Digital Marketing Agency or In-house Marketing: What’s Better?

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As a business owner, a pressing question for you would be to decide whether to hire employees to form an in-house marketing team or to invest in an external digital marketing agency to handle your work for you. 

Just as any other investment, this too will have its pros and cons. However, this is not a one-tier task! You have to make a calculated and well thought out decision and consider what suits your organisation the best.

How you reach this conclusion depends on the direction your organisation is going in and the criteria you set to get there. Introspect on your strengths and weaknesses, take into consideration your 5-year plan, consider your financial front and which investment would reap the most benefits despite any negative factors. 

In-House Vs Outsourcing Digital Marketing to an Agency

In-house Marketing vs Digital Marketing Agency - Which is Better?There are a few factors you should keep in mind while deciding between an in-house marketing team and a digital marketing agency. Here are 7 considerations to keep in mind to help you gain a clearer picture of what you need. 

1. Time Vs Money

Let’s start this list with the elephant in the room – money. The bottom line of every business is to make more money. That also means spending your company’s money smartly. 

If you’re considering building an in-house team, keep in mind that you’d be paying for every employee. However, at this cost, you’d be getting a fully dedicated team of digital marketers at your beck and call. You’d have complete control over the in-house marketing team.

At the same time, if you’re considering hiring a digital marketing agency, you’d definitely be saving money. However, a digital marketing agency might face difficulty in understanding your business the way your in-house team would. At the cost of saving money, you’d have to let go of the reins a bit as a third party would be taking over your marketing communication and mediums.

2. Skillset 

Marketing strategies vary from one company to another. While hiring an in-house marketing team, you will have to find people proficient in working online, web-designing, SEO, social media marketing, and other skills associated with digital marketing to develop creative ad campaigns and more. 

You may not always find one individual who possesses all these skills. This would be the time where you can outsource your marketing needs to a digital marketing agency. While dealing with a digital marketing agency, you will pay a digital marketing agency as a whole and not each individual who gets involved in the project. Whereas while dealing with an in-house marketing team, you’ll be paying every employee involved. 

A digital marketing agency generally hires individuals proficient in specific fields of digital marketing, so rest assured that you will see effective progress. Thus, if you have someone working in your in-house marketing team who does not have the particular skills needed for a project, you can outsource that specific project without having to worry further. Finding someone full-time who matches all your criteria would be a tedious job, so remember that you have the option to look at an external digital marketing agency as well. 

3. What Are Your Values and Vision?

As a brand owner, there are some guiding principles you follow and you ensure that your employees follow them too. These values build an atmosphere within the company and set the pace at which you grow. Keeping your company’s values and vision in mind will help you stay on the right track and choose the most appropriate option.

Hiring a full-time marketing executive would mean that he/she would dedicate all their time and effort, following your values, culture and vision closely to get you the best outcome. However, if you outsource this work, marketing agencies would not be able to work very closely to your company’s moral standards as they would have multiple clients to cater to at the same time. 

4. Newer Age Technology and Methods

We all know that the world is rapidly developing especially in the fields of technology and digital spheres. As a digital marketing agency, they would be the first people to receive these updates and put it to the test. These ideas and progress in technology might just be what your brand needs to gain visibility. 

However creative your in-house marketing team may be, they would lack the power of immediate access to state-of-the-art technology, innovations and ideas. 

5. How much are you willing to spend?

You might assume that hiring a full-time in-house marketing team would be cheaper for you in the long run. However, you must keep in mind that if you do build an in-house marketing team, you’d have to pay their salaries, give extra benefits and added perks as you normally would with your other employees.

However, hiring a digital marketing agency might cost you almost the same annually, but, as mentioned earlier, you will pay for an entire team at the cost of one person. 

According to the ongoing salaries paid to different digital marketing roles, you will pay around 5-6lakhs per annum to each employee, excluding benefits. Whereas you’d pay the same or maybe a little more to an agency for higher perks. Pick what you feel suits your company best in the present and how much you can afford to invest. 

6. Urgency of the Campaign 

A major factor contributing to your ultimate decision would be based on how fast you need something done.

If you are looking to grow your brand by doing something new and to do it immediately, you cannot sit through the tedious process of hiring new employees. To work quickly and efficiently, you can hire marketing agencies to do the work for you. They will come up with a detailed plan to market and grow your brand and keep you looped in every step of the way. 

However, if you build an in-house team now, they’d be more well versed with what your organisation needs and would treat every campaign as a priority as it would be one of the few things on their plate.

7. Tools Required

Digital marketing, although efficient, is not as straightforward as traditional marketing. You will require special tools and services offered by different organisations and companies to run your marketing campaigns on. These include tools like CRM tools, SEO tools, automation tools and more. Most of these are not free or partially free. 

Thus, hiring an in-house marketing team and buying these tools might pinch your pockets. However, in the long run, it could also act as an added advantage, and you could always make use of the free tools available over the internet.

A digital marketing agency will already have these tools because this is exactly what their job entails. You might have to pay a lump-sum for the package you choose without having to invest in anything extra. 

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Digital Marketing Agency or In-House Marketing Team: Final Verdict 

In the end, the answer to the question of whether you should outsource your digital marketing needs to a digital marketing agency or build an in-house marketing team, completely depends on what works best at that point in time and would benefit the future of your company.

If you feel your organisation needs a dedicated set of employees who are well-versed with your organisation’s values and morals, and you have the money to build a team from the ground up – in-house marketing team could be suitable for you. However, if you don’t have the budget and are willing to work with flexible deadlines, then hiring a digital marketing agency could be the right option for your brand/organisation. 

Make a list of the pros and cons as mentioned above and then decide whether to hire an in-house marketing team or a digital marketing agency for your company. So think hard and choose wisely!

Where to Get the Right Talent to Build an In-House Marketing Team?

If you’re looking to form a strong in-house marketing team, whether you’re a small-scale or large-scale organisation, we have just the pool of talent for you. At IIDE we produce nothing but highly skilled industry-ready digital marketers. This has helped our students secure a job at the top digital agencies in the country. 

Thus, if you too wish to pick from the same talent pool, all you have to do is fill up the HIRE FROM US form to get in touch with the right talent. And, you can also join us at our placement drives and get the chance to handpick the right talent from us. Here’s a snapshot of where a few of many of our graduates are placed at:

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The expertise and hands-on experience our graduates carry once they complete our digital marketing course leaves most of our placement partners pleasantly stunned. Every student at IIDE is groomed to work in a professional environment and is furnished with the technical as well as the managerial skills required to work in a digital sphere. 

Is IIDE the Ideal Place to Hire?

Don’t take it from us. Here’s what our hiring partners have to say about our graduates:

In-house Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency - Placement Partner Reviews

In-house Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency - Placement Partner Reviews

Well, that’s it, folks! We hope we helped you pick between an in-house marketing team and a digital marketing agency. And, hopefully, we helped you out with a great resource to hire digital marketing professionals, if you’re planning on hiring an in-house marketing team. 


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