6 Best Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE To Boost Your Digital Skills

Updated on: Jan 1, 2023

Are you looking for the Best Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE? If the answer is yes then you are most definitely on the right path. In this blog, we have listed down the top 6 Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE along with all the necessary details regarding these courses that can help you choose the right Social Media Marketing Course for yourself.

But, before we get started with the list of top 6 Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE, let us first understand what exactly is Social Media Marketing and what are its benefits.

Social Media Marketing or SMM is the use of social media platforms and websites in order to promote a product or service at an affordable price. It is also used to interact with customers to build brand awareness, increase sales, and drive website traffic towards a website. It is a combination of various tactics such as blogging, visual media, and social networking that helps you maximize your ROI while saving your valuable time and money. Although digital marketing and e-marketing are still dominant and the most popular, Social Media Marketing is also becoming more and more popular and it is being used by both practitioners and researchers.

Some of the popular social media platforms that are used in Social Media Marketing are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest.

There are lots of benefits of Social Media Marketing as it is one of the most crucial parts of digital marketing. It is the biggest revolution in the field of marketing and it has changed the way businesses used to interact with their customers and target audience. It is one of the most powerful tools that holds many benefits for a company. It can help a company in maximizing its reach, segment its audience, increase its visibility, boost its sales, and reduce its advertising cost.

As you have gained all the knowledge about Social Media Marketing and its benefits let’s look at the Social Media Marketing job opportunities available in The UAE:

Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE - Job Statistics

Source – Indeed.com

Astonishing, isn’t it? As you can see there are numerous job opportunities in the field of Social Media Marketing in The UAE and it sure will increase furthermore in upcoming times.

Social Media is one of the most thriving marketplaces and that is why every business small or big wants to tap into its massive potential. As you’ve seen the need for Social Media Marketing professionals and experts is increasing day by day and companies are ready to pay handsome salaries to them. So if you want to make a career in Social Media Marketing, then we suggest you choose the right SMM course and start learning it as soon as possible to become an expert in this field.

Bonus tip: When it comes to targeting potential customers, then Instagram is one of the best platforms you can use. To know how you can start and manage your Instagram business account check out our blog in which we’ve listed Steps to Start Your Instagram Business Account Along with Instagram Marketing Tips.

Now let us straight away look into the 6 Best Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE that will help you in becoming an expert in this field.


Quick overview of SMM Courses:

Institutes Duration Fees
IIDE- The Digital School 29 hours INR 11,200
Spoton Training Institute N/A N/A
Meirc Training & Consulting 3 days AED 7530
ISM Training 2 days NA
Leads Dubai 8 hours NA
Skillshare N/A N/A
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Top 6 Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE:


1. IIDE – The Digital School


IIDE is one of today’s leading institutes for digital marketing in India. Having been named the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” at the World Education Congress Awards 2021, IIDE is raising the bar of global education.

IIDE is transforming the way students learn today. Unlike other traditional institutes, IIDE doesn’t encourage students to learn from PPTs which have not been updated for a long time. We believe in a customized, concise, and real-world relevant curriculum.

Of the numerous specialized courses available, IIDE offers an Online Social Media Marketing Course that follows an advanced teaching methodology. The course begins with watching high-quality video lectures, followed by live online sessions and you will also be given assignments as well as practice tests to assess your knowledge.

Want to learn more about this Social Media Marketing course? Here’s everything you need to know about IIDE’s online content marketing course with certification. But before we get into the details of the course, here’s a glimpse of student life at IIDE.

Social Media Marketing Course Syllabus 

  • Introduction to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads and Instagram Marketing
  • Building a Quality Customer Base Online from Scratch
  • Audience Targeting Options – Demographics, Interests, and Behaviour
  • Facebook and Instagram Ad Placement and Budgeting Options
  • Various types of Ad Formats on Facebook and Instagram
  • Importance of Landing Pages and Remarketing
  • Deeper Understanding of Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Setting up Ads on Twitter and LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing Course Faculty 

IIDE has a team of wonderful trainers, who are industry experts and have hands-on experience in the subject they teach. This helps the students to learn from the top business leaders and get some insights into the corporate world as well. Below mentioned is the trainer responsible for teaching IIDE’s Online Social Media Marketing course:

Social Media Marketing Courses in Dubai - IIDE Faculty

Social Media Marketing Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the online social media marketing course is approximately 29 hours. The content marketing course fees are AED 1,800.

This fee may appear to be a little on the high side, but have a look at the course highlights:

Social Media Marketing Course Highlights 

  • Industry-recognized IIDE Certification
  • 6+ Hours of Live Class
  • 1+ Hour of Video Lectures
  • Attend lectures via any Device
  • Access to Video lectures for 30 days
  • Practice Tests & Assignments
  • Learn From Experts
  • Dedicated Q&A Support and Help

Certification Offered

On completion of this online Social Media Marketing course, you will be able to manage social media platforms efficiently and become a social media professional. IIDE’s certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.

Social Media Marketing Courses in Dubai - IIDE Certification

IIDE Students Work At

SEO courses in Vijayawada- IIDE alumni

Student Reviews

Social Media Marketing Courses in Dubai - IIDE Student Reviews

It is always said that learning from the best will give you a better understanding and a great experience.

So, if you wish to catch a glimpse of how learning is at IIDE, sign up for this free masterclass led by Mr. Karan Shah, CEO, and founder of IIDE, himself on the basics of digital marketing.

Now, this masterclass is not directly related to SEO but it will give you an overview of digital marketing. This way you get to learn something new and also decide if our teaching style works for you.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 96199 58615
Email ID: admissions@iide.co
Website: https://iide.co/social-media-marketing-course-online/

2. Spoton Training Institute

Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE - Spoton Training Institute logo

Spoton Training Institute is known for providing professional courses that are highly demanded in the corporate world. It is also considered one of the most loyal educational institutes in Dubai. Their certification courses are taught by their highly skilled personnel. Their trainers have an in-depth understanding of their respective fields that will help you in realizing your dreams easily. They help people by upskilling their knowledge in various domains and getting improvement in their personal and professional life so they can land high-paying jobs in top companies.

Spoton Training Institute Social Media Marketing course in which you’ll learn how to use various social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services. You’ll also learn  how to engage with existing customers and reach new ones by promoting a company’s culture, mission, or tone. In this course, you’ll get engaged with more practical sessions that will be led by Social Media experts. This course will teach you how to communicate effectively, face interviews, find better job opportunities, and speak with different nationalities.

Course Syllabus

  • Facebook Advertisement
  • LinkedIn Marketing

Course Highlights

  • Focused Training 
  • Placement Support 
  • Individual Lab Support 
  • Hands-On Training 
  • Expert Trainers
  • Flexible Timings
  • Interview Preparation
  • Affordable Course Fees

Course Duration & Fees

The duration of this course is approximately one and half months and it can be adjustable according to your needs. The details regarding the fee structure of this SSM course is not provided on their website.

Contact Details

Phone: 04 2506344
Email: Info@spotoninstitute.com

3. Meirc Training & Consulting

Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE - Meirc Training & Consulting logo

Since 1958, Meirc Training & Consulting is one of the oldest and most trusted training firms in UAE. They have been relied upon by various small and large, private and public businesses to develop their employees in a range of management and technical fields. Their innovative and diversified consulting services and training courses are designed and delivered by their subject matter experts who are experts in providing solutions that are relevant to the industry and applicable to today’s business challenges. They have a track record and on their long-standing relationships with their clients, many of whom have been with them since they started the business.

Meirc Training & Consulting offers a Social Media Marketing Masterclass course that will demonstrate to its participants with various fundamental concepts and advanced techniques in social media marketing. This course covers various social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok. It will also teach you campaign building, lead generation, and analytics for each of these platforms. This course will provide you with various case studies, hands-on demonstrations, and exercises to develop the right skills in you that are needed to create and implement engaging and effective social media strategies.

Course Syllabus

  • Social Media Marketing Fundamentals
  • Deep Dive Facebook Marketing
  • Deep Dive Instagram Marketing
  • Deep Dive Twitter Marketing
  • Deep Dive LinkedIn Marketing 
  • Deep Dive Snapchat Marketing
  • Deep Dive Pinterest marketing
  • Deep Dive YouTube marketing
  • Deep Dive TikTok marketing

Course Highlights

  • Brief presentations by the consultant
  • Group debriefs
  • Individual and team exercises, indoors and outdoors
  • Behavior modeling and role-plays
  • One-to-one and group discussions
  • Case studies, simulations, and small projects

Course Duration & Fees

The duration of this course is 3 days and its price is AED 7530.

Contact Details

Phone: +971 4 556 7171 / +971 2 491 0700 / +966 56 918 5532
Email: dubai@meirc.com / abudhabi@meirc.com / ksa@meirc.com

4. ISM Training

Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE - ISM Training logo

Established in UAE in 1998, ISM Training offers various training courses that are guaranteed to improve your performance in your respective fields. In their courses, they provide various proven strategies that radically increase your workplace performance. They have knowledge of the market that is unsurpassed and their UK-based instructors have vast regional and global experience. Their courses are the most dynamic and instructive and they have course directors who practice on a day-to-day basis in thriving businesses.

One of the courses ISM Dubai offers is Social Media Marketing. This course is right at the cutting edge of today’s fast-changing world of social media. In this course, you’ll learn various most effective social media tactics and the best way to locate and engage your ideal target audience. You’ll also learn the best social media management tools that you can use for your precious time effectively. This course will teach you how to measure your return on effort (ROE) and provide you with the awesome power of advertising that you can use in increasing sales and brand awareness.

Course Syllabus

  • Developing the foundation for a successful integrated social media marketing strategy.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Know your audience demographics and the social media platforms they use.
  • Deploying winning tactics that reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.
  • Intelligent listening on social media for business opportunities.
  • Identifying the best channels and tactics for your brand’s visibility and credibility.
  • Developing your social media voice and understanding social media etiquette do’s and don’ts.
  • The five key social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Developing a social media promotional campaign.
  • Building business relationships that drive results.
  • How to deal with negative comments and a social media wildfire.
  • Measuring your return on effort and continuous improvement.

Course Highlights

  • Live online demonstrations
  • Facilitator-led discussions
  • Highly interactive
  • Post course references
  • Limited seats – Only 18 participants per batch

Course Duration & Fees

The duration of this course is 2 days and details regarding the price of this SMM course are not provided on their website but to know more about this you can contact the ISM Dubai using the contact information given below.

Contact Details

Phone: +971 4 4573814 / 41
Email: info@ismdubai.com

5. Leads Dubai

Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE - Leads Dubai logo

Established in July 2013, Leads Dubai is a lead generation company and its goal is to provide success to its client’s businesses. They try to achieve this using digital marketing. They are passionate about paid advertising through which they can help you bring success and quick results to your business. Their aim is to help companies achieve ROI from their various digital marketing activities. They specialize in Google Adwords Advertising services and Social Media Marketing in UAE. They are a team of digital marketing professionals who believe that learning never stops and that is why they invest in learning new advertising techniques to help their clients achieve great results.

Leads Dubai offers a Social Media Marketing Course that will teach you how to reach more people. This marketing course is designed for marketing professionals and it is a favorite among freshers, business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs, agencies, and social media marketers. In this course, you’ll learn how to deliver better marketing results with the help of Facebook Ads and get step-by-step live instructions on how to set up and run a Facebook and Instagram ads campaign. You’ll also learn how to analyze your marketing data and measure it to improve your marketing campaign further.

Course Syllabus

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Ads Targeting Options
  • Creative Ads Strategy
  • Tracking & Measurement
  • Question & Answers

Course Highlights

  • 1 month of free on-call consultation for your marketing
  • 1 full-day training program for 8 hours
  • Registered and approved by KHDA

Course Duration & Fees

The duration of this course is 1 day and details regarding the price of this SMM course are not provided on their website but to know more about this you can contact the Leads Dubai using the contact information given below.

Contact Details

Phone: +971 50 304 7470 / +971 55 526 8284

6. Skillshare – Social Media Marketing Course by Cat Coquillette

Social Media Marketing Courses in UAE - Skillshare's logo

Skillshare is an online e-learning platform providing thousands of courses based on different topics. The main aim of this institute is to help educate people around the world. They have trained more than 3 million people. The social media marketing course walks you through the basics of social media management, including all the tools you need to know as a digital marketer. Check out  in-depth details regarding their course below

Course Syllabus

  • Let’s Go!
  • Fact Sheet
  • Pros & Cons
  • The Perfect Profile
  • The Perfect Post
  • Get More Followers
  • Get More Likes
  • Hashtag Dos and Don’ts
  • How Often to Post
  • Quick Peek at Analytics
  • Five Bonus Tips

Course Duration and Fees

The course duration for this social media marketing course is 1 hour and the fee for this social media course provided by skillshare is currently unavailable. However, you can get in touch with them to know more about these details.

Course Highlights

  • Training by industry expert
  • Beginner friendly
  • Industry relevant curriculum 
  • 100% online

Contact Details

Phone: N/A
Email: N/A
Address: N/A

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the learning methodology behind IIDEs Online Social Media Marketing Course?

IIDE’s Online Social Media Marketing Course is a combination of high-quality video lectures and live online sessions which are led by highly expert trainers. The video lectures are self-paced so that you can watch them at your own convenience. In the live sessions, the trainer will demonstrate live dashboard simulations and solve your various doubts. 

Q. What jobs do I become eligible for after completing a Social Media Marketing Course?

After completing a Social Media Marketing Course, you can apply for jobs such as social media manager, social media consultant, digital marketing associate, and various others. You can also use the learning in promoting your own business or start your own independent consultancy services for promoting businesses on social media. 

Q. Is social media a good career?

Yes, it is a good career, in fact, it is one of the fastest-growing careers out there because of the increasing number of businesses and their need to build an online presence. It is also a high-responsibility job and along with it comes an above-average paycheck.

Q. Is social media marketing easy to learn?

Social Media Marketing is not that hard to learn and the reason behind is that most people are already familiar with the use of various social media platforms. That is why it is easier for them to understand how the different concepts make up a social media marketing strategy.

Q. What are Social Media Marketing strategies?

Social Media Marketing strategies are well-thought-through plans that will enable you to increase conversions while driving traffic to your website. In simpler words, social media strategy is like a blueprint or a detailed summary of what your social media goals are and what you are going to do in order to achieve them.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 Social Media Marketing courses in UAE and found it to be very helpful. Each of the courses we’ve listed down in this blog has something unique to offer.

Today, there are several other fields in digital marketing that require different strategies to promote businesses. In IIDE’s short-term certificate courses you can learn various comprehensive skills in these fields. You’ll also understand how the selling of products and services and brand promotion are done in these fields by using various strategies and techniques. What’s more interesting is that you can learn these courses from the comfort of your home through video lectures and live online sessions which are delivered by highly expert trainers.

If you are a fresh graduate and want to make a career in the field of Digital Marketing and learn its various advanced concepts, then you can consider taking IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course which will help you become an expert in this field. By taking this extensive online digital marketing course, you’ll be able to crack the Google Ad Fundamental certification as well as receive a certificate of completion from IIDE. This can help you in earning recognition from top digital marketing agencies and brands. You can go through our website to know more about our courses and the quality training we provide at IIDE.

That’s it, folks! If you have any queries regarding our Social Media Marketing Course then let us know in the comment section down below. We’ll be happy to answer your queries.

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