Know in details digital marketing salary in Sungai Petani

Updated on: May 23, 2023
Digital Marketing Salary in Sungai Petani

Are you excited to know the Digital Marketing Salary in Sungai Petani? Want to know how this digital marketing world works? Then here we go, you are indeed in the right place. In this blog, we will present and discuss the economic aspect of digital marketing in Sungai Petani. 

But before that, we will drive into the matter of an obstacle during the COVID-19 Pandemic and how digital marketing gets its pivotal importance in this globally connected world. 

Digital marketing is an online-based marketing structure where companies invest bucks of money to promote their valuable products and services either by some private software or their official websites. This gives how today’s New-age digital marketing has covered ancient marketing formats.

During COVID-19 people were locked in their respective houses which caused them to be unemployed and small businesses shut down. But digital marketing was the only thing that make people earn money or get salaries by selling courses or online products through digital advertisement.



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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary in Sungai Petani

In this section, we are going to discuss factors that could affect Digital Marketing in Sungai Petani.

1. Target Market (Audience

To improve digital marketing in Sungai Petani, it is crucial to identify the specific target audience to focus on. In this present century, most people are fascinated by-product that is probably online based rather than physical classes. 

According to the data, the age range between 18-25 is mostly into digital marketing, and we should further target such an active audience. If we are concerned about the illumination of the mindset the target market is always youngsters who are actively passionate about the digital market and talking about these markets we can have lucrative as well as EdTech assessments in the field.

2. Channels 

There are lots of channels and based on these channels, a respective will be able to target their potential audience. The structure of online marketing is simply to attract consumers as much as possible through their medium.

 If we talk about the type of channel that represents and enhance digital marketing.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Video Marketing
  6. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Influencer marketing 

3. Technology

One of the significant factors affecting digital marketing is technology which is a fundamental need to supervise and update daily. In today’s world, nothing is finished without proper technology.

Technology and Digital marketing are directly related. Ignoring technical difficulties, Companies often use technological equipment to enhance digital marketing campaigns. 

4. Content 

The main factor affecting digital marketing is the content you manifest with the audience and users. Your digital marketing efforts must mention language and infographics that show your target market and connect with them. 

The record has shown that constructive content marketing hands out a good deal for the improvement of audience acquisition and retention. Good content reflects the accurate information that the audience requires and wants to achieve their objective. 

When you provide pivotal content they see you as someone who cares about your success, which improves loyalty and builds trust, enhancing more sales in future and manifesting perception towards users’ thoughts too.

5. Social Media 

Social media’s existence in business matters a lot. These days, companies maintain active and healthy social media accounts of their businesses and encourage employees to increase users’ attraction to their products or services.

In today’s business and IT world, social media is the major influencer. Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok etc are top social media that companies use to attract users. 

Digital Marketing Salary in Sungai Petani with career opportunities 

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist

 Search engine optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. 

A search engine optimization specialist’s main goal is to create targeted website traffic and rank it in the first relevant keyword. In-depth keyword research, editing and writing skill, and link-building strategy are a few skills required by an SEO specialist.

SEO Specialist Salary
An entry-level digital marketing salary for an SEO Specialist is an average of RM 10,150 per annum in Sungai Petani. An SEO specialist having experience of 3 years earns an average of RM 13500 per annum in Sungai Petani. SEO specialists with 5-10 years of experience can estimate an average of RM 26,500 per annum in Sungai Petani.

2. Pay-Per-Click Analyst 

Pay-per-click Analyst is one of the prominent digital marketing careers in today’s world. A pay-per-click (PPC) analyst’s main role is to look at the rate of clicks that certain advertisements and other internet features result in. Strong analytical skills, a good level of mathematical ability, ability to think creatively are a few skills required by Pay-per-click Analysts.

 Pay-Per-Click Analyst Salary
 The mean salary of entry-level digital marketing for a PPC Analyst is RM 17,300 per annum in Sungai Petani. A PPC Analyst with more than 2 years of experience can estimate to earn a mean salary of  RM 26,000 Per annum in Sungai Petan.

3. Web Developer

 Web design is an important and necessary part of your promotional efforts, many businesses ignore that it’s just one part of an overall digital marketing aim and should be consistent in presence, feel and purpose with your other marketing tries such as PPC – Pay Per Click advertising. Creating and testing applications for websites, integrating data from the back-end services, and having a better understanding of web design are a few skills required by a web developer in the field of digital marketing.

Web developer’s salary
First-year digital marketing salary a Web developer can estimate a salary of RM 11,500 per annum in Sungai Petani, meanwhile, those with experience of 3 years or more can expect a salary of RM 23,000 Per annum in Sungai Petani.

 4. Social Media Marketing Specialist

 A Social Media Marketing Specialist is responsible for defining, improving and incorporating a social media marketing strategy for a business or brand. Writing, Communication, creativity, customer care, making connections, and Agility are a few skills required for Social Media Marketing Specialists.

Social Media Marketing Specialist Salary
A first-year digital marketing salary for Social Media Marketing Specialists can earn an average of RM 14,500 Per annum in Sungai Petani. A Social Media Marketing Specialist with 3 years of experience can get an average income of RM 20,000. And one with more than 6 years of experience can expect a mean of RM 40,000 Per annum in Sungai Petani.

5. Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Search Engine Marketing Specialists (SEM) look to plan, implement and manage the company’s overall SEO strategy. Executing tests, collecting and analysing data, and identifying trends are some of the skills required of SEM Specialists.

Search Engine Marketing Specialist Salary
A First-year digital marketing salary for SEM Specialists is an average of RM 16,000 Per annum in Sungai Petani. An SEM Specialist with experience of 3 years earns an average of RM 21,000 Per annum in Sungai Petani. Moreover, an SEM Specialist with over 6 years of experience earns an average of RM 56,000 per annum

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6. Data Analyst

A digital marketing analyst helps a marketing team by supervising, analyzing, and optimizing digital marketing projects. They use various analytics and business intelligence technical tools to allocate data and then assess it to develop with the team through reports and presentations. Analysts are who tell a company if they’re on the right track and thus give them a true position of the company.

Data Analyst Salary
An average first-year digital marketing salary for a Data Analyst is RM 17,300 in Sungai Petani, however, a data analyst with experience of 3 or more can expect RM 23,000-RM 29,000 per annum in Sungai Petani.

Digital Marketing Salary Trend: 10-Year Plan


Where can you learn Digital Marketing in Sungai Petani?

If you are planning to pursue a career in marketing digital marketing is one of the options you can apply for. You might hear a lot about digital marketing on different social media, especially on YouTube where there are a plethora of videos that explain digital marketing. But those videos are unstructured and in a theoretical manner. These videos might give you superficial information about digital marketing but to achieve a degree in digital marketing, you need to buy separate digital marketing courses that are available virtually or physically.

If you are intending to achieve practical and detailed knowledge of digital marketing, IIDE (the digital school) provides you with courses both virtually and physically.IIDE also provides some amazing Advanced digital marketing programs.

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 100+ hours of the live class
  • 50+ Hours of Videos
  • Group project
  • Interaction with pioneers of different fields
  • Interview training
  • Scholarships

Look at the reviews.


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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Digital marketing a good career in Sungai Petani?

ANS: In this world of 24/7 online, digital marketing is a good career for the future. Here in Sungai Petani, there are lots of industries and companies that require a certain qualified and skillful digital marketing specialist which provides a great possibility of employment opportunities.

2. How much do digital marketers earn?

ANS: The average digital marketing salary ranges from RM 16,000- RM 65,000 per annum. As stated above, your digital marketing salary always depends on your skills and experience. Some of the digital marketers in Sungai Petani are Data Analysis, Paid Social Media Specialists, SEO Specialists, etc.

3. How many hours do digital marketers work?

ANS: How much digital markets work always depends upon the position of the company and depends upon an attribute of the company. On average, digital marketers work 8 hrs a day.

4. Why is digital marketing important in Malaysia?

ANS: In the past few years, many businesses in Malaysia have used digital marketing tools to establish their product or services in the market. Social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok have a plethora of Malaysian users which can help their nation to well establish its brand and products.

5. Why Needs for Digital Marketing in the current era?

ANS: In this digital world, there are lots of audiences who use digital products. Therefore to promote their products and services digital marketing is going to be pivotal and essential at the same time.  


Digital Marketing has been a promising factor for business. 4- 5 years ago who would have thought of digital marketing now digital marketing is a hot topic and almost everyone knows what and how digital marketing is run.

This fever has touched Sungai Petani. With the increase in social media users, the environment is quite favorable for establishing digital marketing. Sungai Petani is one of the digitally trending places in Malaysia. 

Therefore, with an increase in digital marketing, there is a great possibility of getting a good amount of salary in this field in Sungai Petani depending on your skills and experiences.

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