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Updated on: Sep 13, 2021
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The LAY’S® trademark will be present everywhere there are celebrations and good times, as it has been for over 75 years. We have a chip or crisp taste that will put a grin on your face, with flavours that are almost as rich as our history.

In this case study on the Marketing Mix of Lays, we will cover the 4 Ps of marketing – Product, Pricing, Place and Promotion, that guided their brand to their well-known brand name and success. Before we rush into its marketing mix, let’s understand a little about Lays.


About Lays


Lays brand logo - Marketing Mix of Lays

The PepsiCo result of tidbits fragment food which is comprised of potato. In India during 2014, Lays had a piece of the pie of 50.2% portion of the overall industry while in the US it was 29.6 of potato chips market. In cheap food industry is developing at a pace of 5% each year from the most recent couple of years. The pack food industry is popular because of changing way of life uncommonly in India the way of life of the metro is changing bringing about the request. In the wake of dispatching Lays in 1932, PepsiCo has procured it. In India, Lays item has various flavours to serve various requests and more expectations.

Lays is a famous brand related to the nibble food industry. It was established in the year 1932 by an American Herman Lay. Throughout the long term responsibility for the organization has changed a few hands. A long time 1961-65 saw the consolidation of Lays with Frito Company to become Frito-Lay and in 1965 it indeed converged with Pepsi-Cola organization to become PepsiCo, Inc. A portion of its rivals in customer market are as per the following- 


  • Piknik
  • Diamond wafers
  • Parle Wafers
  • Haldirams
  • Bingo
  • Kurkure
  • Pringles


Now that we have a good idea about Lays and are familiar with its history, let’s dive straight into the Marketing Mix of Lays.


Marketing Mix of Lays – The 4 P’s


The Marketing Mix Analysis done by and for every company covers the basic 4Ps – Product, Price, Place and Promotion that clarifies the company’s showcasing system. Promoting system assists organizations with accomplishing business objectives and goals, and showcasing blend (4Ps) is the generally utilized structure to characterize the procedures. Let’s first start with the Product Strategy of Lays.


1. Product Strategy of Lays


Lays Product Strategy - Marketing Mix of Lays

The Product Strategy of Lays under the umbrella of marketing strategy can be explained as follows: 

Lays, from Pepsi Co, is a main bite and chips brand, having its essence the whole way across the world. Lays items are explicitly made with individual nation’s interests. In India, the flavours are given to the potato chips according to the territorial fame of flavours bringing about an expansion in the client base.

As Indian masala is the most renowned overall henceforth Lays have likewise made some worldwide flavour chips. The potato chips are trans-fat-free. Henceforth they are promoted as sound tidbits. European nations’ utilization is reliant upon pressed food consequently this nibble food has been popular. In India likewise, insanely the inexpensive food, stuffed food is rising continuously. Lays accompany air-filled to keep up with the crispiness of the chips with long life. In Lays, the bundling and planning of the item is additionally a concern part. 


Some of the following kinds of Lays are:

  • Lays Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays Chile Limon Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays Deli-style the  Original Potato Chips
  • Lays Classic Potato chips
  • Lays Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays Wavy milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
  • Lays Wavy Ranch Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays Wavy Cheddar Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays STAX Xtra Flamin’Hot Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays Flamin’Hot Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays Honey Barbecue Flavoured Potato Chips
  • Lays Lightly Salted Potato Chips
  • Lays Limon Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays Pico de Gallo Flavoured Potato Chips
  • Lays Salt and Vinegar Flavored Potato Chips
  • Lays Kettle Cooked jalapeno Flavored Potato Chips


2. Pricing Strategy of Lays


Lays have received a few valuing methodologies to fulfil its cost cognizant clients. An organization’s worth-based costs are the impression of its situation as a brand with particular highlights like easy availability, simple moderateness, extraordinary taste, and superior grade. 

Lays stay careful about its rivals and have held serious evaluating plan to keep its item costs at standard with rival organizations to keep up with client dependability. It additionally utilizes a limited time estimating plan at standard periods to expand its momentary deals volume. The organization offers a few motivating forces like mass arrangements, limits, and value packs.

This aids in most extreme deals in the least time and accumulates additional benefits. The cost is where items are recognized as pack nibble food can/can not be the substitution of the current snack food in India.  Indian populace is worried about taste however moreover value comes. Thinking about the contests from Kurkure, bingo, Haldirams chips, and some more, Lays have kept up with their costs as low as to vie for the market.

Various sizes with costs are available. Lays don’t change their costs with change in crude material expense, they change amount as bundle contains 70% air. The assembling areas, inventory network the executives, circulation, and variable expense is kept up with for serious estimating. Accessibility of items, mass requesting, and showcasing these all things contribute to the evaluating system of the Lays.


3. Place Strategy of Lays


Lays Place Strategy - Marketing Mix of Lays

Lays have acquired global acknowledgement and its items are effectively accessible in many nations of the world. Its author began nibble food tasks from Dorset in the US and with time extended to incorporate most worldwide nations like Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, UAE, Canada, Joined Realm and South Africa.

Lays have a solid appropriation network that incorporates administrations of makers, wholesalers, retailers to arrive at purchasers through corner shops, bargain shops, general stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores. They have an exceptionally solid inventory network in addition to distributor and retailer organization. Henceforth one can discover Lays contributes to any edge of the country. Provider, distributer, and retails are the foundation of Lays deals.

There is no particular designated region for Lays as this food is requested and a favourite of everybody. The creation of Lays requires a superior grade of potato. Henceforth creating places they are at the various area in India. Overall this nibble food is exceptionally requested with high rivalry.


4. Promotion Strategy of lays


Lays Promotion Strategy - Marketing Mix of Lays       Lays Promotion Strategy - Marketing Mix of Lays

Lays becomes one of the companies that realized the importance of marketing. In the year 1944, it purchased TV advertisements and delegated Bert Lahr as its VIP representative, and turned into the main producer of nibble food things to do as such. Right now, it has used each conceivable promoting apparatus to make brand permeability.

Its promotions are clever and alluring with infectious slogans. Promotions are displayed in well-known TV slots, radio, magazines, papers, hoardings at mainstream places, and on sides of a few vehicles like transport, cable car, and auto-carts. To move with evolving times, it has begun battling in online media gateways through Twitter, Facebook, Sites, and YouTube. Lays have understood the significance of big-name support and have roped in a few well-known characters to act in its promotion crusades.

In India entertainers, Ranbir Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan alongside cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni embrace Lays. In Pakistan, the item is supported by Ali Zafar, a pop star. A few well-known slogans are related to the lays like betcha can’t eat only one and be a little dialogical.

Being PepsiCo item, Lays have broad promoting technique. Superstar support is one of the significant and affecting promoting channels. Lays have diverse brand envoy with time and advertising type. Being all portion snacks food item Lays have reached to clients variously. Ad on mainstream Television slots, radio, magazines, papers, other print media stations is among the significantly limited time plans of Lays. Lays additionally have the high computerized promoting impression.

Online media advertising because of more brand permeability on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with distinct sites of the item on magazines is likewise one of the techniques. Supporting various occasions like IPS and cricket has additionally made Lays more famous food among sports energetic.


With this, we come to the end of the analysis on the Marketing Strategy of Lays, lets quickly conclude with a summary.




Lays is a well-versed snack brand that has been is one of its kind in popularity of snack brand. The band has done its strategies well to stand its position on the continent. the product strategy has paid off with effort in marketing the goods and now the brand has tough competition with wide recognition among the globe. Hopefully, you have learned something new and unknown information about dove’s Marketing mix.

If you have any queries or concerns, let us know in the comments and feel free to share if you enjoyed this case study on the Marketing Mix of Lays.  Sign up for our free masterclass conducted by Mr Karan Shah, the founder and CEO of IIDE, and learn the fundamentals of digital marketing from the expert before making your decision to learn more about marketing and its strategies.



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