ps) allows a business to make profitable marketing decisions to every extent. Let’s deep dive into the marketing mix for a better knowledge of understanding.


1. Nescafe Product Strategy :


Nescafe provides a spread of products intending to satisfy the taste buds of its customers. They aim to fulfil the satisfaction of consumers with every kind of product. NESCAFE considers the demographic needs of the customers. The corporate provides various blends like Nescafe Original Blend, Gold Blend, Gold Blend Decaff, etc. The Decafe section offers a variety of types like Decafe, Half Café, etc.

Nescafe Product Strategy - Marketing Mix of Nescafe | IIDE


The Cappuccino has various flavours like Decaffeinated, Skinny Unsweetened, etc. to call among a couple of. They provide espresso, green blend, Vanilla, Mocha, Irish Cream, Latte, Latte with various blends, etc. This is often enough to point out the merchandise range of Nescafe. They cater to almost all kinds of coffee lovers with their gigantic assortment of products.


Nescafe Product Strategy - Marketing Mix of Nescafe | IIDE


  • Nescafé Original
  • Nescafé Classic
  • Nescafé Gold Blend Half Caff
  • Nescafé Gold Blend Decaf
  • Nescafé Alta Rica Decaff
  • Nescafe Blend 43
  • Nescafé Blend 37
  • Nescafé Black Gold
  • Nescafé Classico
  • Nescafé Decaff
  • Nescafé Half Caff
  • Café Parisien
  • Nescafé Gold Blend
  • Nescafé Suraya
  • Nescafé Alta Rica
  • Nescafé Espresso
  • Nescafé Fine Blend
  • Nescafé Partners Blend


The list of Products offered by Nescafe is exhaustive. You can check all its products here – Explore our Coffees | NESCAFÉ India


2. Nescafe Promotion Strategy :


Nescafe Promotion Strategy - Marketing Mix of Nescafe | IIDE


Nestle has used several advertising tactics throughout the years to make the merchandise Nescafe appealing. Particularly, it has used persuasive advertising strategies to make it an immediate success. Nestle conducts several advertisements and TV commercials focused on making it a household premium brand. 

The perpetual series of advertising with creative promotions have given Nescafe a flagship title in the industry of instant coffee. Not only this, Nescafe has always produced high-quality products by doing experiments with a lot of variants.


Nescafe Promotion Strategy - Marketing Mix of Nescafe | IIDE


Looking at the potential of tea lovers in India and to build tea lovers as customers of Nescafe, they recently launched Nestea. Moreover, In India, Deepika Padukone is signed as the brand ambassador of Nescafe. Besides, it has advertised many promotional ads including Purab Kohli and Karan Johar to push the Nescafe coffee brand

Nescafe’s promotion strategy involves significant use of

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Newspapers
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Public relation activity etc.

Another promotional strategy includes the expanding Brand value which Nescafe has built over the years. Besides some packaging and product changes, the Nescafé logotype has always remained the same classic logo since its origin.


3. Nescafe Place Strategy :


Over the years, The brand Nescafe has become a household name concerning its extension. Nescafe ensures that people all around the world are supplied with their wants at the doorstep. Nescafe is familiar with the demand for its products and because of that make sure that their products are supplied to their expected target audience. Nescafe maintained an enormous cycle of distribution, with its perpetual increase in the brand name they made themselves available in almost all the areas where their targeted customers are. 


Nescafe Place Strategy - Marketing Mix of Nescafe | IIDE


Nestle pursues the FMCG strategy of distribution. This is quite effective as it involves breaking the volume into two distribution channels. The two channels are – 

1. Manufacturing-C&F agent-Distributors-Retailers

2. Manufacturing-Bulk buyers-Consumers


Besides this, To encourage sales, they frequently offer bulk buyers with trade discounts. Apart from this, Nestle also offers products through online channels.


4. Nescafe Pricing Strategy :


The marketing mix pricing strategy of Nescafe includes :

The price of the products partially relies on the quality of the coffee manufactured at Nescafe. And rest depends upon competitors and demand for it in the market.

Nescafe’s products are of superior quality and hence considerably priced. Nescafe has put forth various changes in the portfolio and introduced new products. Eventually, this attracts consumers as they get a huge variety to choose from. The quantity provided to the customers varies from price to price.

Production of the pocket-friendly sachets spread the product to a larger set of customers who prefer a single cup of coffee at a low price. The sachets are available at a cheap price. The various flavours of Nescafe coffee are made available in various quantities and their prices are also set according to the packaging.





Today NESCAFÉ is one of the world’s leading coffee brands with more than 4,000 cups of NESCAFÉ savoured every second all over the world. Nescafe has had a rich and classic history since 1938. Nescafe products are produced by Nestle.

Consumers’ perception of a brand is based mostly on the satisfactory value the user receives after paying for the product. In the above case study, we observed that a significant portion of the user is satisfied with Nescafe products.

If you are further interested to know more about digital marketing then you can watch our free online masterclass or take up a 3-month digital marketing course with certification.




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