How To Choose The Right MBA in Digital Marketing in 2024?

Updated on: Feb 28, 2022
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An MBA is a popular choice in India for higher education studies and rightly so. It is a highly disciplined program that aims to train aspirants with the skills of their choice as well as management abilities. 

With digital marketing expanding at a faster pace than ever, an MBA in Digital Marketing has become the #1 preferred choice for students all over. It is one of the great specializations for students interested in digital marketing and who also want to learn how management functions. 

As a consequence of this, many institutions and universities have introduced their own MBA in Digital Marketing. So, which one is the best institute? How can you find the ideal one? It’s very simple. 

Given below are a few points that you must look out for in your MBA in Digital Marketing along with an explanation of each point. So continue reading if you want to shortlist the correct MBA for yourself.

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Things To Look For in an MBA in Digital Marketing

1. Syllabus

The syllabus is definitely the first thing that you should be focusing on. You can no longer just learn age-old concepts and expect to land a great job. One of the most important criteria while being hired is the list of skills that one possesses. Hence, when you check the syllabus, here’s what you should be looking out for: 

  • Topics covered
  • Are the topics basic-level or advanced-level?
  • Distribution of practical and theoretical teaching
  • Are the in-demand skills covered? 

These are the 4 main things you must know about the syllabus. If you want a base of which topics in the syllabus should be covered, check out this article on syllabus of an MBA in Digital Marketing.

2. Faculty

Next up,  you must research the trainers and faculty of the program. See what experience each one of them holds. The main factor that you should look for is how knowledgeable are the trainers in the subject that they’re going to teach. 

However learned a trainer is, it is always important if he has practised what he is going to teach because that ensures holistic learning. It is not compulsory that every trainer holds experiences of many years. Your focus should be on their expertise in specific fields. Find out the companies they have worked with or currently working with. 

You can also reach out to previous students to find out more about the teaching style of the trainers. Are textbooks used? Or PPTs? Understand the teaching style properly. 

3. Practical Training 

This is a very important deciding factor in choosing the right MBA course. How much hands-on training are they going to provide? Get more clarity as to what their practical training looks like. Does a teacher demonstrate and the students have to see? Or do the students have to do it side-by-side along with the trainer? 

We would recommend you opt for courses that teach you while you practice it. Live demonstrations can be helpful but they’re not as effective as you doing it yourself. And digital marketing is one such field where more than 80% of things require on-the-go training for best results.

Inquire if they give live projects or case studies for testing your knowledge. 

4. Placement Cell

Most of us want to build a successful career in the industry and it is also one of the reasons why we opt for MBAs. Naturally, get some information about their placements. Given below is a series of questions that you must get answers to: 

  • Do they provide placements after the course? 
  • What are the criteria to get placements? 
  • Are they guaranteed? 
  • How many interviews do they help you secure? 
  • Which companies are a part of their recruitment cell?
  • What is the minimum salary package that you must expect?
  • Is there any time period after which they don’t give placements? 

In addition to this, you can ask for a list of alumni who were placed after the course and verify the same. This will give you a good idea of what to expect as your outcome. 

5. Reviews

We’re sure this was a part of your list already. But, here’s how you should look for reviews. Get in touch with them on Linkedin or Quora. See who all have done courses with them and penned down their views. 

If you get the chance to speak to alumni, do not ask them why the course was good. Ask them for pointers or reasons that they did not like about the course. Even if it is just one thing. Now, you must identify if that one negative point is going to impact you significantly or not. 

For example, the syllabus of a course might be mind-blowing but their placements could be below average. If you’re someone who is not keen on placements, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you because, in the end, the syllabus is the most important part. 

6. ROI

ROI, or, return on investment may not be vital for everyone but yet, you must do the math. Your investment is the amount of money (fees) and time that will be required. Your returns are calculated based on the salary that you will earn after the course of the profits you might book in case you go back to your business. 

Generally, if you’re able to recover your money within 2-3 years of your course, it is a good opportunity. Anything that might take longer than that may not be wrong but then, it depends on your willingness to wait for that long. 

For example, if your course costs 5 lacs and by the end of your course if you bag a job/internship which is 3.5LPA, it is a good return. Learn more about digital marketing salaries here. 

7. Internship Opportunities

Just like how practical learning is important, internships are the real deal. Internships help you learn things right from scratch and above. You implement your learnings on real business situations and strategies for companies. 

There’s no better learning than internships. The real challenges are faced when you work in such situations & your ability to tackle such challenges is what decides your future. 

Opt for courses that guarantee internships because that’s an indication that the college focuses on on-job skills rather than theory. But nevertheless, even if the course doesn’t provide one, you can always look for internships on your own. 

Best MBA in Digital Marketing in India

Those were all the points to look out for when choosing the right MBA in Digital Marketing for yourself. 

Since you’re looking for one, here’s our recommendation. IIDE has to be your go-to institute to learn digital marketing. IIDE offers a complete 11-month MBA-Level PG in Digital Marketing Program for all graduates and working professionals. 

The course consists of a mandatory 2-month internship and guaranteed placement in top companies and set-ups.

The course is held offline in Andheri, Mumbai which is a 20,000 sq ft campus. Currently, there’s an option to attend the course online as well.

Here’s a closer look at where our students have been placed after the completion of their PG course: 

MBA in Digital Marketing - PG Placements

The program is nothing like a traditional MBA. It has been specially designed for the youth of today who need more practical exposure than theoretical knowledge. No books or outdated PPts are used for teaching.

A completely practical and fun learning culture is fostered at IIDE to train fresh talents in reaching where they aspire to be.

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In response to the growing demand from working professionals and business owners, IIDE is thrilled to introduce a Weekend Batch option in our Post Graduate Program.


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If you’d like to know more about this program and find out if you’re eligible for it, write to us at or call us at +91 9619958615.

If you have any questions for us, leave them in the comments below.

Happy Learning!

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