Know in details about the scope of digital marketing in Bengkulu

Updated on: May 29, 2023
scope of digital marketing in Bengkulu

Were you curious to know about the Scope Of Digital Marketing In Bengkulu? Are you curious to know how massive openings it is going to have in the surrounding companies? 

Well, you know in all odds pandemic gave us this vast opportunity to all digital marketers, students, and businesses, out there to reach out to the companies and also all the marketers who wanted to expand their businesses in every corner of the world, and this instead created a need for people working as digital marketers under different fields of marketing using the Internet and making the promotion more creative and reaching out the potential customers. 

This surely does need the right skills and experience to match the requirements of the hiring company and also be ready to learn the new trending tools used by the marketers around, as it is all about marketing or promoting the goods and services provided in a digital form using all the digital sources like social media, websites, emails, etc.

There are numerous potential benefits a company experiences with digital marketing most iconic being the global reach and connection, reduction of heavy advertising costs, tracking preferences and audience interactivity, higher loyalty, and brand awareness, and continuing to promote not only the products and services which have a physical form but also extending to music, e-books, etc. well if there are advantages there are always disadvantages but digital marketing being a global phenomenon the disadvantages do not make any greater contribution.


Digital Marketing will continue to grow and open opportunities to many in the upcoming years as the world tries to become more digital using the internet and all the electronic devices and the cherry on the top social media helping to connect the potential people i.e., the marketers and customers more than ever before. Indonesia has a growing economy and Bengkulu is one of the popular cities the scope has a much wider effect on the market. Well want to know about the scope of digital marketing globally, here’s a curated blog for you.

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Scope of Digital Marketing in Bengkulu post-Covid-19

1. Cost-effective and flexible 

Digital marketing is cheaper and more flexible than any other form of marketing. It cut down several costs and allows the companies to be more creative and approachable crossing all boundaries and finding their true and potential customers all over the world. One may stop digital marketing and continue it as their will. 

Mostly it reduces the printing costs of all sorts and also saves other materials used for advertising, it allows making as many advertisements as possible for one product or service not restricting as it takes very less cost or only the salary the employee takes for coming up with various ideas. Even if the content is not rigid, one can make as much content as possible without making any additional charges.

2. Higher sales by generating leads 

Digital marketing had no less scope before covid era. Marketing was almost restricted within the country. Nowadays companies and marketers are using various social media platforms to make their products or services known all over the world and capture possibly a lot of potential customers and grow their business online. 

Making their website more user-friendly and the right choice of words and culture to approach the customers has made it easier, as many are interested in doing online shopping than window shopping especially when they want anything from different parts of the world. An increase in brand awareness and people’s engagement in the campaigns run by the company helps create more leads and generate sales.

3. Attracting potential customers through the right content. 

Content writing is the most important in digital marketing, the more eye-catchy the content, the more people get attracted towards the product and services. We all are in an era where all people are online using the internet and accessing their smartphones and other social media platforms. 

We can find all types of customers online, potential customers as well as likely-to-be customers, when the customer come across content posted by the company and if they find it to be more likely curated for them, they get attracted to it and also share the content to their friends and colleagues. 

This also seems to be more personalized as companies can track their potential customers using the data they have provided and create a good relationship with their customers.

4. Brand awareness 

The only place where one can reach out to their potential customers is social media sites or the internet, without having contact or even spending lots of capital and time traveling to your customer. 

Most people are online for a major part of their day and this is the best way ho you can reach them and become more visible to your customers or all the people out there on whose feed your company contents lands. 

This helps you to connect to customers and also influencers in various countries who can likely help in increasing your sales and brand awareness. It can be of any form of content in your story or voice out your products or even just by making them curious about your product. 

5. Unlimited opportunities

As the company has now made a stand in the public by going online through its websites or through various social media sites or just by using different approaches of social media marketing, it has started making approach to all the people in different parts of the world just by making their product visible on social media either by videos, emails, content, website, mobiles, etc.

This instead gives the companies more opportunities to grow their branches or set up a subsidiary in different countries and do market their products and services all over the world without any boundaries, challenging and standing out by their competitors making survival and getting recognized globally.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Bengkulu for Small Businesses 

1. Get your website recognized

The first point of contact for any business to its customer or the customer to the business or the brand is the company’s website, when customers want to anything about the company’s products or services they reach out to the website first and try to get their queries solved. 

And to make the website get recognized it should post relevant content like information about its products and services, its features, and pricing to draw customers, and a website is ranked by Google on the metrics of how much effective and relevant content you are posting on the website. Once you post relevant content slowly your website gets recognition and gets ranked higher and is visible on the first page of Google, making it to be more valued.

2. Build a strong social media presence

Social media not only attracts potential customers, increases click-through rates, and generates more leads and sales, but by doing so it ultimately increases brand awareness. When people start liking your content on social media sites they take a step to also know more about the business out of curiosity, it usually takes to be more creative and always point out a competitive advantage of your business. 

Making your company goals much clearer and being customer-oriented gives customers a sense of trustworthy feeling and takes further interest in your business. For this, you can always create video content or make word of mouth for the customers.

3. Use email marketing to connect with customers

Emails are the oldest method to connect with customers as it is still growing. Writing emails to customers looks more professional, and how you are good at providing services. Emails provide complete details about the products and services as well as the features provided and the effective communication they can have. 

They also provide various links to their website and also make sure they speak about their customer’s feedback to gain new customers’ trust and support. It also directs to various other websites which can be of their interest and can be useful or maybe of similar interest. Here also helps them to connect to the professional directly if they provide an option for further conversation. It is one of the more professional ways to reach out the customers.

4. Start using video marketing

Video marketing is one the most useful ways for small businesses to promote their business where we can show them our products and services live and get their trust for investing in our products. This also gets a term called influencers in being. Usually, these influencers are the people who gained customer or audience trust through their content and audiences follow them on a daily basis.

Businesses can approach them through their business recognition by paying them a commission on their sales. Or one can just shoot small videos and post them on WhatsApp status, and stories on Instagram and also can use Twitter on this account. Another platform that can be best for video marketing is Pinterest, as this platform also has its own audience base.

5. Online advertising

This is the best one can do to get their business recognition and brand awareness as there are many platforms and each social platform has its own audience base. When we are getting our business on social media the audience base gets diversified and reaches out to most of them irrespective of which social media they use. 

This is the new trend that is being on the boom, anything can be put on social media and there is no limit for whom to reach and restrict, the content here is unrestricted and gives more value when there are lots of clicks and shares and thus growing into a community.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Bengkulu for Students

1. Increased opportunities

With the growth of digitalization of many things whether it’s business or education. Nowadays, all things have a digital form. Most of the students are also found mostly online. And with an increase in digital platforms opportunities in work or job as a digital marketer are already a boom or an advantage where it is all about creativity and one’s likeness towards working digitally. 

As businesses are going online they are slowly facing the need for a digital marketer and also said that this need will continue to grow, and nowadays, small businesses are also opting for digital marketing. Hence, students having a degree or course with knowledge of digital marketing have a high scope of getting a good post and numerous job opportunities around for all the various sections of digital marketing.

2. High salary

The growth of digital marketing and the various advanced tools out there, and the growing demand for digital marketers, are forcing all companies to give high salaries to the employees when compared to their competitors as they want to grow their company and get more clients and be recognized as soon as possible in the global market and also gain more clients and increase their partnership and also have branches in other states or other nations.

Although the salary depends on your expertise and proficiency you can always learn these skills and then get into the market to receive a high salary from the very beginning.

3. Option for freelancing

Once students become proficient from their learnings and have a good portfolio they can not only get a high-paying job but also get into freelancing where they can work for international clients without any interference and can be their boss, or they can also have an extra source of income and earn more and also learn from these projects.

which can again enhance their portfolio and reach out the giants for a much higher salary and also can work from home at their own pace with limited or selected with they chose for the day or even can have unlimited leaves according to their need without any stress.

4. Increased network

With digital marketing and having a portfolio or working as a freelancer providing services to many your network of people grows, and then you can get recognition soon, when clients will like your work they will suggest you to their peers, colleagues, and other friends who might need the same kind of service and also if you get lucky enough you can also get a job internationally for your work done and have a great salary ahead and also very good reputation increasing your standard of living. 

This will also help get you n number of projects which also help you to enhance your creativity and speed.

5. Skills enhancement

When you work for different clients you know what best suits you, what type of business and what content gets more click-through rates, in this way, you become more proficient and your skills enhance, maybe your existing client wants you to work on some niche which you were not interested at but are ready to explore and gain another skill, practice makes a man perfect and like this when you keep working on different projects your speed increases and also your value adds on and skills enhances which makes a professional as time passes.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Bengkulu The Future

1. Freelancer

One can become a freelancer with the skills one already has and earn a high amount of salary working from anywhere and going to their dream destination and moving around the world as this doesn’t take one to sit in a place and work all day, one needs only internet connections, clients, and their creativity, to grab the opportunities one can work on multiple projects at a time and no-one is going to stop them as they are not permanent employees.

But they are just service providers who are giving their service as a freelancer and this trend o freelancing is growing day by day as there are many agencies who came up as startups and hiring freelancers n also helping their clients get their jobs done.

2. Start agency

You can always come up with a startup where you can hire freelancers and register clients where they will provide opportunities and also services altogether without being permanent employees and still earning and getting the work done and just charging commission from both parties for taking up their work and also providing services.

They also make international clients where they take over big projects and also call physical employees and work on them and grow their business not only virtually but also physically and become a brand over time for providing quality services. 

3. Youtuber

Youtube has a growing pace which will only continue to grow and never stop there are over billions of creators on YouTube who get a decent amount for posting content videos related to all genres and niches from cooking to educational content, and influencer videos for all company’s brand awareness and also have a platform where you can grow and learn, make new connections, have lavish life, numerous parties and so recognition as a creator or influencer. Youtube pays for all bloggers, creators, and influencers according to their popularity and relevant content which is useful to all.

4. Trainer

You can learn, enhance, grow connections, create a portfolio, get certified, and become a coach or trainer for digital marketing, all you need is to get a certified trainer tag, and you are set to go, create new jobs and also learn platforms for beginners and also provide services as a freelancer who would train all, from employees in a company to students connecting on zoom, meet, skype, and other teaching platforms you can also provide recorded sessions with those who request and create your own course and also upload them on YouTube for a passive income.

5. Analytics

With growing digitally analytics is growing side by side with digital marketing, analytics, helps one to collect data, interpret data, make useful visuals, note down the trends, and make the whole chunk of data into useful statistics to make better decisions and also grow their business. When we use analytics along with marketing it helps the business to find out all the demographics related to their customers, like their basic data and what are they most likely preferring, and provide them with a personalized experience and note down what works well for the company and what not and all the goals that need to be achieved.

Where can you learn digital marketing?

Looking into how booming digital marketing is and how it can be done by everyone just by having certifications, also there are many short courses available. The question is, There are many platforms where you can learn digital marketing, and how to know which website to approach once you find your niche, there are courses that are curated according to your interests.

Want to learn digital marketing from scratch?

IIDE is providing an online Digital Marketing course where you’ll be trained, enhance your skills, work on live projects, and also get placement assistance in a short period of time, where you will also be industry ready.

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 100+ Hours of a live class
  • 50+ Hours of Videos
  • Group project
  • Interaction with pioneers of different fields
  • Interview training
  • Scholarships

Look at the reviews

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is digital marketing easy?

Ans: anything can be easy with your dedication. There is nothing difficult if you have made up your mind to take it down. You can do it. It just requires a bit of training, hard work, and time to achieve it.

2. Is digital marketing a high-paying job?

Ans: it completely depends on the market trends, the company you are working for, and the role plays a part too. As long as the world keeps growing digitally for sure there will be endless opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

3. Is digital marketing a good career?

Ans: as long as the world is inclined towards growing digitally in all fields, it will continue to grow. Whereas there is always no right answer to this, people have different perspectives and they may differ from person to person, as long you are creative and are good at communicating with people and have the quality to influence them it is good.

4. What is the future scope of Digital Marketing in Bengkulu?

Ans: The future scope of digital marketing is very bright and also very promising. With the advent of new technologies along with the rapidly increasing use of the internet and mobile penetration in the country, more and more businesses are expected to go online and adopt digital marketing strategies. This will help them reach out to a wider audience, promote their products and services more effectively, and improve their bottom line. Digital marketing is expected to grow at a very rapid pace.

5. Is digital marketing a future job in Bengkulu?

Ans: It is already amongst one of the highest paying jobs and is supposed to create more opportunities in the future, so it is certainly a booming career and is very interesting where you can be creative and enhance your skills.


No one knew what was in the future! During the pandemic, the world took a turn where it was difficult at first to know what is the next step, and then it decided to grow digitally, connecting people all over the world and continuing to do business. 

This is when the concept of digital marketing came into the light and continued to be on top, those who were inclined digitally were able to surge high, and their investment then gave them fruitful results today, now being experts in their respective fields of digital marketing.

The boom for digital marketing and the opportunities will rise and continue its graph, with the growth of the internet and all digital platforms, Bengkulu has also seen a growth in job openings related to digital marketing, and it is ready to board people with these skills.

Here concludes our blog, hope it was informative, and to read more such blogs from IIDE do visit the website. 

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