Know the Best Institutes for MBA In Digital Marketing In UAE : The Career Guide

Updated on: Jul 19, 2023
MBA In Digital Marketing In Uae

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a well-renowned degree that both freshers, as well as leaders, can apply to up-skill themselves. In the world of social media, there is no escape from digital marketing. Regardless of where you live, every person is connected to one digital platform. Thus, it is essential for a marketing enthusiast to do an MBA in digital marketing. The main focus of this blog is to discuss how a person can pursue MBA In digital marketing in UAE.

The following blog contains detailed information regarding the popularity, scope, eligibility criteria, career options, and how to apply for MBA in digital marketing in UAE. Right from start-ups to big companies, all businesses require digital marketing strategies to maintain and expand their revenues.

UAE is one of the fastest developing economies in the world with a lot of business and job opportunities. Every business-minded person should know about the significance of digital marketing and how it can be used to achieve a competitive advantage. To know more about the scope you can check out the IIDE blog on the Scope of Digital Marketing in India & Globally – COVID-19 Updated

Scope of MBA in digital marketing in UAE

Thus, the scope of digital marketing is bright in the years to come. Due to the rise in the demand for digital marketing managers, there are a lot of opportunities for people who are experts in this field. UAE is on the verge of being a developed country and a global hub for carrying out business. Therefore, there is a lot of potential in doing an MBA in digital marketing in the UAE.

MBA In Digital Marketing In Uae

Sources: is a well-known site to search for vacant job positions in the UAE. From the above image, we can see that there are at least 766 digital marketing jobs available in the UAE out of which 423 jobs can be easily applied. More than 60% of vacant jobs are from digital marketing in Dubai. Thus there is a wide scope for pursuing a digital marketing career in the UAE. 

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Eligibility requirement for an MBA in digital marketing in UAE

Before applying for an MBA in digital marketing in UAE, you need to check whether you fulfill the basic eligibility criteria or not. The following table gives you a basic checklist

Eligibility Criteria Minimum Requirements
Educational Qualifications Bachelor’s Degree in the field of commerce or marketing
Work experience 0-5 years (Varies from institutes to institutes)
Entrance exam CAT, IIDE admission test, GMAT or other exams


The above table is just a general requirement. It might differ for different institutes. So before applying to your dream institute make sure that you fulfill all their eligibility requirements. If you don’t fulfill the eligibility criteria, then don’t worry IIDE has a 4-months advance online digital marketing course, which is for everyone.

How to apply for MBA in Digital Marketing in UAE

A person can follow the mentioned application process to get admission to a digital marketing course

  • Research the course offered by different universities and then select your dream college.
  • Fill out their application form, which can be readily available on their website.
  • After filling out the form, they will reach out to you within 1 or 2 weeks on the details given by you.
  • If required there will be an entrance exam and/or personal interview round.
  • After completing it, you will receive an admission offer letter.

However, it is important to note that different institutes may have different application processes. The above is just a general process that is followed in most cases.

TOP 5 Colleges for MBA in Digital Marketing in UAE


Mba In Digital Marketing - IIDE Logo

IIDE is one of the most globally renowned digital marketing institutes. It was established in 2016 to set new global standards in the digital marketing education system. IIDE offers various courses and training related to digital marketing. Their curriculum is based on global market requirements. Presently they have trained more than 2,35,000 students. They have been recognized as the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” by the World Education Congress.

Course Benefits and Highlights

IIDE follows a practical learning approach with student-centric culture. They ensure that students learn the right application of the theoretical knowledge taught. Their online digital marketing course offers a comprehensive course outline.

They have adopted a four-step method of learning, starting from watching video lectures, attending live online classes, personal 1 to 1 interaction with mentors to In-class presentations. Additionally, they have a great track record in their courses.

Course Syllabus

IIDE has divided its whole course syllabus into different modules each having its significance.

Inbound Marketing Introduction to digital marketing
  Website creation
  Search Marketing
Outbound Marketing Content Marketing
  Social Media Marketing & Management
  Video Marketing
Media Management & Automation Advanced Forms of Digital Marketing
  Integrated Marketing (Full Funnel Marketing)
Managerial Skills & Soft Skills Soft Skills
  Agency Skills
Compulsory Internship & Thesis Internship & Mentoring
Specializations Creative Strategy OR
  Performance Marketing
Capstone Project Thesis-like Final Practical Project

Course Faculty

IIDE is well-known for its amazing and professional staff. Each faculty teaches what they have implemented in the industry they are working. Additionally, students will get exposure to top industry people who have been working in corporate for quite some time, they will also share their insights. The following are some of the trainers who are working with IIDE.

Course Duration & Fees

IIDE’s MBA level in Digital Marketing is a Postgraduate Program, the duration of which is 11 months. Additionally, the fees of the same are around INR 4,68,000 + Taxes. There is also an EMI option starting at INR 25,000 per month. IIDE also provides merit-based scholarships up to INR 80,000. Thus, there is a high ROI in this course as the average salary of the graduates is 4-5 lakhs per annum.

Note: IIDE conducts weekday as well as weekend batches for their PG in Digital Marketing program.

Placement Assistance

After doing MBA in digital marketing through IIDE, all the students are guaranteed placements based on their performances. You can also check their alumni reviews who are working in well-known brands.

Contact Details

Phone No+91 96199 58615
Email ID-

2. Westford University 

MBA In Digital Marketing In Uae

Westford University was established in 2009 and is offering more than 60 courses, out of which most are postgraduate courses. Presently they have trained more than 10,000 students from over 125 nationalities. This shows their diversity and exposure to networks all around the world.

Course benefits and highlights

MBA in digital marketing offered by Westford University is divided into two semesters. Every student will be provided pre-recorded videos and reading content for a better understanding of the concepts. The whole course is delivered online, and there will be at least two live sessions in each module. In the last bit of the program, students will be given research projects.

Course Syllabus

The whole course is divided into the following modules

  1. Human Resource Management & Leadership
  2. Sustainable Business
  3. Finance for Business Leaders
  4. Strategic Management
  5. Socio-economic and Legal Framework
  6. Operations Management
  7. Organizational Psychology
  8. International Marketing Management
  9. Introduction to Business Analytics
  10. Research Methods
  11. Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  12. Social Media Marketing

Course Faculty

Westford University has highly qualified industry experts as faculty. Additionally, they have significant experience in their domain and have enough knowledge to teach students various important aspects of digital marketing.

Course Duration & fees

They offer a wide variety of courses and to know the fees you have to visit their website. The duration of the course is a year which can be done online.

Placement Assistance

Westford University provides a mentorship program to help its students get placements in the corporate world. 

Contact Details

Phone No– +971 555 2272114

3. ASCENCIA Business School

MBA in Digital Marketing

ASCENCIA Business School is an international school that has trained more than 2000 students of over 20 nationalities. They offer various BBA, MBA, and DBA courses in management. They are well-known for their innovative teaching methods and for constantly exploring different opportunities. Its main is to provide quality education and cost-effective education to its students and maintain high academic standards. 

Course benefits and highlights

The course enables the students to analyze market trends by using digital data to understand market requirements. The course will also revolve around customer relationship management (CRM) which will help its students to develop their careers.

Moreover, the student’s leadership skills will be sharpened as per the market requirement and they will have a clearer vision of their future. The course has a mixture of online and offline classes and also sometimes there will be weekend sessions.

Course Syllabus

  1. Digital strategy formulation
  2. Digital planning
  3. Digital marketing analytics
  4. Customer relationship management
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Digital communications

Course Faculty

ASCENCIA Business School has highly qualified faculty staff. Presently they have more than 20 faculty members and the numbers are increasing. To know more about their faculty they have a dedicated website page, so you can check it out for more information.

Course fees and duration

The course duration is 12 months and for more information regarding fees please check out their website. It is important to note that the classes will be online as well on campus.

Placement Assistance

Contact ASCENCIA Business School using the details given below to know about their placement assistance.

Contact Details

Phone No– +971 52 908 6650

4. Amity University Dubai

MBA In Digital Marketing In Uae

Amity University Dubai was established in 2011 as a part of Amity Education Group which has more than 175,000 students and over 6,000 teaching staff. It is an international university that has campuses all around the world.

Amity offers over 30 courses, including bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, computer science, fashion design, and Ph.D. programs, and more. They have a 700,000 square feet campus with high infrastructure facilities like a running track, indoor swimming, sports court, and more.

Course benefits and highlights

The postgraduate course of an MBA in digital marketing aims to impart theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure that every student can use digital marketing strategies in the corporate world. This course also sharpens the problem-solving capacity of the students related to digital marketing. The course is divided into 2 semesters which aim to train future digital marketers who will lead the market.

Course Syllabus

  1. Consumer behavior insights
  2. Strategic social media marketing
  3. Digital Entrepreneurship
  4. Digital Leadership
  5. Digital Business Analytics
  6. Search engine optimization
  7. Content marketing
  8. Capstone/Research project on the market

Course Faculty

The university has highly qualified faculty staff, each having Ph.D. in their area of interest. Additionally, they are expert practitioners in their fields and hold expertise in them. Moreover, the faculties of Amity have strong ties with various industries.

Course fees and duration

The course duration is 12 months divided into two semesters. The fee for the course is AED 13,920 + 5% VAT. For more information, check out their website. It is important to note that the classes will be online as well on campus.

Placement Assistance

Contact Amity University using the details given below to know about their placement assistance.

Contact Details

Phone No– +971 9714 4554 900

5. Curtin University

MBA In Digital Marketing In Uae

Curtin University was established in 1987 by John Curtin. Apart from education, they have developed a sense of community service to honor the values of the late John Curtin. They have values based on five pillars: Integrity, Respect, Courage, Excellence, and Impact. Moreover, they are also researching to solve real-life problems and contribute to a better society.

Course benefits and highlights

The course is designed in such a way as to enable students to learn the core principles of digital marketing along with its practical application and strategies. Moreover, a strong focus will be given to strengthening the fundamentals of each digital channel. Case studies will revolve around digital tactics to give the study a more practical approach. 

Course Syllabus

  1. SEO Strategies
  2. Analyzing social media campaigns
  3. Marketing big data analytics
  4. SEM Strategies
  5. Storytelling and digital media
  6. User experience design
  7. Digital Interactive Marketing
  8. Consumer Biometrics & Innovations

Course Faculty

The faculties of Curtin University are highly experienced in their domain. The faculties have significant knowledge due to their time in the corporate world.

Course Duration & Fees

The fee for this course is AED 28,875. To know more about the course please check out their website.

Placement Assistance

Contact Curtin University using the details below to know about their placement assistance.

Contact Details

Phone No– +971 04 245 2500

Career Opportunities after MBA in digital marketing in UAE

Various Career opportunities open up after doing an MBA in digital marketing. Moreover, if you have developed a niche skill in digital marketing, both the opportunities and salaries will increase significantly. After Graduation, you can take up the challenges of becoming a digital marketing manager in MNCs, leading brands and emerging firms. After an MBA in digital marketing, the average salary will be around 4575 AED per month. However, a person who becomes a specialist will have a salary of more than 7000 AED per month.

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FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a demand for digital marketers in the UAE?

Ans: Yes, there is a high demand for people who are experts in digital marketing in UAE. In fact, UAE has one of the biggest markets globally, which opens up various opportunities for digital marketers.

 Q. Is doing MBA in Digital Marketing in UAE good?

Ans: Yes, UAE is one of the most Internet-savvy countries in the MENA region. Thus, an MBA in digital marketing has a lot of scope and opportunities in the future.

 Q. How much is the salary of a digital marketer in Dubai?

Ans: A digital marketer in Dubai earns an average of AED 4,575 per month. However, in the case of a highly skilled marketer, the salary will be a lot more.

 Q. In UAE, which is the best degree in digital marketing?

Ans: Bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising is preferable to know the basics of digital marketing. However, to get a more profound knowledge doing MBA in digital marketing will increase a lot of scope for you in UAE.

 Q. A career in digital marketing is challenging, is it true?

Ans: It is neither true nor false. Digital marketing is not a challenging course to learn. However, it does take time, effort, and persistence to learn as any other course.


Due to the rise in the internet era, the scope of an MBA in digital marketing in UAE has increased a lot. With the rise in start-ups and businesses in UAE, job opportunities have increased significantly. People who are digital marketing experts are in high demand and earn good salaries. Thus, in this blog, we have stated the best institutes where a person can do MBA in digital marketing in UAE. The top pick is IIDE, where industry experts teach students about the real-life applications of digital marketing with a relevant case study.

If you want to pursue an MBA in digital marketing with IIDE, you can apply here. There are many other good institutes in the UAE, which are mentioned in the blog. In conclusion, we can say that there is a lot of scope in doing an MBA in digital marketing in UAE because of the rise in its popularity and good career opportunities.


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