Know in details about the scope of digital marketing in Curug

Updated on: May 30, 2023
Scope of Digital Marketing in Curug

Interested to know about the scope of digital marketing in Curug? Want to explore the scope for small business owners in digital marketing?

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Organizations opt for the best marketing strategies and campaigns to survive in the competitive era. Marketing tactics have been evolving over decades. The importance of Digital Marketing cannot be neglected or overseen.

Marketing over digital media has proved to be enormously beneficial as there are many benefits. Traditional Marketing focused on spreading awareness to everybody, irrespective of age, gender, location, etc. In Digital Marketing, the scenario has completely changed.

Digital Marketing is an evolved version of marketing over digital platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, etc.  The benefits of Digital Marketing are immense. No wonder organizations have adapted from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing.

Some of the following benefits of digital marketing include

  1. Avoid unnecessary expenses

You will save a ton of money, because you will target the right audience, considering their age, gender, location, goals, and so on. Since you will target the right audience, their tendency to buy will be high, leading to an increase in Return On Investment.

  1. Reach out to a global audience

The Internet has erased the barriers to carrying out a successful business over the Internet. If you have a product that has customers from all over the globe, be rest assured to pitch your products to the same and scale your business. 

  1. Measurable 

Digital Marketing Campaigns can be easily monitored. It helps organizations to measure if the campaign is successful or not. If campaigns are successful, what makes them successful? If campaigns are not successful, what makes them not successful?

This helps organizations to repetitively tweak and nail the marketing campaign at some point.  
Note: You can check out the in-depth touch benefits of digital marketing here.

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Scope of Digital Marketing in Curug post-Covid-19

1. Increase in the number of Internet users 

There has been an increase in the number of internet users on a practical note. As of April 2022, there were nearly 5 billion internet users globally. Users spend a vast proportion of their time on the internet. Organizations have developed their social presence to be in touch with such audiences. 

Organizations must exist where their customers and their potential customers exist. An increase in the number of internet users has increased the number of E-Commerce businesses, too. Due to this,  the competition is fierce. Organizations that have not built their online presence have suffered immensely.

2. Change in the Consumer Buying Approach 

People could not enjoy their shopping practices in person because of Covid-19. People found online shopping as an alternate method to shopping. There is n number of options for the customers to choose from. This has introduced extreme marketing practices to stand out from the rest. This cut-throat competition has led to amazing deals, discounts, and whatnot.

Creating an online store has never been so easy. Consumers have become extremely smart. Grabbing their attention with the right hook, the right marketing communication medium is required more than ever.

3. Marketing by Customer-Centric Approach 

In the initial days, Marketing had one sole motive and that was to sell. Now, since customers are highly aware of their alternate options, organizations have become smart enough to warm the audience. Cold selling is not an approach anymore. 

Organizations have opted to warm the audience on platforms they are spending their time on for example Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on. Organizations like Zomato, entertain their audiences, while subtly pitching their products. How wonderful is that? 

The audience loves the content and that’s how brands like Zomato, have high retention power. High brand recall gives a better chance for the organization to stand out from the rest when the customer is planning to buy.

4. Social Commerce 

Social Media was used as a medium to communicate and to stay in touch. However, the dynamics have completely changed. People hate being redirected to a whole new website. Some people become skeptical. If the other page loads too slowly, it is time-consuming, and they would prefer to close the site. 

That would lead to losing out on sales. If the in-built page loads fast and helps the buyer with a smooth interface, the deal is sealed. Now, it is possible to shop without leaving the platform. How cool is that? People spend most of their time exploring social media. Organizations that have included the in-app shop feature have seen amazing results. 

5. Influencer Marketing 

There are some top social media users that people tend to love. Organizations collaborate with such individuals to let them promote their products and services. It humanizes the advertisement form. Impression about the product or service enhances. This type of social media marketing is booming to a great extent because such users have high exposure to their vast audience, which in turn, helps firms to reach the right demographics. 

People do not like being sold over ads. However, if they find their favorite influencer promoting the same product, they get inclined toward that. We have observed many influencers influencing products on Instagram.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Curug in the Future 

1. The Introduction of AI

AI has played a significant role in our lives. It is very obvious to AI has an impact on the Digital Marketing industry as well. The impact of AI in the introductory stage looks promising.

We have seen many websites assisting customers with their chatbots. It has turned out to be a better way to attract leads, to help potential customers get their queries solved via chatbots, and so on. Some websites create copy can with the help of AI.  AI is proving fruitful, and organizations and businesses need to keep a tab on it. Using this feature has enabled many companies to derive amazing results with high engagement.

2. Social Media Marketing 

Organizations that have an excellent social media marketing strategy are doing incredibly well. Nobody can deny the power of Social Media Marketing in today’s era. It is a truly powerful tool more than ever.

Organizations that don’t have any presence on social media are missing out on a lot. Social media marketing promotes Brand Recall. The benefits of being on social media are endless. However, one needs to be cautious and smart about their marketing moves. We have seen organizations adopting Meme Marketing Strategy, which has entertained the audience at its best. Warming up the leads with the right marketing strategy can make or break the game.

3. Revenue Growth 

The revenue growth in this industry, in the coming years, would be a massive plus point. The need for digital marketing is growing enormously. Jobs in the current market do not offer such diversity. Hence, the demand for digital marketing jobs has been increasing over growing years.  People are upgrading their knowledge from one skill set to another. This has made them even more indispensable in the industry.

The ones who have many skills in Digital Marketing, for example, email marketing, social media marketing, and so on would give that personal preference. This industry is recession-proof, too. The perks of being in this industry are too high. 

4. Short Form Content 

Short Form Video Content in the form of Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories is a big hit. It is the future. However, it needs to be valuable. The attention span of the common man has decreased, so the audience needs something interesting to pay attention to.

It should showcase a personal story touch. It helps firms humanize their brand. Hence, it is user-friendly. It also includes content like Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and so on. It needs to grab attention by the hook as the attention span of consumers is very low. Enticing short content proves to be beneficial in the long run. It helps to hype up the engagement rate exponentially.

5. Personalized Marketing 

To sell a particular product, we need to understand who our ideal customer is, what is their gender, what are their likes/dislikes, what is their spending power, and so on. In the earlier days, a generalized marketing approach was the way.

A few examples would be banner ads, billboard ads, radio ads, etc. Normally, the marketing that we see is directed toward a particular audience. Such a generalized approach normally misses hitting the bullseye.  

Even this marketing does not necessarily mean that it is personalized to the T. In that case, personalized marketing approaches may soon hit the industry in the upcoming years. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in Curug to Small Businesses 

1. Expansion in Reach 

Small businesses could scale their business in a limited range in the times of Traditional Marketing. Small businesses didn’t have many resources to scale their businesses beyond the geographical horizons. The entire scenario has changed in today’s time. Small businesses can have customers all around the globe, depending on the nature of the product.

Unlike Traditional Marketing, small businesses can reach the right audience at a nearly lesser cost. There are many methods of Digital Marketing that firms can opt for at a reasonable price. The perks of digital marketing for small businesses are nearly endless. 

2. Lead Generation 

Investing in lead generation can increase sales and offset business costs.  Lead Generation is a practice opted to generate leads for the business. Such leads, if pitched in the right manner, could bring in sales, increasing revenue.

Lead Generation is the practice adopted by almost all companies that want to get revenue. Without leads, how will the company pitch in and increase revenue? Lead Generation practices can be carried out on almost all Digital Marketing platforms as the sole motive is to attract a great deal of audience and turn them into leads.  Leads give out information to the organization about the essentials. That’s how they connect and pitch in. Revenue-generating firms must adopt this practice.

3. Using tools to enhance Customer Service 

An incredibly crucial element is the cornerstone of success. If the customer service is good, the customer/consumer may remain loyal to the firm. If the customer service is poor, in no time will the customer switch. Hence, one cannot neglect the importance of Customer Service. Can you name one company that is running smoothly without efficient customer service? None, right?

Humans make mistakes, however, the majority of customer service tools can’t go wrong to some extent.  The cost of including tools would drastically minimize the overall cost. Firms can opt for tools and complement them with human Customer Service support.

4. Build a Relationship 

Being in touch with customers has been possible with the advent of digital marketing. With the help of the internet, email marketing and social media marketing have been possible. There are amazing brands on the internet that have created an incredible bond with the audience. Such organizations have built relationships through social media posts, insightful blogs, interactions with customers, and so on.

 Building relationships with the audience is one of the key elements to help the organization succeed in the long run. Such people communicate with the help of word of mouth and spread positive reviews, which in turn helps organizations to generate revenue and brighten the lives of their customers.

5. High Return On Investment 

The cost of Traditional Marketing was too high. For example, the advertisement on Billboard ads was done by prestigious and famous brands that generated high revenue. This mode of advertisement was expensive. Plus, the target audience

Now, Digital Marketing saves enough cost as well as targets the advertisement to the right set audience. This advertisement is for the generic audience, which means the ROI would not be that great. Digital marketing tries to target the relevant age group, right gender, ideal location, and so on. If done right, the advertisement can help the organization increase ROI at its best.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Curug to Students 

1. Increased number of Job Vacancies 

Needless, to say, due to the rise in Digital Marketing, the need for experts in the field of Digital marketing is at an all-time high. Since the number of vacancies is high, it is beneficial for students to get into this stream. Getting into this stream is easy.

You don’t require a mandatory Marketing degree for that. You need to have hands-on experience. This can be done by taking up a course that helps you with hands-on experience. Working professionals are leaving their current jobs to find satisfaction in Digital Marketing. So, not only does Digital Marketing help students but also working professionals.

2. Enhanced Freelancing Career Option 

In today’s era, students are also inclined towards the idea of being financially independent by starting freelancing. Freelancing career options are endless. The career path earlier was to only find a good job and grow old by working for the firms till the end. However, with the help of Digital Marketing, there are varied career options that one can opt for.

Organizations are eagerly searching for the right freelancers in the digital space as well. This suggests that the income level of digital marketers is too good as there is great demand prevalent.

3. No mandatory degree is required 

If students complete Certification Programs having industry experience with the help of industry projects, students can easily enter the Digital Marketing Industry. Gone are those days when a mandatory degree was required in any field. 

Now, it all comes down to skill sets. If you are good at Digital Marketing, you need to showcase that in the form of an aesthetically pleasing portfolio. Students should be passionate about Digital Marketing by showing their portfolio of digital projects. Employers can examine the skillet.

Employers are looking forward to working with experts in the industry. All organizations require Marketing Experts. Marketing is one of the core elements in generating revenue. So, to get a job or freelance gig, some form of hands-on experience is highly preferred. Certification helps the student to stand out.

4. Can become a Blogger/YouTuber 

People who love cameras or love writing can begin their journey as a blogger and YouTubers smoothly. Creating a website or YouTube channel is easy. They can market themselves wonderfully to get good traction. 

YouTubers need to be good at storytelling. They need to make the audience interested till the end, which is not an easy task, given that we have short-form content in the form of stories, reels, etc. YouTubers who have a huge following are paid handsome amounts. Many people started YouTubing part-time. However, with the gradual changes in time, they have shifted it to replace full-time jobs.  

5. Diverse Job Roles 

Digital Marketing is a versatile industry. It has varied career options. It has options to offer to a wide audience. The nature of digital marketing jobs is the opposite of monotonous jobs. 

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Influencer Marketing are a few examples of specialization-based digital marketing. Jobs in the current market do not have such diversity. Hence, the demand for digital marketing jobs has been increasing tremendously over growing years. People are upgrading their knowledge from one skill set to another. This has made them even more indispensable in the industry.

The ones who have many skills in Digital Marketing, for example, email marketing, social media marketing, and so on would give that personal preference.

Where can you learn Digital Marketing in Curug?

The amount of job vacancies in this stream is amazing. The ones who have hands-on experience are valued more than merely marketing enthusiasts. You can learn Digital Marketing in Curug from various sources; however, it won’t be effective unless you implement the strategies. 

Certification is considered a vital element here. There are many digital marketing courses in Curug that would not assist the potential employees in hands-on experience. So, to make sure you bag an amazing job in Curug, you can opt for Advanced IIDE Marketing Course. 

Why choose IIDE’s Digital Marketing Course? IIDE’s Digital Marketing Course will not only help you learn but provide you with placement. The certificate is well recognized in the industry that will give you preference over a normal candidate.

Key Highlights:

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  • ¬†¬†¬†1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
  • ¬†¬†¬†20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  • ¬†¬†¬†In-Class Live Presentations
  • ¬†¬†¬†7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  • ¬†¬†¬†100% Placement Assistance
  • ¬†¬†¬†Resume & Interview Training¬†

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is digital marketing a good career?

ANS: It is an excellent career to get started in. Digital Marketing is a high-paying job that is entirely dependent on your skill set.

  1. Is Digital Marketing still in demand?

ANS: Yes, the demand for Digital Marketing exists. It is increasing as time passes. However, it is equally important to know that it is important to be well up-to-date with the necessary marketing skills to stand out from the current cut-throat competition. 

  1. Which is the fastest-growing form of Digital Marketing?

ANS: Social media is the fastest-growing form of Digital Marketing. People spend a huge amount of time socializing and connecting with people all around the globe.

  1. How much scope is there in digital marketing?

ANS: There is an ample amount of scope in Digital Marketing as this sector is growing at an incredible pace.

  1. Can I get a job after Digital Marketing?

ANS: If the applicant for the job has relevant hands-on experience in top digital marketing tools plus certification, he is most likely to get a job in Digital Marketing.


The scope of Digital Marketing in today’s era is prominent. The expansion of scope can be seen in different aspects, for instance, in small businesses, and for students. The future of Digital Marketing looks very bright as the number of internet users is increasing. Organizations need to use online marketing strategies to survive. Firms that are not inclined to this approach may suffer in this cut-throat competition phase. 

The benefits of Digital Marketing are endless. If done in the right way, it will generate huge returns. The number of jobs in this industry has increased, therefore a career in digital marketing looks promising. Marketing Strategies have evolved dramatically. Hopping on trends may serve as an advantage.

By this, we’ve come to the end of this blog. If you loved it, definitely check out more of our information-packed blogs here

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