Scope Of Digital Marketing In Parung

Updated on: Apr 18, 2023
Scope Of Digital Marketing In Parung

Are you curious to know the scope of digital marketing in Parung and its future? Eager to know and understand the ways in which digital marketing will pave the way in no time? Don’t keep looking because you are in the right place. In this space, you will get to know everything relating to the scope of digital marketing in Parung.

But just before we move on, let us talk slightly about digital marketing, its importance, and how digital marketing has paved its way during COVID-19 subsequently.

Scope of digital marketing in Parung

Digital marketing is a tool used to publicize products and services online. It could be through online websites or even through social media application software. beginning with establishing a virtual database to sell products and services over social media networks. These are what constitute the state-of-art of digital marketing.

On the strength of digital marketing, small businesses are now capable of attracting potential clients from all over the world, and they have a greater possibility of turning these potential clients into customers. In turn, they are able to achieve a greater return on investment (ROI) at an inexpensive rate and upgrade brand recognition or visibility. Through this action, small businesses can achieve long-term clients that will help them enhance the company’s benevolence.

In the course of the pandemic, the majority of big and small outlets ceased operating, so many small businesses went bankrupt. At that point in time, digital marketing began to gain relevance and was shot into the limelight. Individuals and businesses began to use various social media platforms to publicize and advertise their products and services, and now, digital marketing is trending and its concept is being accepted.

After the release of COVID-19, the world began to adapt to it and started publicizing, advertising, and buying electronically, which is becoming unavoidable. Digital marketing is now the latest update, and it is booming. If you desire to follow this trend and acquire knowledge about the benefits of digital marketing, then this blog might be helpful. 

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Scope Of Digital Marketing Post COVID-19

By the time everything stood still, that was the right time when digital marketing surfaced and awareness of virtual marketing skyrocketed just before and after the pandemic. individuals and businesses began to publicize their services and products using online websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

1. The switch to Online Marketing:

The outbreak of the pandemic has changed everything, including traditional and digital marketing techniques. Just before the pandemic, many businesses depended fully on the traditional way of marketing using advertisements, and going online was initiated after the covid-19 when businesses and people were shut down and the need for digital marketing skyrocketed.

More than 90% of people either bought goods online or are searching for courses online. They also got entertained online through social media and OTT platforms.

2. Local vs Global:

During and after the pandemic, it was observed that there was a battle between the global and the local market. Keywords are such as ‘local’ grew to about 80% on Google searches, which signifies that people searched for more local products and services despite the rush in online marketing.

A particular social media platform experienced a drastic rise of about 73% in engaging customers because it focused on its neighborhood. Therefore, during the lockdown, people gave value to their community and helped each other.

3. The rise in e-commerce: 

The mean share of the people who engage in using the internet and thereby making purchases online has expanded from about 53% to 60% during the covid making the world’s e-commerce market reached about $26.7 trillion dollars. It majorly consists of B2B sales and B2C sales.

4. Increase in social commerce:

Social commerce has brought about social interactions on websites among consumers. It gives the opportunity to the consumers to be able to communicate and associate with one another through community, groups, ratings, and even reviews 

Social commerce platform offers characteristics like recommendations, tags, and user profiles to talk about their experiences and this makes the environment reliable for business

5. Customer Experience:

Customers have become aware of certain characters and environments during the pandemic. They were eager to know and discover the origin of a company’s product and if it was environmentally safe or not. With this, they got tired of mundane kinds of promotions.

Customers’ expectations from brands were higher than ever, and in situations where their expectations were not met, they would leave, making the competition more fierce.

Scope of digital marketing for small businesses:

The scope of Digital Marketing is growing fast and it might prolong for a very long time. businesses are searching for a more communicative way with potential customers. Because of the increase in digital marketing companies, the demand for digital marketers is also on the rise.

1. Connect with your customers:

Digital marketing is a great platform to meet and relate with customers. It is a great assistance as it helps in communication; over 80% of customers have gotten important and useful information regarding a company’s product they search for online.

Digital marketing offers diverse ways to get customers either on social media platforms or websites. The local directory also works expressly for small businesses.

2. Pocket Friendly:

Digital marketing does not demand much money or might not need funds to process, unlike the traditional way of marketing such as advertising.

More than 40% of small business owners believe that digital marketing has greatly improved their businesses using different metrics such as CPL, CPC, and CTR, which helps them understand what will work and what will not work. Therefore, the amount spent on unnecessary ads will be cut down.

3. Real-time customer service:

When using real-time customer service, you can attract and win over your customers. This is the objective of a business. Customers’ engagement counts as the main aim, but being available 24/7 can be a bit difficult when they are confused and have queries. 

Because of this, small businesses, companies, and brands should endeavor to create trust-based relationships with their customers. This can be achieved using social media, streaming videos, hosting events for customers, etc. 

4. Connect with Mobile Customers: 

According to Statista, there were over 6500 million mobile users in the world as of September 2022. Therefore, when a company uses mobile marketing to target its potential clients around them and the world, it can achieve its set goals. 

This will also be very beneficial to small businesses because only mobile marketing generates 34% of all organic traffic.

5. High Conversion Rates:

You can keep good track of the conversion rates of your businesses with digital marketing through different measures. Some customers make a purchase, subscribe to an event, or fill out a form. If the conversion rates are not as high as expected, you will then need to restrategize.

Businesses use head maps to optimize the form, A/B testing, and a clear CTA to improve conversion rates, and they can also help to drive prospects to customers who will eventually buy. This works better than traditional marketing.

Scope Of Digital Marketing for Students:

Digital marketing helps develop engagement with students and young people using the right content. It assists businesses that can also use this tool to promote their brand, marketers pay Google and other search engine companies a token so that anytime a potential customer types in your keyword, the company’s ad would be displayed at the top search results.

It helps students solve their quarries through platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Scope of digital marketing for students

Be assured that the demand for Digital Marketing jobs will increase drastically in 2023 and the request for digital marketing experts will be on the high side in the future. So get yourself equipped with your area of specialization in digital marketing. 

1. Easy to start:

So far, digital marketing is booming because it is very easy to start. It does not matter if you’re looking for a job or if you want to make a change. Digital marketing is always on point. 

Interestingly! You don’t need any educational background or even a master’s or bachelor’s degree to start up. What you need to do is just equip yourself with the necessary skills by enrolling in an online digital marketing course in order to get both basic and advanced knowledge of the field from the comfort of your home.

2. Opportunities exploration:

If you are a person who likes to delve into different things and you are interested in learning a fresh skill, then digital marketing is a very good opportunity to venture into because there are lots of career opportunities digital marketing presents to you to acquire. Some people like to make reels. videos, analyze numbers, design, write, etc need to know that digital marketing has a cache to offer.

According to statistics, the request for data analysis is about 30% and then content marketing is also demanded by 20%, and the development of apps is at 1%.students can try hands-on skills such as email marketing, graphic designing, digital marketing management, automation expert, SEO specialist

3. Growing demand:

The rate at which digital marketing is being demanded is extremely high, and the trend will not stop. The rise in the evolvement of digital marketing yearly is predicted at about 9%, thus making the IT/technology world have the highest need for digital marketing roles with about 46%

Therefore, this rise makes digital marketing jobs available in Parang. Amazing right? So as a student, who wants to make a career in digital marketing, you should not think twice about this.

4. Diverse freelancing jobs:

Nowadays, people find it interesting and even prefer to be their own bosses, unlike in the past when people enjoyed and endured working for someone else. According to the International Labour Organization, self-employment accounts for approximately 46.5% of the global workforce.

Because about 75% of the total workforce works in the arts and design industry, there are many freelance career opportunities in digital marketing. what you need is a laptop with a strong internet connection to begin

5. Certification adds value to your Resume:

When invited for a job interview, having digital marketing skills will add value and weight to your resume and give a better impression of the person. And who knows? You may be the best option with good pay.

So building up your digital marketing skills can be very beneficial for you. If you want to begin a career in this field.

The Scope of Digital Marketing in Parung in the Future: 

The virtual world is evolving, and the future of digital marketing is reassuringly bright and secure. It is known that the basis of marketing is connecting consumers at the right time and place. And digital marketing is a very good option for this.

According to statistics in Indonesia, the number of people who became new digital consumers was 21 million users for the first half of the year, and now that companies have adapted to content marketing strategies, more are likely to tag along.

The future of digital marketing is bright due to the number of advantages provided by this advertising method. They include 

1. The Inexpensive Approach:

Companies tend to spend so much money on advertising, which is one of the biggest financial difficulties. It can be very challenging for small businesses, but large enterprises might be up to the task. But after COVID-19, both large and small enterprises can minimize advertising costs by using digital marketing tools instead of traditional marketing tools. 

2. The Age of NFT:

According to the data from Bel Crypto, the world’s market value of NFT is about $3 billion. Also, 250,000 people trade NFTs every month, according to OpenSea. And individuals are now purchasing NFT in significant numbers.

Businesses can use NFT for virtual assets like videos, art, or music. They can be used to trade assets with or without cheating. It can also be used in gaming applications, utility tokens, and creating digital collectibles

3. Increase in Podcast 

Recently, short videos, reels, or shorts are booming, and podcasts seem to have fallen out of favor. It gives much more benefits than videos, such as cutting down screen time and making multitasking easier. And interestingly, there are 383.7 million podcast listeners across the globe.

This shows that even in this aggressive competition, it is still booming. It can be a very good way to promote your brand, products, and services—or even create brand awareness—despite your business goals.

4. Power of Influencer Marketing:

According to statistics, the influencer marketing industry will be worth $16.4 billion by 2022. And this is the reason why it has become one of the biggest trends this year. It is predicted that by 2028, the influencer marketing market size will cross $84.89.

Now, brands are now not only focusing on popular influencers and celebrities with more than 50k followers and having micro-influencers engagement, because these micro-influencers tend to have a very high engagement rate of 7%as per a report of Later

5. Geofencing: 

Geofencing is a border that uses RFID or GPS to define geographical boundaries. This helps to trail customers’ location. It can be used to spot a business category, a demographic market area, a city, or a place. And geofencing can be very important.

Due to the fact that 73% of customers would rather have personalized messages and that about 53% of customers will stop by a shop after receiving a location-based message, this technology is used to get more traffic and customers, and it can be an additional revenue source for your business.

Where Can I Learn Digital Marketing?

Lately, there is an increase in the demand and scope of digital marketing in Parung, but it turns out that employers seek digital marketing experts who are certified and know the nitty-gritty of digital marketing. so if you are interested in being a part of the emergence of digital marketing, then you should get yourself familiar with what Digital marketing is and how it is applied, then expand your knowledge throughout this section and also plug into IIDEs online digital marketing courses here you will learn the A-Z of digital marketing along with relevant training with.


Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi - masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Is digital marketing a promising career in Indonesia? 

ANS:  yes, digital marketing is a highly paid career in Indonesia, as a lot of consumers discover brands through social media broadcasts. The high demand for online content and commercials has automatically raised the demand for experts in the field.

2. Does Digital Marketing have a Future?

ANS: The virtual world is changing, and the future of Digital Marketing is reassuringly bright and safe. Almost 75% of companies across the world have already adopted some of the trending marketing strategies, and many more will join the list to secure a space in the digital marketing world. The demand for experts has gone up, and it is not fading away anytime soon.

3. Where can I learn about digital marketing?

ANS: The most interesting way to equip yourself with digital marketing skills is to enroll in a certified digital marketing course. A top-rated digital marketing course to try out is here; you can learn both offline and online.

4. What is the best  Scope of Digital Marketing in Indonesia?

ANS: some careers opportunities in digital marketing available in Indonesia include;

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • SEO Expert
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • Web Designer
  • Online content Developer,  etc.

5. Is Digital Marketing Easy?

ANS: nothing is effortless from the on-set, but as you start unveiling, it becomes more apparent. Various industry experts have agreed that basic digital marketing skills are not difficult to learn, but it could be challenging to master the skills and implement them to effective use in digital marketing campaigns.


Oh no, we have concluded this blog, but as a beginner in this career path, we trust you understand the significance and benefits of digital marketing in today’s world 

There are so many impacts and benefits to digital marketing, and the future is so bright this is why people are looking forward to registering and attending top educational hubs like IIDE, you can also become a marketer today in the digital space and secure a better career for yourself. Check out IIDE Online Digital Marketing Course in India to get a detailed course on digital marketing. 

If you are interested in learning a particular concept of digital marketing then this one is just perfect IIDEs  Short-term certification courses. You can now start exploring the world of digital marketing.

We believe that you enjoyed viewing this blog. if you have any questions or suggestions, please notify us in the comment section below. Enjoy reading!

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