Scope Of Digital Marketing In Pematangsiantar

Updated on: Apr 18, 2023
Scope Of Digital Marketing In Pematangsiantar

Curious to know about opportunities in the field of digital marketing? You have reached your destination! 

This blog will offer you all you need to know about the scope of digital marketing in Pematangsiantar.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pematangsiantar - Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a modern method to create awareness about your products and services and generate leads using various digital platforms available. The method of marketing has evolved from Radio to TV and now it’s digital. The pandemic has made every business owner realize the importance of having an online presence and because of that the scope of digital marketing is growing rapidly and the need for Digital Marketing Experts is at its peak. 

If you are willing to kickstart your journey, you can watch this short 45-min video which covers the Basics of Digital Marketing by the Industry Leader Karan Shah, the CEO and Founder of IIDE. 

The scope of digital marketing in Pematangsiantar has also seen an increase. Indonesian Internet Service Users Association (APJII) studies show that internet usage is increasing by 10% every year. Since this is a highly-digital nation, marketing via the Internet and social media platforms is the fastest, safest, and most efficient way to reach consumers.

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Scope of digital marketing post-COVID-19

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pematangsiantar - Statistics on increase in online activities

  • Mostly every customer is available online.

More content is being consumed online than ever before as a result of the pandemic’s development of internet tools. These days, people voluntarily prefer to order food, medications, groceries, and even view movies online from the convenience of their own homes. Online content creators have begun to provide relatable material that attracts the audience’s admiration. The number of content creators is rising. This gives them a platform to share their ideas, and it also gives digital marketers a chance to help these creators find the right customers and make sales. Because it is more affordable and offers better returns than an offline store, small enterprises can easily open an Internet store. 

  • Customers need to be visually attracted.

Brands now understand how crucial it is to have an online presence and how crucial it is to visually appeal to and please your audience. Customers will explore your business and increase your credibility if you offer them a user-friendly website with all of your products. Your market reputation will improve as a result of your credibility, which will generate prospective leads and sales. It is the responsibility of digital marketers to create strategies and plans to achieve the objectives of the business and the target audience. Given the enormous increase in demand for digital marketing professionals in the market, there are a rising number of chances open to them. 

  • Companies use online social media platforms to market their products and services.

Media company owners have updated their applications and provided a number of capabilities useful to business owners as consumers have become more accustomed to social media platforms. As an illustration, consider WhatsApp Business. Numerous new features included in the upgrade have made it easier for business owners to evaluate their branding initiatives and gauge success. Brands now have the chance to effortlessly target, connect with, and create leads from their potential customers. Companies use digital marketing specialists to complete this task because they are qualified to offer campaign ideas and assess results by reviewing campaign performance. 

  • Rise in employment opportunities.

Businesses have moved online to better serve their customers as a result of the shift in consumer behavior, and they now require professionals who can advise them wisely and sell their products digitally. It is crucial to carefully market your goods and make sure they are well-known enough to draw in potential buyers. Using customer trends, requirements, and preferences as a starting point, digital marketing promises fantastic results. Consequently, there are now many more job opportunities in the sector of digital marketing. People who are familiar with social media platforms and have received the necessary training might pursue a career in digital marketing because the field has a bright future. 

  • Now small businesses can also grow easily.

All small business owners moved their advertising and sales online as a result of this pandemic. They now have the opportunity to advertise their goods through internet platforms, which was not feasible before Covid. They now have the chance to compete with established businesses and progressively experience growth. These small businesses have seen improved prospects for the future with the right help in identifying a target audience and promoting their goods and services online. Startups have attracted attention and are attempting to establish their credibility in the market by giving clients as much convenience as they can. After COVID’19, we can observe an increase in entrepreneurship.  

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pematangsiantar for Small Businesses

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pematangsiantar - Digital Marketing for Small Business

  • Equal opportunities are provided to every business. 

All small business owners moved their advertising and sales online as a result of this pandemic. They now have the opportunity to advertise their goods through internet platforms, which was not feasible before Covid. They now have the chance to compete with established businesses and progressively experience growth. These small businesses have seen improved prospects for the future with the right help in identifying a target audience and promoting their goods and services online. Startups have attracted attention and are attempting to establish their credibility in the market by giving clients as much convenience as they can. After COVID’19, we can observe an increase in entrepreneurship. 

  • Digital Marketing is budget-friendly. 

Digital marketing does not call for significant outlays of money that could be hard on your wallet. Because it is online and now accessible to any client on these digital platforms, it is incredibly affordable. Online, you can access a variety of channels and media without spending a lot of money. This helps small business owners develop quickly and effectively in comparison to traditional marketing strategies, which demand significant financial input and may not always deliver exceptional results. Digital marketing ensures that businesses have more opportunities to thrive online and connect with their customers. To help businesses make investments in these strategies, experts are required. 

  • Rise in conversion rate.

Sales are a company’s ultimate goal, and conversions are crucial to achieving that goal. Analyzing the traffic that becomes your subscribers, prospects, and sales can help you track conversions effortlessly. Using a variety of tactics, digital marketing also assists in creating customer-friendly services. Companies gather user information by including feedback forms on their websites or by promising visitors a free newsletter in exchange for more information. Customers can get in-depth information about the business and its goods thanks to it. Customers trust the company more as a result of its increased visibility, which was achieved with the aid of specialists in digital marketing. 

  • Rise in revenue. 

Compared to companies that don’t use social media platforms, businesses that use them generate 78% more income. Your company’s internet presence is now critical and essential in the modern world. Companies can create campaigns to connect and engage with their target audience by utilizing a variety of approaches. Customers who use these strategies and campaigns are better able to comprehend and have faith in the company’s goods and services. This not only generates leads but also conversions, increasing the company’s revenue. The many marketing strategies available allow for effective customer targeting and a favorable impact on sales. 

  • Brand Reputation can easily be taken care of.

It’s time to announce the company’s online transition and inform customers of its existence. A lot of content is produced online, including campaigns, stories, posts, etc., to assure this. Customers are drawn to this and are interested in learning more about the business. This helps to build brand reputation, which is important for the business in the long run. Offering customer-friendly services, having good conversion rates, and seeing a gain in revenue are further contributing factors. By implementing potent tactics, digital marketing promises to help firms build enormous reputations. For a business to succeed, it must have the confidence of its clients. 

Scope of Digital Marketing for Students.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pematangsiantar - Digital Marketing for Students

  • High Demand for Digital Marketing Experts

As a lot of companies have started working on online platforms, the need for digital marketing experts is at its peak because it’s only them who can guide you in the perfect way, according to your company’s requirements, and help you grow digitally. Digital Marketing Experts curate effective strategies which are easily concerned with the company’s requirements or the issues they’re facing( if any) and measure results which give perceptivity and a pathway for unborn juggernauts icing growth in the profit of the company. Because of this, Digital Marketing experts need to be well-educated to work in this field and ensure the company’s growth. 

  • Opportunities to make a career easily.

As the youth has the maximum availability to Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc, they know how it works, about all its features, about the algorithm, and how they can achieve better results as they’re really familiar with the interface of these platforms. There are a lot of courses, shops, masterclasses, and indeed, free modules about starting a career in digital marketing. They will help you grow and explore this field and give you in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the real world. Because of the increase in job openings in this field, one can make a great career with handsome compensation. 

  • Opportunities as a freelancer.

One can also work as a freelancer in digital marketing. With proper moxie and experience in Digital Marketing, individualities can give services to colorful companies at a time. Rather than working at a single company and traveling daily, you can work from home at your own convenience. You come your own master. You understand the requirements of your guests and work effectively and creatively to feed them. Freelancing has also gained significance as it comes with great benefits. There are colorful websites and online doors which will help you get your guests and kick-start your career in freelancing. illustration, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

  • Availability of various job opportunities.

Colorful Job Biographies like Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Dispatch Marketer, Data Analyst, Paid Media Specialist, Blog pen, Creative Head, Influencer Marketer, Copywriter, Search Machine Optimization Specialist, etc are in high demand. People from all over the world are looking for these professionals to boost their businesses. One can enroll in an end number of courses to enrich their knowledge about Digital Marketing. It’s a veritably secure job if you retain the right capacities and chops that the companies are looking for. Companies are willing to pay these experts and it’s the need of the hour for their survival. 

  • Better salary.

This is the most fascinating advantage of making a career in Digital Marketing. Let me explain to you with a live statistic.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Pematangsiantar - Digital Marketing Salary in Indonesia

As shown in the above picture, 

  • the average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager is IDR 12,910,506 per month. 
  • the average salary of a Digital Marketing Specialist is IDR 6,828,425 per month. 
  • similarly, the average salary of a Digital Marketing Executive is IDR 6,113,981 per month. 

This proves the demand for Digital Marketing Professionals and how willing companies are to pay them. The digital marketing Industry is also growing so making a career in it is expected to fulfill your needs and prove to be secure.

Scope of Digital Marketing in the Future

  • Post-Covid’19 effect.

The range of Digital Marketing in Purwokerto during the pre-covid period was at a developing stage. substantially all the companies were performing entirely offline and the field of e-commerce stores was just begun. As the lockdown approached, all forms of businesses and companies shifted online to stay in the request because they didn’t want to lose their trust and deals. It was necessary for them to hire a Digital Marketing expert to guide them through the whole process. This redounded in the rise in the need for Digital Marketing Experts and Professionals; indeed, after the Covid period, there’s no going back. Businesses loved their growth during Covid and want to experiment further with Digital Marketing. 

  • More companies are going digital. 

The effect of Covid ’19 affected other and further companies shifting their businesses online as they want to be sustainable in the request. As they plodded and invested a lot to increase their brand character. Going online was what the current situation demanded. They understood the power of going digital and making a digital presence. Companies have had huge success by moving online. Their deals and profit have increased and their brand character maintained and increased contemporaneously. The need for experts has gone high as companies are demanding them at a veritably high rate. Hence, the compass for Digital Marketing is bright. 

  • Everything will be very convenient for customers. 

As everything has shifted online, all the companies have made their products and services accessible to customers at their fingertips. They can access anything by being anywhere in the world. This has increased convenience. Customers can look for, compare, review, and order products from anywhere in the world. The convenience rate has increased which has provided the customers with a successful and positive experience. If you want to order food online, pay electricity, and phone bills, shop for groceries, or buy anything online, BOOM! all you can do within seconds with maximum convenience. The most convenient company is seen leading the industry as customer service promises growth. 

  • Digital Marketing promises growth.

As all the companies have moved online, all companies want to grow within the market. By using digital marketing, they can create an e-commerce store and sell their products online. This has proved so convenient to the customers that they can shop from wherever they want. Digital Marketing ensures brand awareness and recognition. This leads to brand reputation, credibility, and customer satisfaction. Now, customers can file a complaint online and it gets resolved in no time. All these factors lead to the company’s growth. Digital Marketing ensures regular interaction with the customers to understand their needs and results in strong relations with the company.  

  • More forms of Digital Marketing are going to be introduced. 

Marketing techniques have transformed and evolved gradually. Earlier, companies use to access and rely on only traditional types of marketing which included – Radio Marketing, Word of Mouth, Newspaper Marketing, TV Marketing, etc. But because of Globalisation and after the end of Covid’19 pandemic, the internet has been used by almost every individual. As to fulfill these every customer’s needs, forms like Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Youtube Marketing, and Content Marketing got introduced and they are doing really well in the industry promising unbelievable results. They do the job of providing the customer’s in-depth knowledge about the company’s products or services. 

Where can you learn Digital Marketing in Pematangsiantar?

As the scope of Digital Marketing in Pematangsiantar is immeasurable, companies are looking for experts and professionals to guide them. As you have reached almost the end of this blog, this proves that you have a great interest in Digital Marketing. So what are you waiting for? Invest your time, money, and effort in exploring the field of Digital Marketing. As digital marketing provides accessibility and convenience to both companies and consumers, its demand in Pematangsiantar is at its peak. There are some ways, to begin your journey. 

  • Read blogs on various Digital Marketing topics.
  • Watch various Youtube Videos. 
  • Attend insightful online masterclasses which also provide you with a certificate that acts as a stepping stone in your career. 
  • Enroll in Paid Courses.

Here you can get short-term courses that you can begin with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Absolutely, Digital marketing is one of the careers with the greatest salaries. It is flourishing day by day and the demand for digital marketing experts is immeasurable. 

  • Does Digital Marketing have scope abroad?

Of course, Digital Marketing is not only flourishing in Indonesia but also in the whole world. There is end number of opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing abroad. Every country is moving from old, traditional marketing techniques to modern digital marketing techniques. 


  • Is Digital Marketing difficult?

If you take extensive training and have a great experience in Digital Marketing, you can master the skill and make a successful career in it. It might take a lot of effort but if you are determined then nothing can stop you!

  • Which industry needs Digital Marketing?

 Industries like Healthcare, Entertainment, Food, Law, E-commerce, Education, etc. are some of the industries where Digital Marketing is highly in demand. You can explore these industries and can find the best fit for you to grow and prosper.  

  • What is the most popular and used type of Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are the most popular and used types of Digital Marketing. The need for Social Media Managers is at its peak and there are a lot of scopes to grow and make a successful career. 


The Scope of Digital Marketing in Pematangsiantar has increased after the pandemic. Covid’19 made almost every business move online to prove its sustainability. This provided various job opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing as companies need Digital Marketing Experts. 

It has become much easier to start a small business online because it’s easier to set up a business page on any of the social media platforms. Digital Marketing is budget-friendly and results in great returns. This helps small businesses to get recognition and compete with big companies.

As digital Marketing is flourishing day by day, students, interested in marketing and who want to explore this field, should take up courses and certifications to gather knowledge. They can also do internships to practice what they learned. Digital marketing is one of the highest-paying career options. 

I hope this blog helped you to receive some insights about digital marketing as a career option. You can read more insightful blogs and case studies about Digital Marketing at IIDE.  

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