Top Techniques for Remarketing Emails To Boost ROI in 2022

Updated on: Feb 18, 2022

In this article, we will share our two cents on remarketing emails, remarketing vs retargeting, retargeting email templates, and retargeting email templates.

For any business today, awareness is of utmost importance – users need to know about your brand, and converting these customers is the core of any good marketing strategy. 

If there are users who have shown an interest in your brand, then these leads are very important to you as a digital marketer or business owner as they display a kind of purchase intent. 

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So, what are Remarketing Emails?

Email remarketing involves using gathered data by businesses to follow up with people who have simply visited their website and shown some interest in the product or service. They have not made a desired action of purchase. It is a way of re-attracting website viewers. 

Ever noticed how you visited a website a few days back and an ad related to the brand pops up? This is email remarketing. 

Importance of Remarketing Emails

Read more on why Email remarketing is important for any business today –

  • Creates Brand Awareness

A customer needs to be aware of your brand to even make a purchase. This is why brand awareness is extremely important. If a customer isn’t even aware of your brand – the purpose of an online presence is defeated. 

  • Enables Brand Recall

There are times when users browse your website but do not make a conversion. Maybe they chose to go ahead with another brand’s products or services, or are still conducting their research, or even taking their time before making a purchase decision. 

At this stage of the funnel, it is important to remind your consumers of your product or service through email remarketing. By sending them a reminder email, you enable brand recall. 

  • Cost-effective

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way of marketing for the results it gives, and this is the same case with remarketing. The results that remarketing shares are quite cost-effective keeping in mind the initial investment.  

  • Increase conversions

In a recent survey, it was learned that with the help of remarketing, sales can be increased by almost 20%. This is a promising number for you to invest in remarketing. 

  • Specific targeting 

The biggest advantage of Email retargeting is that you can target those people who are interested in your product or service directly. You can also target those people who may have added something to their cart but have not checked out. 

  •  Boosts ROI

Since targeting is much more specific, this increases the chances of conversions, which means a higher return on investment. This is a big advantage of email retargeting. 

Read this article to know about some more benefits of email remarketing. We highly recommend this industry-recognized Email marketing course that will help you increase your returns on investment and boost sales as well. 

Best Remarketing Email Campaign Examples

We have listed below a few remarketing email examples for you – 

1. Domino’s India

Remarketing Emails Dominos Example

Big brand names such as Domino’s India trigger remarketing emails after you’ve left any food items in your cart. It sends out an email reminding its consumers they may have food in their cart.

2. Airbnb

Remarketing Emails Airbnb Example

Custom remarketing campaigns are something that Airbnb has shown its expertise in. They create custom remarketing campaigns for people who have shown interest in a particular service based on their activity with their site or social media page. This is a great way to encourage users to book a stay.

3. Spotify

social media content strategy example - Spotify

Spotify uses a more traditional way of remarketing using display ads on other websites. They also offer their users a free trial so that they sign up and then eventually hope that they upgrade to premium. 

4. Expedia

Remarketing Emails Expedia Example

Expedia is another good example of brands using remarketing. They use automated remarketing emails. For example, if you searched for a flight to Delhi on Expedia, you will get a remarketing email with the latest flight offerings. 

5. HubSpot

digital marketing courses in Lakewood - hubspot

Hubspot triggers an email just after you visit their Inbound Marketing page. This is a good way of targeting uncertain customers and bringing them back into the purchasing process.

Tips to Plan Better Remarketing Email Campaigns

Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind to plan better email remarketing campaigns – 

#1 Follow up on abandoned carts

Always follow up on abandoned carts. There can be multiple reasons why a user abandons their cart such as a better deal, heavy delivery fees, etc. You can also include a special discount for them to continue shopping on their website.

#2 Custom ads based on user behavior

You can make custom ads for returning customers. For example, you can have attractive offers for users who might convert. You can also use retargeting email templates for specific customer segments. 

You can use email retargeting pixel, a tool that tracks data for further marketing purposes. They will further help you with the information for future personalized email campaigns.

#3 Engage users that are inactive

Many users see the prices and do not take any action. How can one deal with this? Many brands use a simple retargeting technique wherein they send a simple email to visitors who didn’t take action. You can make use of Mailchimp retargeting emails.

#4 Upsell to existing consumers

You can upsell your products to users who have already used them. Use enticing retargeting email subject lines that will catch their eye. 

#5 Make use of Adroll Email retargeting

Using off-site ad campaigns works for many brands. Here, you can remarket your products to users who have previously shown interest in your product or service by displaying ads of those products or services on other websites or a search engine. 

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Q. How do you do remarketing emails?

Remarketing emails are done by sending an email blast to all users on analytics who have visited your product pages or done business with you in the past.  

Q. How does email remarketing work?

Email remarketing works by targeting past customers or visitors using the most relevant information you have about them to create highly targeted email campaigns specifically designed for their particular needs.

Q. What are examples of email retargeting?

A few examples of email retargeting are – 

  • Cart abandonment
  • Cross-selling
  • Up-selling
  • Low stock
  • Back in the stock announcement
  • Membership renewal reminder
  • Re-engagement 

Q. What is the prime difference between email remarketing vs retargeting?

The difference between retargeting and remarketing is that retargeting uses paid ads and reaches customers who have simply visited your website or social media page. Remarketing involves re-engaging an existing customer who has already done business with your brand. 


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