Detailed Scope of MBA in Digital Marketing in Rohini

Updated on: Dec 1, 2023
Scope of MBA in Digital Marketing in Rohini

The fastest and most effective method of marketing that reaches a larger audience is digital marketing. Candidates can pursue a job in any domain after earning an MBA in digital marketing with a focus on marketing and advertising. One of the most significant, exciting, and fascinating careers in the modern world is digital marketing. Companies of all sizes use digital marketing to establish their presence online and raise awareness to attract customers.

Hence, digital marketing is a booming industry thus increasing the demand for experts in this field. Thus, there is a huge scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini and around the globe.

The ultimate goal of businesses is to keep current clients and attract new ones. The best way to reach and influence consumers through digital media is through digital marketing. Businesses today stay up to date by incorporating new social network components, as the majority of consumers use cell phones and the internet to study products and services before making any purchases. Every small business and well-established corporation uses digital marketing to develop highly customized marketing strategies for luring target consumers.

Further, let us gain some more insights about the Scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini.

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Scope of MBA in Digital Marketing in Rohini post-COVID-19 

Here are some reasons why the scope of digital marketing in Rohini is higher post covid:  

  • Companies have shifted from offline to online marketing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they set out to interact with people online and saw the full power of digital marketing. Digital marketing now covers more ground. Customers will be reached by marketers via a variety of platforms, including social media, websites, paid advertisements, influencers, etc. According to a report, more individuals are utilizing mobile phones as of late, therefore many businesses will need to sell their goods online to boost sales.
  • People were confined to their houses because of social distancing regulations; yet, the internet provided some relief and escapism. Video calls allowed for the uninterrupted continuation of work and education, while social media disseminated current knowledge and trends to keep audiences occupied. Online shopping also provided some much-needed retail therapy. Brands understood that the pandemic was an opportunity to move forward rather than backward. Interacting with audiences online was their goal.
  • Digital marketing has certain top qualities that demonstrate its efficacy for websites, making it valuable for your company’s long-term stability and ongoing relevancy. Also, it has been demonstrated why it is important for businesses, and if we consider the aims of job searchers, digital marketing is a fantastic career choice. If you wish to work as a freelancer, you can acquire a decent project to work on and you will receive a good piece of income in exchange.
  • The importance of digital marketing will never diminish since, as we all know, the world has become more digital and online than before. Also, it will always be pertinent to the industry. Brands understood that the pandemic was an opportunity to move forward rather than backward. To understand the actual potential of digital marketing, they set out to interact with audiences online.
  • Lockdown residents have been accessing the internet more frequently than usual to learn new skills, consume more entertainment content, or make regular grocery purchases. They were working more remotely because offices were closed. So, you should start making plans for a digital marketing course if you are interested.

Scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini for students

There is huge scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini. Following are the opportunities for students:

  • Social media marketing, also known as digital marketing or e-marketing, uses social media platforms where users may build social networks and share information in order to enhance a company’s brand, increase sales, and improve website traffic. On the other hand, 35% of the younger generation utilises it nearly constantly.
  • A YouTuber can make videos and post them on the platform, where they can drive traffic and make money. The YouTube marketing plan employs a powerful blend of tactics to efficiently promote products, services, or brands. This means creating and posting films on marketing on the company’s YouTube channel, working with influencers, running YouTube advertisements, and so forth.
  • Using video marketing to explain your product’s concept, goal, and use to viewers is another chance. Making use of seamless transitions will boost your ROI and assist in generating high-quality leads.
  • Students can now generate content and make money because there is a growing need for content writers in the digital marketing industry. The core component of information collecting is content, and there is a high scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini in this field. Digital marketing includes the production of content as a key component.
  • Since digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing businesses, there are many prospects for employment in this field. The opportunities in brand management, content marketing, etc. are endless. For the students in Rohini, taking part-time jobs at advertising businesses will also be beneficial.

Why should one opt for an MBA in Digital Marketing?

  • There is always a need for digital marketing experts in this booming sector. The scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini will only increase as the world gradually shifts to total digitalization, creating plenty of chances for people in the digital marketing sector. By choosing an MBA in digital marketing the person can increase the chance of getting a high-paying job.
  • Flexibility labour gives you total freedom to choose where and when to work. Part-time work in this industry might help Rohini MBA students studying digital marketing develop their abilities and earn money.
  • For the future, digital marketing in Rohini offers a wide range of alternatives. Even while many firms still find success with TV advertising, digital marketing allows organisations to interact online with clients all over the world. Naturally, the number of employment in the field is increasing as long as digital marketing initiatives continue to grow swiftly.
  • As the world is turning online and the demand is also increasing day by day, the scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini is increasing day by day.

Where can you learn MBA in digital marketing?

By reading the blog above you might be impressed with the scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini and if you are looking for some institute from where to pursue MBA in digital marketing the answer is IIDE.

The 11-month Post Graduation in Digital Marketing is a course by IIDE designed to prepare students for mid to senior-level positions in the digital marketing industry and also offers a 100% placement guarantee. Digital Marketing is a fast-growing industry in India making Post Graduation in Digital Marketing a popular choice for graduates.

The fees are INR 5,95,000. You can avail of the 0% EMI Option as well, starting at INR 25,000 per month. This may seem expensive, but with the average starting salary of graduates being INR 4-5 LPA, the ROI is high.

Scholarship Available:

IIDE also offers scholarships to all admitted candidates who stand a chance to win a scholarship of up to INR 1,00,000 based on merit.  IIDE’s focus is always student-first, making a student’s entire experience fun-filled and full of practical learning.

Have a look at one of their alumni’s success stories:


Get Assured Placements - PG in Digital Marketing

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the duration of doing an MBA in digital marketing?

Ans. The duration depends on the institute you choose and also many other factors but majorly it is of around 2 years.

Q. Which Digital Marketing Strategies Work Best For Branding?

Ans. Even though there are several options, one-way or two-way client commitment is the best way to conduct marking. One-way commitment occurs when you deliver content that will be entertaining and educational for the audience, and two-way commitment occurs when you wait for the audience to respond.

Q. What is the scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini?

Ans. After earning a master’s degree in digital marketing, one can begin living a good life with a high salary. There is a good number of job opportunities available due to the digitization of businesses. Hence there is good scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini.

Q. Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Marketing?

Ans. Given the rapid growth of online users—India alone has 627 million users—it is easy to assume that a significant portion of your target demographic is online. And content usage is steadily rising, computerized advertising has also changed traditional methods of marketing.

Q. Is it worth studying digital marketing in India?

Ans. Absolutely, studying digital marketing in India is definitely worth it, as the field has continued to grow and develop at a rapid pace.

Q. How can you become a digital marketer?

Ans. You can become a digital marketer easily with various offline and online courses at a budget-friendly cost. Now, you can become a digital marketer with high-quality education right from the comfort of your home.

Q. How Important For Branding Is Digital Marketing?

Ans. Computerized advertising has become an essential component of any marketing or branding strategy as the globe becomes more and more connected to the internet. It is an easy way to communicate with your audience more discreetly.

Q. Is digital marketing a good career in Rohini?

Ans. Without question, a job in digital marketing is a wise choice. Digital marketing is a rapidly expanding field with both great prospects and difficult obstacles. Talented workers have higher pay and faster job advancement. Whether you’re analytical, tech-savvy, or creative, there’s a position in digital marketing for you.


With the increasing amount of knowledge in this broad sector, there are a lot of options available. Demand for numerous services, including freelance work, online schooling, and e-commerce, surged after the Covid-19 outbreak.

Through this blog, you can see how important digital marketing is for your career. Also, we conclude that there is a huge scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini.

We hope this blog has helped you with insights into the scope of MBA in digital marketing in Rohini. Do let us know about your views in the comments section below.

 If willing to understand this field of digital marketing before pursuing MBA you can also learn the digital marketing field with IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Course.

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