Digital Jobs that Allow you to Travel and Work

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Our world is changing every day. We’ve been hearing that it’s imperative to get a degree to find a job and serve a reputed company to become successful, but the internet changed these rules for all of us. Today you can earn an abundant sum, while you’re sipping on lemonade in the Philippines and video calling your client in the US.

Advancements in technology and greater availability of co-working spaces, coupled with companies offering flexible and temporary jobs has made it possible for millennials to work from anywhere. Today’s generation of youngsters is not ready to settle just yet. That is why the popularity of digital nomads has increased since the last few years.

A Digital Nomad is someone who works digitally from a remote location of their preference. As long as they have access to the internet, a laptop and carry with them certain in-demand work skills, they can earn a living practically from anywhere on the globe. Digital nomads are free to travel at will, working from coffee shops, hotels, hostels or co-working spaces. A digital nomadic lifestyle provides you with the flexibility to fulfil both- their personal as well as professional aspirations without being caged in four-walled offices.

If you have a wanderlust and would like to venture jobs that allow you to travel and work from different places in the world, you can use websites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer to get work. You can set up your account on such websites and upload your portfolio. Clients across the world will reach out to you to offer you freelancing gigs.

Various digital opportunities offer immense possibilities for such a lifestyle. Therefore, identifying them becomes a starting point for everyone looking for jobs with travel.

Here are 12 jobs that allow you to travel and provide you with a brilliant opportunity to become a freelancer who can travel and work, while earning a good income.

Copywriting and Content Writing

Content Writing

A copywriter will have the responsibility of writing the caption of a Facebook ad, the headline of a Google ad or the description of a YouTube video. It also includes the content on the pages of a website. If you can write clickbait copies that induce the readers to take any action, you can be a successful copywriter.

You can also be a content writer and write interesting articles, SEO-driven blog posts, and other forms of written web material. The better you can write, the better you can earn. Content writing and copywriting are one of the most popular jobs that allow you to travel among the digital nomads.

Become an Influencer

Influencer marketing

Marketing today is a lot different from how it functioned previously. Today, the advertisers and customers are both online. This means that all you need is an internet connection and some digital marketing skills to help one reach the other.

If you are interested in this, you can do some influencer marketing. You can keep posting social media posts in the niche you love working in. You can also build a follower base through the content on your blogs. Get some great followers and keep them engaged. Brands will love to pay you to advertise to your followers through your account.

When we think of influencers, we usually think of Instagram models and fitness buffs, but you can become an influencer today in any niche of your choosing. You could be a photographer, physiotherapist, baker, comedian, surfer, artist, designer, the options are endless but some niches are more competitive compared to others. Becoming an influencer is probably one the most known and fun jobs that allow you to travel, so if you have a niche, start building your content today!

Web Development

Wordpress Website Development

Coding is not just wearing hoodies and sitting in shady corners with a laptop and working sneakily on it. You can also do it from your bed, from a bench in the garden, from a beach or from anywhere you are travelling to. If you’re a problem solver by nature and if you can provide solutions to business problems through code, then this career is likely your dream career.

If you are skilled in programming and you can understand what your client needs, then there is no location barrier. You can code software, websites and apps for a wide range of clients without being stuck in one office all the time. This is one of the easiest gateways into location independence.

WordPress Website Developer

Wordpress Developer

WordPress is, by far, the most popular website development platform and approximately 75 million websites use it. WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time.

An increasing number of businesses are moving towards creating their websites using this platform.

If you learn how to create beautiful WordPress websites, you can earn a lot of money without having to ever interact with your client physically. You can offer to build websites for everyone, be it a small shop owner, or a startup which wants to kick-start its online presence.

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Digital Designing

Graphic Designer

Digital Illustrators create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform. If you know how to use industry-leading tools to create innovative design projects and have the skills needed to become an in-demand visual thinker and communicator, then you can work as a digital illustrator from anywhere in the world.

As a Digital Illustrator, you will typically spend your time creating a range of graphics/ illustrations and artwork for advertising agencies, design studios, and even the entertainment industry. Platforms like Instagram, Behance, Dribble, Pinterest have made it extremely straightforward for illustrators to showcase their work and find clients.

The demand for Digital Illustrators is very high because good creatives are absolutely necessary for branding in today’s online world.

UI-UX designing

UI-UX designer

The user interface is the graphical layout of a website or an application. A UI designer has to take care designing the buttons users click on, the text they read, the images, sliders, text entry fields, and all the rest of the items the user interacts with.

A user’s experience of the website or the application is determined by how they interact with it. A UX designer is responsible for ensuring that the user experience is smooth and intuitive. He has to make sure that it is easy for the user to interact with the elements that the UI designers have created.

Today, the demand for skilled UI-UX designers is extremely high. If you are an expert in UI-UX designing, you can take up these tasks as you travel.


Not all options are that of freelancing, you can also start your business still be a digital nomad. You can remotely manage your agency while travelling wherever you want to. Here are some things that you can do as a digital entrepreneur:

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

If you are an Affiliate Marketer, you promote other people’s products and earn a commission for it. You can create a website and start promoting products and services for other companies. For every sale you manage to make, you will get paid. As you travel, you can keep thinking and implementing strategies that can increase sales, and in turn, the money paid to you. Becoming an affiliate marketer requires a much deeper understanding of various fields of digital marketing such as copywriting, social media marketing, SEO, advertising, e-commerce, website creation and more.

Search Engine Optimisation


You can have your SEO agency and help companies to rank their websites on the first page of Google. You can help them appear before people when they are searching for products and services that your client offers.

Many digital nomad entrepreneurs have resorted to using a team of virtual freelancers to run what you can call a ‘virtual agency’.

Search Engine Marketing


You and your team can help your clients run their Google Ads. You can manage their advertising campaigns, their budgets and online spends. You can strategize and implement paid marketing strategies and help them acquire more customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

You can also make social media plans and manage social media campaigns for brands. You will be responsible for attracting potential customers and keeping them engaged with relevant content on social media platforms.

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Game Development

Game Development

The number of people playing games on their computers and smartphones has increased exponentially. Better processors and higher-specs on today’s devices means that people can enjoy better games on the gadgets they own.

You can run a game development studio and develop interactive games for these gamers. You can work with other coders and designers to make computer and mobile video games.



Dropshipping is a concept where an online store sells products to consumers, but the products are transferred directly from the wholesaler to the final consumer without a middleman in the form of a retailer. Dropshipping is a straightforward business model that allows you to work closely with the manufacturers to ensure seamless delivery to the customers. You don’t have to manufacture anything yourself. All you need to do is build an online store that sells well and make sure your delivery process is running smoothly.

You can keep a watch over the process remotely while travelling and keep earning from all the sales.


I hope this list of jobs that allow you to travel helps you find your true calling. If you are excited to travel and work and think the digital nomad job is suitable for you, start learning these skills today. If you want to learn Digital Marketing, IIDE offers great courses that will make you a professional Digital Marketer. It’s time you get started on your digital journey.


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