4 Reasons: ‘Why Remarketing is important”

Do you know, companies use this simple technique of Remarketing and increase their sales exponentially?
Master the art of Remarketing on Facebook and other forums and know ‘why’ you shouldn’t miss out on remarketing to your customers.

Here are 4 reasons ‘why Remarketing is an important technique”.

1. Engagement with your audience


As per the research work of QuickSprout.com 97% users leave without converting, i.e. 97 out of 100 new users either don’t leave their email ID or contact number or contact details. Around 49% of the visitors browse a site 2-4 times before they make a purchase. When the products are high valued, visitors are even the more cautious while buying.

Most of all users spend a lot of time to see the features of the product and compare on the various platforms. But, companies want to increase their sales and meet customer expectations.

Facebook Remarketing - Digital Marketing 1

One can’t let the valuable customers go just like that! Hence, Remarketing allows business enterprises to follow users from site to site. One of the major platforms for remarketing the customers is Facebook. Facebook allows brands to use Facebook Pixel Code to track their customers. Learn more about Facebook Pixel Code with our detailed guide on it.

In order to remarket the customers, it is indeed essential to engage with the target audience. As a result, brands offer discounts, value addition offers etc. Through engagement, brands gain customers’ insight and accordingly remarket them in exclusive manners.

2. Rise in Brand Awareness

Around 42% of companies use remarketing for online brand awareness. Renowned companies would want their customers to recognize their brands quickly. Brand recognition is one of the key result areas.

Facebook Remarketing - Digital Marketing 2

With remarketing, companies are able to re-establish brand awareness. Let’s consider one small example. You were searching for a Jacket on Mango’s portal. You found one Jacket and added to your cart. Consequently, you abandoned the cart and left the website. What would Mango probably do to it?

Facebook Remarketing - Digital Marketing 4

Mango would re-establish the brand in your mind. They could retarget you through a Facebook Remarketing Ad, Google ad, other social media ads or even drop an email to you. Due to remarketing, Mango can fix the product line and brand name in your mind.

3. Rise in Conversions on Website

Only around 56% companies utilize the remarketing strategy to gain those specific customers. Remarketing enhances the companies’ chances to regain the visitors by showing them ads on various media.

Facebook Remarketing - Digital Marketing 3

Remarketing ads like Facebook ads allows online companies to offer various deals and attract such visitors to revisit the website and complete the deal. How many times your customer views your website again is really important as customers visit the same product again and again before making a purchase.

4. Fight for your competitors’ customers

Around 11% companies use marketing to target their competitor’s customers. It’s through remarketing companies ads pop up on to customers’ browser after they go on companies website or search a particular keyword. That means digital marketers can target people who’ve visited websites that are highly related to the products in which particular company deals.


Great marketing strategies by Digital marketers’ help companies reach their target audience and boost customer base. Remarketing is the optimum solution to reach aspired target audience, increase sales, increase conversion rates and improve engagement