The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Content Strategy 2022 – Types, Templates, Tips

Updated on: Feb 14, 2022

In this article, we will touch base upon social media content strategy examples, social media content strategy framework, social media content strategy 2021, and how to craft an effective social media content strategy.

Social media content marketing in digital marketing has seen the forefront in business today. Social media today is vast and the only way that you can separate your brand from the other is by way of focussing on quality content. 

If you’re looking for social media strategies for different sectors, check out this blog on the best social media marketing strategies.

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Importance of creating the right content on social media 

Content is important for achieving the business goals and objectives in today’s saturated market. Wondering how it can add to your business and make your company grow? Here’s how –

  • Grow your audience

Posting on social media consistently can really grow your audience. High-quality content has a good effect on your customers. It should be relatable to your target audience as well. 

  • Establish Credibility

You need to be able to add value to your customers and also portray yourselves as experts in the field you are in. You can do so through blogs and case studies where you can showcase your knowledge and expertise.

  • Increase Opportunities for Conversion

Social media content strategy increases the chances of conversion. You can do so by building remarketing audiences as well. Use content analytics to understand where your visitors are entering your site from and use the tracking code to understand consumer behavior better.

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Types of social media content 

The different social media content types include –

Type 1: Blogs

Blogs are a form of social media content. You can use WordPress or LinkedIn and Facebook as well for blogs. They help in SEP purposes as well, especially if they are 2000 words in length or longer. 

Type 2: E-books

E-books are a great way of displaying your industry expertise as you can showcase your knowledge as they are much lengthier than blogs. Very few companies have the time and patience to bring out E-books, hence it can prove to be a huge advantage for you. 

Type 3: Links

You can link to other relevant articles, resources, and websites in case you don’t have the time to write a blog or E-book. Websites that have a big fan-following and are industry leaders are a good option.

Type 4: Images

Visual content is a good way of keeping the reader’s minds interested. You can use images for sharing relevant pieces of information as well. 

Type 5: Videos

Videos are some of the most profitable and engaging forms of social media content. It is engaging, and also has a high ROI, much more than the other types of content formats. This is because it is very easy to consume and it covers a large audience as well. 

Type 6: Social Media Marketing Posts

Social media posts are the ones you see on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media marketing sites. They are a way of connecting to your online audience and can have a huge impact on how your brand can be perceived. 

Type 7: Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are very important for content strategy. They are valuable as this is how others form an opinion of your brand. It also has a lot to do with credibility and trustworthiness. 

Type 8: Ads

Ads, such as PPC ads and other social media ads are a part of paid social media content strategy. They bring in a high number of conversions as well. 

There are a number of social media management tools that you could look at using for running, monitoring, and getting the best out of your ads.

If you’re actively looking for social media content jobs, check out this article on the types of social media jobs out there. 

List of Social Media Content Strategies 

Here’s a list of social media content strategies you can employ-  

1. Educational Content

Content that is educational in nature has a high demand. It also gets many social shares if they are infographics and how-to-do’s.

2. Interactive content

Interactive content is very engaging where the brand can actively engage with the user. These include quizzes, polls, contests, games, virtual reality, questions, etc.

3. Newsworthy content

The next kind of social media content strategy is newsworthy content. It may not work for all industries. The content can be sensational but make sure it needs to be respectful as well.

4. Inspirational content

Inspirational content is success stories and case studies of different types of people and brands. It makes people feel inspired and gives them hope for new possibilities.

5. B2B marketing

B2B social media strategies involve making content for the consumption of other businesses that work for the end-user. It needs to speak to the decision-makers of that industry. 

6. Entertaining content

Entertaining content is any feel-good content that can make a user laugh or amuse them. It needs to have a positive effect on the user.

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Examples of Successful Social Media Content Strategies 

Here are a few successful social media strategies that you can take inspiration from- 

  • Gillette

social media content strategy example - Gillette

The Gillette ad had men questioning conventional masculinity that has been in their conditioning since birth. The ad showed men holding nobody but men responsible and changing their thinking for the sake of future generations. 

The brand took to the emotional appeal of the people and also a societal cause sending out a thought-provoking message that many men can relate to. It had 30 million views and was a huge hit. 

  • Apple

social media content strategy example - Apple

Apple’s #ShotonIphone campaign is one of the most successful campaigns in the history of social media campaigns. It was a user-generated content campaign and now Apple uses this campaign for every new launch. 

It is a long-term campaign where users submit their photos using the hashtag #ShotonIphone.

  • Spotify

social media content strategy example - Spotify

The Spotify #YearWrapped campaign had 1.2 million posts in a month in 2019. It included the most important highlights artists, genres, and songs that were most listened to by the user during the year.

  • Buzzfeed

social media content strategy example - Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed’s Tasty uses visual content to showcase short snippets of food. Even if you may not be interested in cooking, it gets you intrigued. The content is visual and drool-worthy with short videos, a smart social media campaign strategy. 

  • GoPro

social media content strategy example - Go pro

#GoPro has been a trending hashtag many times within reason. The brand does not showcase the product so much but what it can do for you. 

The GoPro users want to have a life full of adventure and adrenaline, and Gopro can capture these moments by strapping the camera on the head. Their content is mostly user-generated which saves them time, money, and effort too!

Read about more social media campaigns here. If you’d like to upskill yourself with experts, this Online Social Media Marketing Course is a perfect choice. 

Social Media Content Strategy: Template 

Here’s a social media content strategy template that you can apply to your company or business- 

  • Outline strategy goals that align with your business goals

You need to have clear goals. Without goals, even the best strategy will not be enough. You need to measure success with the help of accomplishing these goals.

  • Know your audience

You need to know the demographics of your target audience fairly well. This includes age, sex, location, average income, preferences, likes, dislikes, job title, industry, etc. Check out this article on how to create buyer personas that will help you. 

  • Do a competitor analysis

Get to know your competition. Who are your competitors? What works for them. Learn from their mistakes as well. 

  • Conduct a social media audit

If you’re already active on social media, you can conduct a social media content audit. Ask yourself what is working for you and what is not. Read this article to understand how to conduct a content audit.

  • Get inspired

Get inspired by the best social media success stories, case studies, award-winning campaigns, etc. Read the best brand case studies here.

  • Create a social media calendar

Create a social media calendar to leverage special days and also keep a bank of posts.

  • Create great content

Create content that appeals to your target audience. It needs to be compelling enough for a user to make a conversion. 

  • Track performance

Keep analyzing your strategy and track your performance. Re-evaluate, test, and do it all over again if need be.

You can save these as social media content strategy PDF format or even as a social media content strategy PPT for future use for your team. 

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Q. How to craft an effective social media content strategy? 

Here’s how you can craft an effective social media strategy – 

  • Set content goals
  • Understand your target audience well
  • Create content accordingly
  • Choose the appropriate social media platforms
  • Post at the right time
  • Maintain a social media calendar
  • Always analyze your content

Q. Examples of B2B social media content strategy

IBM, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Shopify, and Zoom are a few examples of B2B social media content strategies.

Q. What are the content strategies commonly used for media?

Pay-per-click, social media ads, influencer marketing, banner ads, and ad targeting are commonly used social media content strategies. 

Q. What is the most powerful social media marketing strategy?

The most powerful social media marketing strategy is remarketing or the retargeting strategy.


We really hope that you enjoyed reading this article on how to use social media strategies. If you’re on the hunt for a job in social media, you must read this article on social media marketing interview questions.

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